tagIncest/TabooJohnny and His Mother

Johnny and His Mother


My dad died a few years earlier and left my mother pretty well off financially. He also had me in his will for enough to get me through my last year couple of years in college and then enough to get myself set up on my own rather than continuing to live in the family homestead with Mom. I was tossed between using some of that money to strike out on my own right now or do as he wanted and get my degree at night school and only then make the big step towards my independence.

Mom's birthday was coming up this weekend and I wanted to get her something nice but for the life of me couldn't think of a decent present. I finally opted for taking her out to a restaurant I know she loves and one her and my dad used to go to on all of their special occasions.

I had celebrated my twenty-second birthday a few months earlier and mom is a great foxy looking lady of forty-one. We each share the same sense of humor and have a great time together. My dad died of throat cancer and mom still smokes which drives me insane. If there is one thing that is sure to start an argument between us it is me bringing up that my dad died of the very thing that is caused by her damned nicotine addiction. She gets totally pissed and I am finally giving up on it but I am going to try one more thing. On Friday I am going to have the local mortician, whom I know very well, make a call on Mom. He'll tell her that my father asked him to visit with her to discuss her own funeral plans, i.e.; what kind of casket she wanted and what she wanted on her half of the family headstone, etc. He'll inform Mom that my father wanted him to pose her in the casket clutching a pack of her cigarettes and he needed to know what brand she smoked. Maybe this kind of shit will bring her to her senses about finally giving up the damn things. I know it will drive her a little nuts but that's OK if it will make her think more about her mortality.

With all of the things going on with my job and at school I didn't see her until about mid day Saturday when she called me into the living room as I walked through the front door.

"Hey mom, what's up?"

"John, you'll never guess who came visiting yesterday." She stated but I had a damn good idea. The mortician.

"Who, Tom Cruise wanting to take you to bed?" I joked.

"No you idiot, it was Mr. Martin, the mortician who handled your dads funeral."

"What the hell did he want?" I asked as incredulously as I could make it.

"He wanted to make sure he knew everything I wanted for my own funeral."

"Mom, what the hell are you talking about. You aren't dying." I said as I walked over to the sofa where she was sitting. By the time I got within six feet of her she was bawling her eyes out. "Mom, why are you crying?"

"Simply because he made me realize how much I enjoy living and he got me thinking about something you have been bugging me about for the last year or so. My smoking."

"Well, thank the Lord. Are you now going to stop that filthy habit?" I asked with my eyebrows raised as high as I could lift them.

"I'm going to stop damnit. I went down to the drugstore and got the Step One of the patch kit and I am going to do it. Just be there for me and please don't bug me any more while I am going through the withdrawal symptoms. OK?"

"You bet. I'll do everything I can to help you." As I said this I dropped to the sofa along side of her and she instantly leaned her head on my shoulder and was sobbing big time.

"John, I don't want to die." She said through clenched teeth. "I love you too much."

"Mom, you aren't going to die. Especially now that you are going to make the big step about giving up the smoking." I had put my arm around her shoulders and was pulling her close to me more to give her comfort for what she was going through emotionally rather than anything else. But, she sure smelled pretty and she did have a lovely body. She nuzzled my neck and gave me a big hug.

"OK, now that that's settled make sure you are ready to leave at seven for the restaurant we are going to is about a half hour drive and I want to have time for a drink in the lounge before dinner."

"Yes Sir." She said sarcastically. I guess I had come across a little dictatorial.

Mom almost flipped out when I pulled up in front of the place saying how sweet I was knowing this place was her favorite. She did have a little tear showing in the corner of her eye though. We did have one or two more drinks before dinner than I had planned but they loosened us both up a lot. The conversation at dinner ranged all over the place including some really raunchy jokes I never thought my mother would even know, never mind tell. The meal was great and we finished it off with a very nice old cognac that Mom insisted on treating us to.

We had no sooner got into the car when she reached over and put one hand behind my neck and pulled me to her giving me a huge kiss that seemed to last forever. A little while into it and she had her tongue half way down my throat. Holy shit, she was tipsy and had forgotten I was her son.

