tagSci-Fi & FantasyJoining the Faerie Ch. 01

Joining the Faerie Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Beginnings

Two thousand and seven. It was over a hundred years since the last mingling of blood between a pure blood human and a pure blood faerie. As was once well known most of the cross breeds though not all were infertile. The vast majority of these chose to live with the faerie to avoid comments about their longevity and or the vestigial wings that some of them sported.

The faerie had retreated to remote rural areas where humans still lived in harmony with nature a couple of hundred years earlier still, so in the early years of the new millennium few in the prevailing industrial society believed in them. Fewer still had ever seen one.

Those few who had did not talk about it. Seeing strange naked people, (the faerie had never been comfortable wearing clothes) was a good way to get locked up or at least be given some medication with a whole raft of unpleasant side effects.

Dave who worked in the mental health system had no intention of being on the other side of it and kept quiet about his strange experiences. Twice on cycling or mountain climbing holidays now he had seen her. The first time it had been through binoculars when following an osprey she had been bathing in one of the less visited Scottish lochs. She had looked up at him and Dave had no doubt she knew he had been watching her but she made no effort to hide her beauty from him. Dave's right hand had been busy that night before he was able to sleep.

The next year cycling in the North of Spain she had been sitting on the other side of a fast flowing river in Los Picos de Europa, about four hours cycle ride from Buros. Had the waterfall been less noisy they could have spoken but she made no effort to cross and there was no way Dave could have done so safely. This time she made eye contact with him and Dave was unable to break away even had he wanted to. It was not just her long fair hair framing a perfectly formed pixie like face and small, pert breasts that inflamed his passion but there was something about her smile.

They had watched each other for over two hours before Dave looked away for some reason and when he looked back she was gone.

This year Dave was in Wales, walking with all his supplies on his back. There had been times when he wished there was someone he could talk to about her but every time he thought about someone who might be sympathetic he found a reason not to say anything.

As he climbed up towards the spot he had decided to camp at for the night, sweat dripping from his face in the late evening sunshine he first heard her music of her voice.

Three times is fate and if you pass the test we will be joined for life.

There was a trace of something Dave could not quite identify in her voice. Perhaps sadness, perhaps fear and suddenly with the instinct that made him so good at his job he knew that failing the test would result in his death.

I believe you are the one and that you will pass the test. It is time for our races to join once again before your people destroy the earth. Perhaps we should never have retreated though the other course would have resulted in many of our people dying.

It may not have been love at this point but looking at the perfect, naked body in front of him Dave was certainly in lust. He would have done all sorts of things like sky diving, bungee jumping etc. that he considered stupid if surviving meant he could enter what he assumed, correctly as it happened the tight, virginal cunt before him.

What do I have to do?

They hadn't even exchanged names and here he was ready to do anything she asked.

You have to give up all your friends and family in the human world for the next seven times seven years. Some will die before you have the chance to see them again. You will live only with the Faerie for that time and when you next see humans you will not have aged in their sight. It will be presumed that you died here on this mountain.

Dave shuddered. His parents would certainly be dead by then. He had many friends who would miss him including one girl who would miss more than his mind. And what would his work make of it? He was known as Mr. Reliable there. Never late, never off sick. And he loved his work and there were a couple of his psychotherapy patients who would find it really difficult to cope with his sudden disappearance.

Dave didn't know that the Faerie magic would protect those who were important to him. That would have made the decision too easy. The thought of all the people he would be letting down really hurt.

In the end there was no contest. While he and the girl he fucked every week liked each other it was not love, however much he enjoyed her long legged sexy body and she his.

I accept your terms.

There had never really been any doubt. The third time a human saw one of the Faerie of the opposite sex who was not bonded to one of their own or another race inevitably meant they were destined to be together. In the case of a Faerie with a single sister or sisters it also meant joining with them.

However the one seen would always be the first to enjoy.


Dave had no doubt what the command meant. He removed his boots, socks, and then the rest of his clothing. Somehow he knew he must first wash in the pool beside which he was camped. He wondered if it was magic when instead of leaving him breathless the water was only pleasantly cool.

Once thoroughly clean himself Dave picked her up in his arms careful of the wings which looked far more delicate than they were in reality to carry her into the water.

Dave needed minimal instruction for the next part of the ceremony. This required him to wash every part of the Faerie's body. Long ago when humans knew and regularly mixed with the winged folk some said that this was in order to ensure the Faerie woman was sufficiently turned on before losing her virginity. Strangely he had read about the same custom among a tribe in a remote part of South America.

Only now did Dave think to ask the vision in front of him her name.

It is when we are joined together as nature intended that the ceremony is complete. Then when we are joined for all eternity shall you hear my name should you not already know it.

It was with silent worship that Dave washed the Faerie's already clean body. After washing each part he would kiss that same part and intent on her pleasure as he was, could not help noticing the continued build up of blood in his already turgid member.

When he reached the muscles on her back at the base of her wings instinctively he started to massage the tension out of them and heard the first moan of pleasure from her lips. Ignorant as he was Dave soon learned that these muscles were a source of sexual pleasure for the Faerie. He continued his massage long after all tension had left the area before completing washing her back.

It goes without saying that Dave also paid special attention to her breasts and pussy while washing them. It was with a nipple in his mouth, one hand gently separating her labia and playing with her clitoris while the other massaged the muscles supporting her wings that he gave her the first orgasm of their relationship.

Still unsure if it was safe for her to lie on her back, squashing her wings Dave took her to the soft mossy bank and after laying her on her side started to explore with his tongue. When he reached the source of her nectar she opened her thighs to give him better access to the juices that had so deliciously flooded her sex only moments before. Licking her inner and outer lips and probing as far as he could reach he felt her hands pushing him with a strength he hadn't realised she would possess against her bare mound. (The Faerie do not grow any pubic hair.)

It didn't take an expert in the art of love-making to detect her need. Dave took her clitoris between his lips and again she cried out her pleasure as her vaginal walls started to spasm.

Now it was her turn to take control. With a force that would have been impossible for a human of the same size she turned him onto his back. Dave lifted himself up high enough to see her sex in all it's glory as she ran his engorged head up and down her glistening vagina, mixing her freely flowing juices with the large bead of pre-cum that had formed.

Squatting she lowered herself down on him and he felt the grip of her tight entrance. Hearing her gasp he waited long enough for her to get used to him before moving. Each time he raised his hips he saw less of his cock between their sweating bodies. (He hadn't known that Faeries sweat, but then up until around two years ago he would have sworn they didn't exist!)

Feeling a barrier he tried to slow down but the Faerie was having none of it. As she impaled herself on him she told him to hang on tight as he felt a strange pulsing that was completely new to him.

Dave sat up pulling her breasts to his eager mouth as she rode him, his hands reaching again to the muscles below her wings. He realised that her wings were beating, fast like a bee's but with a strange pulsating rhythm that coursed through her body to his including his rigid penis.

Locked together with arms, legs and of course their sexual organs they lifted high in the air on the Faerie's mating flight.

No mortal man could withstand that pulsating rhythm combined with the other sensations bombarding Dave's penis. High above the mountains, oblivious to the cold despite his nakedness Dave felt the Faerie's vaginal muscles grip his cock just as he started to pump jet after jet of his cum, allowing his sperm their battle towards her four waiting ovaries.

As they descended together, still joined as one Dave saw the Faerie's three sisters sitting on the ground with what looked like the most expensive meal he had ever had prepared for him.

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