I first met Joan the day I started working at the State utility as the new sales manager. Well I really didn't meet her, I saw her. The unit manager was taking me on a tour of the telephone sales and customer service unit. Joan was sitting at her workstation, headset on talking to a customer; she barely looked up as my tour guide explained the ins and outs of the operation.

As the seemingly endless tour commentary went on I was able to position myself so that I could look totally engaged in what the customer service manager was saying and at the same time take in Joan. Joan had to be at least 50 years old, not unattractive, she seemed like any middle aged woman except for one thing, her breasts.

Sitting with a straight back at her workstation her breasts jutted at least a foot in front of her; the other amazing thing was the sheer volume of her magnificent boobs. They started high on her chest and pushed hard against the top and bottom of the workstation desk. She had to virtually work around them to type at the keyboard.

She was dressed somewhat conservatively in a crisp white blouse that was straining against the enormity of her breasts, a bright blue jacket hung on the back of the chair. I had to get to better acquainted with this amazing woman.

The operational tour continued for the better part of half a day, and by mid afternoon I was finally allowed to head back to my office and start to get into the job. With my office located on the Western side of the same floor as the phone operation I had a view directly to the door leading into and out of the telesales unit. Over time this allowed me to get a handle on the work patterns of the phone operators, when they started, what time they took their breaks and when they finished.

The highlight was always waiting for and watching Joan come and go on her breaks. She almost always wore the same ensemble, nice shoes with a good two to three inch heel, a shortish skirt -- she had fantastic legs for a woman of her age, a blouse and a jacket that had absolutely no hope of every being buttoned up. As she walked her breast didn't bounce at all, rather they gently swayed from side to side, not massively, more like two enormous orbs shuddering with every step.

Now in the corporate world it's just not the done thing for a 30-year-old manager to be chatting up a 50 something year old phone operator. But with my daily dealings with the unit manager, a nice old lady nearing retirement, I was able to subtly learn much about Joan.

Turns out Joan was 53 years old, had been divorced from a complete A-hole for well over ten years and had pretty much steered clear of men ever since. She enjoyed socialising with the rest of the sales and service team, enjoyed a drink whenever they were on offer -- usually to celebrate either a birthday or someone leaving the company and she lived in a large house in the suburbs by herself. Other than that, she rarely went out.

As the months went on I had made very little headway with actually getting to know Joan other than small talk in the communal kitchen to make a coffee. But whenever I saw her I made sure I gave her a warm smile and a complement about how she looked, nothing that could in anyway be misconstrued.

It was killing me. Just looking at this stunningly busty mature woman who oozed sex made me hard, yet she seemed totally oblivious to the effect she was having on me. In hindsight, it must have been obvious to her that I was interested.

Almost every time she would take a break I'd walk in to make myself a coffee. There she would be, back to me, her trim legs looking spectacular leading up to her large ass wrapped drum tight in her skirt. I could also make out her bra through the shirt, this enormous contraption with the hooks straining to contain two of the most enormous breasts I had never seen.

Inevitably as soon as I got home I'd drop my pants and wank myself silly imagining running my hands through her shoulder length hair, licking her face, running my tongue across her red lips, feeling those enormous heavy breasts pressed against me and fucking her for hours.

It never took long to come with fresh daily images of Joan rushing through my mind, but the more I fantasised about her the longer and more enjoyable my wanking sessions became.

I was pretty much resigned to the fact that my obsession with Joan would always remain just a pleasant fantasy.

That is until the day she walked into the office dressed pretty much as normal, nice dark skirt, not too long, not too short. This time, however the crisp white shirt was gone, replaced with a light blue long sleeve cashmere sweater.

The sweater did not have a particularly wide-open collar but it was stretched beyond belief, it clung to every inch of her. You could clearly make out the heavy stitching of the bra around the midline of her chest. Her breasts looked amazing, bulging out the top of the bra was all the breast flesh that had no hope of being contained and under the tight sweater, the effect was mind blowing.

