Job Ch. 01


After spending several years of my life as a Flight Attendant, I left the airline industry to take over several of my father's business interests.

I was now responsible for the property business around South East Asia. The market was perfect for 'flipping properties', so I immediately added the buying and selling of residential properties to generate a faster cash flow revenue while still maintaining the purchasing and renting of commercial and residential properties.

My father also owned a toy manufacturing business in China for European and American buyers. Since he was too old and tired to make the frequent trips required, I took over these responsibilities as well.

The QC standards had dropped significantly in the last few years, so I began making trips there myself to get first hand intel on standards and inspections carried out, which was pathetic at best. I fired the lot and began production assessments myself. I needed an office there and approached a hiring agency to find me a secretary. I told the manager, Mr. Kwan, that I needed a girl that was bi-lingual and administratively competent, yet needed to look attractive enough to accompany me on business meetings and social gatherings. I paid him an additional 5,000 yuan and gave him a photograph of a model dressed in jeans and tank top and said the interviewees were to come to see me in a similar outfit, not in business causal. I was seeking someone between 23 -- 28 years old.

He called me a week later that he had found around 20 girls for me to meet and arranged, as I suggested, 5 appointments a day beginning at 8 AM and going on every 2 hours. I'll break at 12 noon for lunch and then continue an hour later. He was to book me a suit in a downtown hotel for 1 week that included a bedroom and a living room. "Have them call my room to announce their arrival." I added. I flew back to China the following Sunday night

My first appointment on Monday morning was Lillian. A tall stunning looking beauty of 25 that spoke English with a Chinese twang. I indicated the sofa for her to sit while I sat beside her on the armchair. I reviewed her resume and questioned her about her professional history. I then explained that there was a social element to this job and if she was romantically involved at this time, how that would interfere with escorting me to social functions. She said that she did not have a boyfriend.

Since pool parties were highly possible, I told her that I needed to see her in a swimsuit and I had 3 identical outfits of different sizes for her to try one. She, however, did not have to go through with this request, but I would probably have more considerations for those that did model the outfits. Then, I took out my Polaroid camera and snapped shots of her in her casual clothing front, back and side facing.

She agreed to model the swimsuit and went in to change. She came out wearing the medium sized outfit, which was very skimpy. She was about a 32 B with nice long legs. The prominence of her pussy really stood out, but her ass was considerably small for her size. Not an ounce of fat on her. I snapped off shots of her as well in this outfit.

I thanked her and asked her to change back to her clothing. "You don't seem too pleased with me," she said.

"You are fine. I do, however, have many candidates to interview and Mr. Kwan will let you know my decision later. Thank you so much for coming to meet me this morning." I said

"You are very polite and nice man." She said. I would be very happy to work for you. How can I make you select me?" She asked, looking coyly.

"No, nothing really and thank you for your compliment. I have another interview soon, but the photographs of you and your resume will help me decide after meeting all the girls." I replied.

"Perhaps I can ...." She removed her top revealing her average sized breasts and dark brown nipples, then sliding off the bottoms revealing a very hairy pussy as she walked towards me ......"persuade you that might help you remember me!" she purred.

My cock immediately jumped to attention. "This is not necessary and highly unprofessional. Besides even though you offer yourself I might still hire someone else." I replied, staying firm and strong, although my eyes roamed all over her body.

"That's ok. You are very nice man and very different from local people who are very rude and demeaning." She said as she straddled me and rubbed her breasts onto my face. She smelled so nice of soap and lotion with a hint of perfume.

"I'm sorry but I really don't have much time." I said.

"Then you better hurry" she stammered, her eyes glowing in lust and urgency.

I removed my trousers and went into the bedroom and strapped on a condom. Then returned and slipped a hand-towel under her ass and began to fuck her. I grabbed my camera and snapped shots of her being fucked. She got dressed after we finished and left. Wow, this was not what I expected. I placed all her photographs in an envelope together with her resume and kept them in my briefcase.

