Joel and Carrie Ch. 12


"A little," Sandy laughed. "Most of it has to do with Jim here."

"I've corrupted her," he grinned. "And I take it based on Sandy's apology, that you two were the ones who tried to seduce her senior year?"

"That was my idea," Carrie answered. "I promised Joel a gymnast and she was the hottest one in our school."

"Hmm, that sounds worse than it was," I said thoughtfully. I don't know why, but suddenly all four of us were laughing.

"I don't suppose I can convince you to try and seduce her again?" Jim asked, surprising me even more than Sandy's apology. Clearly, it shocked her as well.

"Jim!" the gymnast cried. "That's terrible!" She then turned to us and added nervously, "He's just joking."

"If you say so," Jim shrugged, making it clear that he wasn't.

"I would never..." Sandy began.

"Think of how many things we've done that you would have said the same thing about before we started dating," he interjected, and then paused before adding, "And think about how much you've enjoyed them." Sandy blushed. She also didn't deny what he was saying. There was an interesting story there and I was curious at exactly what things he was talking about, but I was more concerned about how Carrie was dealing with what was happening. I hadn't missed her stiffening ever so slightly when the conversation took this turn.

"Jim, I can't," the Asian girl said. "It's just not me. Besides, what makes you think that they'd even be interested?"

"We're not," I interjected. Sandy sounded like she wasn't going to let it happen anyway, but I wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible. I realized how I sounded, but Sandy spoke before I could clarify.

"I understand," she sighed. "I was a real bitch and ruined your Valentine's Day."

"It's not that," Carrie put in, but then suddenly seemed to be at a loss for words.

"We don't do that anymore," I explained.

"There are too many repercussions," Carrie sighed. "You can lose friends."

"You mean Tara, don't you?" Sandy asked, surprisingly us again. She saw our expressions and sighed. "We live in a small town. I heard about what happened at Francine's the same night it occurred."

"Not just Tara, but yes," my girl answered.

"For what it's worth, I heard she broke up with Brian a couple of days ago. She supposedly had a big fight with her parents afterward and left town."

"Left town?" Carrie frowned, concerned despite what happened.

"No, nothing like that," Sandy sighed. "At least I don't think so. Tara supposedly went to visit a friend until things cooled off."

"Jill," Carrie said confidently. "I was wondering why she hadn't texted me much this last week."

"Poor Jill," I mused aloud. "She's pretty much stuck in the middle."

"Yeah," my girl said, shaking her head. Damn! I could see her good mood slipping.

"Well, this is out floor," Sandy said as the elevator opened. "I'm glad I got a chance to apologize."

"If you two ever change your mind about having some fun, give us a call," Jim grinned. "Sandy wouldn't have gone for it tonight, but one day...who knows?"

"I don't think even you can corrupt me that much," the Asian girl said, shaking her head.

"You want to bet?" he retorted. Thankfully, Carrie found the conversation more amusing than anything else.

"Men!" my girl grinned.

"I know, right?" Sandy laughed as the door to the elevator shut between us.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Fine," Carrie answered, a little too quickly. She saw my look and sighed loudly. "Actually, I am okay with what happened with Sandy and Jim, but I am reeling a bit from the news about Tara and I'm worried about my relationship with Jill, but I refuse to deal with it tonight. Tonight is about us."

"Are you sure?" I frowned. "Why don't you give Jill a quick call when we get to the room? It will make you feel better." Carrie argued against it, but I pushed. I knew my girl and she wouldn't be okay until she spoke to her friend. She slipped into the bedroom with her cell phone once we entered the suite. Ten minutes later she came out smiling.

"Thanks for insisting," Carrie said. "Jill and I are fine. I told her that I didn't want her to have to choose between Tara and me. She apologized for not telling me that Tara was visiting her, but that she was afraid how I would react. Tara's in pretty bad shape."

"I'm sorry," I offered.

"Me too," my girl shrugged. "But it was her choice to end our friendship, not mine. I can't help her through whatever she's going through."

"Would you be able to forgive her if that's what she wanted?" I asked, honestly curious.

"I don't know," Carrie sighed, but then she frowned and added, "But that doesn't mean I'm not worried about her."

"I wonder how Jen and Sean are doing?" I asked, deciding it was time to change the subject.

"Not very subtle are you?" my girl laughed.