She was a little silly all the way back home and when I opened the front door of the house and let her past me as she entered our place. As soon as she was all the way inside she turned and gave me a huge yank pulling me all the way in and up against the wall in the foyer. She must have kicked the door shut with her foot and was soon pressing herself hard against me and resuming the kiss she had started in the car. Wow, I never guessed our night out would lead to this but was glad of it; she had turned me on for what seemed an eternity. I wasn't sure how to respond. Should I just go with the kiss and let that be it or should I push for more. She answered it for me. I soon felt her hand groping my crotch and unzipping my pants.

She was breathing harder than I had ever heard anyone do before and said, "John, the drinks and dinner at that restaurant have turned me on beyond belief."

"Mom, are you sure you want to go ahead with this?"

"John, I have watched you grow from a little baby to the man you are now and with the way I feel right now I know this is what I want to do."

By then she had my still flaccid cock out of my pants and she was massaging it ever so lightly. She let her fingers gently touch my cock ridge and then let them slide down my ever-hardening shaft to the top of my balls. Wow, she was something else. I reciprocated by letting my hand run lightly across her blouse and feeling her nipples as hard as nails sticking straight at me.

The next thing I knew was she was leading me to the master bedroom.

She had her clothes off before she even hit the bedroom and had left a trail of them from the foyer right to the hallway going into the area of the bedrooms. I waited until we were in her bedroom before I took mine off.

She threw herself on the bed and was tossing her head from side to side with passion. It was the first time I had see her completely nude and for a woman in her early forties she had a magnificent body. She was just a little thing with lovely firm breasts. I'd bet she didn't weigh even close to one hundred and ten and was only about five foot two.

The seven and a half inches of my cock sure isn't anything to write home about but by now it was at full attention with a little pre cum showing on the tip. As I approached the bed she rolled towards me reaching out and grabbing it with one hand and pulled her mouth to it and soon had her tongue licking that precum off of it and then took it in her mouth.

"Oh, God, Mom, that feels terrific." By then she had taken not only the head of it in her mouth but also had it down her throat a good ways. She was stroking that part of my shaft still outside of her mouth and if she kept up her what she was doing I would be shooting my load in her in a very few minutes.

"Mom, lay back. I want to get up on the bed with you."

She released my cock and lay back with her head on the pillow. I dropped alongside of her and then moved on top of her and without any more foreplay pushed my cock into her and buried it to the hilt.

"Oh Johnny, yes, fuck me hard."

Did I ever. She was no longer my mother but simply a super tight and warm pussy waiting to get fucked. I soon had her legs up on my shoulders while I was driving my cock hard into her waiting pussy. She was thrashing about from side to side and moaning like I had never heard a woman do before. I reached down with one hand and ran my fingers across her rock hard nipples and that did it. She actually screamed, "I'm coming, don't stop. Please don't stop"

I had absolutely no intention of stopping and just continued fucking her hard and as deep as my cock could get. I could soon feel her juices making me slide in and out a lot easier and it wasn't much longer before I was shooting stream after stream deep in my mother's pussy. I finally let her legs down and I lay on top of her as she reached up and kissed me deep.

"Oh Johnny, that was terrific. I haven't had any sex since your father died and I don't think I could have had it with anyone I could care more for than you. You were only the second man I did it with."

"Mom, I can't tell you when I have ever enjoyed sex more. You are something else."

By then she was sound asleep and simply purring with contentment.

Sometime during the night I found myself spooning to her and my cock had risen to the occasion. I slid it in between her lovely puffy pussy lips without her knowing it was going to happen but by the time I was buried she had awakened and was throwing her ass back at me as hard as I was driving my cock forward. I reached down and had one hand on her hips pulling them back as I was driving forward.

"Johnny, yes. Do me again." She cooed.