The second girl, Tina, arrived right on time and I repeated the process again. This time, she was more voluptuous with bigger tits and a nicer ass. After the interview, she too stripped off her bikini in the hopes of improve her hiring chances and we had sex. I also took snap shots of her and placed them all in by briefcase, as with the next girl after her.

The last girl on my appointment list that first day was Ling Chu. She arrived at 4:45 PM and I asked her to call back at 5:10 PM. When I opened the door for her, she was a knock out. Her facial features resembled that of a famous Taiwanese actress that had beautiful eyes and thick pouty lips and best known for her risqué films. Her tight jeans showed off her beautiful body. Nice thighs and full round ass, but what caught my eye was the prominence of her pelvic area that I have come to have a fetish for. Her tank top revealed her very ample cleavage. Her 3-inch heels made her stand just a bit shorter than me.

"Please call me Ling" she said as she introduced herself. "It is very kind of you to offer to see me in casual clothing, so may I also suggest that you remove your jacket, vest and tie and make yourself more comfortable as well?" she offered.

"That's sounds like a good idea. How old are you please?" I asked.

"27 sir." She replied. "Sir, do you exercise a lot? You look very strong and fit. Are you the owner of this business? " she asked

"Please, call me Bruno and yes, thank you and yes to your 2 questions and one comment." I replied.

"Chinese businessmen and company owners are usually much older and very fat and smoke a lot with very yellow teeth, but I see you the exact opposite. It is such a pleasure to meet someone as like minded about health as I am." She said.

If she was trying to score brownie points, she was succeeding. "It's been a long day and I'd like to have some coffee, may I offer you a cup as well?"

"Thank you, that would be lovely." She replied.

Good social manners I thought. "Please go ahead and order room service if you will and ask for Cappuccino." I instructed.

She spoke to the staff in fluent Chinese and then informed me that it was on the way. I suspect she told them to speed it up.

I went though the entire interview, as I did the whole day. We then got to the swimsuit part, but not before I snapped off some shots of her in her jeans. She immediately giggled and posed for me in various positions. I loved her ability to be serious and professional when needed yet totally playful when the situation called for it.

She stepped out of the bedroom in the bikini. Oh my goodness, she was sex personified! Her nipples poked through the sheer material and the bulge of her cunt showed the prominence of her thick lips with the divide clearly visible.

I was very interested in her. She had all the qualities I was looking for. When she offered sex I flatly refused, mainly because I was totally spent already, but I asked her to come and have dinner with me if that was ok with her.

Over dinner I asked about her life story. She explained that when she was 15, she was sent off to the Chinese equivalent of Boarding School for girls for low-income families. There was a British girl, Yvonne, teaching English at that school who herself was a student at the university learning the Chinese language and culture. Ling found every opportunity to learn English from her. Soon they became good friends and Yvonne suggested Ling live with her, which she did.

One night Ling was informed that both her parents died from a traffic accident. Ling was very devastated and was crying in her bed. Yvonne came over and consoled her and held her. In comforting Ling, Yvonne kissed her and soon the kisses became more passionate, as Ling was starved for affection. That night Ling experienced her first orgasm. For the next 4 years they maintained a romantic relationship and Ling soon mastered the English language.

When looking for a job, a girl had better chances of getting hired if they had sex with the boss. She explained this was a common practice. So, that explained why the girls were all putting out during the interview with me. Ling further explained that Mr. Kwan suggested to her to be extra nice to me, as the job could be very lucrative.

In her very first job interview, she said that the boss was an old man and sex with him was horrible and painful. Apparently he had popped her cherry. At least she worked in the firm for several years, but got fired when the senior supervisor, a woman, became jealous of the attention Ling was receiving.

She approached the boss of another company whom she met working for the first company. He was around 60 and fat. He hired her and found every opportunity to have sex with her in his office. He taught her how to use her mouth on him.

I was her third job interview and the first to refuse sex. She also said that I was the youngest business owner and a very handsome and physically fit one at that. Also, I was the first 'gwailo' -- foreigner -- she has come into contact with after Yvonne.