"Look, Tara hurt you and it was wrong," I replied. "You've spent weeks feeling bad, when in my opinion you should have been angry. So be it. You're just starting to sound like yourself. I know it's selfish, but I don't want the drama in Tara's life to hurt you."

"Speaking about anger toward Tara..." my girl said leadingly. That caught me by surprise. I frowned and thought for a moment. Afterward, I let out one long breath.

"You're right, I am mad at her," I admitted. "Hell, I'm pissed! And don't get me started on Brian, that asshole!" For some reason, my anger made my girl laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," she replied. "I guess I'm just happy to see you venting. You've been so stoic in your support these last couple of weeks. I was starting to worry about you. Tara and Brian were your friends too."

"Worried about me?" I frowned. "I'm fine."

"Please!" my girl snorted. "I know you and when things bother you, you bottle them up inside. It time you let them out."

"Hmm, that's an idea," I said, looking at her carefully. "There is one way that I like to relieve stress." My girl was no dummy.

"Men!" she laughed, knowing full well what I was thinking. "That's not what I was talking about, but it must be your lucky day. I happen to be in the same mood."

"Are you now?" I asked, reaching for her. Carrie actually giggled, grabbed her knapsack and slipped away from me.

"Wait here!" she said, moving back toward the bedroom as she reached into the knapsack and pulled out her iPod and speakers. "Set these up on the table and sit in that chair. I have a special gift for you. I want you to select the playlist called 'ForJoel' when I tell you to, and don't you dare get up from that chair until I tell you to!"

"You're being a bit bossy tonight," I frowned, causing her to laugh.

"And based on your expression, you're clearly more in the mood to be the one in control tonight," she said knowingly. "Don't worry. I'm yours to do with what you want afterward."

"After what?" I asked, but she was already in the bedroom. I waited impatiently. Thankfully it didn't take her as long as I feared.

Carrie opened the door and came out. She was wearing a red skirt that showed off her hips nicely. The skirt was a wrap with some sort of wavy layers and only went down to her knees. She also had on a red tee shirt. It was tied off exposing her midriff. My golden goddess had a perfect body and the outfit did an amazing job of showing it off.

"You like?" she asked.

"Very much so," I answered honestly, causing her to smile.

"Does it look familiar?" she asked, spinning slowly.

"A little," I admitted, but unable to place it.

"Don't worry, you'll figure it out. I want you to turn on the iPod, but first you have to promise not to touch me until I'm done." I gave her a frustrated look and she grinned. "I had this gift planned for you before we came home for summer break, but with everything that happened I just wasn't up for it. I am now. Can you be patient, for me? I put a lot of time into it and I want it to be perfect." Her eyes pleaded.

"For you," I sighed.

"Thank you," she said, leaning forward and kissing me. It was long and soulful.

"Unless you do that again," I said hoarsely. Carrie caressed my cheek lovingly once before stepping back.

"Start the music."

I recognized the song within a few seconds. It was Shikira's 'Hips don't lie'. It was an older song, but I knew why Carrie chose it. We were talking one night about when we discovered that the opposite sex was good for something more than snowballs. I jokingly told her it was when this song came out, explaining that I was mesmerized by the way the singer moved in the video. I was surprised Carrie remembered, but that was my girl.

I recognized the red skirt and tee-shirt now from the video. Carrie started dancing and I swallowed with some difficulty. My girl was a good dancer and she had obviously studied the music video in detail. Her hips were just as sexy as the singer's. So was her stomach. Carrie's breasts were larger than Shakira's, but that only made it better. I licked my lips before swallowed again. Carrie always could get to me, but this was something else!

My golden goddess danced without ever taking her eyes off of me. Every move drove me closer to the edge and she knew it. I wanted to reach out and grab her, but I promised. The movement of her hips was driving me mad! Every time she thrust them toward me I groaned. The beat of the music didn't help either.

Sitting there, unable to touch the woman I loved while she teased me unmercifully with her body was pure misery on one level, but I couldn't deny how much I liked it on another. I was on fire. My girl saw and her dancing became even more provocative. I had to shift the stiffness between my legs.

The song ended and I began to stand, but Carrie pushed me back down. She obviously wasn't done tormenting me. Another song began. It ended up being a mix of songs. It began with a cut from LMFAO's 'Sexy and I know It'. Actually, it was more of a remix.

