tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie

John & Argie

byParis Waterman©

John Tapes His Sexual History

Chapter 1

Meet John Franck, 41 years old and balding; but thanks to several workouts a week, still in decent shape. John has been married to Argie Franck, a real estate broker, for twenty-two years. John suffers from Satyriasis, and has embodied the contradictions of the male psyche - the Catch-22 of not only wanting to be in charge and in control, but also desiring genuine love from every woman around him.

For example, he is the owner of a McDonald's franchise, and frequently corners the women in the stock room, groping them and if they tolerate it, he'll keep at them until he fucks them. Then too, he frequently makes use of prostitutes in his home town of Houston and in Dallas and Ft. Worth, to which he travels frequently. He also has a history of trying to make almost every good-looking woman he comes into contact with; and incredibly, he is really head over heels in love with his wife, Argie --- who suspects nothing, being the doting mother of two girls and a boy: Allison, 18, Jodie, 15, and Tricia, 12.

John is also seeing a shrink, Rachel Gladstone, and that's where we'll begin our story.


Gladstone: "So John, you say you desire virtually every woman you meet?"

John: "No, not every one. But if they meet certain criteria, yeah, I do."

Gladstone: "What do you mean by certain criteria?"

John: "Ah . . . y'know, if they've got nice legs, some bumps on their chest help and of course they gotta be decent lookin'. Average to gorgeous I guess. No dogs, if you get what I mean."

Gladstone: (Avoiding any facial expression that would alert him to how distasteful she finds him.) "I see. Let's explore this a little, shall we? Perhaps you might tell me about the women you've met this week for starters."

John: "This week? Let's see its Thursday . . . so I begin with . . . Sunday?"

Gladstone: "If you like. Feel free to start anywhere in recent times."

John: "Okay, like maybe I should start with last Friday, 'cause that's when I hit on Jenny, Jenny Mullins. Let's see now, Jenny is maybe 19, she works for me at the McDonald's I own on Rattlesnake Drive."

Gladstone: "That's as good a place as any, go on."

John: "I sent Jenny into the stock room for some coffee containers. I knew she wouldn't find them 'cause I hid them a few minutes earlier. I gave her a couple minutes to look around and then when no one was looking, I made my way back there to, err, help her. She was surprised to find me come in . . . and I should explain this room . . . umm, it's kinda small, and we were pretty close from the start."

"Jenny wasn't nervous or nothing, and I told her to turn around and look under a carton that was behind her. As soon as she did, I reached out and cupped her tits and pronged her with my dick; putting it tight up against her ass. She reacted about the same as most of the other kids. I mean, she'd been groped before, probably plenty of times. Maybe she'd even lost her cherry in the backseat of some jerk-off's car that way. Anyway, I felt her tense up and gave her tits a good squeeze. "Mr. Franck!" she yelps, "You shouldn't!

"Notice she didn't tell me to stop. Just "I shouldn't." Anyway, I keep on doing what I'm doing, and soon enough Jenny gets with the program and starts pushing her ass back at me. My first words to her were, "Show me those titties of yours!

"Mr. Franck!" she says, and then giggled. I prong her a couple times with my salami and feel her respond in kind. "C'mon on let's see 'em," I say again.

"Someone will catch us," Jenny says.

"So what? Who's the boss?" I tell her.

"That's good enough for old Jenny. A minute later her blouse is open, and my hands are under her bra feeling her melons . . . little pears actually, with strawberry tipped nipples. Then I've got one hand under her skirt cupping her pussy, which was kinda damp. Anyway, in a couple minutes I had her spread-eagled on some cartons with my hose clamped to her hydrant, if you know what I mean. I pulled out before I came. Don't want to get anyone knocked up; there'd be all kinds of hell to pay y'know?"

Gladstone: "That was Friday, what about Saturday?"

John: "Friday ain't done yet!"

Gladstone: "Oh, I'm sorry, please continue." (The doctor shifts nervously on her chair.)

John: "About twenty minutes later, I had Arleen check the storeroom for something that didn't exist. But Arleen knew what I wanted and was waiting for me with her clothes off. I fucked her doggy-style. She likes that position 'cause my dick tickles her fancy that way. Anyway, I get her off and she finishes me by blowing me and spitting my load into a hanky she carries for that purpose."

Gladstone: Nervously fingering the top most button of her blouse. "So then, Saturday?"

