tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJon's Crazy Summer Ch. 01

Jon's Crazy Summer Ch. 01


(This story is posted to the Literotica website. Do NOT post it anywhere else without permission from the author. This story contains themes of a man in a relationship being tempted to cheat by a coworker. If you're not comfortable with this subject matter, please stop reading now. I do not condone any of the actions undertaken by characters in this story, it is purely a work of fiction and fantasy. That being said I hope you enjoy it!)


Jon was your typical 21-year old, he was enjoying his summer, and already eagerly looking forward to finishing up his bachelors degree after just one more school year. Even though he had finished writing his last exam only a week prior, he knew he needed to find a job over the break, but he didn't want anything too serious. He fully intended on quitting the job as soon as the fall semester started back up again so he could put his full effort into his studies.

He had been dropping applications at the usual places, restaurants, retail outlets, and the like, but had yet to get a call back for an interview. The job market was certainly much more competitive than it used to be. So Jon was thrilled when he received a call from one of the restaurants asking him to come in for an interview, they were looking for a line cook to help out with the summer rush. This was perfect for Jon, as the position was temporary, and intended for a University student. He wouldn't have to feel guilty about quitting when the time came. Jon had some experience in the kitchen as he had worked in restaurants in previous summers, and during high school.

Jon was excited to share the good news as he knocked at the door and waited patiently for an answer. As the door swung open he was greeted by a comforting and familiar sight, his girlfriend Jenna. Even after 5 years of dating, he still couldn't help himself from admiring her beauty. Jenna was of average height, but every thing else about her was certainly above average. She had beautiful, full, long blonde hair which she always styled into very soft loose curls which framed her pretty face nicely. She had large blue eyes, which were such a vivid colour that people often asked if she wore coloured contacts, and many other women often had trouble hiding their jealousy and displeasure when she informed them of otherwise. Jenna's body was nothing to ignore either, she often spent her time doing yoga so she had a great figure. Every part of her was well toned and firm, her breasts were a nice firm B-cup, and her ass was small, but not without a nice shape to it. Jon smiled as his eyes admired her from top to bottom.

"Hi baby!" Jenna greeted him. "So what's the good news you had to rush over here to tell me?"

"I got an interview!" Jon said proudly.

"Great! I knew someone would call you back eventually, where is it at?"

"Ted's Steakhouse, they're looking for a temporary line cook to work over the summer. The pay wont be great, but it should be a good fit for me."

Jenna wrapped her arms around him giving him a congratulatory kiss. She had been in love with Jon since they first got together during their senior year of high school. He was charming, sweet, funny, and extremely quick-witted. Jon was the sort of person that everyone liked when they met him, he gave off a very positive vibe, and always seemed to be in a good mood. Jenna loved his red hair, and short beard. She certainly appreciated his body too, he was well toned and in great shape, he had the body of a football player. A European football player that is, he was relatively slim with a very healthy looking build, not the large bulky American football player type. Jenna herself had already finished school, having done a 2-year diploma program. She had spent the last year working as a travel agent while Jon continued his studies. They both still lived at home with their parents, and were equally looking forward to the day Jon finished school and they could afford to get a place together.


Jon wasn't nervous as he arrived for his interview. His impeccable social skills had allowed him to lock down any job he had ever interviewed for in the past. As Jon entered the restaurant he stood beside the hostess' booth waiting to get someone's attention. It was still early in the business day, and there seemed to be only one table occupied at the moment. As Jon waited patiently, a server passed by and took notice of him.

"Sorry about the wait. I'll go get the hostess and she'll get you a seat." She said as she turned towards the kitchen.

"Actually I'm here for an interview with Ted, I'm Jon Benson." Jon corrected her.

"Oh, okay follow me please." She smiled warmly.

Jon followed as she began to lead him towards Ted's office in the back. She slowed her pace and looked back at Jon with a slight smile on her face.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" She asked.

