tagInterracial LoveJohn & Sue Ch. 4

John & Sue Ch. 4


Sue continues to tell John about the last year.

As I sit here writing this I realize that my tears have dried up and gone away. I can't cry any more. I can only hope that you will be more of a husband to me than I have been a wife to you. I do love only you John, and I can't say or write it enough.

After that first six days of drugged sexual haze, I remember waking up at home in our bed. I could tell that I had been used and abused by the way my body felt, but everything was so hazy in my mind. I thought that I had maybe been dreaming.

About lunchtime though, I found out. Greg called and told me to be at his studio the following night. He told me to not wear any underwear and to shave myself completely.

I tried to refuse, but he told me to check my e-mail before I went any farther. As I opened it up I saw three emails from him. The first had seven still shots of your boss and me having sex. I looked like I was in control and everything.

The next e-mail were shots of the other three guys that night. I looked to be enjoying everything I was doing in those pictures. I just knew that if you saw them you would never believe that I hadn't gone looking and found other men to fill my sex life full.

The last e-mail showed pictures of seven big black men fucking me. I was the center of attention, and I looked again like I was very much into the sex I was getting. The shots left nothing to the imagination. I could see big black cocks in both of my tender holes. My mouth stuffed fully with another.

Greg called back a little later. He asked me if I was ready to be his main slut now. I felt that I had absolutely no choice in this matter now. I reluctantly said I would do what he wanted, begging him to not let you see the photographs in his possession.

"Oh Suzy babe, you just do what I want and you won't have anything to worry about. I need you to do a couple more films, some stills, and entertain at a few parties. After that, well, you will be free to go, if you will be able to stand not having all of the black cock by that point."

He was laughing over the phone. I had tears running down my face. My worst fears were being realized. He was doing films of me and that meant that he was probably selling them to the general public.

I knew then that it would only be a matter of time until you found out. I have been very surprised that it took this long. This has been causing me to have nightmares over the last year. I keep waiting for old friends or family to call me and tell me what they found out.

That next night when I got to his studio he had me dress in a very short tight silk dress. It had a very deep V-neck and showed off everything I had to offer. I felt like such a whore wearing it.

Greg then had me pose wearing just the dress. I had to hold it just so. I soon realized that the way's he had me holding the dress were leaving me exposed either on the top, or on the bottom. My now shaved pussy was clearly shown in several shots.

It looked like I was teasing the camera in those shots, when I saw them later. It truly looked like I wanted to expose myself. I was even smiling in all of the shots.

After a few more shots Greg told me to go out to his car, we had places to be. I went to change my clothes and he stopped me.

"Slut, wear what you got on and nothing else. Matter of fact, put on those high heels over there too. You are going to entertain some clients of mine tonight."

I was mortified. Going out in public dressed in only that silk dress with those six-inch high heels, I was going to look like a common streetwalker. I protested to Greg.

"I can't go out in public dressed like this Greg. Please let me wear something else. What if someone I know sees me in this? Please Greg?"

I was getting desperate towards the end. I couldn't take such a chance in public. What if somebody saw me dressed in this slut-uniform and told you?

"Whores like you dress like that wherever they go. Your friends and family would be more shocked by receiving some pictures of you in action I think. What do you think slut Sue? Would you rather let them see you fucking all of those big, black, cocks? I think your being in public dressed like that will be the least of your problems slutty Sue."

His words were cutting me deeply. I had no choice but to do what he demanded of me. I put on the heels and walked out to his car. He drove to a very busy nightclub and took me in. I was getting hoots and hollers. Men were drooling over my outfit. My nipples, even the shape of my whole breasts were being outlined in that dress. As I would walk all of the men there could tell that I was totally naked underneath it.

My walk was more pronounced too. Those heels were hard to walk in, although I managed to walk in them fairly well. The resulting 'strut' though, well, I looked like I was begging to get fucked.

I could feel the hem of the dress slapping just under the cheeks of my ass and the front clinging to my bald pussy. I was sure that the lips of my pussy were outlined clearly also.

