tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 08

John & Argie Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

Two days later, Franck was nervously looking over his shoulder, hoping that Mrs. Wharton, or Mavis, hadn't entered the fast food restaurant that morning.

"Why the fuck did I ever tell her I loved her?" He asked himself for the thousandth time, then gnashed his teeth and jumped to his second and primary concern – Argie and how to get back in her good graces.

Jenny sauntered by and bumped him with her hip, but he chose to ignore her. For the first time in memory, John wasn't horny and it made him edgy. He called Argie at home and was immeasurably relieved when she answered.


"Hi Argie, how are things on the home front?"

"Things are fine," she responded. The puzzlement in her tone carried over to him and John quickly followed with, "Reason I'm calling and all is . . . um, I wondered, would you like to have lunch with me today?"


"Yeah, I thought we might go to Benny's Bistro. They got a nice patio. We could sit outside, it's not too hot and you like their shrimp and . . ."

"Yes, okay . . . what time?" This time he managed to detect a certain pleasurable note in her response and his hopes rose accordingly.

"Its 9:20 now . . . how's noon sound?"

"Noon is good for me. What's come over you? You never invite me to lunch."

"I'm trying to be a good husband, Argie."

"Hmmph," she sniffed, obviously not believing him.

"I know, I know," he protested, "All my fuckin' around hasn't been good for either of us. But we're growing apart and I don't want that. I don't think you do either," he added lamely, hoping desperately that she agreed.

"You made your bed!" Argie spat out as her anger returned.

"Argie, wait!" He wailed, thinking she was hanging up on him, but she did not.

"What?" She asked dully, worried that he might be about to sever their marital relationship.

"Are we still on?" He asked, his concern conveyed to Argie by the worried tone of his words.

"Yes, we're on," she responded as elation filled her chest. "I'll meet you at Benny's," she said waving her free hand in the air as a victory sign as she hung up.


They maintained a fairly silent truce through lunch, then Argie said, "You know, John, our marriage isn't dead."

"I . . . love you Argie," he groaned.

She looked at him, found him as pathetic as a young pup and took pity on him. After all, she thought, 'I've been screwing my ass off and enjoying every minute of it.' An idea began to form in her mind – two cocks were better than one and perhaps she might enjoy Milo's and John's for a while.

"I . . . I realize I've got a problem and . . ."

"Shut up and listen to me for a change," Argie said.


"As I started to say, our marriage isn't over, but it has taken a very weird twist."

He nodded and she kept on talking, kneading her hands as she did. She tried to meet his eyes as she spoke, but quickly lowered them and stared at the glass in front of her.

"I've discovered that I like having sex with someone other than you. Not that you're bad you understand, quite the contrary. But I had to do something . . . after learning about all your other women . . . anyway, I met this guy . . .

I let him pick me up and we went to a motel. John . . . I loved the way he did me."

John put his head in his hands and thought the worst. Argie raised her eyes then, and said, "I hope you're listening to me, John. Our marriage isn't over. It has taken a new turn. I don't want you running around screwing anything you see."

He nodded his assent, but wasn't thinking clearly; wasn't really hearing what lay behind Argie's words.

"But I'm not saying you can't see anyone else either. I like having another guy in bed with me. I didn't think I would, but your actions forced me to find out if I was still attractive to other men."

He raised his face and met her eyes.

"I certainly am that. What's more, I liked getting laid by a virtual stranger. I'm going to do it again, too. Not tonight, or tomorrow.

But this guy I met . . . well, he's a terrific lay . . . but I'm telling you up front I will be seeing someone else eventually."

John was staring in disbelief at Argie.

"How many times can I say I'm sorry, Argie? I've been a fool. I've hurt you and made some terrible mistakes. I can't change any of that . . ."

"Shut up and listen to me!" she hissed without raising her voice.


"Haven't you been listening to me?"

"Yeah, sure . . . what?" He was thoroughly disconcerted, but finally giving Argie his complete attention.

Slowly, as if speaking to a young child, Argie repeated most of what she had just said. A look of disbelief spread over John's face as the

understanding sank in.

"And you still want to fuck him?"

"Of course I do. And you too."

"At the same time? You want a double?"

