tagInterracial LoveJohn and Sue Ch. 6

John and Sue Ch. 6


Sue continues with her story.

My biggest fears had been laid to rest. John still loved me and after the last few days, I was sure of it. We had actually done more over the last days, sexually, than we had ever done in the years we had been married.

At first my fears were he would leave me, then it became he was going to pretend to love me in order to really hurt me at a later time. When he had been so silent that first day, after he read my letter to him, he had given no indication to me at all as to what he was thinking.

His questions were asked in an almost mechanical way when he started to finally talk to me. The content of them surprised, and also made me feel like there might be a little love left for me; just a spark, and I clung to that hope with my whole being.

After realizing we were going to try to stay together and watching John fight the demons I had loosed on him, I knew that this was going to be 'the' test of our marriage and our love for each other.

Our lovemaking that afternoon was a test for me. I tried my very best to let John know that I would not refuse him anything as long as he showed his love for me in a manner that let me know that love was in his actions, not anger. I had been deeply hurt by his actions those few days ago, and physically hurt as well.

His remorse at his actions towards me had left me with the feeling that he was going to leave me. He had been upset with himself at how he had 'used' me so hard and violently. I had, in my desperation, overlooked that harshness. I wanted more than anything in the world to stay with my husband.

My biggest fear at that point was his anger. He had been so rough with me that he had caused me to bleed. That blood had brought to my attention, his also, that we had more deeply set issues to deal with if we were going to try to stay together. It was going to be a long, hard journey.

After the great lovemaking, and reassurances of our expectations towards each other we began the first of what was to be many long heart to heart talks. They were difficult and sometimes very emotionally draining. We discussed things that most married couples should talk about. We also had conversations about things that no couple should have.

Things like my experiences with other men, and what I had done with them. How I had felt in the middle of being gangbanged, the tingle that caused me to beg and want any cock, anywhere, to relieve my 'need'. The fact that the tingle still haunted me, it still came over me and now, at least, John was the beneficiary of that sex.

John, for all of his love had real deep-set anger towards the whole thing, and I am sure some of that anger was how I had appeared to love what I was doing with those men. It took some time and careful restrained conversation to overcome some of those demons.

I had been victimized, drugged and raped. It had become a yearlong nightmare for me. My limits sexually had been expanded and pushed beyond anything I could have imagined a year ago. It would be good for John and I in the future since we would no have far fewer inhibitions towards each other, but the memories would be a constant interference for quite some time yet.

How many men have ever seen their wife having sex with men of a different race, or color? How have they dealt with the horror of seeing their wife acting like a whore, begging for more in such graphic detail? John had been brought into my nightmare. He had reacted with more grace than I could have believed possible.

Our sex that first time had been his letting out anger towards the whole situation. I knew that, and felt that he had at that point and time, a 'right' to show it as he had. But for our relationship to continue into the next days or hopefully years, we would have to come to terms with his anger, and my shame.

When we had next had sex, I had insisted on it being a loving union. John had hesitated which caused me some fear of losing him. What he had been hesitating about wasn't exactly that though. He had been afraid of his deep-set anger and he didn't want to end up hurting me again.

We made it through it though. While orally pleasing him my eye contact with his had been something new. As we went along further, we discovered a whole new plateau of lovemaking. We experimented and found other new things that we liked. As earlier mentioned, our inhibitions have been lowered to a level unseen by probably most couples.

We are now looking towards a brighter future. Greg is fast becoming a bad, bad, memory for me although John seems to worry about him constantly still. I thought that John had scared Greg and friends away for good. I soon found out that I was still quite naive' about Greg and what he would do in reality.

John quit his job, over the protests of his bastard boss. We also decided to turn all of the evidence over to the cops. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Going through the last months of my dirty life and actually telling it to several detectives. Their questions were harsh, and unfeeling. I knew that they had to be certain of all of what had happened and that it wasn't a fabrication by me to cover for being 'caught' by my husband. It didn't make it any easier for me though.

A week after giving statements to the police we found out that our evidence wasn't enough for the D.A.'s office to go ahead and prosecute. I was shattered. Now even more people knew what I had been forced to do and how depraved it had all been.

John had been looking for work away from town, and now had several interviews to go to. Our finances were tight, and almost all of the companies to be interviewed at would only pay for John's flight. Scared to death, I watched as John reluctantly left for the first interview, leaving me alone, so alone, at the airport.

I went directly home and locked all of the doors. I stayed inside that whole day and the next. I talked to John on the phone several times, since he called constantly when he could to see if I was all right and safe.

After that first interview with nothing happening to me the next one didn't seem like such a big deal. We still had a little fear of my being left alone, but we worked up a plan to follow in case something should happen. He left for the next interview and after he got there he found out he would have to stay longer than the two days he had expected to be gone.

He told me that they had to have him meet several of the partners in the firm and it would take about a week! I didn't let on to him that I was very afraid to be alone that long, hoping that I sounded cheerful and brave. It could be a real great job he was to get and I didn't want our situation to hamper his chances.

