tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 03

John & Argie Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 3

John Franck, Still Taping

"Here we go again, Doc. Tape #2. Hope your dildo don't break."

"I met an eighteen-year-old high school senior named Grace when I had just turned nineteen. We sort of hung out together for two weeks without ever kissing or even touching anything that might be construed as private. What brought us together, believe it or not was stamps. We both collected stamps. I mean, here I was a college freshman making it with a high school senior. But the stamps brought us together, first in the Stamp Club where we kind of bonded as it were. But, oh, boy, after I kissed her that first time, you couldn't pull us apart. She was attractive and intelligent, but weird in a nice sort of way. I thought she was great. She even had her own car, a 1976 Mustang.

"As it turned out, she was far more hung up on me than I was on her. What she liked about me was that I was the first guy to go down on her. The consummation as it were, happened this way.

"I went over to her house around six. It was a Thursday and I was there to see her collection of stamps and ostensibly to trade. I had two stamps that Grace coveted. As it turned out we didn't make any trade. Her stamps had far less value than mine. But that's the way it goes.

"We ordered some pizza and watched a movie, with a few hunky guys, but nothing for her to get excited about. She was wearing this blue top cut down to her breasts and she wasn't wearing a bra. Then she had on a denim skirt that barely covered anything. In fact, I caught a glimpse of her white panties with little roses at one point. I wasn't really watching the movie, I was watching her. Remembering back, she seemed to be watching me too, but I didn't notice it at the time. It was about eight when the movie was over and we started talking.

"One thing I noticed was that Grace kept returning her hands to her lap – kept touching the inside of one thigh, maybe absentmindedly, maybe with an ulterior motive, I didn't know. But she had given me a hardon thinking about how I'd like to have my fingers doing all that walking, ya know?

"Anyway, some twenty minutes into a nothing conversation, Grace looked over at me and asked, "So, Johnny, have you ever seen a naked girl? I mean in person. Did'ja ever go all the way?"

"I shifted around on the chair I was sitting in as I answered her."Uh, yeah, Grace, actually I have seen a naked girl, err, woman before."

"With a doubtful expression she looked directly at me and said, "So you have, have you? Well, did you make it with her?"

"I got this kinda shit-eating grin on my puss and told her, "Well, yeah, and with more than one girl, too."

"Her eyes got kinda shiny and her voice dropped in tone; and what came out was husky, even horny. "Go on, Johnny, tell me what happened."

"I told her about, well not everything, but in general I told her about Barbara and Joanie. Enough so that she knew I wasn't bullshitting her. After I'd finished telling her how Joanie had the baby, I looked up at her only to find her smiling and nodding at me. Then without her saying a word, she got up and walked into the kitchen, and came back in a minute holding a carrot.

"She threw her head back, moved her left hand across her crotch, shot me a glance, and walked off to her bedroom.

"I waited a minute or so as I tried to decide if I should follow or not. Remember, Doc, even though she was younger than me, I wasn't that confident, but I followed her into her bedroom.

"Now one reason I did was that she'd left the door wide open. Grace had just finished removing her panties. I stood in the doorway staring in disbelief at her perfect figure, that awesome form. She put poor Joanie to shame. Her breasts were more beautiful than anything I had ever seen in any magazine or on any movie, and I had seen a few. Her stomach was flat and smooth with only her perfect little belly button breaking its plane. Her legs were long and muscular, strong from running and working out. Her entire body was tan, the result of hours at the beach. Her slender arms crossed her body sensuously, her long fingers rolling over her tits and love mound. Her cunt was neatly trimmed; the first time I'd laid eyes on one like that. It was perfect, simmering and glistening with her juices. She let loose a long sigh and fell back onto her bed, spreading her legs wide, and she smiled at me.

"Her dark hair covered the pillows and parts of the comforter; and her eyes . . . her eyes still somehow innocent and pure the combination serving to make them so much more erotic.

"She looked at me and in a barely audible voice, said, "Johnny, take off your clothes and come over here."

"I fumbled with my zipper as I tore my T-shirt off my back. I kicked my shoes away into the room, and ripped my socks off. Finally, my boxers came off and my dick sprang out and up at attention. I walked across the room, my dick bouncing against my stomach and thighs, until I stood at her side. She seemed even more beautiful close up. I suspect that might have been the pheromones kicking in on my sensory system, but who knows? I mean a naked woman in heat does things to a guy, ya know?"

