tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJoan's Year Of Changes Ch. 07

Joan's Year Of Changes Ch. 07


This is an interracial Cuckold story. If this offends you then please do not read. It's your choice to read this...


Several weeks have passed since the last posting to the email account. During that time, it appeared that Joan was a normal, high school math teacher. Our personal relationship was great and there was no indication that she was worried or stressed about work. She seemed to always have a smile and a cheery word to say. I was happy but perplexed, because I had grown accustomed to the postings. Reading them was the only real glimpse I had into Joan's other world. Without them, I was in a dark room full of worries.

I started to spy on my wife. But, Joan didn't do anything unusual. She worked her normal hours, came home at her normal time and went shopping as often and to the same stores as she always did. So what was up with Kevin? Had they broken up; was she over him?

Then on a late Friday afternoon, just as I was shutting down my computer and thinking of the drive home from work, I decided to take a moment to check the account. There was a single line in the inbox whose size was large enough to contain several pages. Damn, she had written something. I waited for our unit's administrative assistant to leave before double clicking the email.

When I heard the main door close I opened the email and scrolled through it. I'm glad I did. There were a few embedded pictures in the story. Oddly, none were in the school building. The first couple of pictures showed my wife walking through an upscale department store. She was wearing a business suit that had a short skirt. Her heels were four inches which are high but not unusually so for Joan. The last picture was of her leaving a mall. She looked different. Her hair was out of place. Her left hand was holding her jacket closed. So, unlike the previous illustrated stories of her debauchery, this one didn't seem to be a singular ride to the bottom. So I scrolled back up to the top and began to read my wife's letter and here it is in her own words...

Everything has been pretty quiet with my job and Mr. Montgomery. The aptitude tests have kept everything pretty quiet. I still follow his instructions. I dress the part and am always ready to satisfy Kevin's needs. But, the world is as it is, and we all must strive for a better future. Kevin has shown his true colors by buckling down for his tests. I found out last week that he was accepted to his first choice school and with a full scholarship. Not bad, not bad at all.

Kevin delivered the good news himself. At the end of the day he came into my classroom with his big friendly grin and handed me a piece of paper. It was an acceptance letter AND the announcement that he was receiving a full scholarship. I was particularly proud of the fact that it was not an athletic scholarship but an academic one. As I handed the acknowledgement back he handed me an envelope. Inside was a gift certificate to a mall on the north side of town.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Damn, it's a gift. What the hell do you think it is?" he said, smiling.

I had to laugh at myself. I thanked him, but before I could finish he reminded me that there was no school on Monday. I nodded and he continued, "I'll meet you at the store and then we'll go out."

I had been intimate with this eighteen year old black student for months and now I found myself blushing and tingling like a school girl. He's been in me and I've given him oral sex almost every day and yet I was still speechless. In the end, I simply said "OK".

Kevin nodded, smiled and left. I was a little disappointed at his departure, we hadn't touched each other in over two weeks and it looked like we were going to continue to be apart at least until Monday.

Surprisingly, the weekend went quickly. I didn't tell Ed that there wasn't any school on Monday. I simply went to work as usual. Later, if Ed asked, I'd just tell him that teachers were still required to attend. So, as usual, I dressed and left Monday morning just as he was getting up out of bed. Actually I still went to my classroom. It was so early that I had a couple of hours to kill before heading downtown. I worked until 10:30 AM. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you're not constantly interrupted by hormonal teenagers. Hormones, as horny as I was, I guess I was exactly where I belonged. Just being in the classroom, the place where I had bared myself while Kevin gave me his ardor was arousing to me. By the time I got up to leave my mind was in a whirl.

Most of the seventy five minute drive north was a blur. This mall is as far from home as it is from school. I pulled around to the main entrance. Kevin never told me where to meet him. I knew better than to call him so I just walked in and started looking around. The main thoroughfare and even the stores looked deserted. I would have felt better if it were crowded. I stood out like a lightning bolt. I was in the heart of an all-African American community and as I looked around the Mall's food court, I was the only white person.

