tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Beach House Ch. 01

Joe's Beach House Ch. 01


It all began innocently enough, moving into the rented beach cabin where I was working on my photography book. Unloading my boxes, I caught the sight of a dynamite blonde walking into the house next door. She was unloading some groceries from a golf cart with beach tires on it. As she walked up to her house movement caught my eye, and I noticed the cart rolling backwards. I dropped the box I was carrying and ran to try and stop the cart. Just as I reached it, I jumped in the drivers seat to push on the brake, but my left foot somehow got caught in the front tire and suddenly I was flat on my back with a cart rolling over my foot!

"Oh, shit!" she screamed, running over to help me up.

I glanced back to see the runaway cart rolling merrily into the street, coasting to a stop. All that panic on my part was for nothing, except a crushed foot! And it was beginning to really hurt, although I was trying to be somewhat composed in front of this beautiful girl.

"Are you hurt?" she asked as she knelt down beside me.

"Just my pride," I quipped. "And my foot," I admitted with a wince.

"I'm so sorry! I just keep forgetting to set that brake, and now you are hurt!"

"Really, I'm fine," I assured her as she helped me to my feet. Unfortunately as soon as I put weight on the foot I almost fell over from the sharp stab of pain.

"No, you are not," she said, putting her arm around me and leading me into her house.

I was keenly aware of her tight body as she held me close helping me limp into the living room and setting me down on the sofa. She was wearing a white halter-top and bright red shorts that revealed long, tan legs. Her thin top covered a brightly colored bikini top that very nicely pushed up her beautiful breasts. I tried to act cool as she sat me on the couch, and then jogged over to the kitchen to grab some ice. She came over and gently lifted my foot onto a cushion and bent over to lightly place the ice on my foot. As she did so, I caught a great view of her tits in that bikini top. Suddenly I didn't feel quite so bad!

"Let me feel it," she said, gently pressing the foot with her hands. She applied some pressure, and asked me to move the foot and wiggle my toes. I did as she asked, and she moved the foot around. "I think it is just sprained," she announced. "But you need to keep some ice on it for a while."

Thinking that sitting there with her attention was not such a bad thing, I agreed to keep the ice on for a while.

"Stay there and let me get you a drink," she said as she stood and smiled at me. "I'm Diane."

"Joe," I replied.

She smiled at me and I was instantly smitten with her. She turned and walked back to the kitchen. I followed her with my eyes, looking down at her shapely ass. She opened the freezer, taking ice and putting it into a blender. Then she poured a generous amount of tequila with some mixer into the blender. "So, you are living next door?" she asked.

"I'm just leasing it for the summer. I'm working on my book," I said.

"Oh, you are an author? How exciting!"

"Actually, its a photography book. I'm working with a software company on their new editing software. It's really pretty geeky," I said. As she mixed the drinks, I noticed the lack of a ring on her finger, which gave me hope for the encounter.

"Wow, I love photography. You will have to show me some of your photos," she said. "What do you take pictures of?"

"My area is really portraits," I told her. "The book is on how to edit portraits to get the results people want to see."

She carried over my drink, and as she handed it to me our hands touched with just a little jump of electricity. I could have imagined it, but I thought her hand lingered for just a moment as she passed me the glass.

"I don't want to brag, but I'm a bit of a photographer myself," she said. "I've done a couple of weddings, and shot a few senior portraits. Nothing professional, just things for friends."

Awkward! This is the one thing that I really hate, when some suburban housewife thinks she is a pro, and wants to show me her prints. Then I have to compliment them. So of course I said, "I'd love to see some of your work."

"Oh, I'm sure you would think they are horrid!" she laughed. But she jumped up and grabbed an iPad off the coffee table and brought it over to the couch. I slid over and she sat beside me, with my foot still propped up on the cushion. The drink began to work its magic as she nestled in close to me and began to display some photos.

Surprisingly, the photos she had were actually very good. I complimented her use of lighting and framing. We looked at several pictures, many of which featured beautiful women. She really captured the look of the subjects, which impressed me.

"These are great!" I said.

"Thank you," she said, with just a little embarrassment. "Perhaps you could give me some tips sometime."

