tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJohn Trevore's Burrito

John Trevore's Burrito

byAlgonquin Twit©

"Welcome to Taco Haven, may I take your order please?" the voice rang out of the talking taco speaker.

"It is hard to believe the volume of shit-for-brains burritos you have created,"the driver of the SUV shouted back.

"Excuse me, did you want to order now?" the voice clanged.

"My sense tells me that you are just another dog damned closet queer, even though you claim to be straight. These worthless, elongated shit burritos are an indicator."

"Was that just one burrito you wanted?"

"Your wimp super burrito has all the signs of being queer bait. No real man would put up with any of your cockamanie burritos. A real man, not your fucking wimp workers, would have kicked his burrito sucking wife out the front door of this taco joint and told her to get lost,"the driver replied.

"Does that mean you want the 'Super Grande Burrito' instead?"

"Unfortunately, there are far too many of you sick, shit-balls making your burrito garbage on this forum. You give away what you really are, asshole, by what you make and the way you make it. So stick this and the rest of your worthless burritos, demeaning real men up your gay boy ass!!!"

"Okay, okay already. That is one Deluxe Big Ass Burrito, you want anything to drink with that?"

"Oh, yeah a medium Diet Coke."

"We don't have Coke, how about a Diet Pepsi?"

"Do you really think that all this lust based drink you taco slingers talk about and which is consumed in real life everywhere on this sick world is a free ride for those participating?"

"Guess that means no Diet Pepsi. Sorry," the talking taco speaker whined.

"Sorry? Your satanic abomination called the sexual revolution/women's liberation has created more cheating whores and their lover-boys than you could imagine."

"Okay... that will be a dollar seventy eight, please pull up to the second window."

"I want hot sauce with that please," the driver replied just before putting the SUV in drive and pulling up to the second window. He pulled out two dollars and waited.

After a few minutes the window opened and a man with an odd headset said, "Okay, that's a dollar seventy eight."

The driver reached out with his money and as the taco slinger took the money the driver said, "I am John Trevore, I urge you to take great caution, I am thy god, ye turn from my messengers and mine ones sent forth again unto you and deny these words, and ye err beyond they comprehension. So be it. I am..."

"Oh my, you are right, that burrito is on sale, it's only a dollar fifty nine until Saturday." He recounted his change and handed it to the driver. He then handed the driver a bag and said, "Thank you for choosing Taco Haven."

The driver drove down the driveway and then pulled out onto the street. He reached his hand into the bag and then howled, "Woe unto them that turn aside the just for a thing of naught and revile against that which is good and say that which is not of worth for they shall be thrust down."

"John, John, calm down, what's the problem now?" the passenger in the SUV asked.

"He forgot the hot sauce."

"He forgot the hot sauce?"

"Yeah, he forgot the hot sauce."

"I tell you John, you really got to take it down a notch. I mean you are a preacher, the head of the second largest church in the city and you just screw around with people."

"What are you talking about Gary?"

"The taco guy."

"He was a soulless sinner, he needed saving."

"He was selling burritos, it's a completely legitimate job."

"He was promoting lust, selling those things."

"The burritos?"

"They create the sin."

"Well, only the way you use them, and hey what's the crap about hot sauce? You don't use it," Gary said.

"I might."

"I think it would burn."

"Ah, there she is now, just like I instructed."

"Now tell me again John, where did you find her?" Gary asked.

"She was in one of the church's couples group. She looked like a slut, whore sinner so I thought she was a good candidate for individual counseling."

"She does look pretty hot."

"Yes, just standing there she fires the lust within us, quick, let's get her inside," John said pulling up to the sidewalk where the woman stood. He rolled down his car window and said, "Marie, you're right on time, come on in the truck and we'll go."

The woman climbed into the back seat and nodded toward Gary.

"Marie, this is Gary, he'll be the one working closest to you, I'll just observe."

John sped away, preaching as he drove. It was his sermon 1227, one of Gary's favorites, full of lusting woman and sinning men. Gary glanced over his shoulder and watch the woman's face as she took in John's words.

It was a short drive to the motel and it only took a few of John's words to coax Marie into the room. Once inside John spoke, "Now Marie, we need you to find the source of your lustful ways. Gary will help you in your search, you simply need to let him minister to you."