After this sighting it took all my self-control not to go in to the lavatory and relive myself. After all I was being paid to work not wank. The rest of the day just dragged on and on, I was totally distracted by what I had seen earlier. About an hour before work was scheduled to finish I saw Joan heading for the building exit. I thought to myself this is it... I have to do something, so I told my PA that I had to leave early tonight and quickly headed after Joan.

I caught up to Joan just before she was about to leave the building, and being the gentleman that I am I opened the door for her. Joan thanked me and we both continued towards the car park.

Joan started chatting with me... "Leaving early tonight to I see."

"Yes" I responded, "I've got a few errands to run before everything shuts, what about you?"

"I've got to drop my car in for service and if I don't do it now I can't get to work on time tomorrow, you know how bad the bus service is" she said.

"So how are you getting home after you drop the car off?" I enquired.

"Oh, I'll take the bus home, it's awful but what are you going to do" she said.

This was too good an opportunity to miss so I offered to give her a lift back home after she dropped the car off.

"No, no" she insisted. "That is far too much trouble, I'll be fine catching the bus."

I didn't want to come across as pushy so I said "Joan, it's no trouble at all and I'd be happy to but if you prefer the bus that's fine."

She smiled and questioned, "Are you sure it's not too much trouble?"

"Of course not lead the way" I said.

I don't know how I did it but through the whole exchange I was able to look Joan Square in the eye and not once did my eyes zero in on those magnificent tits.

By the time I got to my car my cock was as hard as a rock, thank God I had my business jacket in one hand to carry in front of me. As I followed Joan to the service centre my mind was racing. What can I say, what can I do to keep this going.

Waiting outside I watched her as she booked the car in and walked back over to my car. I felt like a complete idiot, I wanted to get out of the car and open the door for her but my cock was still painfully erect.

So I watched her walk towards the passenger door -- her massive tits swaying with every step, they had never looked so big as they did today wrapped in that tight sweater.

As she sat in the car and fastened her seat belt the belt cut directly into the massive chasm between her breasts. I was in total awe and Joan clearly noticed. My face went bright red.

Joan smiled and said, "Ready when you are."

I desperately tried to gain my composure and focused on the road ahead.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to her house. In the car Joan chatted away about work and so on. I kept my eyes firmly on the road and finally got control of my cock, which at last had relaxed.

As I pulled in front of her house Joan turned to me and said, "I really appreciate you helping me, it would have taken more than an hour to get home by bus."

I smiled saying, "It was my pleasure."

"You are more than welcome to come and have drink but I know you had things to do." Joan offered.

"Thanks Joan, that would be lovely, those jobs can wait a little longer" I replied.

I followed Joan into her house, which was in a leafy suburb well away from the traffic. Inside the house was neatly decorated and clean.

She sat me down at the kitchen counter and went around into the kitchen turned to me with her hands on her solid hips and said "what would you like?" with a warm smile on her face.

Again my face went bright red and I said a coffee would be fine.

"With milk?" she asked.

"Yes thank you."

As I watched her make the coffee I could finally take in her form without any risk of 'office inappropriateness' hindering me. She really was spectacular, not glamorous but spectacular.

Although she clearly showed her age with lines around her face she obviously took pride in the way she looked. Her makeup was done nicely, hair was clean, nails painted and sensibly long and she had lovely full lips.

I must have been off in my own little fantasy world when Joan's voice bought me back "here you are, let's go and sit in the lounge and have our coffee, shall we?"

"Ah, yes, sorry I was thinking about something else" I said.

Joan just smiled and led the way into the lounge room where we sat on the sofa facing each other.

We talked about nothing really, work, the prices of housing and that was it -- it was just a pleasant early evening. Made all the more pleasant for me as every time Joan leaned over to place her coffee cup on the table her massive chest would be pushed hard between her thighs and her out stretched arm causing the sweater to stretch even more to try and contain her huge tits.

As nice as this was for me, it didn't really seem to be going anywhere and there was certainly no indication that anything else I had hoped for was on offer and Joan hadn't suggested another coffee.

