tagIncest/TabooJoe's Niece Ch. 01

Joe's Niece Ch. 01


Waiting in Terminal 2 at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport that late August day for my niece's plane to arrive, I smiled, anticipating this family reunion eagerly. Patricia, the eighteen year old daughter of my only sibling, was coming to live with me while she studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

After finishing high school last June in her home town of Tacoma, Washington, the youngster had finally decided, after much deliberation, to attend art school, and her family had welcomed my offer to have her stay with me while she studied.

After the death of my parents some years ago, the only family I had left was my younger sister Annie and her two daughters, Patty and seventeen year old Gail. Annie, a widow for the last three years, was now forty-two, three years younger than I, and although we lived at opposite ends of the country, we had always kept in close contact through mail, phone, e-mail and visits. I had tried to get to Tacoma every Christmas and tried to have Sis and her family visit me in Florida every summer.

I had been looking forward to Patties visit as I hadn't seen the young girl in eighteen months as I hadn't been able to get to Tacoma last Christmas and she hadn't come last summer with her Mom and sister due to summer school commitments.

I remembered her as a tall but somewhat gangly and underdeveloped young girl and wondered how she had filled in since I had last seen her. She had always been a striking looking girl who promised to become a stunner once her body developed its womanly curves.

In her last letter, my sister Annie had written that in the last year Pat had developed into an incredible sexy young woman, but one who so far had not had much contact or experience with boys or men. She added that she believed Patty had never been serious with a boy and was undoubtedly still a virgin.

Annie had asked me, her brother to try and help the young girl as she explored her sexuality. Grinning, I wondered what the innocent young girl would make of her uncles racy lifestyle and how she would adjust to my household.

I had moved to Florida twenty-two years ago, after graduating in computer engineering from the U of W. I always had known that I didn't want to live my life in the rainy northwest and had chosen the sun and sand of Florida over California when a school friend who had grown up in Florida offered me a place to stay while I decided what to do with my life.

Within a year I had set up my own software development company, within five it was a huge success and in the mid nineties I had been able to sell the company for millions, a man who at thirty-five had his financial future secured. I had only a few interests in life; travel, my sisters family, and sexual gratification in all its forms.

And so, I had spent the last ten years traveling the world's beaches from my Fort Lauderdale base, all the while trying to help Annie in every way possible. Since Anne's husbands tragic death three years ago I had been trying to convince her to move in with me in Florida, but she had resisted, wanting her two daughters to finish high school where they had started.

Meanwhile I, who had had a voracious sexual appetite since puberty, was free to sample every sexual whim I had. A handsome, super rich, well endowed male with lots of time on my hands, I had no problem attracting a continual stream of beautiful women to my bed. I knew young Patty would be exposed to a lot of sexual information just watching her uncle.

"Uncle Joe, over here, its me" sang out through the terminal and as I looked up and saw the stunning woman approaching, I gasped, just recognizing the Patty I knew within this vision of female sexuality coming at me with open arms.

As we embraced each other warmly with kisses and hugs, I was aware of every curve on this nubile young girl's body as it pressed itself provocatively into mine. Involuntarily my penis started to climb towards hardness and I had to move her quickly out to arms length to conceal my sexual arousal.

"My God sweetie, you're the prettiest young thing I've seen in years. I'm so happy your coming to live with your old uncle."

"Me too. I so happy to see you again Uncle Joe and I'm really looking forward to art school. And no more eleven months of rain every year" she laughed, again hugging me tightly, her firm young breasts trying to poke holes in my chest. "I can hardly wait to get to your house and jump in the pool, the sun beating down on my body" she almost shouted, pulling me towards the luggage ramp. "And you don't look that old!"

Wait til you have my large cock buried deep in your body, I thought, as we exited the terminal towards the car lot, still hand in hand.

I had bought a house twenty years ago on one of the famous islands of Fort Lauderdale, just minutes from the main dining and shopping street of Los Olas Boulevard. Situated at the end of the island, between two canals and facing the intercoastal waterway, the house had complete privacy from any neighbors.