"I'd be happy to," I said.

"What I'd really love to learn more about is glamour photography," she said, glancing at me to catch my reaction.

The term Glamour Photography has several connotations, but of course my mind immediately jumped to the idea of nude photographs. The thought of this hot blonde taking nude erotic photos really turned me on. But I decided to play it safe, "Of course. There are some nice techniques in getting soft focus glamour shots."

"Well, I do have a few that I took of my friend," she admitted, changing directories on her photo app. She clicked a few times, then turned the screen to me to reveal an amazing shot of a girl who was in a bikini bottom, with her breasts covered by her crossed arms. The girl's tits were pushed up and very proud. My dick twitched unconsciously at the sight of such a beautiful woman on the screen.

"Wow," I said softly. I was keenly aware of her body pressed against me as she sat next to me. The next shot was the same girl, but now her hands were out to her sides, with two fingers on each hand barely covering her nipples on the full, round breasts.

"Damn, that's hot!" I said.

"Oh, good. I was hoping you might like it," she said. "It was a funny thing, taking such intimate pictures of my friend. But she wanted to give them to her husband, and she did not want just camera pictures."

"Well, you sure did a great job!" I said.

"What I need is more training in the Photoshop work," she said. "Getting the skin tones just right is so tricky." She clicked to the next picture and as I had hoped the model now fully revealed her tits for the camera. They were simply gorgeous breasts, and I definitely had an erection building at this point.

"God, you really are good!" I complimented sincerely.

"Thanks, but do you see how there are just a few blemishes here?" she zoomed in the shot right on the tits, filling the screen. She rubbed her finger over the tits, pointing to a few minor blemishes on the skin above the areola.

Quite uncomfortable now, I felt my cock really pushing against the fabric of my shorts. I shifted just a bit to relieve the pressure, which ended up with me moving closer to her. All the while she kept rubbing the tits in the photo in an almost sensual manner.

"Well, you could do some simple skin softening tricks here to smooth it out," I said.

"Would you teach me?" she asked, leaning in just a little closer.

My head was beginning to spin lightly at this point. I was not sure if it was the alcohol, the erotic pictures, or her presence, but it was definitely having an effect on me!

"Sure, I'd be happy to," I replied, my mind racing at the potential.

Just then the front door opened and in walked a tall dark haired man. "Diane, the cart is in the street again! Oh, hello," he said taking in the scene.

I was suddenly really tense, being caught on the couch with what I assumed was this man's girlfriend. Diane had already pulled back putting some space between us on the couch, so I took my cue and acted innocent.

"Tom, this is Joe, our new neighbor," Diane said. "He tried to save the cart when I forgot to set the brake, and it rolled right over his foot!"

"Oh man, are you okay?" he asked, with genuine concern.

"Just a little sore," I assured him. "It was really my fault, falling under the wheel."

He came over and shook my hand, "Thank you for trying to help!"

"I really didn't do anything," I said awkwardly. "Just managed to make an ass of myself!"

"Joe is a professional photographer," Diane said. "He is looking at my work, and he is going to give me lessons on editing." She spun around the iPad and showed it to Tom.

I held my breath for his reaction, and was pleasantly surprised when he said, "That's great. I really like that picture."

She turned it back and I saw that she had slyly switched to one of her more benign photos, much to my relief.

"Who's ready for another drink?" she asked, getting up from the couch. As Diane went into the kitchen area Tom sat down in the chair across from me.

"Thanks again Joe, that was really nice of you. My sister can really be a klutz sometimes."

Sister? Hot damn! I suddenly liked this whole situation a lot more.

We sat discussing our jobs while Diane mixed margaritas. He was a realtor and supervised several rental houses on the beach. As the evening wore on, I really enjoyed their company. Diane sat next to me when she rejoined us, but maintained a safe distance this time. Tom got up to fix himself another drink while we all discussed what brought us to the beach. It turned out that Diane was down on the coast for a visit.

"Just here for a final fling before she goes off and ties the knot," said Tom. There was suddenly an uncomfortable silence in the room, and I could feel Diane tense up. "Didn't she tell you? Diane is getting married in August. What is his name again? Mr. Limp Dick Sloan, isn't it?" Tom slurred his words as Diane fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Larry Sloan, you jackass," said Diane. She glared at him, which only made him laugh.