So I said to Joan... "Well I probably should be going and let you get on with the rest of your evening."

I collected the empty coffee mugs and took them back to the kitchen.

Joan had made her way into the hallway about halfway down and waited for me there.

As I approached her she turned to face me and said she really appreciated the lift this afternoon. With that she reached up to my face with her left hand and gently pulled my face towards her to give me a thank you kiss on the cheek. Except rather than a simple peck her lips lingered against my face, not for long but it was noticeable.

I felt the soft skin of her face, the tiny hairs on her face and I could smell her aroma. I inhaled deeply.

I didn't want this to end. As she pulled her hand and lips away from me I said "you smell delicious, what perfume are you wearing?"

"Nothing, it's just me" she smiled.

Without a seconds hesitation I leaned in to smell her cheek and whispered into her ear "do you mind?"

She replied, "oh yes" with a gentle sigh. I stoped immediately and quickly backed away.

Joan looked at me for a moment pulled me close and said "sorry, I mean no, I don't mind" we both laughed.

I put both hands on her hips; I could feel the softness of her sweater and drew her even closer. By now her massive chest was pressed up against me.

"In that case I better start again."

I gently reached forward and ran my lips along her cheek back to her ear, deeply inhaling her sent as I did so I pulled Joan even closer my rock hard cock now firmly pushing against her, I ran my hands across the gorgeous expanse of her arse and up her back feeling the incredible softness of the cashmere sweater.

Joan shivered and said, "don't stop that feels wonderful." She was now starting to run her hands across my body and face, all the time I just kept running my lips across her face and neck and down to her shoulders. Joan eventually pulled my face away from her, looked me deeply in the eyes and then pulled my lips to hers. It was the deepest, wettest, most erotic kiss I have ever experienced. It was like we were both trying to consume the other.

We almost fell against the hallway wall, neither one of us wanted to break the connection, but now on a slight angle I reached up to her face with my right hand and touched her face, hair and neck. I ran my fingers along and back down her neck and finally after all those months of dreaming about it bought my hand to her massive chest.

I had never held such magnificent tits in all my life; the sheer weight of them was incredible. I ran my hands along them defining their shape and the feeling of the cashmere just heightened the intensity beyond belief.

Joan reached down and grabbed my cock and said, "you like? They're all for you."

In response I dropped my face to her chest and began madly kissing and fondling the huge mounds. Again the sensations were only intensified by the softness of the sweater and the sheer bulk of her breasts.

Joan pulled away and said, "I need to go to the bathroom, don't you go anywhere."

Like I was about to. I watched her walk down the hallway towards the bathroom and could hardly believe what was happening. All those fantasies finally coming to life.

She was gone no more than a couple of minutes and as she was coming back she called to me..."are you ready?"

I was totally blown away by the sight of her walking back towards me. In the couple of minutes Joan had used in the bathroom she had removed her bra and left her sweater on. Her breasts free of the confinement of the bra, yet still wrapped in the soft sweater were free to move and did they move. I was looking at two large soft watermelons moving beneath a cashmere wrapping, her large nipples were erect and leading the way.

Joan just smiled at me and said. "I thought you might like this."

Our mouths again locked together our tongues battling and my hands all over those enormous soft tits. Once again I dropped my face to her chest and just engorged her massive tits through her sweater. I had never been so aroused in all my life.

Joan then dropped her hands to my trousers and tugged at the belt pulling it free, she found the zipper and quickly pulled it down. My pants fell to my knees and Joan's hand finally held my hard cock. She began stroking me back and forth as I continued to wallow in her massive gourds.

The intense pleasure of Joan's hand working my cock bought me from my breast fixation and our mouths once again locked. This time instead of continue to massage and fondle those spectacular tits my hand move to her skirt. I ran my hands up and down her legs, each time pulling her skirt that little bit higher. I then ran my fingers along the inside of her legs and up to her hairy pussy. While in the bathroom Joan had also removed her panties.