"I need your help, Johnny," she whispered. "I need you to oil me down with the baby oil on the table there."

"I stepped over to the bedside table and grabbed the oil. I spilled it into my hands and began to rub her stomach slowly in circles. My hands moved freely over her tanned, taught figure. The oil seeped into her skin, shining in the light of the lamp across the room. My hands worked their way up her stomach to her chest. I circled her breasts and slowly made my way up towards her nipples in slow circles. Finally I ran my finger across her hard nipples as she shuddered and moaned ever so slightly. I then proceeded to rub her shoulders and arms and sweet face.

"Grace moaned once, and then said, "I believe you, you know. About Barbara, and what was her name? Oh, Joanie. Yeah, I know it's true. And now that I've seen your magnificent looking cock I'm glad I came in here and stripped for you."

"I didn't say a goddamn word. I couldn't."

"Have you ever massaged a girl before?"

"My damn voice cracked as I finally replied. "No . . . but it seems easy enough."

"Grace laughed. "Still growing, huh? Well you're hung plenty enough for little old Gracie here, that's for sure. Can you do my feet?"

"I grunted that I supposed I could, and moved to her feet. But instinct . . . ya know Doc, I should mention this 'cause it might be relevant. My instincts with regard to women and what they want and when they want things has been true all my life. I don't know why; it just works that way. And so it was with Grace. She'd asked me to massage her feet. Okay, I could do that easily enough, but my instinct told me to do otherwise and I always follow that instinctive impulse.

"So I licked the soles of her feet, and then sucked her toes as she writhed and giggled in pleasure. Next I oiled her feet and began moving ever so slowly up her calves and onto her thighs --- her inner, more sensitive thighs.

"It's funny, 'cause while I was trying to decide to go down on her or not, she turned over, and so I continued rubbing the oil on her back, shoulders, legs and ass. Now I had the king of all hardons, but I told myself, all in good time, my man, all in good time. I truly believe it paid dividends later on.

"I took special time with her shoulders and butt, making her groan in pleasure as I rubbed her down. Finally, after close to thirty minutes of my hands exploring and pleasuring her entire body, I thought Grace was ready for me to finish her treatment.

"Needless to say, I was caught off guard when she rolled over. I thought she was presenting her pussy to me, but I was wrong. She reached beside the bed and picked up that damned carrot and shoved it into her snatch; and she was while teasing her clit with the other hand.

"I sat on the bed and jerked off. Slowly, of course, in case she suddenly changed her mind. Still it was something to see, I mean she was hot, really hot and so was I.

"Grace began moaning, and using a sort of mantra, like, "Oh, Oh, that feels good!"

"She sucked in her breath and moaned as if someone was fucking her, "Deeper! Deeper! Oh, yeah, fuck me deeper. Oh yeah! That's just what I need; shove that hard cock into me!"

"She exhaled and resumed her chant, ""Oh, Oh, that feels good!"

"I broke my silence and approached with my stiff cock in hand. "Grace, you want . . ."

"Fuck off!" She yelled, opening her eyes and seeing me and my offering.

"Then, closing her eyes again she continued, "Oh, yeah, fill my aching hole until you explode in me. I wanna melt around you."

"Grace's hips were bucking up and down, and her tits, which were quite well defined, were quaking with every movement. The carrot was glistening with her juices, and she had the bed rocking pretty good. I had quit jerking off, mesmerized by her weird actions.

"I coughed, and Grace looked up suddenly, screwing up her eyes to get a look at me without her glasses. She looked as if she were coming out of a trance and had suddenly recognized me. She opened her mouth but said nothing for a moment. Then she dropped the carrot, grabbed the sheets and pulled them up to her neck and sputtered out, "JOHNNY! I . . . I forgot all about you."

"I said, "Grace, I've been standing here the entire time. Now don't get upset, I don't mind, but you know you could have had the real thing. As I was telling her this, her eyes wandered to my cock and she leaned forward, reached out and planted a wet kiss on it.

"Yeah," she cooed, "the real thing."