I realized that I had stopped dead in my tracks and was staring like a tourist, so I purposely walked through the center of the mall and looked into each of the shops. Most were the same you would find in any mall. Cookie stores, greeting card stores and candle outlets. The clothing stores had a less modest, more urban feel to them. At the center of the building was a set of chairs and couches under some large potted palms. The sky lights above made the area brighter than the rest of the Mall. The circle of green carpet surrounded by blue must have been an attempt to make the area appear as an island of sorts. It looked pleasant enough, that is, until I got closer. The upholstery on the couches was dated and worn. One of the chairs had a jagged tear on the arm. The carpet, though clean, was worn and needed to be replaced.

There was a group of young men down one of the corridors. They were standing in front of the "Finish Line" shoe store. Most had earrings and ball caps and were wearing baggy jeans. Their dark skin was smooth and taut like Kevin's. One of them turned and looked at me. He flashed me a warm smile with teeth as white as snow. My heart was pounding. I felt like such a girl, young and vulnerable.

"If you keep staring and squeezing those thighs together; one of 'em is going to come over here. What you going to do then, huh?" Kevin said from behind me.

Kevin had materialized out of nowhere. I tried to protest, but his stony visage kept my mouth shut. So, I dropped my gaze to my shoes until he addressed me again. Although I didn't feel his touch, his heat enveloped me.

"I've been watching you. I saw you staring at those young black men. How can you be doing that? Has it been so long that you got to fantasize 'bout another black cock?" Kevin was speaking in a low whisper.

To keep my mind focused and to keep from swaying on my heels I kept my legs together. I wasn't wearing anything under my skirt and even I could smell my arousal.

"Answer me, has it been that long?" Kevin said in his commanding voice.

I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I missed his cock; that with just a nod from him and I would drop down, here, beneath this sickly palm tree and take his semen like the sacred Eucharist. Good women, righteous women, didn't say things like that. Instead, I muttered something like "Yes".

"You little whore." He said like praise.

Kevin wrapped his arm around me so his forearm was just beneath my breasts. He pulled me close so I could feel his soft lips against my ear. He breathed lightly and his warm cinnamon breath brought me his thoughts. "I love that you're my whore. "

He squeezed me tightly. I felt his manhood press against me and just for a moment his hand cupped my left breast. I wasn't wearing a bra. He let out a long exhale and then said, "See, I love that you are a whore; an obedient whore; my obedient whore."

After a moment, Kevin loosened his grip and I could feel him moving. It seemed like he was looking around, perhaps to make sure we weren't being watched. Because, without warning or preamble, he slipped his other hand down to my buttocks and massaged the left side of my ass. His hands are so big and strong. I didn't want the fabric between us. I needed his hands on me. I needed his breath in my lungs I needed is cock in my vagina and his semen in my womb. I was vaguely aware that I was pushing my ass into his hand. I didn't care how much he fondled my breasts. His touch was exquisite, a panacea to my aching flesh and it wiped away all of my history. I was nothing but an object for our pleasure. His pleasure would be mine. His exertions would be my benefit and his semen, my joy. He told me to look at the black boys.

"Are they looking at you" Kevin asked.

"Yes" I whispered.

"They got hungry eyes don't they?" Kevin asked. He was cupping my breast and gently pulling my hardened nipple.

"They want me" I said louder than before.

Then my world shifted.

I stood alone as Kevin walked toward the young black men. What was he doing? Did he know these guys? Were they his friends? I was tempted to run but my legs wouldn't move. My brain's command to run was lost in the morass of my base need for sex. About half way between the black youths and me, Kevin turned his head and said loudly, "come on, let's go look at some CDs."

My first steps were unsteady but the apprehension melted with the breaking of my inertia. Kevin waited for me and when I came along side he slipped his arm around my waist. As we started to walk together he said in a voice meant only for me, "make sure to turn on the charm. I want these dawgs to see what I got."

As we passed the group of young black men Kevin said "Lets go see if we can find some old school R and B. You know; that sexy stuff that you like so much."

Kevin walked right through the throng. As I followed, I made sure to look each in the eye and flash my sexiest smile. The group had opened just enough for Kevin and I to press through. One of the youths made no secret of standing his ground so I was forced to rub against him as I passed. Instead of getting angry, I just looked up into his big youthful eyes and apologized. I was rewarded with a broad smile and an expression of pure delight. As we walked away my entire body was covered in gooseflesh.

