tagErotic PoetryJohnny's Neighbor's Pursuit Game!

Johnny's Neighbor's Pursuit Game!

byUncle Pervey©

Unkind people called him simple minded,
And showed how ignorant they really were.
Johnny just thought longer than most people,
And always gave each thought a real slow stir!

Johnny grew up seeing his Mom naked,
And he'd get all excited when he did.
His Mother never thought much about it,
She'd always thought of Johnny as her kid!

Johnny was a twenty year old man now,
And he'd began to think more about sex.
His Mama and neighbor still looked real good,
And he sometimes felt like a raging Rex!

Johnny's lust was growing for his neighbor,
He thought she was as pretty as him Mom.
He'd never gotten to see her naked,
But he thought in a bikini "She's BOMB!"

Johnny's neighbor thought he could be a stud,
She'd seen him peeing by her fence one day.
She'd caught her breath when she'd seen his love tool,
And started scheming how to make him play!

Marlene was a woman who went after,
Anyone that excited her desire.
She'd seen her neighbor Lucy's son's long cock,
And felt her lust turn into burning fire!

She knew her neighbor wanted a weekend,
Alone with a boyfriend up at the lake.
She didn't want to leave her son alone,
Then Marlene told her "Go for Heaven's sake!"

"I'll keep an eye on Johnny while you're gone,
You know how much he loves it in my pool.
We'll swim and have a cook out every night."
But she was thinking about Johnny's tool!

Marlene watched Lucy and her boyfriend leave,
And when Johnny came out she called to him.
"Hey there Johnny I got an idea,
Come on over and we'll go for a swim!"

Johnny smiled and called back "Just a minute,
I gotta go and put on my swimsuit."
Marlene called back "Wait a moment Johnny,
Come now and I'll teach you to play Pursuit!"

Johnny smiled and followed Marlene inside,
He loved to watch his neighbor's bottom moved.
He'd always thought his neighbor was pretty,
And thought when her ass swayed she really grooved!

Marlene led him out to the swimming pool,
And told him "First of all take off your clothes,
My game of pursuit is like Water Tag,
And as we play I'll explain how it goes!"

Johnny felt a little bit embarrassed,
He'd never gotten naked quite like this.
He thought "I'll get to see Marlene naked,
And maybe if I'm lucky steal a kiss!"

Marlene gave a gasp when she saw his cock,
It was hanging sstraight down six inches long.
She told him to swim to the other side,
And then she stripped and followed right along!

Johnny came up for air and looked around,
But Marlene wasn't anywhere in sight.
Before he could feel his disappointment,
His neighbor's naked body came in sight!

She grinned at Johnny "Guess what, you just lost,
When I caught up with you I won this part.
Now before I explain the game some more,
Is there something you want before I start?"

Johnny was watching Marlene's breasts bobbing,
He blushed and then he asked "Do you mean it?"
When he saw Marlene smile and nod he gasped,
"I'd like to lick and suck on both your tits!"

Marlene moved his hands to her naked waist,
And leaned back with a sigh and saucy grin.
"Well now Johnny," Marlene purred "Help yourself,
There's no time like the present to begin!"

As Johnny leaned down to lick her left breast,
He felt his growing cock slide in her bush.
Then in a daze, as he sucked her nipple,
His hands slid around her and cupped her tush!

Marlene slid her legs up around his waist,
And gasped when she felt his cock sliding in.
She felt his cock go inside all the way,
And she wrapped her legs around him tight then!

Marlene wanted to swallow his first load,
Because she knew his first cum would be fast.
She had her plans for a private orgy,
And she'd keep Johnny fucking to the last!

Johnny felt his cock deep inside her hole,
And the heat around his cock felt sublime.
He sucked on her nipple til it got hard,
And found her other nipple also prime!

Marlene could feel Johnny was getting close,
By the way his cock was jumping inside.
She slipped off and had him sit on the edge,
And her mouth and tongue gave his cock a ride!

Johnny felt the heat of Marlene's hot mouth,
Engulf his tingling cock all the way.
She started sucking and licking his cock,
And he felt his cock begin spurting spray!

Johnny felt his cock bending down her throat,
And felt his cum spurt out in pulsing gobs.
He held Marlene's head pressed tight to his crotch,
And she sucked down his cum in gulping sobs!

Johnny felt weak enough to pass right out,
The pleasure and joy he felt blew his mind.
Marlene kept licking til his cum was gone,
And giggled with a gasp "I think I've dined!"

"That's a special treat," Marlene grinned at him,
"And I know we'll have lots more fun today.
Now come down here and change places with me,
There's another part of this game to play!"

Johnny slid down and Marlene took his place,
And she spread her legs open for her turn.
Johnny closed in to admire her pussy,
Then licked and sucked her pussy til she squirmed!

Johnny thought Marlene's clit was delicious,
He licked and sucked it til it looked inflamed.
Then he plunged his tongue in her pussy's hole,
And knew he'd always love this Pursuit game!

Marlene started cumming in Johnny's mouth,
And he kept gulping down her juicy flow.
her hips kept jerking wildly as he ate,
And all she could gasp was "Go, Johnny, go!"

Marlene was laying collapsed and twitching,
And Johnny kept on licking her sweet clit.
When his tongue licked her clit Marlene would jerk,
And finally she gasped out "Please please quit!"

