Joker & the Queen of Hearts

byMy Erotic Tail©

"That would be lovely. You do tend to make me laugh," Amber said as if Mrs. Peters herself had spoken, elegantly. John reached and took Amber's hand gently as they began started a rhythm of steps with the music. John pulled Amber closer to him lightly and the gap between them closed.

"Do you find it humorous that a prominent figure in the community who's words and dress are noted daily would let himself go and become a carefree verbal court jester?" John said with a snicker.

"About as funny as a lowly Boutique clerk trying to be a Queen," Amber replied shyly.

"Boutique? That's anything but lowly," John said reassuring. Amber smiled and thought of the lady like manner of Mrs. Peters and then tried to mimic her peer.

"Perhaps it's in how you look at it, I mend the fabric of the people and you deal with it's unraveling." Amber said with an air of intellect. Their dancing pace remained in sync as they flowed around the wooden oval floor.

"Witty... I like that," John said with a smile. They continued to enchant each other till the song ended. The floor wasn't nearly as crowded as the Annual Celebration dance but it still held quite a few delighted dancing partners. "Care to step out for some cool, refreshing air?" John asked as he fanned himself vigorously then fanned Amber and they both smiled.

"Excellent idea," Amber replied and the two walked off the dance floor across the carpet to the outer balcony of the Country Club. The large glass doors were propped open for easy access and the coolness. John's arm fell to the small of Amber's back. She smiled and snuggled into his strong frame as they walked across the balcony to the railing. Looking out across the garden into the lighted entrance and driveway.

Vehicles were still pulling into the large circle drive to drop off more people to the Celebration. A Pirate climbed out of a long white Limousine and turned to aid a woman dressed in a Gown with a queens head piece and a scepter. Standing and waiting for their transportation was a masked individual with another who wore an all black cape. Amber and John quietly watched from the balcony.

John leaned against the railing, turning towards Amber and fell into a mesmerizing gaze. "Perhaps we could have dinner one night when we're not pretending to be someone else?" John asked with a smile. Amber slighted a look towards him then quickly darted her eyes back towards the lighted entrance.

"Perhaps," Amber said with a smile.

"Your dress is lovely but I somehow believe that what ever your wearing your still the queen of hearts." John said as he placed an arm around Amber. She leaned into his warmth.

"I have to be going soon," Amber said sadly while still looking out into the darkness.

"But my Queen you have my Heart where ever may I retrieve it?" John said while taking Amber's hand and turning her towards him for an eye to eye.

"The Ole Town Boutique, is where I work but it is struggling so it may not be there long." Amber said sadly then snuggled into John as their heads came closer together. Amber tilted her head slightly inviting. John leaned in further and kissed Amber. As he drew back slowly Amber leaned in forward for more. John sensed this and their lips mashed in a twirling of tongues and grasping of fingers, excitedly.


The door swung open to the Ole Town Boutique as Amber come in excitedly carrying the Queen Victoria dress in its leather cover. Her pace was quick and flighty. Her smile was glowing between her flush red cheeks. She whisked over to the hanger and hung the dress and turned toward Mrs. Peters who had her hands encircled in each other and standing next to Mr. Peters.

"Thank you two so much, I had a wonderful time. It was magical." Amber rambled as she turned towards the silent pair that stood there. "Where shall I put the dress Mrs. Peters?"

"Where ever you like my dear, it's yours?" Mrs. Peters said with a smile but a tear rolled down her cheek. Amber's face showed her confusion.

"What?" Amber spat.

Mrs. Peters pointed towards an alternate wall and Amber turned to see what she was pointing at. There in a slight shadow stood John O'Bannon with a smile. His gray suit with tie put a different look about him but recognizable.

"It's yours. I bought it for you." John said smiling. Amber shot Mrs. Peters a look and Mrs. Peters nodded in agreement.

"Oh Mrs. Peters." Amber said and went to give her employer a hug.

