tagBDSMJoin the Party Ch. 05

Join the Party Ch. 05


Time was moving on: the instigator of Rachel's systematic degradation knew that she had to get Rachel back home soon so as not to raise suspicions.

She looked down at their captive lying on the bed. Rachel's arms and legs were now free, yet she made no attempt to remove her blindfold or try to escape. Instead, she continued to probe her own pussy, her fingers exploring the moist folds of her sex, playing with her clit, rubbing and pinching, tormenting her own flesh for the pleasure of those watching. The two men who had withdrawn from her prematurely stood close to the bed watching her slim body writhe, one hand now moving upwards to caress her own breasts, the other desperately trying to fill her pussy, 3 fingers pushed in as far as she could reach. Their cocks were still hard, almost painfully so, watching the young girl exhibit herself, masturbating as though she was unaware of her audience.

Their leader reached down and her fingers joined Rachel's in the girl's pussy. Feeling the wetness there, she ordered the men to hold the girls arms away. Pinned to the bed, Rachel gave in again. The woman thrust 3 fingers inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy. She could feel the heat of the walls of the young girl's cunt sucking her in, and wanted to see Rachel stretched open for her, the skin taut and her clit erect and ripe for sucking. She managed to slide in 4 fingers of her left hand, bunched tight until they were buried inside Rachel's reddened sex and half of the palm of her hand was inside. This was getting uncomfortable for Rachel but when the woman began to massage her clit with her thumb, and leant forward to suck on it she was close to coming again. She could feel her juices flowing. Then, with disbelief, she felt the woman slowly push in her thumb, bent in tight against her palm, until all 5 fingers were inside. Rachel had a sudden impression of how this would look, her pussy being raped by this woman's hand, and how she herself was aching for an orgasmic release once again.

The sight of their victim in this position was too much for the rest of them; the two men who had so nearly come inside her needed release and they knelt on either side of her on the bed. If they weren't allowed to come inside her slender body, then they were determined to loosen their load onto her face or breasts. Their cocks were both straining for release, and Rachel was ordered to help them. Both men were jerking off slowly, their cocks purple and angry in their fists. Both were roughly massaging her breasts, pulling at the nipples, kneading the flesh. She brought up a hand to help both of them, squeezing and massaging their thick shafts, but she found it difficult to concentrate while her thoughts were so fixed on the hand invading her pussy, massaging her pussy walls and so determined to stimulate her clit. She could feel the cocks stiffen under her fingers, and marvelled in the sensation of their erections. The skin was as soft and smooth as velvet, covering a core of hard iron. She traced her fingertips around the heads, running her hands down to caress their balls, weighing their globes in the palm of her hand, wanting to kiss and lick all their juices away. She could feel their scrotums tightening, and knew they were ready to come. She was close as well, the woman's fingers never ceasing in their stimulation of her eager clit. She felt them both tense, and almost simultaneously, both men erupted. Warm seed spurted over her, streams of milky juices falling onto her face, in her mouth, in her hair and across her body. Rachel revelled in the sensation, lost in the feeling of abandonment, her hands releasing their cocks and spreading the come over her body, massaging her breasts with it and bringing her fingers to her mouth to taste them.

She could feel her second orgasm began to build, the torment of her needy clit reaching a peak. As she played with her breasts, covered in sticky juices, the woman's fingers thrust repeatedly inside her, triggering a spasm of sensation that rose from deep inside, overwhelming her. She came with a deep groan, not caring what would happen to her, knowing only that she had to vocalise her pleasure and her satisfaction.

All movement ceased. There was silence in the room, and then Rachel heard them making plans. Her clothes were given back to her and she was helped into them, still sticky with come and her juices. Her legs were weak and she wondered how long she had been entrapped, but it couldn't have been more than a few hours.

She was bundled into the van again, guided there still blindfold.

She was dazed, her mind whirling with confusion over what had happened to her. She had been kidnapped, repeatedly abused, and yet she didn't want this to end. Her cataclysmic orgasms had been like nothing she had ever experienced before, and she wanted more. She wanted to explore this newly discovered side of herself.

The van came to a shuddering halt, and she was unceremoniously shoved out of the door. They had even remembered her shopping bags so that she would have an excuse for her parents.

Rachel felt bereft: the van drove off; no word was said by anyone. She removed her blindfold and realised that she was close to the end of her street, only a few moment's walk from home. With unsteady legs, she set off.

Her parents, indulgent as always, accepted her terse explanation of shopping with a friend leading to a drink in the local pub.

She went to her bedroom, and, undressing, realised that she was still covered in come, now drying and crusting. She ran a bath and lay back, luxuriating in the bubbles, thinking. She was fairly sure who her kidnapper was, but how was she to approach her again?

Shaking her head, she reached for the soap and began to wash herself, wincing slightly as her hands smoothed over the bruises blossoming on her tender breasts. She reached down to soap her pubis, her fingers gently caressing her pussy, washing away the strangers sperm. She probed slightly: her pussy felt a little sore, but her anus was more painful. She decided that she needed to wash inside, and despite the ache, she pushed a finger inside gently. This brought back images of what had happened to her and she groaned: had she turned into some sort of slut?

She rotated her finger inside, playing with her own ass. Despite her exhaustion, she felt tremors of desire begin to ripple across her pelvis, and she had a sudden vision of a hot thick phallus raping her ass, brutally coming inside her, pumping hot seed deep into her. She shuddered: what had happened to her?

She slept soundly, her body exhausted, her mind numb.

Next day, Saturday, she slept late. She was an only child and her parents were as hoodwinked as the rest: they indulged her every whim and didn't believe in forcing her to work on Saturdays like most of her classmates. She was lounging in bed when the postman called with a package.

Her mother brought it to her room along with breakfast.

Rachel was confused: she hadn't ordered anything recently, it wasn't an Amazon package and it certainly it wasn't her birthday. She waited until her mother had left, then opened it quickly. An unlabelled videocassette fell out.

An odd feeling raced through her: part dread, part anticipation. Getting up, she closed the door firmly and put the cassette in the player.

The video opened with no titles, no introduction. The first image was of her, tied to a bed in a brightly lit room. She was naked, blindfold, and struggling against the bonds holding her ankles and wrist to the bedstead.

She watched, fascinated, as she was taken repeatedly in different positions. She watched, her hand unconsciously trailing down to her clitoris, as she was double fucked, as she was fist-fucked, as she was covered in sperm from strangers.

She knew then that she wanted this again, that her fantasies would be able to be made real through this. She watched herself coming on screen, a small part of her pleased that her breasts were so full, and that her pussy so inviting. She recognised the woman with her fingers shoved firmly into her pussy and realised that this abduction, intended as punishment, had changed her. She knew what her life had been missing to this point.

She made a resolve to be nice to Deborah on Monday morning at school. How else was she to be re-introduced to all those men again?

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