tagLoving WivesJimmy Cuck Ch. 01

Jimmy Cuck Ch. 01


Note: This is my first submission; I welcome any feedback both good and bad. I'm hoping to do at least a 3 part series if anybody would like to hear more. At this point, this is fantasy but do have a hotwife and this is my fantasy. Any advice on making it more real, hot, etc.-please respond.


Jimmy Cuck

As a 32 year old white husband in the south suburbs of Chicago, I suppose our sex life has gone the way of most marriages. That is to say, it's gotten a little stale. Missionary sex has become quite the standard operating procedure and I've developed a small not getting it up problem along with a quick shot. My wife Ashley and I have been married for almost 3 years and although happy, sex has become a sticking point because of my lack of sexual performance, oh and did I mention my 4 inch penis!

I met Ashley at college, a beautiful Italian looking girl, all of 19 year old. I remember seeing her big pouty lips, trim figure, nice tits and thinking I had to have her. Now since college and marriage, Ashley has put on about 15 pounds, but I must say they've only enhanced her sexuality. Her breasts have grown into a taut D-cup and her ass has rounded into a smallish version of what some people call a "ghetto booty."

Now back in Chicago and after buying our first house we typically have sex maybe 3-4 times per month. It usually consists of me fingering her fat pussy, jerking my cock until hard and plunging in for a few pumps. Several times over the past months, Ashley would say, "something has to change." I've never been as embarrassed as leaving my wife totally dissatisfied after sex time and time again.

I guess this story really starts with my growing interest in porn. I found a website online called Xhamster where everything is broken down into categories. From there, I stumbled onto the femdom and cuckold categories. I have a strong sexual submissive streak that nobody knows about, and have been looking at femdom porn for a while, but the cuckolding world was totally new to me. I immediately loved the idea of hung, dominant, alpha stud pleasing my wife and hitting her in spots I could never reach. I guess seeing how a big cock really pleases a woman blew my mind, and I started to plot a way to make it happen.

I started posting non face pictures of my wife on cuckold sites asking for feedback and even went as far as posting an ad for dominant bulls in Chicago to see if any of them would be interested in fucking my wife. The response was astonishing. I must have received 30 responses from guys wanting to fuck my wife and almost all of them would attach a picture of their big fat cock. I got responses from black guys, white guys, Latino's, and even a few sexy couples. I never responded because my wife had no idea of my now growing desire but I was sure that if Ashley was into it, there would be a ton of real men willing to fuck her.

For a few months, I didn't act. I steadied myself by watching all the cuckold porn I could find and reading every erotic story I found and even purchasing a story or two on my kindle. My desire was insatiable, but the big problem I assume for every cuckold is how to tell your wife of your fantasy. I decided to act and posted and ad on website looking for very specific help from an established cuckold. The idea in my head was to find a couple of our own age, 32 and 28 to go out with as friends. I would pass the couple off as friends from work or that variety as to not raise Ashley's suspicion and when the husband and I would go to the bar or leave the girls alone the wife would drop subtle hints about their lifestyle. My goal was that Ashley would bring it up later, and I would confess that I found the idea kind of hot or appealing and gauge her reaction, basically create a way for Ashley to bring it up. My ad was something to the effect of "wannabe cuckold needs established couples help," or something of the like. I had a lot of responses, not the same as before but maybe 4-6 solid, well written messages. I exchanged pictures with a few and even sent a nude picture of my wife tits to 1.

I settled on a couple and started really corresponding to another young white couple already living the cuckold lifestyle. Their names were Jeff and Jesse, they lived downtown and their relationship had an element of domination that I really wanted myself. On chat, Jeff and I discussed how he became a cuckold, his wife's desires for big cock and he even sent me a picture of her, back turned to the camera with just a pair of panties on. You could tell Jesse was in good shape, and she reminded me a little of Ashley with her brunette hair and just enough extra padding in her ass to be a real sexual dynamo. Jeff agreed to talk to his wife to see if she was up for our little game and promised, "my wife will make Ashley a slut in no time," and even went on to say "especially after she's had a few big dicks in her." The shame was I looked down and felt my own tiny cock growing. I knew at the time that once Ashley had a big cock, my tiny guy would be a second class citizen.

I received an email from Jeff the next night that Jesse was down for our plan and Jeff mentioned that Jesse said "make sure you know what you are doing, once I get a hold of your wife, she'll be in control of your sexual relationship." I assured Jeff that I was sure but was very specific about not going overboard on the hints and that if Ashley didn't bring it up to me later, I would drop the whole thing. We agreed to meet the next weekend on Saturday night, at a Lincoln Park bar/restaurant near their house for dinner drinks. On Thursday, I told Ashley we had to go meet a new coworker of mine and his wife at a fancy place downtown on Saturday night. She was totally up for it, especially since we hadn't been to the city for a night out in a few months and because she got to dress up a little.

The anticipation the next two days was almost unbearable. Jeff and I exchanged a few emails to finalize our plans and to make sure everything was still on. Saturday seemed to drag on forever; I did some chores, yard work, and even a quick workout to take my mind off of everything. At about 5, Ashley decided she was going to go and take a shower and start getting ready and I agreed I would be up shortly to do the same myself. By the time I made my way upstairs, Ashley was sitting in front of the mirror doing her hair and makeup just as relaxed as anybody you would ever see, the whole while my insides were churning with anticipation. I helped Ashley pick out a nice little black cocktail dress, the kind that was just almost too short and that plunged down just enough to show some cleavage. She looked incredible and I complimented her on how sexy she looked and even said "I think tonight will be a lot of fun."

The drive down to the city only takes about 20 minutes for us on a weekend so we gave ourselves about 10 extra minutes and left our place at about 7:30 p.m. I was so distracted driving that Ashley commented a few times to either slow down or make sure I use my turning signal. I even had a hard time not getting a boner and really had to concentrate as to not give up the game. I didn't want my anxiousness or being distracted to raise a flag with Ashley. Shortly, we arrived and valeted the car. This was it, the moment of truth. I took a deep breath, grabbed Ashley's arm and headed into the bar-not knowing what would happen next.


Part 2-Dinner, Drinks, Getting Home

Part 3-Potential Cuckolding

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