John: Nope, still Friday. The kids are off at a football game, and Argie and me take a dip in the hot-tub. She starts me off with a blowjob; then we kinda shift into a sixty-nine, but it's kinda cold and before we finish we dash inside and hop into bed. I get her off . . . y'know I'm well practiced at that, y'know cunt-lapping and all. So after Argie comes down a little, I mount her and fuck the shit out of her. She's a hot one, Argie is, and I fuck her constantly; or at the very least I'm always after her to have sex. I think on account of this, she's never figured out that I'm schupping every broad I can.

"Doc? Y'know, all this talking has made me kinda horny. I know I can't expect anything from you personally on account of the doctor-patient stuff and all, but would you mind?"

(John takes his penis out, and begins stroking it in front of Dr. Gladstone.)

Gladstone: (Recoiling at the sight of his erection) "John! Stop it! I must ask you to put your penis away!"

John: "Yeah, sure, just a second, Doc."

Gladstone: "John, I'm afraid I must insist! Put it away, or I'll refuse to see you again!"

John: "Just one more . . . ugh . . . second, Doc."

Whacking away furiously, Franck came; arcing a heavy rope of sperm some four feet in the air, that landed inches from Dr. Gladstone's white shoes.

John: In an amiable tone after tucking his penis away without bothering to clean it. "Geez, almost topped those toes of yours, Doc."

Gladstone: "That was totally uncalled for," she huffed, "and if you try anything like that again, I won't accept another appointment with you!"

She was flushed, and visibly excited at his unwarranted sexual display.

John: "Sure Doc, I understand, but tell me one thing; and remember we speak the truth in this room. Did I get you going jerking off like that?"

Gladstone: (Staring down at her feet and the pool of sperm so close to her shoes.) "You heard me, John. No more chances."

John: (Moving on as if nothing had happened between them.) "Well now, Doc, that brings us to Saturday."

Gladstone: "I see that our time is up. I think what may be appropriate in view of the number of sexual experiences I now believe you'll be relating to me . . ." Dr. Gladstone paused, because if her eyes were correct, she was looking at a rapidly enlarging bulge in his slacks. 'It can't be!' she thought, 'not this soon!'

"Um, Mr. Franck, is it possible . . . I mean, are you getting another erection?"

John: "Oh, sure! Like I said, I can fuck all day and all night without any problem. Y'know that commercial on the television says if ya take this and have an erection for over four hours better call your doctor?"

Dr. Gladstone nodded that she had seen it.

John: "Well mine don't stay erect. But it keeps on getting up, say five; maybe ten minutes after I come, I'm ready to go again. Now that's the truth as you can see for yourself. And that's why I got to fuck so many women. In all honesty, while I do truly love my Argie, I'd wear her poor pussy out I keep sticking it in there."

Gladstone: "Here's what I want you to do. Get a cassette recorder and record your sex life from the first experience to . . . well the present. Will you do that?"

John: "Who's gonna listen to it?"

Gladstone: "Just you and I, mostly me, as I get to know the real you and find out what makes you tick."

John: "You mean what makes Johnny fuck so much, right?"

Gladstone" (Smiling genially) "You could put it that way, John. Will you do it?"

John: Yeah, Doc, sure, why not?"


John left Doctor Gladstone's office, and drove straight to a Radio Shack and bought a cassette recorder and six tapes. From there he went home, and finding himself the only one at home, holed up in his den, turned the recorder on, and began to record his sex life as the doctor had requested.

"When she gets a load of this," he said aloud, "she'll want a load from this," he jerked on his semi-erect cock to illustrate the point.

"Okay, okay, I'm not sure where to start," he said into the microphone. "So I'll start with my wife, Argie. Now although Argie just turned forty, she's drop-dead gorgeous, y'know, an absolute stunner. She's about five feet nine, with dark brown shoulder length hair. Sometimes she wears it combed up, with a few longer strands hanging down in coils, which I like 'cause it frames her beautiful neck. She has a pert nose, captivating warm, brown eyes, and an even warmer smile. Ahhh, she thinks that her mouth is too big but since she is always smiling, it just adds to her charm. She is often assumed to be an Italian, especially when she has a nice tan. She has a superb figure too, slim but shapely. Her tits are full, yet firm enough for her to still be able to dispense with her bra when she wants to.