Greg took me to the back of the club in a long torturous journey. He made sure that we covered pretty much the whole club before getting to the booth in the very back.

There were four black men waiting for us. Greg introduced me as his personal slut, Sue. I was ashamed. Two of them got up and let me slide into the center of the booth. They quickly followed back in. Four strange men surrounded me, and I had only the thin fabric of silk protecting me.

I noticed that other men kept walking by our booth gawking and staring at me. The silk caused my nipples to be hard and extended. I wanted to die and drop through the floor. I had to have been looking like a cheap slut.

Greg had me go out and dance with him after a short while. As we were dancing he would pull on my dress causing it to rise up over the cheeks of my bottom. I was totally exposed out there on the dance floor and could do nothing about it.

"Sue, you should see the looks you are getting now. The men in this club can't keep their eyes off of your hot body. I think you should show off a little more."

He spun me around so that my back was to him and his arms came around my belly. He was grinding into my ass with his cock and his hands were beginning to move around my whole front. One went up and into the deep V. It soon was holding my breast up and out tight against the silk material. His other hand soon joined it.

He had both of my breasts in his hands holding them up and out. My nipples were sticking out and seemed like they were going to push right through the silk covering them. He soon tired of just holding them and soon his fingers were pinching my nipples hard.

I moaned involuntarily, and in an effort to hide my shame I turned my head up against his shoulder as much as I could. I put an arm up and around his neck so that I could hide my face in it. This caused two unexpected things to happen.

First, it made it look like I was showing off to the crowd. Second, it caused the dress to move. My pussy came into view, totally uncovered. Everyone in the club could see my shaved pussy.

I didn't know about that until some man stepped up in front of us and his hand shot out and I felt his fingers rubbing my slit. I dropped my hands down to push his away but Greg stopped me.

Taking my hands in his he pulled them up and placed them on my dress right next to my breasts. He then whispered in my ear to grab the dress and pull outwards. I knew that if I did that I would expose my breasts to all gathered around us. Closing my eyes, I did as he commanded.

I felt the cool air dancing around my nipples. They got even harder now. Greg stepped back from me and let this new man 'dance' with me. Soon different men would 'dance' with me, pawing and grabbing at my exposed private parts.

The men I had been brought to 'entertain' then got up and came over to me.

"I think that the slut is ready to perform for us now. Lets get her upstairs before things get way out of hand."

Greg took me away from my current dance partner and the five of us headed up the stairs to a private room. I was soon standing naked in front of five men, four of whom were strangers to me.

Their hands were touching me. Fingers were exploring my body. Rubbing my pussy, my bottom, and my nipples. One man ran his finger up my body from my pussy, all the way to my lips. As I opened them I felt his wet finger enter my mouth. I WAS WET. His finger had just been in my pussy and it was very wet. I was getting turned on. My shame was just starting though.

"This slut is wet and ready to fuck. Where did you find her Greg?"

"She came to me. She wanted some naughty pictures for her husband. She really loves to pose for me. I even made her a video star too. She loves black cock guys, and I think she is getting wet just thinking about fucking all of you."

Their words burned into my being. I had that tingle starting in my crotch. It had been there since I had first dressed at the studio. I couldn't help myself. I was getting that feeling of helplessness. I needed to get off before it got so bad like before. My body was operating under it's own rules now. I had no control over how it ran it seemed like.

I felt hands pushing me down to my knees. A large black cock was rubbing all over my face. I opened my mouth and it rammed in. I had to adjust my body and head to accommodate his thrusting. I soon had him all of the way down my throat, and remembering from before, my tongue was out licking at his balls when they were in range.

"Shit, I have never had a bitch tongue me with my cock in her throat!"

The man was very pleased, and surprised too. I was trying to get him off so that someone would fuck my now agonized pussy. I was on fire and needed to get off.

After a few minutes, I felt the cock in my throat swelling and it began to throb. I almost choked when his cum sprayed out of the end of his cock. He came and came. It seemed like gallons were being injected into my throat. It was the sweetest cum I had ever tasted.