"My dear, I will never wear the dress again and it only works it's magic on those who wear it and Mr. O'Bannon paid handsomely for it so the Boutique will remain open for all the days of my life. So seems we all get what we want." Mrs. Peters said with a sniffling smile. "Mr. O'Bannon is trying to sweep you off your feet, My Dear. Perhaps you should thank him?" Mrs. Peters said with a slight nudge towards Amber playfully.

Amber looked at John who stood proudly with his hands crossed in front of him. She took a few steps towards him then as she got close she lunged at him with a powerful hug. Wrapping her arms around his neck tightly, squeezing.

"Thank you kind sir," Amber said into his ear as she pulled even tighter. "What ever did I do to deserve such a dress?"

"You stole my Heart when you wore it. I'm hear to claim it back," John said with a smile.

"You've got to be joking, right...Joker?" Amber blurted then giggled.

"No dear it's no joke," Mrs. Peters said reassuring. Amber turned with wide eyes and a smile towards John. She stepped even closer to him as her head tilted up John looked down. Their lips met lightly as their arms encircled one another. Amber pulled back slightly and looked deeply into John's eyes then leaned in and kissed him again.


Tongues twirling and lips mashed together John and Amber kissed passionately. Their hands roamed wildly over each other as John hovered above Amber with his thrusting strides. His head tilted down as his lips ravished hers. Licking and lapping at her tongue playfully as he pressed deeply into her. Amber's hands grasped his ass with both hands and pulled tightly. Her head turned back and forth from one side to the other as her moans intensified.

John began pumping feverishly with tightened muscles as he released his desire. The warm sensation brought Amber to ecstasy. Her orgasm gushed as John began pulsing and throbbing deeply within Amber. John looked down at Amber as she soared on an endorphin flight. His withdrawal was quick as his cock left Amber's wet warm pussy. The sound of wetness was heard as his cocks head plopped from her tightened slippery vagina.

John laid next to Amber whom was trying to regain her focus. Her huge smile made John grin as he continued to gaze at her with affection.

"Happy Anniversary Honey and Happy Harvest day and Halloween." John said laughing extra loud to get Amber's attention. Her eyes opened then opened wider as she saw John holding out a box.

"What's this," Amber asked with curiosity. She pulled herself up to the head board and leaned deeply into the pillows. John pushed his hand closer to Amber for her to take the present. Her fingers gently plucked the tiny box from John's hand as she looked up at John with a smile.

"It's a grand piano," John said with a smile.

"Oh...the Joker strikes again," Amber replied becoming use to his jester remarks. They giggled together as Amber opened the tiny box. "Oh John..."

"Will you marry me?" John asked while taking her hand into his. "I was going to wait till the Annual Harvest Celebration tonight but I couldn't wait any longer. I love you Amber, Queen of my Heart, marry me?" Amber's eyes tear'd up as she put her hand over her mouth and nodded yes. "Is that a yes?" John asked as if he knew but wanted to hear it.

Amber's arm slung around John with a tight hug that followed. Holding the box with the ring in her other hand as she began to weep with joy. John returned her hug with his arms wrapping around her. Amber whispered with much difficulty while sniffling at Johns neck, "Yes John O'Bannon the Joker, I'll marry you."


"Aaaaaaahhh...HELP! No, please no more...Aaaaahhhh. Amber screamed loudly. Her hands were bound tightly above her. Her ties pulled her up and off the floor slightly. Hanging naked from a beam of a small barn. The hay bails were stacked on one side and the pens for livestock on the other. Centered in the drafty open area dangling while lashing and pulling to get free. Kicking and swinging till her arms hurt then settled down slightly till she was hit again.


"Stop please...what do you want? Please stop," Amber pleaded as the leather strap struck her again. Full swing swats across her red ass. Her body quivered with pain as the blows crashed across her whelped up rump. "STOP! Please?" Amber pleaded while jerking violently.

"You've been a bad little girl Amber and you need to be taught a lesson.