It was early so the music store was nearly empty. There were only two employees, one was obviously the manager and she was taking stock and filling out what looked like an order form. The lone store clerk was busy stocking the racks. After asking us if we needed any help and being told by Kevin that we were just looking, the pimply faced boy returned to his boxes. The Jazz and R & B section of the store was on the opposite side from where the employee was working. I was amazed when Kevin began searching through the CD cases. Did he really mean to shop? My back was to the entrance so I nearly screamed when a hand touched my back. I turned around to stare into the most delightful brown eyes. The young black man I had brushed up against was behind me pressing his lean, powerful body against mine.

I turned to Kevin. I was about to say something when he put his index finger to his lips and said quietly "shhhhh". He looked up at the black man behind me and with a slight nod of approval my skirt was lifted above my ass.

Two cool hands massaged my bare buttocks. At first his touch was light and had a careful gentleness to it but once he found my sex, everything changed. As he shoved a finger into my pussy I reached back for his hands. I was intent upon pushing him away, but just as I brought my hands up Kevin told me to stop. Stop was the only word he used. I knew there would be no argument. How could I? I was in a public place, dressed like a whore with one of my students. I couldn't let this happen. This man behind me must be one of Kevin's friends. He was breaking the rules. No one else could know about Kevin and I; no one. This was breaking the rules.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching. The store was empty. The store clerk was behind a rack of movies. I grabbed the stranger's black wrists. I couldn't let this happen. I tried to pry his hands from my ass.

"Calm down. Didn't you learn anything? At the library no one knew who you were. They just saw you for what you were being at the time. It's the same here. He don't know you. You don't know him. I don't know him." Kevin said then paused and added darkly, "If you struggle and we get caught then everyone gonna know. Everyone will know that you were felt up by a black man in public. They'll know you liked it."

Kevin paused again and then said with finality "put your hands on the rack and lift your ass."

I let go of the stranger. I leaned forward and put both my hands on the CD rack in front of me. Then, I slowly arched my back for the best canine mating position.

Once again, the young black stranger palmed my ass. I felt the cool air invade the moist regions of my sex. I felt the smooth skin of his phallus between my lips. He grabbed my hips as he dipped his pelvis for the perfect angle. I was ready for mating. I needed my void filled, but I didn't even know this boy's name.

His penis was entering me when, without turning around, I asked "What's your name?"

In a husky whisper he replied "What the fuck does it matter?"

"I just..." was all I got out because suddenly Kevin reached over and tapped the boy on the shoulder.

"That's enough." Kevin said with a quick jab of his chin.

The boy stepped back away from me. I heard the rustling of clothes and a zipper being pulled up. I pulled my skirt down and tried not look terrified as I turned around. I was expecting to see the store clerk or manager but we were alone. The clerk was still muttering to himself as he stocked the shelves at the far end of the store.

The black youth looked as surprised as I felt. He was staring at Kevin. Kevin was shaking his head as he stared at floor. Suddenly Kevin looked up and told the youth, "She said no. We can't be doing anything she doesn't want. You better go."

The black youth grabbed his cock through pants and shook at me. "Ah fuck, what the hell you talking about? This bitch is dripping wet. She wants it and I got it to give to her."

The youth grabbed my arm and said, "Turn your ass around."

He let go of my arm and I turned toward the racks. I bent over until my breasts were resting on the rows of cold CD cases.

"Yeah, that's it, just like you were before." The youth said with obvious delight.

I heard the clang of the youth's belt buckle and the whine of his zipper. Just then, Kevin looked up from the floor. The stranger kicked my feet apart. He took a handful of my hair and shoved my head into the rack. I looked over at Kevin. He was staring at the boy behind me. Muscled, black hands roughly pushed my skirt to my waist. Something thick, smooth and rock hard pushed against my wetness. I didn't want to believe it was his penis. But with his hands clasped around my hips he jerked forward and we were joined.

"This bitch is hot. See motherfucker. She took me to the balls. She needs my cock." The youth said in low thick voice.