I felt hands pulling my body up and then I was brought over to a bed. They lifted me into the air like I was sitting in a chair. Two men were holding me up by my legs and bottom. Their hands caused the cheeks of my ass to be spread wide open. I could feel the cool air in the room brushing over my clit and asshole.

Another man's hand was feeling my pussy and soon my asshole. I felt some kind of slippery stuff being rubbed around my bottom. Soon fingers were massaging my nether hole. I felt them slipping into me. One at first, then two, and soon three fingers, stroking me gently but firmly.

My pussy was running wet. They positioned me over a man lying on the bed on his back. His ten inch black spear was sticking up obscenely, like a rocket on a launch pad of black flesh. I felt the large head of his cock rubbing my pussy lips and clit. I moaned and as soon as I did that they positioned me on his cock and lowered me down onto it.

His cock filled me up completely. It almost hurt it was so big. Hands were on my breasts, holding and squeezing. Fingers found my hard nipples and pinched them, hard.

The cock in my pussy was ramming into me, and since my legs were still being held, I had no control over the strokes in and out of me. I could feel the head of his hardness bumping into my cervix, looking for the entrance of my womb. It soon found what it wanted and for the first time in my life, that I could consciously remember anyway, I felt a large cock head in the deepest most virginal place in my body.

I was overwhelmed with feelings. I didn't know when the cock entered my asshole, but soon I had two cocks in me at once. I was so full, I was sure that at any moment I would split wide open.

A large cock was bouncing in front of my mouth. I reached out and licked its head. Soon I was taking the second strange cock of the day into my throat. The men fucking me got into a particular motion and they were all ramming into me at once, and then pulling slowly out of me. It felt like I had a telephone pole running through my entire body when they were ramming into me fully.

I was empty on their out strokes and over full on their in strokes. They kept up that rhythm until I was going mad with lust. I went into a huge orgasmic zone and was soon cumming on each stroke.

The man in my throat came first, shooting deeply into my tummy. As he pulled out of my mouth, I realized he was still cumming, his juices shooting all over my face, lips, tongue, and hair. I quickly grabbed his cock and got it into my mouth in order to keep his seed from dripping down on the man underneath me.

When he was done shooting off, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and proceeded to rub it all over my face, scraping his cum onto it, then feeding it to me. I was greedily licking and sucking it all up. It seemed that I couldn't get enough of his cum in me.

The cocks in my pussy and ass started to throb and I soon felt their warm sprays shooting into me. I actually could feel the cock in my pussy shooting into my womb.

They pulled me off and left me on the bed for a minute. Then Greg and the other man started with me. I had Greg's cock in my mouth and as I sucked on it I took the other cock into my ass. I hadn't seen this cock, and if I had I might have been afraid of even taking it into my pussy.

I could tell that his cock was large around, but when it spread open my poor used asshole, it just kept spreading wider and wider. It was like a fist was being shoved into me. I pulled of off Greg and turned to see this monster cock invading my ass. Greg quickly grabbed my head before I could see anything and pushed his cock back into my mouth.

"You just pay attention to my cock in your slut mouth for now Sue. In a few minutes you will be too busy getting reamed out back there to be aware of anything else."

As he said that I felt the head of a very, very, big cock pop into my asshole. I tried to get away but hands held me strongly in position. Greg had his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth down onto his cock. The pain was intense and sharp. I was being split in half.

Soon the pain dwindled down a bit and after a few minute I was starting to like this new intruder. His cock was stroking into my bottom deeper than any had been before. It was as if his cock was bumping into my heart it was so long. I wasn't even coherent after a little bit. My orgasms were stringing continuously and Greg had long since shot off in my mouth and pulled away.

I remember kneeling there doggie style getting fucked by a tree sized cock. I could feel my pussy opening up as his cock spread my asshole open. Greg had gotten dressed and was taking pictures of this now. I didn't care. I was still feeling that tingle and needed to get rid of it.

I felt hands on my pussy as the monster cock in my ass stroked in and out. Fingers invaded my open pussy hole, three, four, soon I became aware of a whole hand going into me. I was kneeling there being fucked by a hand and Greg was getting pictures of the whole debauched spectacle.