The feeling of the coarse hair on my hand was electric, but nothing compare to the feeling of her already soaking wet pussy, I pulled on her pussy hairs and my fingers felt the delicious entrance to her warm soaking wet pussy. My fingers played at the entrance and then with my middle finger I pushed deep into her.

Joan took a deep breath and said "you've got to make love to me, let's go to the bedroom."

Our hands were all over each other as we rushed towards her bedroom. As we walked inside the bedroom Joan pushed me towards a chair on the other side of the bed and told me to strip, and to sit.

"I want you to show me what you do when you think of me." She said.

Needless to say I didn't need to be told twice, I dropped all of my remaining clothes in record time and sat back in the chair, my cock pointing hard at the ceiling and started to massage my cock with my right hand. I watched in awe and a total state of sexual excitement as Joan took her skirt off revealing that lush wet pussy.

I'm sure my cock grew another inch as she pulled the bottom of her sweater under her tits and then continued pulling the sweater over her head. Her tits fell loudly as they were released from their soft confines, I started squeezing my cock even harder running from the base to the tip and back again.

"Need a little help," Joan whispered, with that she walked over to me, her glorious tits swaying and dropped to her knees.

She pushed my hand away from my cock, grabbed it in her own and then placed her mouth around the head licking the underside.

She looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I think you need a little more help."

She then wrapped her mouth tightly around my cock and started to give me the best blowjob I had ever had -- wet and slow. On each up stroke with her mouth she would pull away, thick strands of saliva joining my cock with her mouth and look at me like a hungry animal.

My cock and balls were soaked with her spit as she said; "Now that should help, show me what you do when you think about me."

My cock had never felt so good; the warm wetness of Joan's saliva was better than any commercial product, my cock felt like it had been draped in thick wet velvet. I slowed my movements as I could have cum at any moment and watched Joan hop back onto the bed on her knees facing me.

Again she whispered, "Show me please."

With that she lifted one heavy breast to her mouth and sucked her nipple hard and then did the same with the other tit.

"Is this what you imagine, or this?" as her left hand dived deep into her pussy, in and out, in and out.

Pulling her fingers from her wet snatch she then virtually painted both nipples with her pussy juice. She then lifted both heavy tits to her mouth and noisily sucked her juices.

I was so close to coming but the sheer eroticism of her wanton display slowed my impulse to cum. I wanted to enjoy this long and slow. Joan continued the show, with me telling her how hot she looked, how much I wanted her, telling her I wanted to fuck her from the moment I saw her.

At one point she lay on the very edge of the bed letting her tits hang over the bed end, her ass lifted slightly as her hand continued to rub her pussy.

"Joan please let me fuck your tits," I begged.

She rolled off the bed and again knelt in front of me.

"I think you need a bit more lubrication before you do that" she smiled.

With that she lifted both heavy breasts onto my thighs and started slobbering over my cock. Her saliva was running down my cock and onto those big beautiful tits. She then squeezed her tits tightly around my cock and using her whole body bounced up and down on my shaft.

"How's that baby?" She asked.

All I could utter was "I'm in heaven."

"No, baby that comes next." With those words she gave my cock another wet kiss and pulled me with her to the bed.

As she fell back on the bed she spread her legs wide, with her hairy wet gaping snatch right before me. I moved between her legs and just savoured the sight -- this gorgeous busty mature woman who I had fantasised about for so long now lay before me.

"Make love to me" she said.

"I will, but first..." I dived my face into her pussy.

Her pussy was hairy but neat and had a little grey mixed amongst the forest. The feeling of the coarse hair on my face rather than irritate just heightened the sensations. Her pussy was so wet and silky smooth but being framed by the coarse hair made running my tongue along and inside her slit and then to the outside feel fantastic.

Joan focused my attention with the simple words, "suck my clit."

She was seriously wet now and moaning in pleasure. Her hips started to move up and down. I hardly had to move my head, but each time her clit came near my mouth I would suck it in, then as her hips came back up I'd dive my tongue into her dripping cunt.

I've no idea how long this went on for but eventually her whole body started to shudder.

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