After dinner we parted ways, but not before she kissed and hugged me. The grinding of her crotch onto mine made me consider inviting her back to my hotel, but there was something about her that stopped me from getting physical.

The next 3 days were the same. Every girl looked fabulous and well educated. I had sex with almost every girl. The second to last girl on the schedule was different from all the rest. Here's what happened.

I opened the door and immediately saw nothing, since all the girls were around 5'6" to 5'8" and wore high heels I was accustomed to looking straight out. This girl was around 5' 3"

Every girl wore jeans and a tank top. She wore a dark-blue tennis-like outfit. The skirt was extremely short and pleated. She wore a matching colored buttoned-down top that revealed her very big tits. She had on white sneakers and white rolled-down socks. She looked like a smaller copy of the dark haired actress in the movie "Ridgemont High" with that very cute face and killer smile. Her black hair flowed down to her shoulders. Her tits were very prominent and her thighs very muscular

She introduced herself, as Ming Ming and was 24 years old. She was most apologetic for not wearing the requested outfit. She explained that her jeans ripped as she bent down to put on her shoes and the only other outfit she had was this one that was not business attire. She was close to tears and hoped that this had not diminished her chances of securing the position.

I explained that I wanted to see the applicant in that attire to ensure that they looked presentable in casual clothing. I assured her that she was fine. We went through with the interview; all the time her short skirt revealed her white panties each time she moved her legs that distracted my attention. When I rejected her sexual advances, she dropped her skirt and unbuttoned her top. She stood there in her white bra and grandma panties.

She may be small but oozed in sexuality. Her tits overflowed from the bra that actually looked too small for her, like she outgrew them. Her panties didn't do her justice either.

"Do I look ok?" she asked turning around slowly to show me her nice round butt. "I am very fit" she said, as she spread her legs and bent forward showing me her spread ass cheeks. Then, she slowly lowered herself into a split. She got up and turned to face me and then she lay back down on her back and with her hands on the floor and her legs spread, she arched her back upwards so that her bulging cunt was directly in my line of vision. She opened her legs wider and I could see her cunt lips through the material of her panties.

She lowered herself back down and then stood up. "Do I look ok?" she repeated. She stepped forward to where I was sitting and placed my hand on her tummy. Her muscles were very taught. Then she ran my hands down her side and onto her thighs. They were firm as steel. She then reached around and undid the clasp of her bra and her tits popped out. She placed my hands on them and she had the softest nipples I have ever felt. She leaned forward and rubbed her tits into my face. I sucked on a nipple and they were so soft and tender. My tongue flicked across both nipples.

She peeled down her panties and ran my hands down to her pussy. There were only a few wisps of hair on her bald cunt that bulged out prominently. My fingers traced down her slit and I separated her thick lips and inserted one finger into her cunt. She was not very wet yet.

She removed my pants and my shoes and then my underwear. I removed my shirt and tie and sat back down on the chair to remove my socks. She got up and went behind me. She pulled a chair up the to back of my seat and stood on it. Then she leaned over and placed her hands on each armrest and then lowered herself over my head and down my body, coming to rest with her mouth on my cock and her pussy directly in my face. I dived tongue first into her waiting pussy.

I inhaled her aroma and immediately licked her cunt. I then wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up while she was upside down, as she sucked my cock and spread her legs wide into a split. I brought her to my bed and lay her down while I knelt on top of her with my cock still in her mouth. I licked and fingered her cunt while she sucked and pumped my cock.

I got off her and was about to kneel between her legs when she pushed me to lie on the bed. Then she straddled me and impaled herself on my cock and began fucking me. She then stopped and turned her body sideways and bounced up and down on my cock. Then she stopped again and turned, this time her back was facing me. She spread her legs wide and leaned forward holding onto my legs. Then she pumped herself up and down, showing me her exposed ass and inner lips that gripped my cock as she took it all in. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass, then taking hold of my index finger and guiding it to her tight little butt hole.

