tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJogging Partners Ch. 02

Jogging Partners Ch. 02


About a month went by after I met Lauren down in the park, and we had become pretty' good friends in a short period of' time. Meeting up together practically every morning down in the park to go jogging, had become somewhat of a hobby for the both of us. I enjoyed her company while running and I was pretty' confident she enjoyed mine just as much.

In recent weeks, things between Jennifer and I had gotten a lot worst then they had been before. We were fighting even more, if that were at all possible and I was really becoming very annoyed. I had turned to Lauren for a shoulder to lean on and she did not seem to mind much; she didn't' seem to like Jennifer very much either though. She'd' made it quite clear to me on more than one occasion that she really hated her for the way she treated me.

Lauren had told me that she had her fair share of asshole boyfriends who acted just like Jennifer, only of course they were men. So' she knew what I was going through, and she knew that once you got, attached to someone it was hard to let go of that person even if they' treated you badly. I was running out of options; I didn't' want to end our relationship, but Jennifer was becoming so tiring, this whole situation was just exhausting.

I decided to take Jennifer out on a Friday night with hopes of lightening the mood a little bit; hopefully' we could get through the night without having any big arguments. It had been a long time since we'd' gone out anywhere and not fought with each other over stupid bullshit. So far, the night was going just the way I had hoped it was going to; I treated her to dinner and then took her to a movie at the local mall.

After the movie, we drove across the mall parking lot to Wal-Mart, which was a 24/hour location, so it was open pretty' late. We were walking around the store she was doing a little bit of shopping while I was just glancing at certain things in different spots.

I was pushing the shopping cart while Jennifer walked a couple inch's in front of me; as we turned the corner at the end of the isle I was surprised when we quite literally bumped right into Lauren, who was quite happy to see me.

"Oh my god, I didn't expect to see you here," she said giving me a huge hug. I laughed and hugged her back, naturally noticing the nasty glare I was getting from Jennifer.

"Yeah, we were out for the night and came here; doing a little bit of shopping. Oh uh...Lauren, this is my girlfriend Jennifer."

I figured it was best to get the introductions out of the way and maybe if I did then Jen would cool down just a bit. Who' was I kidding; of course, she wouldn't' cool down.

Lauren and Jennifer shook hands, but I could sense the tension between the both of them; it was weighing heavily in the air right in front of me. I knew already that neither one of them liked the other and' I was almost guaranteed to catch some shit about being friends with Lauren once we were away from her. She was sizing my friend up and down trying not to show her discontent, but it wasn't' working; I knew it was there and I think Lauren did too.

"Well uh...I think I should get going," Lauren said.

"Yeah I uh...I'll see you tomorrow morning?"

"Same time same place," she smiled as she walked away. She stopped though and turned around to say something else. "Oh, and when we're done I'll give you back that game you lent to me the other day. I beat it already," and with that she headed off out of sight.

I sighed and started pushing the cart down the next isle and Jennifer was extremely quiet. I was waiting for it, but it never came. Not when I expected it anyway,

We paid for all the stuff we had bought and made our way back out to the car loading it all into the trunk and as soon as we got into the vehicle and I started up the engine, that's' when she finally spoke up.

"So who the hell was that and what did you mean you will see her tomorrow?"

I sighed as I pulled out of our parking spot and started driving away from the mall. "She's a friend," I said. "Sort of like a jogging partner. I met her down the park a few months ago, and ran into her again recently and we started jogging together."

"Just jogging; I didn't realize you could play video games and jog at the same time."

Now I was getting annoyed; we had, had an otherwise very nice night and now we were fighting again. I did not blame Lauren for it though, by all means I should be' allowed to be friends with anyone, even if it happened to be another girl. It wasn't' like I was sleeping with her behind Jennifer's back, so there was no reason for her to be acting this way.

"What's the problem," I demanded, my anger showing in the tone of my voice.

"The problem is you, jogging and playing video games with another girl!"

"Why can't I have female friends," I asked. "You have more guy friends then you have girl friends. You don't hear me getting all jealous about you hanging out with Jay all the time," I said referencing one of her closest friends.