The first day I stayed close to home. I had my cell phone in case I was outside and didn't hear the phone in the house ring. Part of the plan we worked out was that I would have the cell phone and John's second call would be to the cell. I was working in the flowerbed out back. On my knees, digging I had let my fears subside and was enjoying a nice sunny day. I felt the warm sun and the moist soil.

As I worked my cell phone buzzed. It was John, and we talked for a while as I worked. Soon after he hung up I went into the pool shower to clean up. While showering a strange sound came through the window. I couldn't place it. It sounded like music.

"Must be the neighbors." I thought to myself. Our stereo in the hot tub hadn't been used in some time, and I wasn't even sure if it still worked. As I was toweling off a breeze cut through my thoughts.

Turning, a hand came over my mouth, other hands grabbed my body. Greg was holding my mouth and so began my nightmare. They took me outside and up on the deck. Naked, and helpless, they controlled me. Greg started talking.

"Slut, you and your husband tried to get me. His boss is currently paying for his mistakes, and you will pay for all of the trouble you have caused me. I have a couple of movies you are going to star in and like it or not, you will be very cooperative, if you know what I mean."

Knowing that alone I could do nothing to save myself I had no choice but to do as ordered. Hoping that when John called and couldn't get an answer he would start the plan in operation.

They spread me out on our deck table and tied my wrists and ankles to the legs of it. I was naked, spread wide open, and could do nothing to protect or cover myself. Greg stepped up between my spread eagle position.

"I think you need some sparkle Sue. I have just the things to make you stand out. First, each nipple here needs a little something to remind you of who is in charge of your body."

He held in his hands a large needle. He took my left breast in his hand and after fondling it, pinched my nipple between his fingers, hard. He then took the needle and stuck it right through my nipple. The pain was sharp and I cried out in anguish.

"Shut the bitch up Carl!"

Carl, the man by my head, dropped his pants and stuck his soft cock in my mouth.

"Suck on this you little slut. Don't even think of biting though, or I will pierce your nose through both nostrils at once."

His statement brought a chill up my spine. These guys were out to hurt me in a real, very hard way.

Greg now had my other breast in his hands. He pierced that nipple also. The studs were put in my bleeding nipples and Greg super glued the ends on. They had large balls on each end, and obviously they wouldn't be coming out any time soon.

The cock in my mouth started to get hard. I was sucking and licking as directed. I needed to keep on their good side as much as possible. My only hope was that John had tried to call and not getting an answer had started the plan in motion. That was my only hope now.

Greg looked into my eyes and it appeared like he was reading my mind through them.

"John and you have a plan? He is going to call and when you don't answer he calls...who? Doesn't matter, you will answer Sue. You will answer his call and act like nothing is wrong at all. If you don't, well, you won't surely care anymore, and as soon as he gets here, neither will he. Understand SLUT?"

We had talked about this particular event occurring, and through my own stupidity I had reassured John that Greg wouldn't harm me too much, and so this death threat was far from being expected by me anyway. That he would go this far when he hadn't before was a surprise. Even the police had said that his profile was one of low violence.

"Now, I think that you have need of some sparkles in your crotch. Yeah, I see a ring being placed right about HERE."

As he said that his fingers pulled grabbed my clit and pulled it out hard. The needle shot through it and the pain was intense. I still had that now hard cock in my mouth and my screams were just like moans. Not conveying at all the feelings of pain that were coursing through my body.

Greg inserted the ring through my throbbing clit. He secured it with the same super glue.

"H-M-M-MMMM, I think we still need some more down here, what do you think slut?"

I couldn't answer with the cock in my mouth ramming in and out. Other hands on my body were squeezing and pinching me. Greg reached out and pulled on one of my pussy lips. Holding it out and stretching it taught, I felt the needle several times. Then, he started on the other lip. When he was done, I had one ring in my clit, and eight studs in my pussy lips, four on each side.

My pussy was still clean-shaven, since John had expressed a love of seeing it that way. Greg signaled to a man behind him. As he stepped into view, I recognized him as the tattooist who had defiled my body before.

"Slut, I think you need a message put right across the top of this hole of yours. A message that your hubby will understand and remember, forever."

The tattoo artist stepped up between my legs and began his work. Later, when he was done Greg wiped away the blood and let me see through a mirror what had been written on my now very tender, sore pussy.

I LOVE BLACK COCK RIGHT HERE and there was an arrow pointing almost all of the way on to my clit.

The man in my mouth having long since finished cumming in me, he started to undo my bindings on my wrists. Another man undid my legs. I was then rolled over and tied back in place face down. Only now, I was bent over the table. My hands stretched out with longer rope and my legs tied at my ankles and knees to the table legs. This caused pain and discomfort in my joints, since they weren't meant to be in that extreme position.

Legs spread open like they were caused my pussy lips to open and my ass to be totally exposed. I felt the tattoo man step up behind me again. What now? What was their plan now? Greg soon told me.

"Well, we need some additions back here too. We will start on this shoulder, and then go to this one. I want slut in big black letters right down her spine. Black on her left shoulder, cock on her right. Big letters, big black letters."