Johnny rubbed his face inside her pussy,
It's steaming woman's scent was pure delight.
He looked at Marlene with adoring eyes,
And whispered "I'd love to eat you all night!"

"Your pussy smells like pure Heaven to me,
And I know it tastes like something Divine.
My cock felt so good when it was inside,
I came close to nearly losing my mind!"

"Oh you rascal" Marlene giggled and sighed,
"You're talking is so smooth you'll get it all!
I can tell you're going to make girls happy,
And every girl you love will have a ball!"

"Now help me up and we'll go find my bed,
Your penalty for losing's not done yet.
There's a lot of ways to have fun with sex,
And I'll make sure you get all you can get!"

Johnny followed Marlene into her house,
And he stayed close behind her to her bed.
The motion of her ass inflamed his mind,
And he wanted to give her ass some head!

She turned around and took him in her arms,
And the kiss she gave him made his toes curl!
Johnny felt his cock slide between her legs,
And his brain started spinning in a whirl!

Marlene eased back and stretched out on her bed,
And then she spread her legs apart for him.
He laid down on her and shoved his cock in,
And gave her every inch of his long stem!

Marlene moaned with joy when he shoved inside,
And she cried out "Give me all your hard cock!"
She wrapped her legs up high around his waist,
And when he started fucking they both rocked!

Johnny felt his cock sliding deep inside,
And as he fucked he felt her fire growing.
He felt his cock start jerking and spurting,
And he felt her fire on his cock flowing!

"Oh fuck me Johnny" Marlene was gasping,
"Your hot cum's spray is setting me on fire!
Fill me with hot cum til you burn my soul,
Oh Johnny Johnny, you're all I desire!"

Johnny's mind was transfixed with flashing lights,
And with each spurt those bright lights exploded.
He'd never felt pleasure like this before,
And those bright lights flared til he unloaded!

Marlene gasped and giggled with pure pleasure,
"Just look at how you're punished when you lose.
This is a small part of your penalty,
But Johnny I think you burned up my cooze!"

"Oh no Marlene," Johnny was horrified,
"Please don't say I hurt you in any way.
Marlene hugged him tight and whispered "Sorry,
You shouldn't believe everything I say!"

"I was just paying you a compliment,
I've never been fucked in a nicer way.
You've given me a cum to remember,
And both of us will cum a lot today!"

"Oh Marlene you're so nice," Johnny hugged her,
"There's lots of things I want to do to you.
You're everything that's wonderful to me,
And I want to keep doing these things with you!"

Marlene was exhausted from her pleasure,
And thought she'd just let Johnny have his way.
She asked him what he wanted to do next,
And Johnny said "I want to love your sway!"

She didn't know exactly what he meant,
But then Johnny asked her to turn over.
She giggled as she figured out the "sway,"
And rolled to her stomach on her bolster!

The bolster raised her hips into the air,
And Johnny went to work on her bare ass.
He washed both her round cheeks with his wet tongue,
And licked down in her crevis to her brass!

Marlene never had her ass loved before,
And she'd never guessed it could be this fun.
But Johnny's licking tongue had her purring,
And she knew something new had just begun!

Johnny licked all over her tight asshole,
And pushed against her spincter til it gave.
He felt her spincter muscle squeeze his tongue,
And he tongue-fucked her asshole like a slave!

Johnny licked and tongue-fucked her tight Rose-Bud,
And Marlene felt her pussy start to flow.
She felt her climax bursting with wild joy,
And when she came she just gasp "Oh yes, oh!"

Johnny slurped out all Marlene's pussy's juice,
And knew it tasted better than good wine.
He slurped and swallowed every single drop,
And thought there was no better way to dine!

Johnny wanted his cock inside her ass,
And he moved on her warm moist silky back.
He felt his hard cock slide between her cheeks,
And his cock found her asshole in her crack!

The point of his cock nudged her spincter ring,
And Johnny pushed til he felt it slide in.
He felt it squeezing his cock all the way,
And Marlene gasped when she felt him begin!

She gasped at how big Johnny's hard cock felt,
Her poor asshole felt like it was on fire.
Marlene thought her asshole was being ripped,
But the feeling made her feel hot desire!

Johnny moved his cock in and out real slow,
His cock was sliding in her silky path.
Her hole was hot and squeezing him so tight,
He started cumming in her warm shit bath!

When Johnny felt his cock start squirting cum,
He pressed his spurting cock in all the way.
He felt Marlene's asshole muscles milk him,
And he felt his cock jerk with every spray!

Marlene was moaning from the sudden heat,
She thought Johnny's hot cum felt like hot coals.
"Oh Johnny" Marlene gasped "Your cum's so hot,
Your cum is firing up my very soul!"

Johnny collapsed on Marlene's warm wet back,
With his cock still in her hole getting squeezed.
It felt to him just like a good blowjob,
And he knew he could never feel more pleased!

Marlene was tensing her spincter muscles,
And she could feel her bowels clasping him tight.
She smiled when she felt his cock start growing,
And gasped "We'll keep this up all day and night!"

And that's exactly what both of them did,
They ate and sucked and fucked the whole weekend.
Marlene told him it would be their secret,
And they would always be good FUCKING Friends!!

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