"I made my way onto the bed and covered her lips with mine and we began a torrid kissing session. Grace wrapped her arms around my neck and began to kiss all over my face, licking my eyebrows, nibbling on my ears, running her tongue tip lightly over my lips. For my part, I nibbled on the tip of her nose, kissed the base of her throat and eyelids. Most importantly, I sent two fingers into her sodden pussy.

"I kissed my way down to her breasts and began to work on her nipples. Grace relaxed and started rubbing the back of my neck and moaning softly as I kissed and sucked and nibbled on each nipple, while fingering her to an orgasm that she herself had begun with the damn carrot; which by the way, I found poking at my ass as I fingered her. I tossed it onto the floor beside the bed and went down on her --- mashing my face into her slippery slit and wallowing in her copious fluids.

"I worked on her clit, pulling it between my lips and teasing it with my tongue until Grace was moving her hips up and down lightly, and when she started this, I reached down and located the carrot and stuck it into her cunt and began to slowly pump it in and out of her. Grace spread her legs wide and began to quiver with each stroke from the carrot. I moved down and began to lick the carrot, then grasped it between my teeth and started to face fuck her pussy using the carrot as my tongue.

"Grace went wild. Her legs suddenly wrapped around my head, but I continued to move the carrot in and out of her. After about ten minutes, Grace began to mew softly, and begged me to move faster and faster. I responded to her wishes, and began to move my head up and down as fast as I could with her legs wrapped around it. Then my cock got my attention as blue balls set in. I pulled the carrot out of her sodden pussy and began to kiss my way back up her flat firm belly to her marvelous tits, stopping long enough to position my dick inches away from her hot pussy. Slowly I moved on up to her lips and just as I pushed my tongue between them, I shoved my cock into her pussy.

"Grace took it well, shaking all over and thrusting her hips up to me, impaling herself totally on my cock. God I loved the feel of her tight pussy on my cock!

"Our tongues met in battle in her mouth, and soon hers was cleaning her juices from my mouth and lips, then she invaded my mouth, running over my gums and teeth while I fucked her using long, slow thrusts and cupped one of her tits, squeezing it to the rhythm of my cock moving in and out of her cunt. Grace moaned and reached down to cup my balls in her hand. She soon was squeezing them lightly to the same rhythm that I was using on her tit, and I could feel her cunt tightening on my cock.

"Deep within me I could feel that tightening feeling that said I would soon release my load.

"Baby," I said, "You on the pill or something?"

"Grace was completely lost in our movements, and failed to answer me.

"'Fuck it,' I told myself, 'I asked, didn't I? So she didn't answer, she knew the possible consequences, she being seventeen and all.' "

"Her breathing began to get ragged and I could feel her stomach ripple beneath mine as her orgasm began to build. Soon her cunt really tightened around my cock and began to spasm. I could feel my sperm begin to rise in my balls just as Grace let loose with a scream and her cunt began to spasm like a wild thing around my cock. I lost all control and began to thrust into her like a wild man, and after once such thrust, while deep inside her, I released my life generating flood at the entrance to her cervix.


"I continued pumping my seed until I could do nothing more but lie on top of her and allow my sperm to trickle into her. Eventually, Grace stopped moving, and I could feel her heart pounding within her chest while her pussy still clutched my cock. Soon my cock began to soften then it slipped from her pussy and lay crushed up against her slit.

"Grace finally moved, rolling me off over her, and kissed her way down to my cock, where she began to lick and suck on it. Soon she had it totally clean, but ready to be covered with her juices again.

"She smiled up at me and said, "You know, "Johnny, you're the first guy to make me come. Can we do it again in a little while?"

"When will your parents be getting home?" I asked.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed. "Get dressed! My mother will be here any minute. She'll kill the both of us."

"I was already off the bed and pulling on my pants. It turned out that we'd just finished dressing and settled back down on the couch looking at the stamp collection when the door opened and her mother walked in with an armload of groceries. I leapt up and helped her with them, and she seemed genuinely pleased by my actions and said nothing of our being alone in the house together. In fact, she told me I was welcome anytime.

"Oh, Doc, one more thing about Grace and me. I mean, we fucked steadily for quite a while. And after we broke up, other high school girls came onto me. Now I was a poor kid, struggling to make it in college, and worse, I was without wheels. But the daddies of the girls I was banging took care of all my transportation needs."