"Argie has a narrow waist, a lovely, firm rounded backside, with long legs that seem even longer when she wears tight slacks. She looks after herself, and goes regularly to a fitness class. Oh yeah, she also belongs to a tennis club. I reckon she could have been a model, but in fact she works for a small, but solid real estate firm. In fact she takes great pride in the fact that she sells an average of one home a month.

"So just on her earnings we're a very comfortable couple. My salary covers a host of items like the kid's college funds, HDTV, and a super stereo system; a swimming pool, and a lovely four-bedroom home that's doubled in value in the five years we've lived there.

"And if her looks and figure weren't enough, Argie also has a wonderful personality. She's always happy and it's no exaggeration to say that she seems to light up any room she enters. Argie is by nature, caring and considerate and well liked by everyone who knows her. I readily concede that my objectivity is open to question, but during the twenty-two years we've been married, a number of friends, both male and female, have all told me as much, usually going on to say how lucky I am, as if I didn't already know.

"Now, Doc, to put the icing on the cake, so to speak, Argie is very good in bed; and not only in bed either, but also in the den, in the kitchen, in the garden, in the pool, or wherever else we happen to be when the fancy hits us.

"After we were married about three years, we decided to start a family. We tried everything for a solid year without success. Then of course we tried the various tests. We were told that Argie couldn't conceive. They were wrong of course, we now have three kids, all of whom are terrific and with one in college, another about to start and the third a top student, we couldn't be prouder of them. But, having been told she couldn't conceive, sent Argie into a depression, and she kinda lost her interest in sex. And I . . . well; I was as horny as ever. But I'm wandering off aren't I? This is supposed to be about my sex life so . . . let's see when did it all begin?

"Ever since I was thirteen, I've had a fascination with girls. There were always some girls who either were sluts or acted like sluts. I'd watch them, and enjoy their little parades, but I thought they were cheap, and didn't really socialize, or fantasize about them.

"In high school I threw myself into sports and worked hard in an attempt to obtain a college scholarship. I didn't get one, but several colleges wanted me to attend and I worked out a decent enough arrangement with a nearby college, one that allowed me to work my way through without incurring a major debt with my tuition.

"My first sexual experience came in senior year of high school. That would have been . . . Barbara, the little sister of a friend, who was cute with short brown, curly hair. She always looked sexy in a girlish sort of way - maybe wearing a pink woolly sweater, little miniskirt, white tights, and pixie boots. Her brother told me that he made her give him blow-jobs; but he lied about a lot of things, and I never knew if it was true. But I recall dropping a pencil during a class, and looking up her skirt, only to find she wore nothing under it. That's when I saw my first pussy. I can still see Barbara's long lips hanging down, and I enjoyed a series of vivid fantasies about the idea of her.

"The funny thing is, one day, after school, Barbara tagged after me as I headed home, and we wound up in an old, abandoned, ramshackle barn. We climbed a rickety ladder, with me going first, otherwise I'd have had my head up under her skirt on the way up; and found had some hay bales. Barbara stretched out and said she wanted to rest. I think I was a couple months older than she, but I'm not positive. She might have been older than me. She certainly acted that way.

"I lay down beside her, and we faced each other. I told her a dirty joke, and she laughed and giggled at it, and then began to tickle me. I grabbed her, and we began to play/fight, rolling around until I got on top of her, pinning her down on the hay. I held her wrists, her arms stretched out above her head while I sat on her tummy. Her chest was heaving as she sought to get her breath back, and I was overly conscious of my hardon, which was poking into her groin.

"I had never had this much contact with a female before. Well, not counting my mother, that is. But there was nothing sexual going on there."

Then she said, "Why were you peeking up my dress the other day, Johnny?"

"I couldn't speak. I stared at her for a second. Her eyes were wide, her pupils big as saucers. Momentarily stumped for a reply, I used a trick that you shrinks seem to use these days, I answered her question with a counter question.

"Didn't you want me too?"

She nodded slowly, then said, "So . . . can I see yours?"

I had no idea how to respond to that. Then she tried to wriggle free. I reddened, but kept my grip on her.

"Okay, if you want," I said rather fiercely.

She giggled and asked, "Have you ever seen a pussy, Johnny?" Her eyes were dancing as she searched my face. "Have you ever seen your mother's?"

