Joanne raised her hips and reached behind her to grasp Bill's shaft, guiding it to her slit. "Oh God, Bill." She moaned as she took the first few inches of his fat prick. "Oh, ummmm. it feels so good. God it feels good." She began a rocking motion as Bill's dick slid all the way into her. Her rocking became a gyrating rotation as she savored the sensation of being completely filled with dick. The gyrations slowed and she shut her eyes tightly and began to quiver. "Oh! Oh, Bill. I...I...I'm cuming." Her voice was barely audible. Bill watched in awe as this beautiful woman came all over him.

Joanne slumped to Bill's chest. "I needed that so bad. Thank you."

"I can't believe you're thanking me." said Bill. "That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." He rolled her on her side against the back cushions of the sectional. He slid his upper leg between her legs and with a tit in one hand and his mouth clamped over hers he began to slowly pump her with his cock. Tenderly, lovingly he eased his prick in and out of Joanne's sweet little pussy. And she loved it. The more gently he kissed and caressed her, the more wet she became. During that time of gentle love making she had four more orgasms. Finally Joanne said "Honey, we have to finish up. What if Sarah needs a drink of water or something."

"That would be bad."

"Yes it would, for both of us. Now roll me over on my back and fuck me hard. I want to feel you come in me." The couch was soft but not springy like a bed. The result was that as Bill pumped away it was like fucking Joanne on a velvet anvil. No bouncing around and loss of trajectory. Just deep fucking.

Bill braced himself and began thrusting his huge prick into Joanne's willing pussy. As he did Joanne reached for a pillow to scream into. It had been a while for her and Bill's cock was so big it was almost too much for her to bear. But she knew if she didn't let him satisfy himself in her he may not want her again. So, her tits jiggles, her pussy slurped and Bill grunted as he repeatedly shoved his fat member into her.

They'd been at it long enough now and Bill knew she'd be happy for him to come. He altered his angle for maximum stimulation and began to fuck Joanne hard. Still he didn't come.

Joanne reached behind Bill and began to fondle his balls. The feeling of her warm little hand on his nuts was wonderful, and that send him over the edge.

"Huh! Oh Joey that feels great. Oh, fuck! I'm gonna... Hnnnnn Uh Huh. Fuckfuckfuck, Oh Jesus!" Bill stopped thrusting and buried his prick in Joanne's cunt, deep. He shot one, two, three volleys and then thrust frantically a couple more times. His whole body was on fire as he shot the last of his seed deep into her pussy.

He slumped on top of her, panting to regain his breath. Joanne kissed his neck and face. "That was wonderful, Bill. Every bit as wonderful as i needed it to be, and more."

"But now we have to send you back to Sarah's bed."

"But I'll smell like you."

"That's okay, just tell her we were up talking and having a drink. Just be sure you wash that big beautiful cock off in the bathroom first. That smell would be hard to explain."

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what a boy whore. plenty of scum of the earth sluts like jo and betty, but he will ruin lives and eventually mess with the wrong slut. I hope the dog is put to sleep...

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