"No, I do not want a double. One at a time is plenty for me. No, I mean you do it with . . . whoever and I'll do it with my . . . boyfriend of

the moment."

"Boyfriend of the moment . . ." He said, drawing the words out, almost tasting them. This meant there was hope. She was telling him he could keep screwing around and that she was going to do it too.

"Wait a minute," he said, "I don't like . . ."

"It's not a matter of your liking anything!" She said quickly, cutting him off. "You've made your bed, and this is about what I want, not you."

"You're serious?"

"Of course I am."

"You've thought it all through?"

"Some of it, yes. Not all of it. For example, we need to make a schedule so we don't step on one another's toes."


"We will tell each other when we'll be dallying with someone else." For the first time in days, Argie smiled at him. John was hard in an instant.

He smiled back at her. "Want to jump my bones now?" He asked.

"That's the first sensible thing you've said this afternoon."

"I can call in, tell Charlie to take charge," he offered.

"Do it!" She said. Her eyes were smoldering with lust.

He waved for the check and said, "This is crazy."

"It is, kind of." Then with a deliberate cruelty she added, "I want to see how you stack up against my current lover."

Franck winced, then asked, "Who is it?"

"Nobody you know. At least I don't think so."

"What's his name?"

"What are their names? Argie shot back.

"Let's drop the subject and get our asses home," he said.

"Now that's the second sensible thing you've said." She stood up, "I'm going to the bathroom. Pay the bill and I'll meet you back at the house."


As it turned out, Argie followed John all the way. Once inside, he began to shed his clothing, leaving a trail in his wake as he headed to their

master bedroom. Argie waited until they were in the bedroom before starting to strip.

"Sit down, John," she said, and then turning on a CD, she began a striptease that she had worked out in her mind on the way home.

Argie took a second to catch the beat. Then her hips began to move, dancing provocatively, lifting her skirt and flashing her tanned thighs

above her stocking tops – slowly running her hands over the contours of each breast in turn, and as the first number ended, began

unbuttoning her blouse.

John sat on the edge of the chair, almost toppling off, but not quite. His jaw hung open and Argie almost laughed at him on noting a

slight drool at the corner of his mouth. His erection was more than evident and she began to hurry along, wanting him inside her,

wanting him badly.

The next track kicked off with a throbbing deep bass, a slow, sensual number by Barry White. Argie was equal to it, slowly slipping her

blouse off her shoulders and then spinning away from him so that all he could see was her back and a slight curve of a breast. Slowly,

provocatively, Argie let the blouse fall from her arms and tossed it at him, turning her face to see if he caught it.

He did, and placed it carefully on the back of the chair he was sitting in.

Hiding the smug smile that lit up her face, Argie reached behind her and with tantalizing, gradual movements, pulled the zipper down, opened the front button and bent her knees as she wiggled her skirt down to her ankles.

With a graceful maneuver, she spun around to face him, legs apart, wearing only a half-bra, garter-belt, stockings, thong and high-heeled shoes.

Argie tried for eye contact, but found her husband staring at the point just below her garter-belt. She had a sudden exhilarating feeling then, as she realized the sexual power she still held over him and wondered fleetingly if she would perform this way for Milo in a few days.

As Barry White's voice and music faded away, Argie sat on the loveseat directly across from John. As the next track began, she went through

a series of lewd maneuvers that involved her hands caressing the more interesting parts of her anatomy.

John's eyes were almost bulging out of his head. His hand had dropped into his lap and Argie was certain she'd seen him squeezing himself

several times. She swung her legs over the arm of the loveseat and began to peel off a stocking.

John rose from where he was sitting and came to her, not touching her and then knelt before her in an almost worshiping manner.

Ignoring his close proximity, Argie slipped a foot daintily out of her right shoe; then made a little production out of unsnapping the garter that held up her right stocking. She leaned back and did a leg-flash kick as she slid it down.

John almost fell backward when she caught the stocking on her toes, and played with it before letting it pop off, only to drop the stocking on

her crotch and then removing it very slowly to further tantalize and titillate her errant husband. Argie bestowed a wickedly suggestive smile as she tossed the stocking aside and put her shoe back on.