Carrie grinned and started singing along. We both knew it was a goofy song and sung from a guy's viewpoint, but it was just the chorus and she'd edited out the word 'girl' .

~...Ahh...look at that body...Ahh!...look at that body...Ahh!...look at that body...I work out!... When I walk in the spot, this is what I see...everybody stops and they staring at me...I got passion in my paints and I ain't afraid to show it...I'm sexy and I know it...I'm sexy and I know it... ~

My girl was still moving with the song and I can't say it didn't excite me, but this time her dancing was meant to amuse as much as entice and I couldn't help smile. I think Carrie planned it that way. She probably guessed I'd need a break after the first song.

The next song I knew from the radio, but couldn't place the artist. Carrie started becoming more serious after that. There were a couple of songs I didn't really know that followed, but by that point it didn't matter. I was completely spellbound, enmeshed and enamored with the sight of her dancing.

Carrie was moving faster now. I sat there mesmerized as the music changed from one artist to another. She wasn't kidding before. She'd obviously spent a lot of time on setting this up. Just mixing all of the songs probably took days, not to mention the time she spent coming up with the dance moves. A part of me appreciated the effort she put into this for me, but right at that moment that appreciation was overwhelmed by my need for her. So was everything else. She was driving me crazy!

My girl glistened as he body undulated to the music and I was responding on every level imagined. I could only take so much and she had pushed me far beyond that limit already. That's when Rhianna's 'S and M' came on.

~...I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it! Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it...~

The exuberance with which my girl sang the chorus and the way Carrie moved was finally too much. I stood and pulled her to me. This time she came willingly. I crushed her lips with mine and she opened her mouth to me. We stood like that until the music changed once more. The switch in tempo actually surprised me.

"Marvin?" I asked in surprise as the chorus played in the background.

~...let's get it on....let's get it on...~

"You lasted longer than I expected," she smiled sexily, panting from exertion. "But I knew you'd never make it past that last one." Carrie stepped back and pulled off her tee-shirt. Her eyes burned with need as she loosened her skirt. It fell to the floor beside the tee-shirt. My golden goddess was actually sweating from her dancing. It only added to her allure.

I pulled off my shirt as my girl reached for my pants. In moments we were both standing naked in each other's arms and swaying to a classic. My hardness was pressed up against Carrie's stomach and she moaned. I used both hands to push her sweaty mop of hair from her face. She looked up at me and we kissed for what felt like forever.

"That was the best gift I've ever received!" I whispered, meaning it as I pulled her hips against mine.

"You're welcome," Carrie replied, but then her voice turned husky as she pushing me back into the chair and added, "Joel, I want to feel you inside of me!" I sat and she straddled my hips. Her eyes mirrored my hunger as she reached between us and directed my hardness to her molten center.

Carrie wrapped her arms around my neck and moved forward, burying my face in her breasts as she slowly took me inside. She refused to rush and even squeezed down on my stiffness as she settled on my lap, making it take even longer. I'd never felt such excruciating pleasure in my life! Sadly, it couldn't last forever. I groaned once she had all of me inside of her.

I had an almost uncontrollable urge to get up and carry her to the bedroom, but fought it because I knew she wanted it to be this way. Instead, I focused on her breasts as they pressed on either side of my face. The soft mounds smelled of my girl. I tasted first one and then the other before locking on one of her nipples. Carrie gasped and pulled away.

"Stop!" she moaned. "That's cheating." I smiled knowingly. She wanted to last and she wouldn't if I continued.

"Then give me something to do with my mouth," I demanded. She leaned forward and kissed me, but it was too brief. "You can do better than that." My golden goddess took it as a challenge. The next kiss was anything but brief. Still, eventually she tried to pull away. I refused to let her go.

Carrie stopped fighting and opened her mouth to me once more. Her arms felt good wrapped around my neck as she began riding me. A part of me wanted, no needed, to thrust up into her and cum as quickly as I could, but the music demanded a slower pace and clearly that's what Carrie wanted. I went with it and let her set the tempo. Her kisses were filled with a passion I hadn't felt in some time.

The song ended and suddenly all I could hear was the sounds of our bodies pressing against each other. Carrie picked up the pace. I took hold of her hips and helped hold her in place. My golden goddess was panting between kisses as her orgasm built. I knew she was close when she buried my face between her breasts once more. I took a moment to taste them both before latching onto one nipple.