The man in my ass soon flooded me with his hot sperm. I could tell that he had copiously filled me. He pulled out and by now I was so used to being fucked there I actually pushed back to try and keep him in me.

I moaned in frustration as he stepped back. I now only had the hand in my pussy. The tingle was growing and I needed to keep it at bay. The hand stopped stroking me. I cried out in need and pushed against it. It didn't pull away, but it wouldn't stroke into me either.

In desperation I started to rock back and forth on it. It held steady for me and soon I was in control and taking as much as I could into my body. I was approaching the 'big' orgasm and needed to get there in order to get the relief that I needed.

Faster and faster I went. What I didn't know at the time was Greg had set up a movie camera and was capturing it all on video. I also found out later that I had taken almost all of that black mans hand and arm up to its elbow.

I had been filmed being fisted and I was doing all of the stroking. I was incoherently begging for release. All captured on that bastard's film. They finished up the night by having pictures taken of me either sucking or fucking their cocks in whatever debauched way they could. The tingle had died off and knowing that it would return, I was dreading the next set of instructions. I knew that Greg would have something else lined up for me that night. The pattern was set the die cast.

Greg had me rest for a little bit as the four men left the room. Later he took me to a shower in the back of the club. Cleaned up I put the dress and heels back on.

I met Greg out at the table where the night had started. He was alone waiting for me. Before I could sit down, several men showed up. They wanted to 'dance' with me. They smiled lewdly at me as they asked Greg if they could have a 'dance' too.

"Go ahead, she was just begging to dance some more a few minutes ago. Sue, go out and dance with whoever wants to dance with you, all right? Whatever they want to do, you let them, O.K.?

I knew that he meant what he was saying. Hands led me out onto the almost empty dance floor. There was nobody dancing out there, and as I looked out over the club it dawned on me that I was the only woman in the whole club.

There were fewer people in the room now, but there were still over twenty men. Watching. I was on the dance floor with a total stranger. All eyes in the club were watching me. Music started, it was a slow song. He took me into his arms and stared to sway around. His hands were traveling around and soon I felt the tingle starting again. Whimpering, I pulled him close, trying to rub against his firm black body.

His hands were on my butt. Soon they were traveling up, taking the dress with them. Once again I felt the cool air on the cheeks of my bare bottom. The tingling was growing and centering on my pussy and bottom. I was biting my lip trying to hide the fact that I was on fire for cock, any cock. A haze settled in my vision and I heard a voice from far away.

"I need you. Please, I need your cock. I need to cum. I need to feel your cock stroking in me. Please don't make me beg."

I was begging him to fuck me right then and there. He stepped back, looking into my eyes.

"Right here? What about all of these other guys? They are going to want some of your pretty little pussy and ass too. What do you want slut?"

My need was overwhelming by this point. I had to stop the tingle in my pussy and ass soon or I would just go nuts.

"PLEASE. Take me now. Rip my dress off and fuck me, you bastard! I want all of you men NOW! Come on, FUCK ME!"

He stood there smiling. He didn't approach me; he was just looking at me. Desperation kicked in. Reaching up I grabbed the top of my dress and tore it off. Ripping the material at the seams, I tore it from my body. I then dropped it to the floor.

I stepped up to him and in a very loud voice demanded that he fuck me.

"Take me you idiot. Use me however you want, just use me. Get your cock out, get it hard, and fuck me with it!"

Other men were now walking out onto the dance floor. Clothes were being strewn around as they stripped off. The man in front of me was now naked, not wasting time now. He took me into his arms and picked me up. As he let me down I felt his hard hot cock pushing against my pussy.

As it entered my pussy he let me down fast and I slammed against the base of his cock hard. I started to orgasm instantly. His cock wasn't as big as the others I had just had in me, but it was filling me pretty well anyway.

I wrapped my legs around his body and started to bounce up and down on his cock. Another man came up behind me and soon his cock was pressing into my asshole.

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