"The next woman I dated was Deana. She was a natural blond, a born flirt, and the best kisser I have ever known. I thought it was a miracle, a hallucination or a practical joke when she kissed me at a summer party my sophomore year. For three months we were very happy together. Her parents were very cool about it -- one time her dad actually caught us on the living room floor. My shirt was off and she'd unbuttoned my pants. She was sitting on top of me, her own shirt unbuttoned and her hair all messed up.

"Her dad stood behind us, but didn't turn on the lights. I guess he couldn't really see what was going on, but I think he knew. He said, "Deana?" She replied, "I know, Daddy. I'll turn off all the lights and lock the doors when he leaves. He's not going anywhere . . . right now."

"I swear that this is exactly what she said. Her dad replied, "All right, honey. Be good. Good night."

I have always envied the relationship that Deana had with her dad. How could he be so calm about his eighteen year old daughter attacking a twenty-year-old like that? Anyway, Deana and I had a fantastic summer together, and it began at that party I just mentioned."

"The party itself hadn't managed to live up to its hype, ya know? I mean, say the magic words, 'There's gonna be a party,' and everyone goes apeshit. I mean, am I right, or what? There was a big crowd and all, with everybody drinking; and some hot music was blasting out of the stereo. But, the spark of excitement that makes a party successful wasn't there. Ah, but that all changed when this attractive couple started to neck passionately on the dance floor.

"Not that that was all that unusual, I mean they must have slow danced for about three songs. Suddenly the girl, a petite blonde, about nineteen or twenty, knelt down, unzipped the guy's fly, and extracted his very erect cock. The place fell silent as more and more people became aware of what was happening and formed a circle around them on the dance floor.

"How far do you think they'll go?" I heard this young brunette ask her date.

"I don't know, but I'm sure going to stick around to find out," he answered.

"Yeah, sure, like anyone would leave at a time like that? We watched the couple's progress until they moved to the couch, where the blonde sat primly; her eyes fixated on his dick which, by the way, is pointing at her mouth as he's standing directly in front of her.

"I heard the brunette next to me gasp when the young blonde lowered her mouth tenderly over his cock and began to bob her head up and down on him --- slowly at first --- then more vigorously. I had to adjust myself because I was rock hard, horny and hurting.

"The guy, maybe twenty, or twenty-one, was grunting and groaning, as he approached his climax. But, rather than come in his date's mouth, he pulled out and stretched her across the couch. Without bothering to lower his trousers, he lifted her skirt, revealing long shapely legs, covered in sheer pantyhose. With a vicious yank, he pulled the pantyhose (she wore nothing under them) to her knees, and then, using his legs forced her thighs wide apart and buried his cock in her ready pussy.

"I know I gasped at his actions, and my guess is that the others did as well. It wasn't rape by any stretch of the imagination. The blonde was definitely into it. In seconds (she took a moment to rid herself of the pantyhose) they were fucking wildly on the couch as the rest of the party goers formed a semi-circle around them, urging them on.

"The guy had already plucked (the only word that works for what he did) both tits from her dress and was mauling them as he humped her. Just before he came, the guy pulled out and shot his load over her chest, getting jizm on both her tits and the bodice of her dress.

"The rest of us laughed nervously as the couple tried to compose themselves before retiring to the bathroom.

"Now this was a huge house and there were, counting the couple in the restroom, twelve others; seven girls and five guys. I was there only because of Grace, and because of her I was catnip to the rest of the girls and so the guys wanted me around. Gerry Malone, the school's star quarterback, told me to show up and so I did. Although it cost me nearly fifteen bucks in cab fare to find the house where the party was going on.

"I recalled Gerry's telling me as I walked in the door that "This is going to be some night!" I considered Gerry a prophet from then on, for it certainly was a night I never forgot.

"You could sense the sexual tension in the room building from the moment the blonde went down on the guy, who also happened to be named Jerry, but with a J.

"With the couple in the bathroom we turned into lemmings, and everyone headed outside to the pool. The air was warm and the water looked great. One by one everyone stripped and hopped into the water. I found myself near a natural blond, named Deana, who I knew was a senior and a cheerleader.

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