The back of the house opened onto a large deck and pool area and then down to my private dock where my 36' ocean cruiser sat. The yard was planted in riotous sub tropical foliage, with palm trees competing with a wide variety of flowering shrubs and flowers.

Arriving home with Patty at close to midnight I gave the young girl a quick tour of the house, showing her the changes I had made to accommodate her new status as a resident. "I'll leave you now, sweetie, I know you're tired, we'll talk in the morning."

"Oh, Uncle Joe, can't we have one swim before bed?" she begged.

"OK, come on" I said smiling and led her by hand out to the deck where I lit the underwater pool light but left everything else in the dark. "Do you want a swimming suit or do you still like to skinny dip? You and your sister always used to like swimming naked when you were young."

"Are you wearing a suit?" she challenged.

Quickly I pulled my shirt over my head, dropped my shorts and dove in the pool. Surfacing I asked "Joining me soon?" As she slowly stripped, even in the dim light I could see what a magnificent woman she had become. Beautiful full breasts topped by erect nipples bounced as she jumped into the water, her dark bush drawing my eyes downward.

Swimming over to me she laughed and putting her arms around my neck and drawing our bodies together said "Oh, I used to love to come here every summer and visit you. I loved swimming nude with sis, fishing off the wall during the days, going out on the ocean in your boat – I'm so happy you're letting me stay here Uncle Joe" she finished, kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Come on, its time you got to bed, you must be exhausted. We'll have a long talk tomorrow" I said giving her firm butt a playful slap as we walked up the stairs. "And Patty, nothing could make me happier than you being here with me."

I went to bed that night in the arms of my little Chinese slave, Lin, but as I fucked her long and hard, it was Patricia's body that was in the forefront of my thoughts.

The next morning, after my customary 50 laps in the pool and shower, I knocked on Patsy's door and hearing a muffled 'come in' entered to find her still under the sheets. "Wake up sleepy head" I yelled, going over to her bed and mussing her hair. Pushing the silk sheet down her naked body, Patty arched her back in a languid stretch and said "Gee Uncle Joe, these are the softest sheets I've ever slept in – I feel like staying in bed all day."

"If you hurry up, I'll take you out clothes shopping today" I promised.

"Don't you like my clothes? I brought just about everything I own" she pouted.

"I thought I'd like to buy you some Miami tropical wear. I want my little niece to be the hottest little art student in South Florida" I teased. "Go grab a shower and meet me in the kitchen in ten minutes."

It was Friday and Patty didn't start school until Monday so I had three days to get her ready for life in Florida. We spent fifteen hundred dollars in 'Victoria's Secret', just our first stop in what Patty later called the best shopping day in her life and we arrived home late in the afternoon laden with tens of boxes which we piled all over her floor. "I'm going for a swim. I'll see you at dinner; we're eating at eight sharp, why don't you wear one of your new dresses?" I added as I left her to her new clothes.

Twenty-five minutes later I saw her approaching me, after a quick dip I had retired to a large cushioned lounger by the edge of the pool. "You're still a nudist Uncle Joe?" she asked, taking in my whole body in a slow inspection and then sitting down next to me, our bodies touching lightly.

"Yes, I usually swim and tan naked but if you don't like it Princess I'll get a suit."

"No, I like it. It's weird; up in the north we're always fully covered, just a little skin exposed is considered exciting. Down here with the hot sun and swimming all the time it's just natural to be naked. You don't mind if I go naked, do you?" she asked smiling as she opened her robe revealing her body in all it's natural glory.

"Christ, you've really grown up! The last time you were here was two summers ago and you had just little bumps on your chest, no hips and almost no hair down below. Stand up and let me get a good look at this beautiful young woman."

"I know, I was a real dork in those days, I was afraid I'd never grow breasts. God, look at them now" she demanded, cupping a hand under each and lifting them even more. "If they get much bigger, they'll be too big. Do you think I should shave down below?" she asked, moving one hand through the curls on her lower mound while bringing her pelvis towards my face.