Truth was I always suspected something had happened at one point between the two of them, but I had never said anything. I had no proof, and until and unless I could find proof, I wasn't' going to put up with an argument over some stupid jock trying to get in my girls pants.

"Please...I saw the way she looked at you," she spat. I looked over at her, my confusion shining in my eyes and she laughed, shaking her head.

"She's obviously attracted to you; are you that fucking blind?"

"So what...a crush isn't anything serious. It's not like I would do anything,"

"How can I trust that?"

I stopped at a red light and leaned back into my seat becoming increasingly annoyed with the situation.

"If you don't trust me, how can I trust you?" I asked angrily.

"I would never cheat on you; Lauren is my friend. A good friend who just so happens to be a girl,"

"Hah, yeah I wouldn't be so sure about that."

Now that made very little sense what the' hell did she mean by that? The red light changed and I leaned on the gas and started driving again.

"What do you mean by that," I asked curiously.

She looked over at me as though she were shocked that I did not get the reference. When she was certain I didn't' understand what she meant, she laughed and again shook her head, looking out her window at the traffic next to us.

"What," I repeated.

"Lauren doesn't look very...feminine."

"How so,"

"You haven't noticed? Yeah, she sounds like a girl, but there is just something about her I...can't' really say for sure. Something about her just seems a little more' manly then woman like."

I started laughing and she snorted obviously annoyed that I wasn't' taking her seriously; but how could she expect me to take her serious? How could she honestly expect to make such an accusation and not earn a laugh in' response. Of course' I did not take her seriously; Lauren just did not look like a man to me, and I didn't' see what Jennifer was trying to say. She looked just as feminine to me as any other woman so what was she trying to get at.

"Jenny...don't you think your being a little crazy here? I mean...I don't' know. Lauren seems as much like a girl as you or your friends. You think she's a dude just because she likes to play video games?"

"No, it's not that; you want the truth? For one thing, she has a lump in her throat the size of a knuckle. Only men have Adams-apples Tyler; you're fucking stupid if you don't see that."

"That's all you're going by?"

"You want more? Okay, fine; how about the fact that as feminine as she' does sound, her voice is a little tiny bit deeper than most women."

This was getting stupid now, and I was ready to end this conversation. It wasn't' going anywhere and I still wasn't seeing any valid proof on her end, or any good reason that I should believe that there was even a possibility that Lauren might not be a real woman.

"Whatever," I said very annoyed with her. "This is just you being your typical jealous self. I'm not going to keep fighting about it with you."

"Right, okay; whatever you say Tyler. Just don't come complaining to me, when you find out your new jogging partner has a dick bigger than yours and that she wants to stick it up your bum."

I sensed a bit of sarcasm in her voice that time, and honestly, I couldn't' help but crack a smile even though I knew she was still being bitchy. I dropped her off at her apartment then made my way home, where I watched TV for a little while then called it a night. I wanted to be able to get up early in the morning so I could get myself ready for my jog through the park with Lauren.

I woke the following morning at 5:30am, rolled out of bed and started getting dressed. After fixing myself a quick breakfast and pounding down a glass of Orange Juice, I slipped on my sneakers and was out the door. I ran down the path into the park and met with Lauren by the first overpass right where we always met in the mornings. We did a few simple stretches then started' running nice and slow at first, picking up speed as we moved.

"So," Lauren said as we ran. "I wanted to apologize for last night...I shouldn't have come over to talk with you. I should have known that was her and I should have stayed away. So I'm sorry for any arguments I may have caused."

"It's alright," I said sincerely. "She'll get over it."

"Does that mean she did get pissed?"

"Of course," I laughed. "But I don't really care; she couldn't come up with a valid point during that entire argument, and eventually I just shut her out."

Lauren laughed as I told her most of the things that had been' said during our argument together. I left out the part about her thinking she was really a man though; I had no reason to believe such a thing, so why upset her over something that I was positive was a load of shit.

