tagErotic HorrorJoined by the Night Ch. 03

Joined by the Night Ch. 03


Brianna stared at her bed, trepidation leaking from her every pore. She used to love climbing into bed at night, enthralled by where her dreams would take her. Now the idea terrified her beyond rational thought.

"It's okay, Bria. I won't let him near you." Christy's hand came down upon her shoulder, warm, comforting, something concrete that she could hold on to. "We kept him away last night, we can do it again tonight."

"But it's so unfair to you, Chris," Brianna said, turning under her friend's hand and stepping into her embrace. "You're taking a double load of classes this term plus you have to get ready for the internship and I'm asking you to spend your nights keeping an eye on me so some big bad boogey man doesn't make me pregnant."

Christy wrapped her arms around Bria, her hands resting against her back, rubbing gently. "You'd do the same for me," she said softly, her lips brushing against Bria's ear. "Besides, this way I get all my homework done before I walk into class. My professors have been really impressed with me. You know Ryan will be here at two. That boy would walk over burning coals for you."

Bria relaxed into her friend's embrace, laying her head upon Chris's shoulder. "Still...it's a huge thing you're doing for me, especially in believing me the way you have."

"Honey, no one marks themselves up like you've been marked unless they got something seriously wrong with them." She gave Bria one more squeeze and then pushed her towards the bed. "Besides, there's a James Bond marathon on tonight. That Timothy Dalton was the sexiest Bond around."

"He couldn't touch Pierce Brosnon with a Walther PPK and two martini olives and you know it, Chris," Bria joked, their usual argument since both girls had found out that they were James Bond fanatics.

"We aren't going there. Bed...NOW!" she ordered sternly.

Bria slipped under her covers, her eyes searching every corner of the room before Christy turned off the lights and picked up the remote to turn on the television. The first chords of the song Nobody Does It Better sounded until Chris turned down the television and picked up her notebook.

Bria turned on her side, putting her back to the girl, facing the wall. She yawned tiredly, her eyes closing before nerves had them popping back up.

"Quit fighting it, Bria. You're safe," Christy said.

"Okay Mom," Bria said sarcastically, pulling the covers up just a bit.

She closed her eyes, feeling that almost drugged sensation that hits just before unconsciousness. A dark shadow passed in front of her closed eyelids, a voice whispered in her ear.

"Brianna, come to me."

She struggled up through the layers of sleep, fright chasing her through the gray levels even as she kicked and fought at the covers that seemed almost to smother her. Hands grabbed her arms and she fought even harder, struggling under them.

"Bria stop! It's me, Chris."

Her eyes opened and she saw Christy sitting on the side of the bed, holding onto her flailing hands. "Chris?" she asked, than burst into tears.

Her friend's arms wrapped tightly around her, hauling her up against her. "Shush sweetie, it's okay. It's fine. You're safe."

"It was him, Chris. He almost had me."

Christy pulled back, her pretty green eyes boring into Bria's. "Who is he? What does he want?"

"Me, he wants me for some reason. Father Joseph says he wants to make me pregnant, he wants to be reborn in this world through our son." She wiped at her eyes with rough hands, angry at herself for crying yet again.

Chris pushed her red locks behind her tiny ears. "Stop," she urged, reaching out and gently wiping away the few teardrops that Bria had missed. "You're going to hurt yourself if you don't watch it, girl."

Bria watched with suddenly wide eyes as Christy tenderly wiped away the remnants of her crying jag. Her touch was soft, caring, intimate. When she was done, she didn't move her hand away, instead just let it stay, cupping Bria's cheek, lifting her face to the pretty redhead's.

"Ah, Chris..." Bria began, uncomfortable with the look in her friend's eyes. "You can let me go now, no more tears, see?"

"What if I don't want to?" Christy said softly, almost a whisper as her face dropped. She pressed a soft kiss to Bria's forehead, her lips feathering over her dark brows and down, closing both her eyes before fluttering against her cheeks. "What if I'd rather hang on?"

Before Bria could answer, Christy's lips were slipping over hers, soft, seductive and sweet. Her breath filled Bria's mouth followed quickly by her tongue as she slipped inside.