"I'd say you're just about perfect Patricia. You may be the most beautiful girl in South Florida. I'm going to have to get a big stick to fight off all the boys that will be chasing you. Come here and sit next to your uncle."

As she sat down I pulled out a tube of sun block and offered it to her saying "With your white skin make sure you put this on at all times for the first couple of months, its really important that you use it."

"Could you put it on for me please? I don't want to miss a spot" she added grinning, testing how much she could get away with when dealing with her old Uncle.

Starting first with her face and neck, I then proceeded slowly downward, applying the cream in smooth firm strokes. "It's really important to get your breasts well covered as they are much whiter than the rest of your body" I said chuckling, taking my time fondling first one breast and nipple before moving to the second while assuring her "You do have lovely breasts though; some young art student is going to love putting those hard nipples in his mouth. Do you like it when a man sucks your nipples, Patty?"

"Uncle Joe! I haven't let a man touch my breasts like that ever!" she protested loudly.

"Why not? Don't you like the feeling of my hands on your body?"

"Oh, yessss."

"You're eighteen, you're sexy and you look healthy. You're not a lesbian are you?" I said as I continued to massage her firm orbs while occasionally tweaking the now fully erect nipples.

"No I'm not. I just don't have much experience with men. Four years at an all-female high school and a dorky body didn't get me many dates" she whispered quietly. "Oh, you're making me feel hot; I like your hands on me Uncle, don't stop" she finished huskily.

As my hand moved inexorably downward across her belly and through the thick curls at its base I assured her "Sweetie, I guarantee I'm going to find you lots of handsome men that will be honored to go out with you. You'll get those pretty nipples sucked all you want and maybe this little bud chewed on too" I said referring to her clitoris that my roving hand was now caressing softly. "So you do like cock?" I added.

"Uncle, your penis is the only one I've ever seen live. Sure I've seen movies, pictures and stuff on the internet but yours is my first real one."

"Don't worry I'll find someone to make love to you in the next two weeks at the latest" I promised confidently. Holding my penis up I asked "Do you like him? Would you like to touch him?"

"Uncle, aren't you supposed to be protecting me from all those bad males who want to ravage me?" she asked mischievously as one of her hands tentatively reached for my slowly rising shaft.

"Patty, I believe that a beautiful healthy young girl like you should be enjoying your sexual freedom while you can. You should find out what you like and don't like while you're still young. Sex is both good and fun so enjoy it. I'm ready to answer any questions you have about the subject. Do you like touching him?"

"Oh yes, he's much smoother than I would have guessed," she murmured, "like a warm marble shaft, oh, and see how he grows long, looking so proudly at me. God he'd never fit! Do they have smaller models that would be better for me?"

"Don't you worry! You'll be able to take just about any man you meet. He loves it when you move your hands over him like that" I gasped. Guiding her other hand on to my sac with its two bouncing balls and then showing both her hands how to move to stimulate me maximally, I finally groaned "Now you get to see your first load of sperm erupting from your first live penis" as my ejaculation exploded up my pulsating piston and splashed on her hands, arms and chest.

After using a finger to remove a big drop of white cream hanging from one of her nipples, I offered it to Patsy and slowly inserted my finger between her lips.

"Ymmm it tastes good" she purred as she stuffed another finger full into her mouth.

"Save some room for dinner. Lin's been cooking all afternoon to make something good especially in your honor."

"Who's Lin?"

"My little Chinese slave" I said as I stood and walked towards the house, leaving the poor girl agape.

When Patty arrived at the table at eight o'clock, she was wearing one of the sexy new summer dresses I had bought for her that day. A lovely bright silk print dress with spaghetti straps and a modest décolleté cut, made my young niece simply irresistible.

I couldn't help but notice that she was braless as her breasts rippled under the smooth silk. Embracing her lightly and giving her quick pecks on both cheeks a la Français, I said "You are quite ravishing my dear. Dinner is served."