They were going to mark my body up so that John would never have a chance of forgetting this day for sure. My tears were freely falling to the tabletop. Hands touching my shoulders, I felt the sting of the needle gun as the defiler started his work.

I had gotten a butterfly tattoo when younger, and had loved it. John had found it to be sexy. This, this tattooing was not. It was a desecration of my body. They were marking me and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Again.

Fingers were prodding my asshole and pussy. It hurt for them to touch my sore pussy, but again, there was nothing I could do to prevent that either. As they played with my body the pain in my shoulder spread. I don't know when I passed out, or why for that matter, I just remember waking up. My whole back hurt. My pussy lips were throbbing, and my nipples too.

As I looked around me I realized that the room in my vision was the studio. I had cum all over my body, and knew that I had been used again. In front of me was a television. It was playing a movie. I was the star. I could see my new tattoos and shuddered at what they said and represented.

I watched as man after man used me. Two and three at a time they took me. One guy pulled on the ring in my clit and stretched it out until it looked like it was going to rip off. The camera caught it all.

They were not nice or caring in their use of my body. I could see that even in the obviously drugged state I was in that I cringed in pain often. Still, I orgasmed. I could see them wash over me. The sight sickened me.

A man stepped up behind me as I was watching my gangbang. His hands started gliding over my body, touching what they wanted to. I was still tied and knew that he had control whether I liked it or not. He slapped my ass cheeks hard. The pain was hot and shot through me like fire.

"Well, you look like you have been rode hard and put away wet. Love the tats slut. As soon as Greg gets here, I will try you out myself. If you are half the woman they claim, I will have invested wisely."

What the hell? Had Greg sold me? What the hell was going to happen now?

"You will love your new home slut. The King has needs that you will fulfill well. He will especially love your markings. You will be his favorite prize."

My worst fears had come to pass. John hadn't saved me, and I was now to be taken away like some slave, a white slave, to be used by some sick monarch as a toy. I collapsed on the bed, crying. My life as I knew it was done. Greg had gotten his revenge on John and I and now I would pay.

Greg came into the room as I was sobbing.

"Hey slut guess what? You have just made me a millionaire. You were sold at auction this morning, while you were being 'royally' fucked. They all wanted you, but only the highest bidder won of course. You will love living in AFRICA. You will be fucked on a daily even hourly basis. The King that won has a great many favors to repay to his people, and you will be the currency of choice."

I went cold. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I had been sold into slavery. I was never going to see my love again! OH GOD! I would kill myself at the first chance. I could not live like this anymore. I could not be a slave.

They left the room for a 'business' meeting, probably to exchange the money for my freedom. All at once I heard banging and a commotion. Suddenly men in black uniforms stormed into the studio and their guns were barking a staccato of pain and death all around me. Hands were on my body. I was untied, and as the feeling crept into my joints, I passed out into somebody's strong gentle arms.

Later, when I became coherent, John was holding my hand and sitting by me. I was in a hospital room. There were bandages on my breast, and down on my pussy. I could feel them on my back too. John had been looking into my eyes and now I saw tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Sue, its over, Greg and his pals went down hard. The big guy in the fancy suit claimed diplomatic immunity, as did three others. They were escorted to the airport and told to leave. You have been out for several days. Greg evidently drugged you up a bit too much for your 'auction'."

"It's over?"

"Yes Sue, it is over. When you didn't answer my calls, I called the detective we talked to. He got to our place before I got home and put it together. There were two guys there waiting for me to get home. The detective took them in and they talked, spilled their guts about everything. They took Greg just before you were to be taken away. GOD! I so love you Sue. What would I have done without you?"

John was crying, relieved that I was safe.

"Where were you when they broke into the studio John?"

"I was there, they couldn't keep me away. You fell into my arms after they untied you. I held you all the way to the hospital. I had a plastic surgeon remove those tattoos Sue. There may be some scars after the healing. I...I..."

I put my hands to his lips, shutting him up.

"John, I love you baby. We will both have scars but they will heal honey, they will heal. Just hold me, never let go."

This all happened several years ago. We are still together. We are still deeply in love. Our sex life? Well we had some small difficulties, mostly because of the way I was taken the last time. I had nightmares and fears for quite some time afterwards. We both got some help though, and now we are just like any other couple out there in life. With the exception being, maybe we are one of the few that have a very full and enjoyable sex life. I still offer John anything he wants of me and he offers the same of himself to me. We know each other's fantasy, and deep-seated wants and needs, and we provide each other with outlets to explore them.

No secrets, no holding back anything, no shyness, all up front and honest. In some ways it is very liberating, in others, well, it was a long, difficult journey. Love for us is even more special and deep since we have survived this major intrusion of our marriage. John is working at his new job, and has already made senior vice-president. He is home every night, and believe it or not, has to take very few trips. When he does go out of town, I go along and we make it a mini-vacation.

We are now planning to have one or two kids, whether we adopt or have them the old-fashioned way, well we are discussing that.

Greg? Well he survived his brush with the police; he is doing twenty to life for his crimes. I am sure he will be behind bars for quite some time to come. I wonder how he likes being Bubba's Bitch? Maybe he will understand something of the hell he put me through now. One can only hope.

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