Bria was shocked. She'd known for years that Christy swung both ways depending upon her mood, but the girl had never hit on her seriously. This was pretty serious, she thought as the sensations of the kiss flooded her, tearing a moan of pure sexual delight from Bria's throat.

The buttons on her pajama top were opened so quickly it was as if done in a dream or by some magic that suddenly made the room seemed to grow and flicker with candlelight. Christy tore her lips from Bria's, sliding to her jaw line, using her teeth and tongue and mouth to seduce the sexually anorexic girl into a carnal gallery of delight.

Bria felt her top parting, felt Christy's hands slip over her flesh, her skin so hot it seemed to burn. She cupped her breasts, her thumbs rubbing with invigorating thoroughness over her taut nipples, made even more so by the forbidden naughtiness of what she was doing. When Chris leaned down, taking the tip into her mouth, Bria cried out her name, her hands coming up to hold Christy's head to her.

"That's it, baby," Christy said around Bria's nipple. "Hold on to me."

"We shouldn't be doing this," Bria moaned. The heat of Christy's mouth was like a fiery brand over her skin, suckling upon her nipple, sliding over the soft under curve of her breast before trailing down between her ribs. She felt Christy play with the ties that held her pajama pants up, tugging upon them with her teeth, slipping her tongue under the waistband to play with Bria's skin.

Every movement sent a shock of pleasure through Bria that had her head falling back upon the pillow, her hands tangling in Christy's curly red tresses. She couldn't even protest when the ties came undone and the loose fitting pajama pants slid down her long legs, swept with a careless hand to the floor. Her panties quickly followed, leaving Bria bare before Christy's avid gaze.

"I...I've never done anything like this before." Bria shivered under Christy's gaze, moving as if she would cover herself with her blanket.

"I didn't think you had, baby," Christy said, a small smile playing upon her full lips. "But you did come to college to get an education, didn't you?"

"Ha ha, very funny. Ahh," she groaned as Christy slid her fingers over Bria's smooth stomach and then down between her splayed thighs.

"Your pussy is so pretty," Christy sighed, slipping down so she lay upon her stomach, her face mere inches from Bria's exposed body. "Large puffy lips," she said, tracing them with her fingers. "Then you sneak inside and mmm, it's all pink and wet." She looked up at Bria. "I need to taste you." Christy didn't wait for permission, instead ducking her head and slicking her tongue through the folds of Bria's sex.

Bria arched against the mattress, an explosion of heat rocketing her body. Her eyes closed tightly, her hands were fisting against the soft sheets of her dorm bed. She felt every little movement of Christy's tongue as it twisted and played, sliding into her before moving upward to tickle Bria's clit. Every tiny flick sent her body careening, every well placed lick had her moaning and squirming under the talented redhead's ministrations.

"Oh God, Christy," she moaned, pushing her hips up to grind against the mouth that was giving her such incredible pleasure.

"That's it, lovey." Christy's lips latched around Bria's clit, two of her long, slender fingers slipping inside the girl's tight sheath. Her tongue attacked the captured clit even as her fingers began to thrust, slamming hard against the straining girl's grinding body.

Bria felt the pressure mounting, the need growing until it was all she could feel. Her hands rose above her head, holding onto the head board of her bed with a white knuckled grip. She strained for that feeling, that release that she could sense just beyond her, begging for it with every whimpering plea that fell from her lips.

Then she felt Christy's teeth, felt them slowly, almost painfully, bite down upon her clit. The sensation struck like a fuse, her entire body stiffening as a soundless scream left her lips. Pleasure roared through her like a tornado, sucking up everything and leaving her limp and shaking afterwards.

Her eyes were closed, a small smile upon her lips, she felt Christy kiss the inside of her thigh, raising her head. Bria knew Christy wanted her to open her eyes and look at her, but she was just too content for the moment to move.

When the bite came, it startled her enough that a small scream was torn from her, her eyes flying open. She stared around her in disbelief, seeing the same dark room, the candles that lit it, the low bed with its hanging draperies. Cuffs of leather slipped around her wrists like magic, holding her even as her eyes shot to the girl who still lay between her splayed thighs.

"You taste so good, lovey," Christy said, moving the fingers that were still firmly lodged inside Bria's body.

"Y-you're part of this, part of him?" Bria cried. "How could you? I thought you were my friend."

