tagBDSMJoin the Party Ch. 04

Join the Party Ch. 04


The stranger's finger continued its insistent pressure against her tight amber ring. He spat, and she felt the spittle ooze down the cleft of her buttocks. He used it to lubricate her, but it only eased the passage of his finger into her slightly. She held her breath as he forced the tip of his finger inside up to the first knuckle.

It stung so much: she could feel her ring being stretched and bit down on her lip, almost drawing blood in an attempt to stop from crying out. He began to thrust, burying his finger deep into her tight hole, and she felt a hollow sensation building up inside her, warmth radiating from her pelvis. Her ring had slightly loosened by now and he slipped another finger in alongside the first, wriggling both of them, massaging the walls of her rectum. She heard him spit again, and he removed his fingers.

Lubricating his cock with his saliva, he pressed against her hole, the bulbous tip dilating the still very tight muscle. She felt as though the air was being forced out of her as his thick cock forced it's way through the resistance. The pain was sharp, spiking to new heights when he pulled back, almost out from her, stretching the muscle with the angry purple cockhead.

He began to rock against her, holding her hips, pulling her back against him so she could feel his weighty scrotum bouncing against her thighs. He was buried to the hilt in her, incoherent groans of pleasure arising from his throat. She was so tight, so hot and she still tried to resist him: all this did was to clench his cock tighter in the grip of her rectal muscles, giving him more pleasure and more sensation.

He steadied himself for a moment, and with one arm reached down under her to feel for her clit and pussy lips. Despite her pain, she was wet: her sweet juices were flowing. He began to massage her clit, rolling his fingers around it, encircling it and pulling gently until the tight pink bud stood erect. He wanted her to come whilst he was still buried in her dark passage, he wanted to feel her muscles clench around him and milk him of his seed. What he wanted most of all was to see his oily come ooze from her abused hole, and to see someone else use that come as lube for the next assault on her ravaged, once-virgin entrance.

But the rules were that she wasn't allowed to come until she had been degraded in all possible ways, until her spirit had been broken and she was truly their fuck-toy. He could sense Rachel's breathing patterns change: despite her pain, she was close to orgasm and he could feel her hunching her pelvis, pushing her clit against his searching fingers. Reluctantly he withdrew his hand and her disappointment was palpable. She groaned out loud, forgetting for a moment what the result of this would be. A loud slap ricocheted around the room, and a handprint blossomed on the pale skin of her buttocks. This was repeated until she could feel her bottom hot and glowing, the pain matched by that emitting from her tortured amber ring. The thrusting continued without cessation throughout her beating, and the two sensations combined in her mind until she became confused, beginning to enjoy the pain.

Suddenly he came, pumping sticky white seed deep into her bowels. She felt his cock subside a little, and he slipped out from her, followed by a flood of his viscous juice.

But there was no respite for her: another of her captors rapidly took his place. Her rosebud was still dilated, gaping slightly, and she accepted this assault quietly: the pain was less and the sperm already deposited in her eased his passage somewhat.

This displeased him though; he wanted her in pain and fear, and with a vicious thrust he rammed himself deeply into her. There was no finesse to his technique; this was a brutal attack, slamming his cock like a jackhammer, pounding into her.

She tried to brace herself against the pillows, the force of his thrusts threatening to push her into the bed head. Without her hands free she could do nothing though, and she had to try and turn sideways to avoid being smothered. As she changed position, he misjudged his thrust and slipped from her. As punishment she received another stinging slap and he tried to pull her kneeling into the right position again. He was stopped by one of his companions who suggested something that Rachel hadn't heard of before, and which terrified her.

Her hands were released, and for a moment she was able to relax her shoulders, her muscles aching with being extended above her head for so long.

The bed dipped under the weight of one of them, and she was manhandled into position. She was lying back against his chest, almost horizontally along his body and she could feel the hard muscle of his chest and abdomen against her back, and the bristle of his body hair. He pulled back her legs and she suffered a pang of shame as she realised that she was so completely exposed. His erect cock nudged at her buttocks and she knew that he meant to fuck her ass in this position. Willing hands helped to manoeuvre her and she groaned as he stuffed his fat cock deep into her, her abused rectal muscles cramping at the repeated invasion. Her thighs were still held back, and in shock, she felt another cock head pressing against her, this time pushing into her velvet-lined sex, already coated in another mans sperm. She despaired: she couldn't possibly take two of them at once, but again her body betrayed her and both cocks slid into her.

The two men started to move rhythmically, both moving in perfect timing, filling Rachel unmercifully full of hard pulsating cock. In delirium, she began rocking feverishly in rhythm between them, and knew that her cunt was producing thick honeyed juices in response to the stimulation. She leaned back, and felt one abuser bring his hands up to caress her breasts. This time, the touch was almost gentle, delicately rolling her nipples and stroking the bruised flesh softly. The two slowly shafting cocks continued to pump deep into her sodden holes.

With sudden realisation, Rachel knew that this was what she had been searching for. She knew that she had needed to feel this way: her cunt was aching and throbbing, wanting release but not wanting this to stop.

She couldn't help herself: she came violently, screaming with release, juices flowing from her pussy. The two men fucking her pulled out from her tight holes, still erect, but worried at what might now happen that their prey had seemingly enjoyed their attentions.

The sharp voice of her female captor broke through Rachel's post-orgasmic haze.

'Taste your juices,' she demanded.

Without hesitation, Rachel's hand went down to her pussy and scooped up the love-juices she found there. Her own sweet scent was mixed with come, and she brought her hand to her mouth. She sucked hungrily on her fingers, trying to get all of the juices off, enjoying putting on a show for them all. She could taste the salty tang of sperm, and her fingers went back, playing in the folds of her sex, looking for more.

Her kidnappers smiled: what else would this bitch do for them?

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