Gary smiled, put his hands on Marie's upper arms and gently pulled her to him in an innocent hug. He held her there for a few moments with his arms wrapped around her back. Slowly he moved his hands across her back and then slid them to her breasts, gently squeezing them.

Marie started to push him away but John said, "Marie, Marie, you must follow Gary's lead. I'm here, watching every step of the way."

"But my husband..."

"Your husband would want this, I believe he's praying for you now."

"You are sure?"

"Just let Gary minister to you," John said, pulling up a chair, "I'll be here watching you and praying." He nodded to Gary who immediately reached down and pulled Marie's blouse up over her head and tossed it onto the other bed. He pulled her to him and began kissing her as he fumbled with the fastener to her bra.

Deftly unhooking the bra, Gary eased the straps down the woman's shoulders and tossed the bra aside. He immediately grabbed her breasts with his hands drawing them upward as he bent his head down, kissing, licking and sucking her nipples. After a few moments Gary stepped back, unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it off and tossed it onto the other bed.

As Gary began unfastening his pants John spoke to Maria saying, "Maria, you need to remove the rest of your clothes now, then stand there and let me look at you."

She followed his instructions and in just a few moments she stood naked before John, her arms crossing over her breasts and her hands covering her pubis. John could see she was shivering slightly as he said, "Move your hands and arms so I can see all of you."

She complied standing before his intense gaze. John reached over to the burrito on the table and lightly ran his fingers over the length of it. He then smiled at Marie and whispered, "Thank you Marie, you are so beautiful. Now get on the bed and prepare yourself for Gary." Nodding to Gary, he leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs.

John watched as Gary climbed into bed and immediately reached to spread Marie's legs. Moving up between her legs, he moved his head in pressing his tongue and working it between her lips. They quickly opened to him as he shoved his tongue deep inside the woman, tasting her tangy flavor.

He felt Maria trembling as he wrapped his arms over her thighs but the trembling seemed to stop as he began working his tongue up her slit to her clit. Working in a circular pattern he caressed her nub until her hips were heaving upward, and she was moaning. Suddenly he wet his lips and then sucked her clit up into his mouth, sucking it as his tongue flicked up and down.

John uncrossed his legs and leaned forward as Marie lifted her ass up off the bed, pushing up against his face, grinding against him until she came. She immediately collapsed back down onto the bed and squeezed her legs around his body, holding him as the pleasure shot through her body.

Gary glanced back to John who nodded. Gary then moved up over Marie and drove his cock into her wet pussy. John's gaze fixed on the man's cock, the huge cock, its vein throbbing, glistened with pussy juice. The cock slid inch by inch into the woman until the man's balls rolled down over her ass.

Moving the chair closer to the bed, John watched Gary's balls as they bounced on Marie's ass, then took a long deep breath as Gary's cock slowly slid out of her pussy coated in the white froth of her. As Gary moaned loudly John cried out, "Oh yes, fill me... ah fill her with your cum."

Gary's cock slammed into her as he arched his back and spurted his hot, white jism into her. He then collapsed onto her gasping for breath. He remained on top of her until his cock shrunk and slipped out of her.

Gary quickly moved off of the woman and turned to John who handed him his burrito. "Like before?" Gary asked.

"Just like before," John instructed.

The naked man grabbed the burrito and gently worked it into Marie's open pussy, turning it slowly to absorb all the juice coating the burrito with Gary's cum and Marie's juices. He then handed it back to John who slowly, licked the white cum from the burrito before taking a large bite. The juices ran down his face as he took bite after bite. When he finally finished eating, he wiped his face on a napkin and then headed out to his car.

As Gary and Marie climbed into the vehicle John pressed his hands up against the moonroof and said,"The poison seeds of the feelings of LUST have been cleverly planted, molded, encouraged and harvested by the ANTI-Christ to replace and destroy what is true GODLY unconditional LOVE of THE SPIRIT OF ALL LIFE."

He then leaned back in his seat, backed out of the parking spot and headed for the roadway. As he drove he replayed the events from the motel in his head. He got a sudden, intense craving for another burrito.



Author's Note: All italicized text was either paraphrased or quoted from an anonymous email recently received.

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by Anonymous03/04/18


what an utter pile of shite this story is.

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