I was suddenly very ready to leave. I tried out my foot and found that it was much better, so I thanked them and limped back to my house. My head still spinning from the drinks, and from the sense that I was getting into hot water with Diane and her dynamite body!


Coming home, I retrieved the box that was still on the driveway, and went straight to a hot shower. As I soaped up my body I realized that I was still semi-hard from the whole encounter. Toweling off I went into the bedroom that had yet to be unpacked. As I dug out some sheets and spread the across the bed I noticed a light on in the room across the side yard. It was Diane and Tom's house.

I saw a shadow cross the room, but it was too fuzzy from the curtains to see who it was. Curtains! Damn, here I was standing naked in the room with the lights on and my curtains wide open. Of course, I did not actually have any curtains, because I never thought to buy some. After all it was just a rental, and who thinks about curtains when going to the beach?

The light went off next door, and I suddenly felt like a pervert, standing there naked in my bedroom peering into someone's windows. I went over to the door and hit the switch, casting my room into darkness.

Grabbing a pillow, I lay on the bed, and tried not to stare into the dark room next door. It was getting me horny just thinking about Diane's hot body, knowing that it might be just across the yard through that window.

Eventually I drifted off to sleep, visions of her body in my dreams.


"Sorry about that," Diane said, standing on my porch the next morning. "Tom can be such an ass, but I guess I should have told you earlier."

"Why?" I asked, trying to be cool. "It just slipped your mind in all the excitement."

"Yeah, I guess so. I just did not want you to think I was trying to hide it from you."

Of course she had been hiding it from me! But I had to admit that there was some strong chemistry there, so I tried to play it off. "I didn't think that at all. I really enjoyed meeting you and your brother."

"Except for the foot," she laughed.

"Right," I chuckled.

I invited her in, and we went through the boxes onto the porch overlooking the beach. "I'd offer you coffee, but I think the box must be missing."

We chatted for awhile about the weather, the best bars in the nearby town, and the book I was writing.

"I really want you to show me how to make smooth skin tones," she said. "Maybe tomorrow I can bring some of my pictures for you to demonstrate on."

I readily agreed, wanting to see more pictures like the ones she showed me yesterday.

She announced that she had to go, so we set a time for the next day to get together.


That night I tried to do some work on the chapter I was writing. However, I kept glancing through the living room windows to the bedroom in her house. It was driving me crazy, not knowing if that was her room or not. I did not have to wait long.

The light clicked on, and I saw the shadow cross in front of the drapes again. This time it was unmistakably female. She came right up to the window, and pulled back the curtains. It was Diane alright, perfectly framed in the window. She was wearing a tight tank top and light blue panties. She leaned toward the window; oblivious of the view she was providing me of her tits as she lifted up the window to let in the cool breeze. I kept my head pointed down at the computer, but my eyes were glued on her as she crossed back to the bed on the far wall. She sat cross-legged on the bed, and opened her laptop, casting a glow on those great tits.

I was trying not to be obvious as I looked across at her working on her bed. But my cock twitched in anticipation as I thought of her nude in that bed.

Getting up to mix a strong drink, I was careful not to let myself glance in her direction. Did she see me? Was she even aware that I could see her perfectly?

After sitting at my computer for a minute, I decided to test whether or not she was conscious of the situation. Shutting down my laptop, I stood up, and walked across the room towards the hall. Reaching the end of the room, I turned around to glance at the room as I switched off the lights. Just at that moment, I glanced at Diane, and was rewarded with a very slight movement of her head as she glanced down at the screen.

I knew it! She had known! So that meant that she had opened the window in that sexy outfit on purpose.

Feeling a little daring, I decided to play it out. I continued through the hall into the bedroom. Turning on the lights I was careful never to look in her direction. Instead I dug through the boxes that were still on the floor to find a towel. Tossing it over my shoulder I went across the hall into the bathroom, leaving the door open. That gave her a direct view into my open bathroom, but because of the doorways she could only see the sink.

