John & Argie

byParis Waterman©

"Barbara's hand went to her mouth in a gesture of surprise. "Oh, Johnny, it . . . it's big . . . and fat. I never seen one . . ." She realized she was revealing information about herself that she didn't want to and changed course. "You've . . ." her voice trailed off as she gazed at my cock for several seconds and then shuffled towards me on her knees, her eyes fixed on my erect cock. She reached out and fondled my balls. I closed my eyes at her touch."

"I like them."

"You like what?" I managed to ask, curious as well as confused.

"I'm sorry," she stammered again, "I like everything, your balls are so soft and velvety, and your cock is so big and all," she looked me in the eye and smiled, "I think it's beautiful and so strange and . . . and you should be proud of it."

"I guess I am at that," I volunteered.

"Well, you should be. I wouldn't want to have that baby, put inside me, no, sir! I think it would tear little old me to pieces."

"Hearing her words my heart sank. I had a major problem. My cock was too fucking big. Would I ever get laid?"

"Just then, to my astonishment, Barbara flung her arms round my thighs, pressed her face tightly in between my legs and nuzzled her nose into my scrotum, kissing, and then licking my balls and the base of my cock.

"In a throaty whisper, she said, "You smell so nice, Johnny." And taking my cock in both hands, one above the other, she pulled it down to her face, then looked up and met my eyes for a moment before planting a kiss on its purplish head. A tiny globule of pre-cum oozed out of the little slit-mouth. She again looked up at me as if for approval then bent her head and took the helmet of my cock into her mouth and sucked. I felt my legs shaking and I couldn't get my breath. She disengaged her mouth and looked up at me again.

"I'm terribly sorry, but we can't fuck, Johnny," she said. Her eyes were very big and wide and gleaming. "I might have a baby and that would be bad for us both. My sister Eileen had a baby, and had to get married. She hates it . . . having to stay in and look after it. I've seen my Mom and Dad do other things, lots of times. I know what to do."

"That said, Barbara grabbed my cock with both hands and squeezed. It was an incredible sensation. She proceeded to jack me off, using first one hand and then the other, until I shot a load onto her hand and wrist. It was the first time I had been jerked off and I can still recall the intensity of it all.

"You've never done it with anyone else before have you?" she asked. There was no accusation in her voice, simply curiosity.

"No, I guess not," I said.

"We better get back, someone will miss us," Barbara said, getting up and putting on her panties. I pulled my underwear up and fixed my trousers, and we climbed down the ladder and went our separate ways.

"Ah, but Doc, I gotta tell ya, it wasn't long before I nailed her and nailed her good."


"Two weeks later, her parents were away, and her brother decided to have an all-night barbecue. I went and early in the evening chatted up a couple of girls, but in truth, spent most of the time drinking and talking to the guys.

"It must have been around two in the morning, we were all in the back garden, Barbara was next to me, but not close, and I wasn't about to try anything with her while my friends looked on. Then, one of the others tried to put his arm around her, she kind of shrugged him off, edged over to me. He was upset, but not about to do or say anything. Looking back, I realize he didn't quite know how to handle her rejection. He got up and grabbed a beer and sat with some other guys.

"I closed the distance between us until our thighs were touching. I put an arm around her, resting it on her shoulder, and she rested her head against me. Knowing the others might be watching us, I risked putting my other hand on her knee, and she kissed my neck gently and said, "I'm tired, will you take me to bed?"

"There were several tents pitched in the garden, Barbara led me to one, and climbed in. I followed, not knowing what was going to happen. She unrolled her sleeping bag, pulled out her night-clothes, and began fumbling with them. Ike me, she had had drunk far too much considering her age.

"Can I help?" I asked, and she nodded yes. She held her arms up and I lifted the top up and off, then put it to one side. My hands moved to her tummy, and she murmured her approval as I touched her young body.

"She sighed, "Yes, yes, yes," when my hands and fingers fluttered over the little mounds that were becoming breasts. Her nipples were hard; I hoped that was my doing and not the cool air flowing into the tent.

"She turned and kissed me, as I played with her nipples and I pressed my lips back into hers; felt her tongue probing at the slight opening of my mouth before it pushed hard, gaining entry. I had, of course, heard about Frenching, but this was my first experience at it. But I caught on fast, and soon we were swapping spit and dueling with our respective tongues.