There was little doubt that I would as I started to pound her pussy with my now steel hard cock. She was making all kinds of noises and I was glad we were in a house rather than any thin walled apartment where the neighbors would have heard her. She reached between her legs and was fondling my balls and that was it, I didn't last more than a minute after feeling that. Her pussy was still wet from the sex we had the night before and now this load came pouring out of her alongside of my cock as I shot a few good streams of come into her warm pussy.

We were both dragging by then and fell back asleep rather quickly.

The next morning I was awakened by the feeling of a hand running up and down the sides of my shaft---Mom was at it again. This woman was insatiable! Rather than keep up with her hand she was sliding down in the bed to position her mouth in line with my cock. I was as soft as an overcooked noodle but she was determined to change that. She had her fingernails running up and down the sides of my shaft tracing every vein in it while she had her mouth doing some serious magic on the head of it. Bit by bit it came to life again and the harder it got the more of is she took between her lips. It wasn't long before she had a solid five inches in her mouth and down her throat. God, I don't think I could have handled her if she had gone without any sex for much longer than she had.

Her mouth was soon rising and falling faster and faster on my cock. I thought I ought to be fair about it and rotated to get my mouth in line with her pussy. We were in for some serious sixty -nine sex. As soon as my mouth touched the lips of her pussy I thought the roof was going to cave in on us. If she had screeched loud during our other fucking this took the cake. She let my cock slip from her mouth while she started to wail and grind her pussy onto my face. She let her hands drop to my face and then slip around to the back of my head so she could pull me into her as hard as she could. A little of that and I was getting afraid she would smother me to death. I could just see the headlines. 'Man Smothered to Death by his Mother's Pussy.' I pulled back a bit so I could get a breath and then did some serious pussy diving. I had her clit out and unsheathed almost before my tongue had explored the lips of her pussy. As soon as I let my tongue ride up and down the sides of her nub she was throwing her pussy down hard on my face and had taken my cock back into her mouth and now had it buried even deeper than before.

It wasn't long before she was moaning around my cock and I could feel the lips of her pussy pulsing with the orgasm she was going through. All of a sudden the juices were flowing out of her and they tasted wonderful. I stayed like that for a few more minutes and then raised up so she could work my cock better. I rolled on my back and she rolled right with me not letting my cock slip from her lips. She was soon raising her mouth almost completely off of me and then driving it back all the way down. I swore she was taking my whole cock in her mouth but I couldn't see from looking down at the top of her head. All I knew was I had never felt anything like it with any other blowjob I ever had. I was actually fucking her mouth and I loved it. When I started to shoot my load she lifted her mouth off me a little and then jerked my cock to get every drop of my love juices out of me. As I was shooting I jammed my cock back into her mouth deep and it gagged her big time. No problem, I kept on fucking her mouth and she soon had her arms around my thighs not letting me get an inch away from her. With her mouth and hands working on my cock I must have shot a lot more than normal for she was slurping up my come for what seemed forever. Damn, I could see why my father never wanted to play around with any strange pussy...he had a queen of sex waiting for him at home.

Once again we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms, pussy and cock. It was near ten when we awakened again and I lay there telling her we had to talk.

"Mom, we both know what happened between us wasn't right but I will say it felt wonderful. I think I can safely say you felt the same way. NO?"

"Oh yes baby. It was terrific."

"But Mom, we certainly can't let anyone know what went on between us. I am certain you will agree with that."

"Sure I do. Are you thinking of going out and tell someone?" She asked with her eyebrows raised to the ceiling.

"Johnny, I have wanted to have sex with you for I don't know how long. Your dad had a very small cock and I knew from when you were a very little boy yours was going to grow into a much larger one than his and I always wanted to have it inside of me to find out what a big cock felt like. Now that I did I am thrilled. I loved him but I also love you AND now your cock as well."

As she was saying all of this she had rolled near me and was then rolling on top of me. She was so short that when her pussy was lined up with my cock her mouth was almost kissing my own nipples. I reached down and put one hand on each of her hips and just lifted her up in the air and lowered her down so her pussy was in perfect alignment with my cock. I was going to fuck her again.

"Johnny, please be gentle with me. You are so big and I'm so little."

