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Jimmy's Personal Trainer


The beginning of last summer...

"This isn't so bad, is it Jimmy?"

This voice belonged to my personal trainer, who my father had hooked me up with after enrolling me at the Y last month. Insisting that it was for my own good, my old man had decided that since I was heading off to college, it was a good idea to get into shape.

I know that I had gotten a bit pudgy over the last few years, and was packing about 25 pounds too much on my 5'10" frame. My doughy condition was mostly due to a passion for video games and an affinity for pizza, and after caving in to my father's relentless pressure I found myself making nightly visits to the gym, where my "personal trainer" put me through the ringer.

What was going on that evening was definitely not part of the usual program, which consisted of trying to walk at top speed on the treadmill which was set way too fast for my liking, as well being abused by the various machines around the gym.

This night I didn't go home as usual after my workout, because after complaining that I couldn't take any more walking on the treadmill because my hamstrings were throbbing, I found myself being taken to Mike's apartment.

After being ushered into his bathroom and being directed to take a shower, I found myself on the verge of a heart attack as I tried to figure out what was happening.

It was because Mike had caught me looking at him when he got out of the shower in the locker room. It had to be. When he saw me looking at him he probably assumed that I was gay or something.

Maybe I am. I've never had much luck with girls, and the only mouth my dick has ever been belonged to an older man who had given me a ride one night when I was hitchhiking, and he got made when I got out of the car when he tried to have me reciprocate.

That man was old enough to be my grandfather, and besides he smelled like an ashtray and had a really ugly dick. I'm kind of a connoisseur on that, because while I've never touched any besides my own, I do like to look. Always have, and locker rooms and showers are the best places.

I never shower at the gym, because I'm so ashamed of my body, but that doesn't stop me from looking as I take my time changing my clothes, hiding my rather modest package while checking out the other guys.

This was the first time that I had been in the locker room with Mike, and while I wished I had the guts to go into the communal showers with him, once I saw his naked body I chickened out. He was the exact opposite of me in almost every way.

While we were both about the same height and weight, Mike's olive toned body was like a statue, whereas my pasty white body was pudgy. His chest and legs were covered with thick black hair, while my doughy torso was virtually hairless. Even though Mike, at 24, was only 6 years my senior, in my eyes I looked like a boy next to this chiseled man.

Mike's cock. I had often fantasized about what it would look like, and confess that I had jacked off several times in bed thinking about it. Actually seeing it was definitely not a disappointment, and it was while I was staring at his impressive manhood that I got busted.

Mike's cock wasn't gigantic, but it was sure bigger than mine. Even limp, it looked bigger that I was hard, and seeing that long bronze tube swaying lazily as he dried his hair gave me an instant erection.

It looked like he has shaved the black fur from around the base of his penis, and that made it look even bigger. He wasn't circumcised like I was, and that gave him an even more exotic look and I stared too long at the outline of the head of his cock through the long foreskin.

When I glanced up and saw Mike watching me look at him, I felt like climbing into a locker and dying, but Mike only gave a little smile and went back to drying and I fumbled with my shoes.

When I mumbled a goodbye, Mike insisted that I wait for him. I had to get out of the locker room because my boner was obvious, at least to me, so I went out to the hall. Mike came out a few minutes later, and after we chatted for a minute, he talked me into going to his place.

I guess I'm easily coerced into things, just like getting involved in the gym fitness program in the first place by my old man, but at that point I had no idea what was going to happen. I though Mike just wanted to talk.

Instead, when we got to his place he had me take a shower, since he noticed that I hadn't taken one at the Y, and when I asked him why, he talked me that he was going to help me feel better. I told him I felt fine, and it was then that he reminded me about my aching hamstring muscles.

When I finally came out of the shower, my clothes were gone off the bathroom floor, which forced me to wrap myself in the over-sized towel that had been set out for me.

"I put them in the washer," Mike told me, explaining that they would be clean by the time he got done with me. "Got to keep your legs in good condition, because you're really coming around. You've lost a lot of that baby fat already, and by the time I get done with you you're going to be a lot less shy than you are now. You'll be showing off that body 24/7."

I doubted that, and even though my shape was a bit better than it was when I started, I didn't think I would ever be able to walk around guys naked like Mike and most of the others did.

Mike was wearing only black sweatpants, exposing his cut upper torso to me, and I forced myself not to look any lower. After handing me a bottle of water, he escorted me down the hall.

His bedroom. Good grief. I couldn't believe this was happening. I found myself being gently herded onto his bed, clutching my towel around me desperately as Mike moved me onto my stomach, and then I felt the towel being pulled from around me.

I was naked, face down on the bed of my personal trainer, and even though I was only out of the shower for a couple of minutes I was sweating like a pig as Mike rummaged around the dresser behind me.

The bed bounced a bit as he climbed on, and then I felt his hands on my legs. his oiled fingers kneading my ankles and calves. Despite my nervousness, his probing touch made the soreness go away a bit, and as his hands went higher it began to feel even better.