As Patty was taking the first sip of her wine, little Lin arrived, 5 feet tall and ninety-five pounds, completely naked and carrying two platters of food. The wine flew out of the mouth of the astounded teen as she pointed, mouth agape at the naked Asian approaching her side.

"Its only Lin, Patricia, there's nothing to be excited about."

"But she's naked" she gasped.

"I like to be served by a beautiful naked woman. I've always found the food tastes better when I have a sexy little body next to me" I explained as I cupped her naked rear end in my hand. "Lin, I want you to meet my niece Patricia; you must treat her as you would me, obeying any of her demands."

"Yes of course Master. Does Mistress Patricia demand anything of her humble slave Lin?" she asked of Patty.

"Uncle, what do you mean she's your slave?"

"I went to Hong Kong last year and bought her. She's been serving me ever since" I explained.

"We don't have slaves in America!"

"It's a complicated story, Patty."

"But Uncle?"

"Patty, the foods hot. We can discuss it after dinner" I insisted powerfully.

Through the ensuing four courses of excellently prepared food, poor Patty struggled not to ask me any more questions but I could see the battle she was waging with herself not to say anything every time Lin reappeared with more food. We moved to the den/TV sitting room for dessert and coffee where Patsy and I sat on the couch as Lin served.

"So how was your first day in the Sunshine State honey?" I asked.

Hugging me she said "Oh Uncle Joe, you've been so good to me. I love my room and the clothes are wonderful. I also met my first slave and saw my first real life penis – what more could an eighteen year old ask for? I tell you, I'm going to sleep well tonight."

"Well tomorrow I'm going to take you to the nude beach; it's certainly time you saw some cock and lots of it. But I do have one more little gift for you before you go to bed – Lin come here" I shouted. "Lin, Patty definitely needs the thing we talked about earlier, could you give it to her."

"Yes Master" she purred as she knelt between Patties legs and moved her hands under the hem of her dress, reappearing seconds later with Patties panties in hand. "Lay back Mistress, let Lin love you."

"Uncleeee!" cried Patty as Lin's lips licked slowly upwards between Patties legs. I quickly pulled Patties dress over her head and started to caress her nipples as Lin's tongue finally found the teen's engorged clitoris. Minute after minute the Asians small tongue worked it magic, ultimately bringing the youngster to a crescendo of climaxes that left her panting in ecstasy. Both Lin and I slowly caressed Patty, bringing her slowly back to sanity.

"I hope you liked that sweetie. Now I'm going to fuck my little slave and let you watch and learn." Stripping quickly, I then lay the petite girl over my lap, her tight little bum resting on my lap with her legs draped over Patty's legs. My penis rose from between Lin's thighs, standing proudly next to the shaven pussy lips already moist and half open in anticipation.

"You're too big, Uncle Joe. You'll kill her!" exclaimed Patty.

"Just watch honey; Lin has had him deep in her many times."

"I love him" laughed the little Asian, as she swiveled on my lap, lifted herself up and then holding my shaft, lowered herself in one continuous stroke, impaling herself deeply.

"Fuck me Master, oh, fuck me hard" she squealed as I easily lifted and dropped her light weight over my hard piston. After minutes of pumping we both came in a torrent of juices which spilled out of her body as I slowly pulled out. Grabbing Patty by the head, I moved her lips towards my semi hard cock telling her "Clean my cock honey. That's right, lick him completely clean. Suck the last drops of my sweet come out of him. God, honey, you have a great set of lips on you. Come here and give your uncle a kiss."

"Please fuck me Uncle, now it's my turn, pleaseee"

"Not tonight sweetie. Remember, you're my niece. Don't worry though, I promise I'll get that juicy pussy filled by a big cock before you know it"

"Gee whiz! It's not fair" she complained, pouting.

"It was only your first day in Florida" I said laughing, "Now get to bed and dream of what's to come."

...To be continued.

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