"Yes!" my girl cried.

Carrie slammed down on my hips one last time and I pulled her hard against me. She squeezed down on me and that's all I could take. I thrust up into her so hard that I literally lifted her off the chair momentarily as I came. Her body began to spasm uncontrollably as we settled back. Carrie's juices flowed down my hardness and over my thighs. I held her tight until we were both done.

"Wow!" I groaned once I was able to speak again.

"I know that wasn't quite what you wanted," my girl sighed, knowing how difficult it was for me to let her control the pace in my current mood.

"But definitely what I needed," I laughed gently, pulling her lips to mine once more. Our kisses were tenderer now. We continued to sit like that as I softened inside of her. I almost slipped out of her at one point, but I started recovering just before it happened.

"You're insatiable," Carrie laughed as she felt me begin to stiffen once more.

"We can be done," I offered. "At this point I would be perfectly happy just taking you to bed and cuddling you while we sleep."

"Oh no!" my girl cried as she began pulling off of me. Carrie did pause briefly just before our bodies fully separated. There was a moment of regret in her eyes as she stood that I understood. "I promised you that I would make the few weeks up to you and I will. I also said that after I gave you my gift you could do anything you want with me. I meant that too."

I didn't bother arguing. First, I'd have to be a fool to pass up what Carrie offered, and second, I knew I wouldn't change her mind. My girl was a stubborn one...lucky me! I stood and held out my hand. She took it.

"Let's go to the bedroom," I said, leading the way. She came willingly.

"You're going to like it," Carrie smiled. "I did. There's a mirror on the ceiling."

"Interesting," I smiled. That was new. The bed was king sized and the mirror was quite impressive. It wasn't the only one in the room either. I caught Carrie glancing at herself in one.

"I don't suppose you'd be willing to give me a few minutes to shower?" she asked, trying to fix her hair.

"Don't," I said, grabbing her hand. "You look amazing just the way you are."

"I'm sweaty and my hair is a mess!" she cried. "You're crazy!"

"About you," I insisted. My obvious sincerity caused her to smile despite her concerns.

"I already promised you whatever you want," she joked. "No need to overdo it."

"The truth is the truth," I offered, refusing to allow her glib remark to take away from the message I wanted to send. Carrie blushed slightly, clearly understanding.

"Joel, I love you," she said with surprising gentleness. "And I always will."

"You'd better," I smiled. "Because you're stuck with me."

"Just as long as you love me too," she said. I reached out and took her chin, bring her eyes to mine.

"Always and forever." I held her like that until she nodded in acceptance. Once she did I kissed her briefly before grinning slowly and adding, "Now about what I want..."

"Anything," she said, meaning it, but then she smiled and added, "That is, if you're man enough."

"Oh, I'm man enough," I laughed, lifting her naked body and tossing it on the bed. She barely hit the sheets before I was on her.

"We'll have to see about that." Carrie knew I was in a mood and was having fun teasing me, but that was a mistake considering I was on top of her now. I thrust inside of her with one smooth motion. She gasped out when I hit bottom.

"You jerk!" she cried in surprise. "You're not small you know!"

"You shouldn't have teased me," I said pointedly.

"Who's teasing?" she retorted, actually trying to push me off of her. I frowned and placed my arms on either side of her head. I pushed up just enough so that I could look down into her eyes. For a moment I actually thought she was serious, but then she rolled her eyes and laughed.

"It seems I'm not the only one in a mood," I said before pulling out slowly and then thrusting back inside of her.

"Maybe!" she admitted with a gasp, wrapping her legs around my hips. "I figured that since you were in such a controlling mood I'd play into it."

"Just as long as I'm not hurting you," I said, pulling out slowly and thrusting in again.

"Oh you are!" she moaned. "But in the best way possible!"

"Yep," I smiled. "You're definitely in a mood."

"Are you going to continue to talk about my mood or do something about it?" Carrie asked, her eyes flashing with need. I leaned forward and crushed her lips with mine in answer.

My girl's legs pulled me as deep as I could go every time I drove my hips into hers. I continued to batter her lips with my kisses as I lifted her hands over her head and held them in place. Carrie was helpless under me just like we both wanted.

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