"I can feel how tight your muscles are," Mike declared as he kneaded the back of my thighs, and after re-oiling his hands he asked me if I minded if he worked on the fronts of my thighs when he finished back there.

"Uh - no - that's okay," I said, because if I ever rolled over and Mike saw how hard my short fat dick was right then, I would be ashamed to look him in the eye ever again. Getting an erection from a massage would make it clear that I was gay.

"Well, just enjoy this then," Mike said, and it was then that he slapped me gently on the ass.

"Nice bubble butt you've got there, Jimmy," Mike mentioned.

"Fat," I heard myself reply, and then the hands that had been kneading my sore hamstrings went up to my rear end.

"Relax," Mike said as the room began to spin around me. "I think I know what you want."

No, he didn't know what I wanted, because I didn't know myself as his hands spread my ass cheeks open, and then I felt Mike's finger rubbing my puckered ring, something I had only done myself a couple of times.

"Ah!" I heard Mike whisper, or maybe it was me.

Either way, I groaned when I felt his lubricated finger penetrate my anus, and as it slithered deeper into me I felt the mix of pain and pleasure as he probed as far as he could.

"Please," I said, but I said it to the bedding, that I was biting on, and as I clutched the soft sheets I felt another finger enter my ass.

This hurt, but as Mike's two fingers corkscrewed their way into me, another feeling was rising within me. I fought off the surging in my loins until I could no more fight off the impending orgasm any more than I could stop a tidal wave.

I ejaculated into the bedding, trying not to let on what was happening, but all I managed to do was to make myself sound stupid as I squealed and grunted while my balls emptied in an orgasm that made me tingle from head to toe.

"Was it good for you, Jimmy?" Mike asked as he climbed off of the bed briefly, going over to the night table beside the bed.

Mike's sweats were off, and as he turned around to face me I could see his penis was hard. He was rubbing some kind of lubricant on his cock, which was pointing right at me, the dusky foreskin sliding back from his pinkish glans.

He was going to put his huge cock in my ass. Although it might "only" have been 7 or 8 inches long, it looked like a log as it swayed in front of him as he climbed back on the bed.

"Relax," Mike said as he mounted me, and this time it wasn't a finger pressing against my anal ring, but the head of his massive organ applying the pressure. "Just relax. I want you so bad. As bad as you want me."

As he spoke, I felt the head of his cock push into my anus, and then I cried out as Mike eased more an more of his swollen member into my rectum, until he had fully penetrated me and covered my sweaty back with his hairy chest.

"You're so tight," Mike grunted before slowly retracting his cock and repeating the motion. "So good. That's it. Take it. Take all of me."

Tears were pouring out of my eyes as he began to thrust his manhood deeper and deeper into my previous virginal opening, but even though it felt like he was ripping my tender orifice apart, it also felt good. So good that I found myself thrusting back into Mike as best I could.

Sensing that, Mike pulled me up onto my knees, and now the angle of his penetration changed, creating whole new waves of pain and pleasure for me as my forehead remained on the sheets.

I looked underneath me and saw Mike's hand searching for my stub, which had retreated like the head of a turtle and making it tough to find, but eventually he got a hold of it and began pulling on it hard.

Mike's thrusts got faster and harder, and the sounds of the bed squeaking and our grunting soon sounded like a chorus. My balls began to tingle, and as I looked downward at Mike pulling on my semi-erect dick, my tears and sweat burning my eyes as I did, I saw cum squirting out of me even though I wasn't hard.

Mike groaned just then, stopping his thrusting for a second, and then I felt a warmth fill my insides as his orgasm filled my the depths of my bowels. A couple of slow thrusts later, and then my knees gave out. Mike rode me down to the sheets, his cock eventually slithering out of me as he went limp.

"I knew you wanted it," Mike told me after we caught our breath.

"I - I - didn't," I said. "I mean, I never did it before."

"You were a virgin?" Mike said, shock in his voice, and then apologized when he realized that I was a lot more innocent than he had figured.

"No," I told him, my anus burning and feeling like he was still inside of me, the ache serving as a pleasant reminder of what had just taken place back there. "It was good. Really good. Guess I did want it even though I didn't know it."

Mike took my ass again later that night, and after that he gave me the second head of my life, and it was so much better than the first time that there was no comparison. I apologized for having such a small dick, but Mike shrugged it off as nonsense.

"Your cock is great," Mike assured me as he stroked my dick before going back down on it. "It's nice and thick, and when we get rid of this baby fat around it, you'll be surprised at how big it really is."


Turns out Mike was right, and now that I've lost that extra weight, although I'm not remotely well-hung, I no longer hide myself in the showers. That makes it easier to meet interesting people in college. Don't know whether that was what Dad had in mind when he got me to lose weight, but I'm glad he did!

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