I rubbed that finger on my wet cock to lubricate it and slowly slid it into her tight ass. She continued pumping me regardless of what I did to her ass. Her sole purpose was to make me feel good and have me cum, which I did very shortly. She quickly got off me as I was about to cum and pumped my cock with her hand while she placed her mouth over it and sucked up every drop I unloaded.

Then, when I was done, she knelt on the bed with her cunt right by my nose and spread her lips open an began fingering her cunt to climax. White milky fluid oozed from her pussy as her body spasmed from her cum.

"Did you like that sir? Did I give you a good time?" she asked.

"Please call me Bruno and yes, yes, you did. How did you learn how to do that?" I asked

"Long story. I tell you later. Now you rest" and with that she got off me and came back with a hot towel and wiped me all over. Then she dried my body. She got up and placed the towel on the chair next to my dresser. She looked at something, then came back and said. "Would you like to take pictures of me? I let you take any pictures you want."

Damn, I realized that I left the photographs of the last girl up here and the top picture was of my cock buried half way inside her cunt.

"Tell me about your life" I asked

"My father never liked me. As you know, during the Cultural Revolution in China the government only allowed one child in each family, so all parents wanted boys only as they can work. Many girls are secretly killed or sold off.

My mother died when I was very young so I lived with my father. When I was around 10 years old my body began to change and my father would often touch my body and it made him happy. I was very happy that he was happy and I did anything for him to like me. One day when I was around 13 my father beat a man and was sent to prison. I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle who had a son that was 6 years older than me.

They were poor so I slept in the same room as their son. That first night he crawled into my bed and began touching me, just like my father had done. I loved his touches and that a man actually liked me. He had sex with me, just like my father did, every night. He taught me how to suck his cock. One day my uncle said he would stay back to look after me so that his wife could take their son into the city to meet someone so that he could get a job.

I slept with him those four days and he taught me how to do many other things. From then on, he would come home early, when I returned from school and had sex with me. I loved the attention I got. One day his wife came home unexpectedly and caught him having sex with me. She blamed me and arranged that I live in school. It was a school for girls. When the lights went out at night we often had sex with each other. It was there that I learned how to arch my back so that they could stick their fingers in me. We had a game where several girls would be in that position and the others girls would finger them. The one that came first would be the sex slave the following night.

I excelled in school and mastered the English language. I also became very skilled in tennis and often beat men in competition who were as tall as you. After I left school at 18 I taught tennis and competed for prize money, which was not very much. I worked at various jobs to support myself. So here I am."

Just then my phone rang and I said to come up in 15 minutes.

"Will you promise me something?" I asked.

"Yes, anything" she said.

"I want you to stay in here. Take a long bath and then just rest in bed while I see this last girl. Do not come out or I will be very angry. Do you understand?"

"Yes I will be very quiet." She agreed

I got dressed and met up with the last girl, took her pictures and then thanked her after insisting that I could not have sex with her even after she did everything possible to get me horny. Damn, she had a nice body.

"OK, get dressed" I said to Ming Ming.

She looked very sad, like she had displeased me and thought I was kicking her out. "Is it ok if I take you out to dinner?" I asked. "Are you hungry, because I am?" I asked

"Yes, so am I" she beamed.

I took her to a different hotel, famous for their buffet and we dined sumptuously. "Where do you live now?" I asked. She said she rented a room in an apartment that she shared with 4 other people and her room was very tiny so she couldn't keep much clothing, which was just as good as she couldn't afford much anyway.

After dinner I went to a newly built residential area and spoke to the property management. I was shown a 3 bedroom fully furnished apartment that offered a gym and swimming facilities with shuttle bus transportation for residents. We agreed on the price and terms and I rented the place.

"Ok, sorry to bother you with those details." I said to Ming Ming. I know it's late, but could you take me to a shop that sells women fashion? I'm looking for things like jeans and shorts, shoes and tops and also underwear and nightwear."

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