Joe's Science Experiment


On cue, all four of our assistants moved to the front and knelt down before the subjects. Mine looked at me with those sexy glasses and as if by magic produced a bottle of clear liquid. When she poured it on my dick it immediately became super slippery in my hand! I don't know what the liquid was, but it was better than any baby oil or KY jelly that I had ever used!

She knelt there and smiled as I pounded my dick with the beat of the video. This was getting intense! Soon she leaned forward and was within just a few inches of my dick. I could see that the other assistants were in exactly the same position in front of their subjects too.

Suddenly everything paused... The video went into slow motion, but the beats were frozen. The voice said, "You are very comfortable and very aroused. In just a moment you will be ready to cum, but not right now! For now, continue to stroke your erection and prepare to ejaculate."

On cue, all four of us began to stroke to the video again, as it showed close ups of cocks. Cocks being licked, tugged, jacked off and lubed up, all in slow motion. The images began to speed up, and so did the tempo of the beat. Before too long we were right on the edge, and then the cocks on the screen began to cum. Giant cumshots in slow motion as cum erupted on tits, faces, and bodies of the willing ladies who were jacking off the guys on camera.

That is when the screen said: "Ready...Set...CUM!"

At once all four of us erupted in the air! We spurted loads of cum, which were caught expertly by the lab assistants in sample beakers. I never even noticed my assistant as she was preparing to catch the cumshots! But she caught every drop as I continued to have a mind-blowing ejaculation!

As I finished, my assistant produced a wet cloth, and began to gently wipe off my cock. She was so gentle and kind, and I remember feeling a strong affection for her as she gently cleaned my body after the event. Next she brought my clothes, and I dressed, still feeling like I was in a dream. I looked at the other guys, and as we stood there fully clothed it was as if we were good friends.

Finally the leader thanked us for participating in the experiment, and told us that we were excused. I saw her smile at me as I left, and I knew that I would be back soon for more "science!"

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