In fact she did know him from somewhere, Jon had recognized her as well. They had been in a class together this previous year at school. Though Jon was a taken man, and happy in his relationship, it would have been hard not to notice and remember this girl. She had long straight dark brown hair, which was full, and shone when the light hit it. She had easily been the prettiest girl in the class, with bright green eyes, and full pouty lips. That was only the cap on what was an absolutely amazing body, even under her modest, and somewhat loose-fitting server's shirt, Jon could tell she had an incredible pair of very large breasts, though he already noticed that in class. She also had a very nice pair of legs which seemed impossibly long, and their shape was accentuated by the fashionable black heels she was wearing. Atop these legs was a firm, perfectly shaped, round ass, which filled out the back of her black pants fantastically. Jon had found himself admiring her beauty on more than one occasion in class, he would never have cheated on Jenna, but there was no harm in looking, and this girl was certainly someone who was pleasant to look at. Jon actually felt a little flattered that a girl that hot had noticed him amongst the hundred plus people in the class.

"Yeah.... I think we were in an Urban Studies course together this year." Jon said, trying not to sound like some creepy guy who had been ogling her all year long.

"Oh yeah! I definitely remember you now. It's nice to officially meet you Jon, my name is McKayla." She held out her hand.

Jon politely shook her hand, making sure he maintained eye contact and being as professional as possible. He made a joke about the difficulty of the final exam which McKayla couldn't help but giggle about. She had noticed Jon during class too, and had done some admiring of her own, but also did not want to make him think she had been ogling him all year long. She was pleased to find out that the cute guy from class was also extremely nice, and funny. His demeanour made her feel comfortable around him very quickly, and he made her laugh a few more times during their short walk. She led him to Ted's office and directed him inside.

"Good luck, I hope you get the job, would be nice to have a nice guy working in the kitchen here, most of the cooks are complete assholes." She smiled again as she returned to her work.

"Hey! I heard that!!" Called one of the cooks from behind the grill.

"Not you Mikey, you're one of the good ones." McKayla reassured him.

Jon was already enjoying the atmosphere, and was not disappointed when he met Ted. Ted was a rather large man, standing at about 6'6, and weighing in at roughly 280 lbs. He would have been a very intimidating man if he didn't also have a very warm smile and friendly eyes. The conversation flowed easily between Ted and Jon, as Ted asked him about school and his previous work experience. Ted was pleased with what he saw, and thought Jon would be a great fit.

"So you know McKayla?" Ted asked.

"Kind of, we had a class together in school this year." Jon told him.

"She's a great girl, and sharp as a chef's knife. The front of the house would completely fall apart without her guidance. I trust her opinion as well, so since she gave you an endorsement when you walked in here, I'm compelled to agree with her. The job is yours if you still want it." Ted offered.

"That would be great! Thank you very much!" Jon said shaking his hand.

"But McKayla's also right about some of the other cooks around here, some are real assholes so just watch yourself, they might try to mess with you. Just work hard and you'll be fine. We like to have fun around here, keep a light mood if we can, but also a professional one. We don't ask our servers to wear skimpy outfits to coax more tips out of customers, we get tips with great food and great service." Ted gave his speech which showed how proud he was of his restaurant.

Jon assured him of his dedication to working hard and thanked him again before leaving. On his way out McKayla was talking to the hostess who was now at her stand. She looked over to Jon and gave him another smile.

"How did it go?" She asked.

"Very well, looks like I'll be seeing you all tomorrow." Jon said pleased with the outcome of his interview.

"Congratulations! I'm looking forward to working with you."

"Thanks for your endorsement in front of Ted, I think that sealed the deal."

"No problem, like I said, it will be nice to have another nice guy working here. This is Erin, she's our hostess."

Jon politely introduced himself to Erin, he noticed that she was also a pretty girl, but not on the same level as McKayla, plus he was in a hurry to call Jenna and tell her the good news. He said his goodbye's and thanked McKayla one more time before exiting, he wasted no time in sharing the news with Jenna.