"While we continued frenching one another, her skirt rode up so that it only covered the very tops of her legs. Of course my hand gravitated there, and soon I was touching the bottom line of her underwear. I took note of her breathing rate, which had gone from normal to very heated in minutes and cupped her mons with the palm of my hand, feeling her pussy for the second time . . . Barbara's pretty pussy with the pouty lips.

"I must have leaked a quart of precum by this point, and I can state unequivocally that I had my very first case of blue balls. Is this too much information, Doc?

"Anyway, encouraged by the fact that she hadn't swatted my hand away, I slipped it inside her panties and instinctively used my middle finger to trace over the length of her pussy slit.

"I heard her groan with pleasure at my touch, and applied light pressure to her cunt and was delighted to find her labia part for me. My finger was immediately covered with her hot, sticky juices.

"I asked her if I was doing it right. She told me I was doing it wonderfully well. So I finger fucked her for what seemed like hours; but in reality must have been about twenty minutes. Then Barbara grunted and lifted her pussy up to meet my finger two, maybe three times. She made a soft woofing noise and then lay back, panting hard."

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"She didn't reply, except to smile up at me. After a minute passed her hand came up and touched my face. It felt wonderful. "Thanks," she said, "that was terrific, a really nice come."

"I wasn't sure exactly what was meant by that, but I took it that I had done good. I was still thinking about what had happened, when Barbara removed the rest of her clothes and started unbuckling my pants. She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me. I remember placing my hand around hers and giving myself a good squeeze. She realized what I wanted and squeezed the hell out of my dick, and I loved it. I was squirting my load only seconds later.

"I apologized immediately, for I was terribly embarrassed, but Barbara nonchalantly wiped my sperm up with a Kleenex and giggled, saying, "Geez, you sure came a lot; even more than the last time. I like that. How soon can you come again?"

"Soon, I think," not knowing that at eighteen I had almost unlimited prowess in the sex department.

"Oh, goodie," Barbara cooed and renewed her jerking on my semi-flaccid penis.

"As I slowly hardened, she began to whimper. The pace of her masturbation began to increase. She started to suck on my ear lobes, licked up and down my neck, and I knew that I would soon be coming again."

"Can I put it inside you?" I asked hopefully.

"By way of an answer, Barbara rolled us, as if as one, so that I was on top of her, between her knees.

"I don't care," she panted, then apparently reconsidered and asked, "You'll pull out before coming in me, right?"

"Oh, sure, right," I assured her.

"Reaching between her legs, I parted her long folds and nudged the head of my cock between them. To my surprise, her fingers joined mine, moving to hold my foreskin, and continued her relentless masturbation on me as I slowly slipped into her tight pussy. The feel of that first pussy clenching my dick was indescribable. As I relished the varied sensations brought on by her hot, moist sheath kissing the length of my prick as it surged back and forth between her limber legs, I was soon floating on the verge of a mighty orgasm.

"I was stunned at what followed. As my penis was enveloped perhaps two inches into her pussy Barbara sighed and then grunted. Suddenly my dick sliced into her another two inches, a long way at that time in my life. I had broken through her hymen!"

"Hell, I didn't know what a hymen was until she explained it to me later on.

"Barbara's fingers lightly caressed my balls as she continued to pant and gasp for air. Then her forefinger stretched up and grazed the skin between my scrotum and asshole.

"YES!" I cried out, "my bottom, touch my bottom!"

"This wonderful creature kissed me first; then pushed a finger about an inch into my rectum. I gasped and found it was difficult to breathe. But I managed to find some air, for I began to fuck her hard.

"The sensations are still indelibly etched in my mind. Barbara's tongue was darting around my mouth; her finger wriggled round my ass; and in moments I felt a cold sensation rising from the inside of my legs, up into my balls.

"Yes, Barbara, yes!" I moaned. Then her other hand was vibrating that section of my cock that remained outside her delightful pussy; for she was frigging her clit and I was getting half the benefit of her efforts.

"That did the job. I ejaculated deep into her pussy; and terrified at what might result from that release, I yanked it from her warm nest only to surge back into her as the following wave came lumbering in. Oh, I spurted again and again and again. Eventually I stopped, exhausted but sated, and stayed inside her, kissing her as my penis softened."

"You didn't listen!" she cried forlornly, and began to cry. I held her tight until she stopped. Then to my surprise she let me fuck her again. She made no mention of my coming inside her.

"We fell asleep with me still inside her.

"She did not get pregnant --- that time. I believe her brother was responsible for that early the following year. I was involved with someone else. And so, Barbara was my first."

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