About halfway through our run, we came to a stop for a quick break. We sat down on a bench like usual and shared a large bottle of water that I had brought along with me that morning. After about half an hour of sitting on the bench and cooling down under' the shade of the trees' Lauren stood up and stretched.

"I have to piss," she said and we both laughed. She turned around and smiled at me and I took in the beauty of her smile for a long moment but then something took me off guard. Maybe it was the way the light hit her face but looking closely I could see the Adams-apple that Jennifer had been talking about. I could also see a few manly features, yet she still looked more feminine than anything'...what the' hell was I thinking.

"I really have to go," she said. "Watch out for me please?"

"Sure," I replied shrugging it off as she walked over behind a bunch of trees and other vegetation. I stood up and walked out into the middle of the path where I stood, looking back and forth down both sides of the path to see if anyone was coming.

I glanced back into the woods to try and' get some idea as to whether or not Lauren was almost finished; I couldn't' see her though. Finally, she stepped out from behind a tree and looked like she was fixing herself up a bit; but something seemed a bit off. I looked closer and my cheeks flushed, I would have turned away right away as she apparently had yet to pull her pants up, but what really caught me off guard was what I saw dangling between her legs.

My eyes could not believe it, but Lauren actually looked like she had a penis swaying back and forth between her legs. I turned quickly and acted as though I had not seen a thing, and a few seconds later, I felt a hand on my shoulder, startling me. I turned around and there she was smiling at me, seeming to be just a little out of breath.

"Sorry I took a little longer then I thought," she said. "Ready to go,"

"Uh...y-yeah, sure,"

We started running again and as we did, I tried my best to register what I had seen a few minutes ago. By the time we reached the end of our route and turned around to start running back to where we started, I had come to the' conclusion that my eyes had not been fooling me. I knew what a penis looked like, I had one myself after all; I just could not believe it though.

Jennifer had been right all along, Lauren really was a transsexual. So' what if she was right about the rest. What if Lauren really did like me more than just a friend, What if she really did want to' bend me over and stick that big cock up my ass? I felt sick to the stomach and had to stop running for a moment as I feared that I may' end up emptying the contents of my stomach.

Lauren stopped running and turned around to look at me with concern in her eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah...I just feel kind of sick,"

She walked over to me and started rubbing my back as I leaned over expecting to vomit at any given second; somehow' though, the feeling of her hand on my back was soothing and brought a sense of comfort to my mind.

"You alright,"


"You must have overheated a little. We're' not even near your exit, but we are kind' of close to my apartment from here. Do you want to get off here and head back to my place with me? You can cool off and I'll' get you some water. Plus, I can give you back that game."

I was a little hesitant at first, but I shrugged it off and agreed and before I knew it, we were heading up to the main road and walking to her apartment. It was only about a fifteen' minute walk from the exit we had come out of the park through; we were there in no time flat. Once we got upstairs to her place, she fixed me a glass of water as promised and I sat down on the chair and started to drink.

I still could not seem to get the image out of my mind though, it was like' it had been burned into my memory and I wouldn't' be able to erase it no matter how hard I tried.

I started thinking though, and as I did, I realized that this shouldn't' make a difference to me anyway. So what if Lauren was a transsexual? She...or he was still the same person I had known yesterday. I didn't' know if she wanted to be more then my friend, or if she wanted to fuck me, but I realized I should not really care about any of that anyway.

Should I tell her that I knew though; should I tell her what I had seen. Would she get angry at' me for peaking, or would she back off in shame and embarrassment? I hoped not, as I saw no real reason for her to feel ashamed and I certainly did not want to upset her over something like that.

I think she kind' of already knew something was up though, as she sat down next to me and gave me that look that said she knew.

"What's wrong," she asked. That confirmed that she was on to me and there was no getting around it, because I knew how she was and I knew she would hound me until I cracked and told her about whatever was bothering me.

"I uh...don't want you to get mad at me for this; but, I may have kind of seen...something...when you were fixing your pants back in the woods earlier."

Her face became one of shock and worry as she looked away and her cheeks turned beat red; I waited for her to say something, but when she did not I figured I should speak up before she got the wrong impression.