I brushed my teeth, and stole a glance in the mirror. Dianne was still at her laptop, but this time her head was up, fully looking in my direction. I knew that she could not possibly see my eyes at this distance, so I casually hung up the towel, and took off my shirt, still facing away from her. Then I slid down my shorts, leaving my briefs on as I crossed over to the shower, which was out of her view. I turned on the water, and went back to the sink. I opened the cabinet to retrieve a bar of soap, and to gather my courage.

Was I really about to do this? What if I scared her off?

Chickening out, I crossed over to the safety of the shower before I took off my underwear. My cock sprang to life once freed from its constraints, and I knew that I would have been busted for having a woody if I supposedly did not know she was watching me!

As I stood in the warm water my hand kept moving down to stroke my rigid pole. I knew that I should not continue this game, but it felt so very good! I just loved the idea that I was turning her on, by letting her see me naked, supposedly in secret.

I shut off the water and stood dripping wet for a moment, trying to figure out how to do this. My cock was fully erect, so I had to hide it from her. But my towel was hanging by the sink, in full view! I had painted myself into a corner. So I turned back on the cold water full blast, and let it shock my poor dick into submission.

It was suitably cooled off in seconds, but not to the point of shrinkage. I only had a few seconds before it knew how I had tricked it, so I quickly stepped out still dripping wet and crossed into full view to retrieve the towel. I know she caught a good side-glance before I wrapped the towel around my body to dry off and warm up.

Then, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, I turned off the lights, and crossed into the bedroom. There I grabbed a pair of gym shorts out of my bag, and let the towel drop as I pulled them on.

It took all my concentration not to glance out the window at her to see if she was watching me, but then I crossed to the door, and switched off the lights.

As the room was cast into darkness I glanced slyly at her again. This time she was leaning back on her hands, with a smile on her face. I was shocked that she was so clearly watching me, unembarrassed. But then I realized that she was actually smiling at the laptop on her bed. I saw her say something to the computer, and suddenly I realized she was on Skype or video conference with someone.

I suddenly felt like a fool, streaking for her as she was chatting with her fiancé. Dumbass!

Well, the light was now off, so I knew she could not see me any longer. I propped up in the bed on a pillow and watched her chatting through the window.

I could not see the screen, since the back of the laptop was facing me. But I watched her giggle as she visited with whoever the lucky person was on the other end. She kept shaking her head no, playfully laughing as the conversation went on.

Just then she leaned further back and put her hands at the bottom of her tank top. I felt a twinge, as I suddenly knew why she was shaking her head playfully. She was teasing the other person! As if on cue, Dianne slowly lifted up her shirt, allowing the fabric to gather up right under her tits. She rubbed one hand on her breasts, which flowed nicely under her shirt. The she laughed again and quickly lowered her top.

Oh my God! What was she doing? Surely she knew that I could see her, right?

She playfully sat up in the bed, lifting up on her knees as she faced the screen. I was in the perfect position to see her as she slowly leaned forward and pulled the neck of her shirt down between her breasts. They clung to the white fabric, her nipples clearly erect under the shirt.

I couldn't help it; my hand stole down under the sheets to grasp my cock. I slowly slid down my shorts under the covers, and began to lightly rub the head of my penis as I stared at her beautiful body illuminated by the glow of the screen.

She laughed lightly and the sat back up. This time she slowly began to raise up her shirt, and I began to slowly stroke my cock. Not stopping at the same point as last time, she completely pulled the shirt over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and pink against her dark areola. As she pulled the shirt over her head her breasts were lifted up into two perfect orbs, the light skin contrasting nicely with her bikini tan. She tossed the shirt on the bed, and gently moved her hands down across the skin of her tits.

My dick was warm in my hand as I slowly stroked it watching the incredible show through the window.

She slowly cupped her breasts, her fingers brushing against her nipples as she leaned back on her knees in the bed.

I cupped my balls, rolling them around to enjoy the sensation as I dreamed of licking those fabulous tits. Her left hand moved down as her right hand continued to rub her breasts. She slid the left hand down to her light blue panties, rubbing gently along the side, tugging down the elastic waistband just slightly. Then she shifted up on her knees and slowly moved her waist toward the screen, still fondling her tits.

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