"SLAP!" Came another blow to her ass cheeks. He reached up from behind her and grasped a hand full of her hair and pulled tightly spinning her around to face him. His other hand reached out and gripped her mouth as Amber began to scream. Then she saw her assailant. His hand pressed across the lower half of her face as he grew closer and closer to her.

Removing his hand he pressed his lips to hers tightly. Gripping the back of her head and pulling her head to his. He licked across her lips and Amber gasped for air with a deep breath. While her mouth was open he stuck his tongue in quickly licking her tongue. Amber chomped down like lightening but missed his darting mouths muscle. He snickered as he stepped back from Amber with a chuckle then spun her around. Gripping her battered red ass and steadying her in front of him.

"No Mr. Peters...No! Why are you doing this?" Amber cried.

"Zip," was all she heard till she felt his intrusion. Pressing deeply into her. His hands gripped her waist tightly and pulled her towards him. The prick of pressure between her legs caused her to jolt against her restraints. Mr. Peters thrusted more and more, deeper and deeper. Wildly, pumping her, pressing his cock in and out, in a feverish manner.

"Please stop Mr. Peters...PLEASE!" Amber pleaded.

Mr. Peters slapped her ass hard as he humped at her hanging body. Then gripped her hips again with both hands and began thrusting wildly. His pants and wheezing lungs sounded his tiring. The stench of tobacco reeked heavily. Amber cried as she pulled tightly on the binding rope.

"Freeze...POLICE!" The back door burst open with shattering wood. Two Officers entered with their guns drawn and aiming at Mr. Peters. Amber sank as her muscles gave out knowing someone had come to her aid. Mr. Peters looked with wide eyes and dropped jaw. Frozen in motion with gripping hands.

One of the Officers proceeded to the larger door opposite the back door. Raised the slat of wood that barred the double barn doors. Swinging it back slightly as several other officers entered. Then a man dressed in a Joker outfit.

The first officer had pushed Mr. Peters back slightly and turned him around and began handcuffing him. Another ran to Amber unfolding his knife and slashed at the rope above her. She fell with dead body weight but the officer was prepared and caught her quickly and covered her with a blanket that another officer offered. Amber got her footing and stood upright as they untied her arms The Joker walked up and wrapped his arms around Amber as Amber wrapped hers around him. Sobbing and squeezing tightly as she let out her emotions.

"You got to be kidding, a Joker, again? Not very original are you Mr. O'Bannon?" Mr. Peters said in his sarcastic way as the officers were taking him away. John turned on his heels with anger but Amber's pulling arms made is haste wait as he replied.

"I'm a Joker one day a year. But remember...I'm the Judge the rest of the year." John said with sternness. Amber sank into Johns chest and they left arm in arm as Mr. Peters was put into the police vehicle and taken away.

"When you didn't show up to the Annual Harvest Celebration I knew something was wrong. I informed the Police and they began the search. A woman called in and said she was awakened by an Angelic Woman telling her to alert the authorities. It was a neighboring home near this barn. So we converged here and found you." John said excited as he tried to calm Amber whom was still buried into Johns chest with her arms wrapped tight.




Reporter: Jack Diamond

The JOKER comes face to face with PETERS...

...Who Jack'd his Queen of Hearts and played with his "Ace in the Hole." Peters was hard to interview as he spewed his dribble, about revenge of passion. Some lunacy about his wife being an angel and him being the devil. Mrs. Peters business has been thriving despite her spouses outlandish crime. She contributes it to her husbands disappearance and her purse not being raped any longer. She also gives tribute to her famed employee, The Queen of Hearts who married the Joker. Who will lay the cards on the table to Peters. He is expected to receive imprisonment for the maximum amount of time allowed by law. But in no time at all Peters will become the Queen of Clubs in prison for many years.

John O'Bannon and Amber plan to make an official announcement of their engagement, but the scoop is that she's also announcing her pregnancy and she's having a deuce. This will be at the Annual Harvest Celebration and Halloween ball which will be hosted by none other than The Joker and the Queen of Hearts.

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