"I'm not angry," I said. "I mean...you should be angry, but if your thinking that I'm like grossed out or anything like that I'm not at-"

"I'm sorry," she cut me off. "I should have told you; it was wrong of me not to."

"No, no it's okay really!"

She stood up and walked over to the entertainment center and grabbed what I figured was the game I lent to her. She handed it to me and sighed, before walking to the door and opening it then glancing back at me.

"You can leave," she said. "I don't want to ruin anything between us."

I stood up and sighed, walking towards her. She must have thought I was just going to walk right out like' she wanted me to do; she obviously had no idea what kind of a man I really was. I wouldn't' be an asshole like that, there was no way I would leave her with the impression that I hated her for who she was. Instead of walking out the door I wrapped my arms around her slim body and pulled her into my arms, hugging her close; I could tell she was shocked by the way' her body froze up in my embrace.

"W-what are you doing,"

"I told you...I don't hate you. I'm not mad at you; it's okay."

She sighed and leaned into my embrace as I continued to hold her. By now' she had gotten the point, that I really was okay with what I had seen and was not going to hold it against her in any way. She could relax now,

As I held her though I felt her tighten her arms around me; first I thought nothing of it, and simply continued to hold her. Then she leaned up though and kissed me on the lips and as taken' back as I was I was more shocked to find myself returning the kiss. It did not take long before we were locked in a passionate kiss, our lips blending' together and our tongues battling one another for dominance.

The kiss broke, our lips separated as she pushed me against the wall and the next thing I knew she was sucking on my neck. Biting, licking and' sucking and my cock was becoming hard as a rock at the sensations rolling up and down my spine from the feeling of her lips against my skin.

I was about to lose control and give myself over to her completely; but I caught myself and pulled away from her, startling her. She looked up at me confused, then she must have realized it and she turned away trying to hide the tears.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I just...I can't...not like this."

She knew what I meant; she knew as bad as things were between Jennifer and I, I just could not bring myself to cheat on her like this. Maybe Jennifer and me' were not meant to be together, and maybe we would wind up splitting up sooner or' later; but it was still wrong for me to do something like this.

"Lauren I-"

"No it's okay; I understand."

I sighed, and she smiled at me then motioned for me to sit down on the couch but I could see in her eyes, she would understand if I chose to leave. I decided to stay and just try to act as if this had not happened. I sat down on the couch and she sat down next to me; I could feel the tension coming from her and I cleared my throat trying to lighten the mood.

"So uh...t-tell me about...you...and your transition?"

"Well...there's not a lot to say. I'm' not post-op obviously. I'm' not exactly planning for surgery either though so I guess you would call someone like me a non-op transsexual. It's' a transsexual woman who chooses not to have sexual reassignment surgery; the reasons can vary. For me it's' the risk factors. I know that one of the biggest risks' of the surgery is loss of feeling down there, and a lot of the time, it's' hard to ever have an orgasm again. I guess I would rather just live with what I have then take' the chance of losing feeling."

"I can understand that," I agreed.

We continued talking about it and she went on to explain to me that she use to be a boy named Jimmy. Jimmy knew from the time he was a child that he was not' meant to be a boy, and throughout his teen years he use to dress up a lot.

It wasn't' until his mid twenties though when Jimmy finally started living as a full-time woman and even went as far as legally changing his name to Lauren. She had lost a' lot of her old friends and some of her family members had cut her out for her decision, but it was something she had managed to get past with enough time.

By the end of our conversation' I was amazed at how strong and brave Lauren really was; I felt bad for having pushed her away earlier. Like it might have really hurt her or something, but I couldn't' bring myself to cheat on Jennifer although I was certain she had already done so to me.

It was getting late now, and I figured it best if I made my way home. Lauren walked me to her door and' we exchanged a hug before saying our goodbyes and I was on my way. We agreed not to talk about the kiss we had shared and to try as hard as we could not to let it come between us and ruin our friendship. The only problem was though, that the entire way home I could not stop thinking about what we had done together.

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