She heard his sharp intake of breath and repeated the process with her left leg, this time laying back on the love seat before using the leg-flash

kick to take the other stocking off.

Then she stood, her cunt inches from his slack-jawed face. 'Was this really the man who had had so many women?' She wondered briefly and then removed the garter-belt, leaving her in only bra and thong panties. Argie noticed that her heart was pounding from the excitement she was generating between them. She made herself a promise – she would get John to take her to a strip club where she could perform before

a larger audience.

"Argie . . . baby!" He croaked as he fumbled for his prick from the confines of his slacks.

She glanced down, impressed as always, with the very size of him. Wanting him inside her, but knowing she had to continue with her act or

risk losing him again.

Licking her lips in a very suggestive fashion while looking at his throbbing erection, Argie slowly reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

She didn't allow it to drop to the floor, but held it in front of her, covering her breasts. She kept dancing to the slow beat of the music,

permitting her husband the occasional peek at a nipple before she tired of the charade and tossed her bra into his face.

He caught it and draped it over his neck as he stared at her breasts as if seeing them for the first time. Laughing wickedly, Argie pulled John

to his feet and placed his hands on the elastic of her thong. "Take it off," she commanded huskily.

He did, sliding his hands down her thighs and calves. Argie helped by stepping out of it. He tried to bury his face in her bush. Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders as he kissed her wet folds over and over.

"That's it, baby," She cooed, "Eat me, eat me good!"

He was gentle, almost too gentle for what she craved at the moment, but John knew a thing or two about eating pussy and was soon licking up and down Argie's slick slit. She moaned appreciatively and he sent the tip of his tongue into her.

Argie reached out, grasped his head and pulled him to her. He resorted to teasing her by tracing the length of her plush slit, but avoiding

contact with her throbbing clit, and delving in and out of her folds as she moaned louder and louder. In a matter of seconds his mouth and

chin were coated with Argie's pungent sauces.

"Oooh, John!" She gasped as he zeroed in on her clit, flicking it, sucking it and sending two fingers into her.

Argie lost track of everything except her own pleasure.

Though his hearing was partially muffled by his wife's thighs griping the sides of his head, John could hear her moaning, "YES! OOOH, CHRIST, DO . . . IT!"

He felt the anticipated orgasm in the tremble of her legs and knowing enough about women in general and Argie in particular, he paused,

moving his face to one side and waited.

"Don't stop!" she whined. "Don't stop!"

"Say please, baby, please."

"FUCK! All right! Please, baby, please?"

"Mean it!"

"Oh, lover, please . . . do me?"

"Say it again!"

"Please, please, do me?"

"That's much better, Argie baby," he whispered, as he slipped two fingers into her sodden cunt and returned his lips to her engorged clit.

Two, perhaps three seconds passed before Argie screamed. Exquisite spasms seemed to explode through first her lower extremities and seconds later, her breasts, neck and brain. Argie collapsed upon John, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him gasping for air. She never knew it happened. He squirmed out from under her and recaptured needed air in his lungs.

They lay entwined in one another's limbs for a time. Then Argie, somewhat revived, reached out and began tickling his balls. He was still

hard, and she took him in hand and slowly pumped him until he was fully engorged.

He moaned.

She planted a wet kiss on the head of his cock.

He moaned again.

She giggled and squirmed about on the bed as she sucked and licked upon his cockhead. He opened his eyes and saw her dewy petals inches away; the nectar of her sex spilling forth, covering her bush and inner thigh. John renewed his rug munching and caught Argie unexpectedly.

"Oh, no! Oh, my God! Yes! Yes!" she screeched. To shut herself up she forced his thick hardon into her mouth and down her throat, giving it

half-hearted sucks when she could over-ride the enormous pleasure he was bestowing upon her.

Argie came quickly and forcibly; then allowing his cock to flop from her gaping mouth, she collapsed inert on the bed.

John was now ready to fuck her and grew impatient waiting for Argie to revive. He spread her legs apart and moved between them.

Argie's eyes opened.

"Are you going to fuck me?"

"You can take that to the bank, baby," he said, smiling down at her.

"Mmmm, well, I'm wet and I'm ready, honey."