"I am your friend, Bria. Do you have any idea what he has in store for you?" Christy's tongue swept out, licking over Bria's still distended clit, laughing as the girl shuddered with pleasure despite her terror. "Power, pleasure, money and oh so much more, it will all be yours, Bria. You give him just a little and he'll give you the world."

Bria tried to deny the pleasure that Christy's slowly stroking fingers were giving her, but as always in this place, pleasure seemed to amplify, singing through her, setting every little hair on her body to stand up. "I don't want any of that, I can't believe you'd want me to give it to him. God, Christy, if you're my friend than you shouldn't want this for me either!"

Christy stared up at her, her green eyes almost glowing in the light of the candles. She finally sighed, pulled her fingers free of Bria's body and stood next to the low bed. With a low growl of rage that sounded almost feral, Christy began to shake, every muscle in her body twitching and quivering as if she were in some kind of fit of madness.

Bria watched in horror, hardly able to stand the sight. Christy seemed to grow, her clothing torn from her body, the skin flaying from her muscles. New skin formed almost as quickly, the muscles shifting as the shape formed.

He reached up, pushing his golden hair back from his face, his pale eyes seeming like icy fire as they roamed over her soft curves. "I'd have never thought you one to act like that with another woman, my love. I have to admit, it was quite a turn on."

"You...no!" Bria screamed, hating that she wanted to preen in front of his eyes, loathing that she wanted to tempt him and tease him into taking her body barely satiated by Christy's tongue. Her wrists twisted in the leather binding them, pain helping to remind her of what he wanted to do to her.

She scooted as far over as she could when he sat next to her, his hand coming down to rest between her breasts, cradled in her cleavage.

"You've been talking to a priest," he said, shaking his head sadly. "You've been telling tales."

Bria shook her head, her ebony locks covering her face. "N-no. I-I just wanted to make you leave me alone!"

"I can't leave you alone, Brianna. Your fate is mine." He leaned over her, holding her in place with that single hand pressed between her breasts. His hair fell around her, silky and cool against her heated flesh, causing her to shiver in reaction. She tried to struggle away from him, but his strength was overwhelming. "Tonight we will mate," he whispered, his mouth so close to her lips she could feel the heat of his breath. "Tonight you'll conceive my son."

Tears slid down her cheeks, a sob shook her slender body. "No!" she cried again.

"Bria! Wake up!"

She felt herself melting away, heard Caim's roar of rage and saw as he tore apart the room, but she was too far away for him to reach. Suddenly she could feel hands touching her, hear Ryan's voice. "Wake up, Bria. Wake up, it's just a dream."

Her eyes flashed open, seeing Ryan's face just above her. She reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding on to him as hard as she could. "Thank you," she kept repeating even as sobs tore through her body.

She didn't realize she was naked until she felt Ryan's bare hands against her back, rubbing gently as he tried to sooth her. "Oh!" she exclaimed.

Ryan smiled grimly and handed her the robe that was thrown across the foot of the bed. "I heard you screaming from down the hall, I don't know how Christy slept through it all. I know I wouldn't have been able to."

"Christy's asleep?" Bria asked, looking over her shoulder to where her roommate lay upon her own bed, a book opened on her lap, snoring softly. The remote to the television sat in her limp palm. "But she...I know it was... Wake her up, Ryan," she said.

"Wake her up? Do you understand what you're asking of me?" Ryan glanced at the sleeping Christy and then back at Brianna. His intelligent gray eyes were wary as he looked back at Christy. "She can do some of her worst damage when she's not quite awake," he said with a sigh.

Bria struggled to get out of bed, determined to wake her roommate.

"Whoa, I didn't say I wouldn't do it did I?" Ryan grumbled, sinking down on the very edge of the mattress and stretching out his arm. "Christy," he said softly, pushing at her shoulder.

"What?!" she shrieked, sitting up, her fist flailing out to be caught in Ryan's hand.

"Hey, it's just me, hold it," he grumbled. "You fell asleep."

"I did not," Christy said automatically before turning and looking at Brianna. "Oh my God, I did. I'm so sorry, Bria. He didn't..."

Bria turned her head, unable to look at Christy. "I'm fine," she said faintly.