"Momma dear, I am going to let you down so you can wrap your mouth around my cock again and get it hard."

As soon as her mouth was near my cock she opened it and let her tongue begin its travels up and down the shaft and finally stopping at the head of it. I was hard in a few minutes and she opened her mouth and took most of it in her.

"Momma, I want to do something different with you that I have only heard about guys doing to women. I want to fuck your ass."

"Oh God, Johnny, your dad tried that with me one time and it damn near tore me apart. You are bigger than he was and I could never get you in there."

"No matter, I want to try it and I'll stop whenever you say so even if I only get an inch or two in you."

"Oh, John, I am so afraid."

"I'll be very gentle and careful. Trust me."

I went into the bathroom and dug out an old jar of Vaseline and brought it back to the bed.

"Mom, lay on your stomach and lift your ass up in the air a little. I am going to loosen you up with my fingers covered with this lube."

I got a big gob of it on a couple of fingers and smeared most of it on her puckered asshole. I let a couple of my fingers get covered with it and then slipped first one and then both of them up her ass.

"Oh Johnny, that hurts. Do you have your whole hand in me?"

"No Mom, only two fingers."

I started pumping them a little and gradually worked up to having three fingers buried in her and she had stopped complaining. It was time for my cock.

I had her get up on her knees and I then put a huge glob of the Vaseline on the head of my cock and smeared it down the shaft. My cock was aimed perfectly at her asshole and I reached forward with one hand and held a hip while I was using the other hand to guide me into her.

She threw her ass away from me as soon as she felt the head of my cock touch her. "MOM, stop that and stop it now. You have to let me at least try and get it into you."

I then had a hand on each of her hips and pulled her back at me just a little. I could hear her gasp as the head of my cock entered her.

"Johnny, that hurts a little."

"Yeah, I expected that but let's see how it feels as I push the rest of it in you."

"NO, you said you were only going to try a little of it. NOT the whole thing."

As she was saying this I both pulled her back at me and pushed myself forward and into her a little further. I had about half of it in her when I stopped. "How does that feel?"

Oh shit, she was crying and not able to answer me. "Shall I take it out?"

She sobbed, "No, if you can do it with only that much in me it will be OK."

I then started to thrust my cock in and out of her tight little virgin asshole. Her sphincter muscle was so tight it was like having me cock in a closing vise. Damn it felt great.

"Mom, this feels terrific. I hope it isn't hurting you too much."

Through her tears she mumbled, "No, honey. Keep on going until you come."

Whew, it was beyond words. I am sure that after I had been thrusting in and out for a little while I had driven it in her a little further than it was when I stopped earlier to ask her how it felt. She didn't complain any more and I kept it up but now I noticed something different. She was throwing her ass back at me with each of my thrusts. I couldn't tell if she was doing that because she was enjoying it or because she was simply trying to hurry my orgasm along. Either way, it did the trick.

"Mom, I am going to shoot a stream of my juices up your tender little asshole. It isn't a virgin any more." And with that I started to pulse some hot come up inside of her. As she felt it hit up in her anal canal she actually pushed back more and drove me up there another inch or so. I know I had buried five inches up her ass and there was little question that with her last backward push at me she was enjoying it. I must have shot two or three long streams in her before I stopped and let myself slip out of her. As soon as I was completely out I let myself fall to one side and brought her mouth to mine and kissed her long and deep. "Mom, I love you beyond words."

She collapsed on the bed with huge tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Oh Johnny. You will never know how long I have waited to make you happy like this. I have always only wanted the best for you in everything but sex was something I knew I could do for you myself and now I have."

"Mom, I hope I have made you as satisfied and happy as you have made me." I continued with, "If so, we are going to have a lot more fucking to do as time goes on."

She nodded yes and roared with laughter.

"Let's shower and get ready for the day." I ordered.

She jumped out of the bed giving my cock a hard tug as she was going. 'C'mon big thing. I'll wash you personally." It was my turn to roar.

"Mom, hurry up with this washing bit. I have a treat for you."

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