He was easing himself into her as she uttered the words and stroking in and out before she'd finished. Argie wiggled her pelvis and locked her legs around his waist. She twisted her head back and forth as the sensations increased.

"Very nice, baby, very nice," she purred.

Moments later a minor orgasm rippled through her system causing her to groan out with a long "Ooooooh!" John slowed his pace.

Argie pulled his head down and they kissed. It was a leisurely kiss at first, then it grew in its urgency. The flat of her palms rubbed his back as Argie crested to an even higher peak. As he continued to pump his dick in and out of her sluicy cunt, she began to whisper his name over and over.

He relished the comfort her writhing and undulating beneath him brought to the fore and although he didn't regret his infidelities, he regretted having hurt Argie with them.

The walls of Argie's cunt were contracting around his cock and she slipped her hands to his ass and started kneading the cheeks as if to squeeze

every drop of cum from his body when he came.

John was ready, and increased his tempo, slamming his prick deeply with each rapid thrust. Her back arched, and he slipped his hands in the newly

created gap and gripped her ass in return. Argie's eyes closed, and her mouth opened, emitting a choked, stuttering cry as her hips gave a great heave, and she crashed through the barrier into ecstasy.

He erupted, filling her with a tumultuous load, as even more delirious waves swept over Argie. They lay there locked together as their orgasms

ebbed, silly smiles of satisfaction seemingly permanent fixtures on their faces as they stared in wonderment at one another.

"Wow!" John said, as he exhaled.

"Yeah!" Argie whispered in agreement.

Some time passed before they moved again. It was John who reached out to fondle her right breast, cupping and molding it in his palm. Argie hissed

a sharp intake of breath each time he tweaked the nipple. He took the stiffened tip in his mouth, bit it and she moaned with the pleasure this induced.

John moved to the other breast and repeated the process as Argie slithered about and found him, placed his fast rising erection inside her and

managed to get two or three inches inside her as he increased the tension of each nip upon her tender nipples.

This wondrous pleasure went on for several minutes, during which time the blood continued to flow into his prick, filling it out to its fullest. Gravity took over and he plunged deeper and deeper into her. She was astride him, riding him, her face buried in a cleft between his shoulder and neck, her loins moving as through they had a mind of their own, rhythmically humping against him, the pace growing faster and faster. Argie's sweat dampened hair was matted to her face and forehead when he reached behind her with both hands, seizing a cheek with each and forced them together, then spread them apart. He pulled them up, then slammed them down. Argie began to huff, then gave out a long, low strangled cry and came even harder than she had earlier.

They dozed off for a while, and then a royally pleased Argie shook him awake. She had a wide smile on her face and took him in hand and stroked

him to his full size.

"You awake, lover?" She asked lovingly.

"Mmmm, I guess," he replied groggily.

Argie, ever the temptress, bent forward as if to go on all fours, but then her arms folded up under her and her head came to rest on the bedding between his ankles. There was the maddening sight of their respective genitals separated by scant inches.

"Do me like this, Honey," she murmured. "I really enjoy this position."

There before him, was the sweet spread of her ass, waiting for him to complete the picture. With a certain undeniable grace, John slid out from under her, got to his knees, and slapped her pink rosebud with the head of his cock.

She moaned in anticipation. "You haven't put it up there in a while. I've missed it."

There was no denying his excitement at the prospect of reaming her ass out. John was an ass man, always had been. But despite the large number of conquests, he hadn't gone the backdoor route all that often.

He slid his fingers into her juicy cunt, lubing them and then rubbed the plain of her back until she moaned. Only then did he venture around her to pluck at her nipples as they hung down like cows udders, teasing her still further, knowing it added to the ultimate excitement fucking her up the ass would bring.

While he was occupied with her tits, Argie was reaching between her legs and applying a generous amount of her juices to her asshole, penetrating it with first one finger and then a second, wresting it open enough to allow him easy access. When she was ready, she reached back and gave his

testicles a gentle squeeze, signaling him of her readiness.

As she girded herself for the painful impalement, Argie concentrated on other matters and began to see their marriage more clearly, imperfect, certainly, but it was actually pretty good.

John began to tease her, knowing it would heighten her excitement as well as his own.

"You want to be fucked in the ass, don't you?"

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