"He did, oh God Bria, I'm so, so sorry." She got up from the bed, hurrying over to plop down on the side of Bria's bed as she normally did, not noticing the flinch that Brianna gave. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she managed to repeat through gritted teeth. "You don't remember any of it, do you?"

Christy seemed taken aback by the sudden question. "Remember what? I fell asleep, you saw me over there."

"You were there," Bria hissed. "You..." She turned her head again, unable to finish. Her heart beat hard against her chest, her face was flushed with color. She rubbed her arms, chilled and shivering, unable to get warm. Betrayal ripped at her emotions, worse than anything that Caim could have thought to do to her himself. Letting Christy... do that to her and worse, making her enjoy it hurt more than any of his brands or bruises ever could.

"I... what? What did I do?"

"You rap...raped me," Brianna whispered, looking up in time to see Christy flinch back, her hands coming up as if warding off a blow.

"I did what?"

"You raped me."

"I wouldn't...I would never..." Christy rose from the bed, her green eyes shocked, staring from Ryan and then back to Bria. "I couldn't do that to you, Bria."

"You wouldn't stop, Chris. I told you no, I did," Bria said, sounding a bit unsure. "I didn't want what you did to me."

"Then how come you sound as if you're trying to convince yourself, Brianna. I've known Christy for years. She's never and would never force herself on anyone. She doesn't have to and you know it." Ryan wrapped his arm around Christy's shoulders, holding her still and supporting her when she sagged against him. "She's been your friend for years and you should know the same thing. What's going on?!"

"Brianna is being seduced by a demon who wants her to have his child so that he can be born back to this world through his son," Christy said, the words dropping from her lips.

Ryan laughed. "No, really. Don't you think it's time I should know?" he asked when he controlled himself.

"Yes, really," Bria said, startled by how easily Christy betrayed her word of keeping her secret. "He's done all of this." She pulled up her sleeves, reaching over with one shaking hand to pull down her robe and expose the brand on her breast that was still bright red. A new bite mark showed there also, a red outline of teeth in a welt that was already bruising. "Christy did this."

"I did what?" Christy exclaimed, moving closer to see the mark. "When did I do that?"

"A few moments before Ryan came in, right before you changed into him." Bria pulled her shirt back up, holding it together at her throat and backing away from both of them. "I have to get out of here. I can't stay here any longer." She grabbed her purse, slipping her feet into her shoes.

"You can't just go out there, it's not safe," Christy said, holding out her hand but pulling it back quickly when Bria flinched away. "At least let one of us go with you."

"It's not any safer in here or with either of you," Bria snarled. "Just... Just leave me alone."

With that, she turned and hurried out of the room, the door slamming loudly behind her.

* * *

The sidewalks between the buildings and through the campus weren't completely deserted despite the lateness of the hour. Brianna slouched, her shoulders lifting, her arms coming up to wrap around herself. She kept her head down, refusing to meet the eyes of anyone she passed. She walked quickly, sticking to the lighted walkways, going through a couple of the buildings, not paying attention to where she was going.

When a hand touched her arm, she turned, her mouth opening to scream. She froze when she realized who it was, her hand going to her throat.

"Matt," she said softly, looking up into his concerned face.

"I almost didn't believe it was you when I saw you. You look...terrible, Bria."

"Gosh," she chuckled sarcastically. "Thanks."

"You know what I mean." His hand came up, slowly letting go of her arm and touching her cheek. "You're pale, your eyes are shadowed and you look scared."

"After the other day, I'm surprised you even care what I look like."

"Well," he said, ducking his head a little in shame. "I was thinking about that. There's no way a little thing like you could have knocked me that far back, no matter if you ate your Wheaties that day or not. Something's going on and I never really gave you a chance to tell me what it was."

"No, you didn't. But I don't think that much matters now. There's nothing you can do, Matt." She turned away, not moving when he grabbed her arm and stopped her. She stared down at his hand on her arm, the hand that had shyly taken hers the night they'd gone to the movie. The hand that had draped across her shoulder, squeezing gently as he'd teased her that night. He hadn't even tried to kiss her after their date, only giving her a quick hug and a grin as he watched her walk into the dorm.

"Don't walk away, please, Bria. I really felt something with you the other night, something I'd like to see how far it would go between the two of us. And I want to help you with whatever has that scared stiff look in your eyes. Please, Bria. Let me help?"

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