An image of my mother undressing, and the black hairs curling out from the hem of her pink underwear, and the sight of her hairy mound as she dried herself, flashed into my mind as I retorted feeling strangely guilty, "Mind your own business! I'm not telling you!"

"I'll bet she's got a big hairy one," she said, teasing me.

Before I knew it, the words were out of my mouth. "I'll bet you've got a big hairy one, yourself!"

Her ensuing laugh was filled with a confidence that I lacked at the moment. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine," she said, continuing to taunt me.

"I let go of Barbara's wrists, and stared at her, dumb-struck. She wriggled free, got to her feet and, as I sat staring at her, she stood upright and in what seemed to me to be a slow motion, she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panty's and then bunched her skirt up to her waist. The small triangle of brown curls covering the mound at the bottom of her belly was only a foot or so from my face, and as I looked, my cock jerked wildly, and I came in my pants.

"She took my hand and placed it on her mound, then pressed herself against it. I used my free hand to open my trousers and free my now semi-hard cock. It was covered with my semen. My trousers were stained and it was evident that I had ejaculated in them. To her credit, Barbara didn't mo or ck me on this.

"What she did next fascinated me. She took me in her tiny hand and massaged me, so that the entire member was coated with remnants of my seed and then began to rub herself up and down and sideways with my cock. I looked up at her face. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted. Little noises came from her mouth."

"Use your finger, Johnny. Put your finger in me!" she urged in a throaty whisper, "C'mon, do it now!"

"I turned my palm up and extended my middle finger, pressing it between the pink lips that were glistening with moisture in the center of those brown curls. Barbara took hold of my finger and moved it down her slit and pressed herself forward. I felt my finger parting the tight, wet, velvety walls of her pussy.

"Say, Doc, is this too graphic for you? You haven't started without me have you? I wouldn't appreciate that. I thought we'd just sit in your office and listen, and then maybe while facing one another have a little joint masturbation, sort of as an appetizer. Cause I really look forward to dippin' my wick in that juicy cunt of yours."

He said nothing further for several seconds, and then resumed as if nothing untoward had been said.

"But, back to my first conquest. Old Barbara gave a little gasp, and I started to withdraw my finger thinking I was hurting her.

"No!" she yelled," No! Don't stop!" And haven't I heard that line a hundred or more times since. But remember, this was the first time those lovely words caressed my tender ears and I loved every fucking syllable.

"She was squirming as my finger pushed in and out of her squishy opening. My finger was into the second knuckle inside her and I could feel a hard little lump deep in her cunt."

"Keep moving it! Yes, that way, that's it!" She was rockin' and rollin' Doc; then her whole body started to convulse.

"Harder! Harder! Harder!" she yelled, urging me on; thrusting and pulling on my finger, till at last she gave a great shudder and almost fell on top of me. I started to pull my trapped finger out.

"No! No!" she begged, "Don't! Don't . . . not yet."

"For almost a minute I sat there, with her slumped over my head, leaning against me. Then she moved a little and my finger slipped out. Without knowing why I raised my hand to my face and sniffed my finger. It smelled like the ocean, all tangy and mysterious.

"Barbara watched me, a strange look on her face. I put my finger in my mouth and for the first time in my life I tasted a woman. It was a real turn-on and it was only then I became aware of my own hard throbbing need.

"Barbara had given a little cry when I sucked my finger, and now she fell to her knees and kissed me hard on the lips. Her weight pushed me onto my back on the hay with her on top of me. She got to her knees looking at me intently then she placed her hand over my throbbing, bulging cock.

"It's your turn. You've got to show me." As she spoke, she squeezed my hard-on and I gasped.

"Did you like that?" she asked mischievously, "want a hand job?"

"My heart was thumping wildly, but I just lay there and let her do it. I raised myself on my elbows and watched as my rampant prick reared up against my belly. She must have got a fright, because she yanked on it so hard she almost tore the foreskin. A searing pain shot through my prick, and I yelled, "Hey, that hurt!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, "she stammered contritely. "Come on, Johnny, don't be a meanie, let me. I let you."

"Apparently Barbara feared I wouldn't let her touch me again as I stood up and turned to face her as she knelt on the ground. The hard truncheon of my cock, with its corded blue veins bulging out along its length, thrust out from the scant wisps of pubic hair, like a thick banana as it curved up against my belly.

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