Kevin didn't move. Nothing that was happening to me seemed to register on him. The boy pulled back and again plunged himself fully into me.

The young stranger held himself still as if savoring the moment and said "You like coming to this side of town, don't you bitch? You just love you some young black meat. You going to remember me. Oh yeah, bitch, you is definitely going to remember me. Now open that ass for me. You heard me, use your hands and open yourself up."

I took my hands off the shelf brackets and put them on my buttocks. I opened myself for him. I made it easier for him to mate with me. The singularity of the moment aroused me. I was nothing but a biological entity, rutting with a dominant male. I had never felt so thoroughly sexual.

I heard the black youth. He was gloating, I heard him say, "That's it bitch. Look, at you sticking that ass up in the air. Fuck man, she's loving it."

I was standing on my toes, my stomach was on the case below me. He was right, I loved it. My legs were beginning to quiver, I could hear only wind and though Kevin's stony expression was burned into my consciousness he became the sole pinpoint of my vision. Then even that began to slip away.

"Excuse me what is going on here?" Someone said in a very loud voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

My unknown lover pulled away from me making me suddenly empty. The void made my legs buckle.

As I began to fall the voice said, "George, escort these people out of the store, now."

Icy terror filled my spine. Suddenly everything was in sharp focus; I had to get out of the store. I had to run I couldn't let anyone know who I am; no one could know. Suddenly my Bliss was cold terror. I froze but Kevin did not, he turned around, put his hands up and calmly told George that his friend had accidently stepped on this guy's foot with her heel.

Pointing at my heels, Kevin embellished the lie, "You know that any kind of pressure on that small of a surface area, well it hurt more than he could admit. He sure did yell though."

I didn't see but I knew he was smiling as he finished his story. He then turned to me and made sure George heard him tell me to be more careful. The black youth had already left the store. Holding out his hand, Kevin lead me out.

Just as we walked into the mall's main corridor I heard "What was going on George? Hey wait a minute, where are they?"

As we were leaving the mall, Kevin suddenly stopped, turned on his heel and pulled me into the lobby of the movie theater. It was one of those discounted places where the tickets ran around three dollars. Except for the cashier and the ticket taker the place was deserted. He led me down the hallway to the last theatre on the right. It smelled like my basement in the summertime; cool but a little musty. They were starting a Spike Lee movie marathon. We walked into the middle of Do the Right thing.

We sat in the back row and for a long time watched the movie. No one came into the theatre looking for us. It appeared that we had escaped any trouble in the CD store and now Kevin and I were alone.

Without taking his eyes from the screen Kevin asked plainly, "Did you enjoy fucking that guy?"

I blurted out, "Kevin, we can't do this with your friends. Someone is going to find out. I can't get caught. Oh God I can't get caught. I can't, I can't."

I stared down at my lap and I started to sob. My skirt was high up on my thighs. The tops of my breasts were open for anyone to see, anyone at all. My vision blurred. I was in a vortex. Everything was in motion and about to crash. My home, my job and my family were leaves blown in the storm.

I found myself whispering "Oh my God, what is going to happen to me" over and over until the storm calmed and I could hear more than the raging wind.

I uncrossed my legs, put my feet beneath me and started to get up to leave. Kevin put his arm across my lap and stopped me.

With an angry edge in his voice, Kevin said "He wasn't my friend. What makes you think I even knew him? I never saw that fucker before in my life. I'm not playing with you, I told him to stop and he did, but he was right. You love black cock. You were having the time of your life. Hell you slumped down like rag doll after he pulled that cock out. Fuck, through it all, you never complained. Not one word did you say; not one. Hell you could have yelled but you didn't; you could've pulled away, but, you didn't, hell, you could've just put your damn legs together. You didn't even do that."

I sat back in my seat. Kevin's hand caressed my thighs. Even in the darkness of the theatre his hands were a black shadow on my leg. I was lost to his touch. I looked into his eyes and heard the unbuckling of his belt and the slow whine of his zipper. I dropped my hand to his lap and found that he was hard for me. I stroked his length with my left hand. His foreskin rolled over the head of his glorious cock. Then, the head appeared like a promise when my hand travelled downward.

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