Jon was to be thrown to the wolves on his first night at work. Despite the fact that it was a weekday the place was absolutely packed, and the orders were coming in fast. Jon tried his best to keep pace, and his previous cooking experience certainly helped him in that regard. However, he was still unfamiliar with the menu and had made a few mistakes here and there. Jon discovered that McKayla was right when she said that Mikey was one of the good chefs as he was working beside Jon, and did his best to help him out when he could. Mikey was in his early 20's like Jon, and was a very average looking guy in many ways, not a great looking guy, but not ugly. Not a tall guy, but certainly not short either. Some of the other chefs were far less helpful and understanding though, particularly Terry. Terry was in his early 30's and took his job and himself far too seriously. Terry had been cooking professionally his whole life, he had thought that he would own his own restaurant, or be working somewhere fancy and upscale by now, and felt a great deal of bitterness about working in a place with people like Jon who viewed it as only a temporary job. Terry was also someone who watched way too much Gordon Ramsay and thought that working in a kitchen meant you had to behave like an insufferable prick, tonight Jon was the main focus of his frustration.

"Try to get some fucking orders right! Fucking new guys! FUCK!!" Terry cursed at Jon.

"Just ignore that asshole, nobody likes him, you're doing fine." Mikey quietly assured Jon.

"Hey New Guy, got that order for me?" A pretty voice called.

Jon looked up to see McKayla's beautiful green eyes looking at him. She had a playful smile on her face despite the rush.

"Coming right up McKayla, and my name is Jon remember?"

"Not yet its not, get through tonight and you can be Jon, for now you're New Guy." McKayla joked.

Jon felt extra motivation to get the job done for this gorgeous girl, and had her order out to her in a matter of seconds. McKayla continued to joke with him almost every time she came into the kitchen that night, mostly ignoring the other chefs. Terry in particular seemed to resent the attention that Jon was getting from McKayla. Jon guessed that Terry was lusting after the much younger server, and was jealous that she had taken a liking to him. Even if Terry hadn't been a complete asshole, McKayla would have been way out of his league as he was certainly a less than attractive guy, with bad skin, dull eyes, and a pig nose, he was an unfortunate looking individual. Although Jon too thought McKayla to be out of his league, he certainly was closer in that department than Terry.

"McKayla seems to have taken a liking to you." Mikey observed.

"Well I'm a very likeable guy." Jon said casually as he continued to focus on his work.

"Hey New Guy, great job on that last bill. The whole table wanted me to tell you that was the best meal they've ever had here!" McKayla congratulated him.

"Thank you very much, feels good to hear some encouraging words." Jon beamed proudly.

McKayla gave him a big smile and a wink as she went back to her work. Ted had overheard and knew he had made the right choice for his new line cook. Terry felt jealous of Jon's natural talent for cooking. Despite his ambition, a lack of talent was another one of the things holding Terry back from something bigger and better.

With renewed confidence Jon threw himself back into his work, and didn't make any more mistakes for the rest of the night. McKayla made sure to give Jon as many of her orders as she could from then on, having received more compliments similar to the first one. Everyone was impressed with Jon's ability and his calm friendly demeanour during what was a very stressful first day of work, everyone except Terry that is. As the rush of customers came to an end and things began to slow down, McKayla asked Jon if he wanted to come for a break with her. Mikey agreed to cover his station for him so he could take the well deserved break. Terry was seething with jealousy and anger as he watched Jon walk away with McKayla.

They reached the back of the restaurant and McKayla pulled out a cigarette, lighting it and offering one to Jon. Jon had quit smoking 3 years ago as Jenna hated the smell of it, but he had to admit that the prospect of a smoke was quit enticing after such a stressful rush. He accepted the smoke and thanked McKayla.

"Hey, this is for you." McKayla handed him $100.

"Why are you giving me this?" Jon asked.

"Those are extra tips from the tables you cooked orders for. They left a regular tip and gave me some extra for the two of us to split. For the great service and the great food." McKayla smiled.

"Wow! That's great. Thank you." Jon couldn't stop the huge grin taking over his face.

"You and I make a good team. If you keep cooking like that, I'll have my student debt paid off in no time. From now on I'm taking all of my orders to you." McKayla lightly touched his forearm. "We should start a restaurant together, we'd make a killing."

Jon was very flattered by all of her kind words. He had never thought about cooking for a living, but the thought wasn't entirely unpleasant to him, especially the idea of working with McKayla.

"So anyways, a few of us are going to hang out at Erin's house after work, you should come along so we can all get to know you better. Some of the other cooks will be coming too." McKayla offered.

"Sure, I don't have any other plans, that would be great, thanks for the invite."

"No problem, just don't say anything about it in the kitchen, we don't want some of the other cooks coming along, especially that creep Terry. I hate that fucking guy!" McKayla warned.

"Well he sure seems to like you." Jon teased.

"I know, that's the problem. He always hits on me non-stop and will never leave me alone. Let's be honest, I'm out of his league."

McKayla joked, as she did she struck something of a pose that showed off her perfect figure to Jon. His eyes again surveyed her body, even under the modest uniform it was extremely obvious that she had a killer body, not to mention that she was one of, if not the, prettiest girl Jon had ever met.

"You'll get no argument from me there." Jon joked. McKayla punched his arm playfully. "No worries, my lips are sealed." Jon continued.

"Great! Do you think I could catch a ride there with you? I don't have a car." McKayla asked her eyes pleading with Jon's.

"Yeah, no problem. That works out perfectly, you can show me where it is."

They finished their cigarettes, and got back to work. Being a weeknight, Jenna would have work in the morning and would be in bed before Jon finished his shift so his evening was completely clear. He also didn't want to waste an opportunity to get to know some of his new coworkers better. As he returned to his station Mikey gave him something of a knowing smile, Jon knew what he was thinking, that McKayla had taken a liking to him, and he was a lucky guy for that. Terry also had that impression, and Jon could feel the hateful stare coming from him on the back of his head, but he wasn't going to let someone like Terry ruin his good mood.

As the work day ended and the closing jobs were finishing McKayla came to the back to find Jon so they could head to the small party. Jon was pretty sure that his new friend Mikey was one of the people invited to the gathering, but didn't want to say anything just in case. McKayla and Jon exited the back of the restaurant with the rest of the staff.

"Hey McKayla, do you need a ride home?" Terry asked her, giving Jon a dirty look.

"No thanks Terry, Jon is gonna take me." She brushed him off.

"Don't you mean New Guy?" Terry asked trying to bond with her by putting down Jon.

"No. His name is Jon." McKayla said cheerfully, looping her arms inside of Jon's as they walked towards his car.

Being ever the gentleman, Jon opened the passenger door for McKayla, and closed it once she was inside. He got in to the drivers seat, but McKayla told him to wait until Terry had left in case he tried to follow them, or something creepy like that. Once he was gone McKayla began to direct Jon towards Erin's place.

"Oh by the way, here you go again." McKayla handed Jon another $100.

"Holy shit! Really? We did that well?" Jon asked in amazement.

"Yeah, you're clearly a very gifted cook, and I'm an amazing server. We got $400 total in extra tips for the two of us tonight, I've never gotten that much in one night before." McKayla smiled lightly touching his forearm again.

"Me either, that's awesome! I've never worked somewhere where people tip so generously before." Jon was thrilled.

"I talked to Ted about it, he was really impressed. I asked him if we could work together all the time. He said he would match up our schedules if you were okay with it." McKayla told him.

"Absolutely! I can't argue with an extra $200 in my pocket."

"Great! Then I'm claiming you as my cook, you'll get all of my orders, and none of the other servers are allowed to give you any." McKayla told him.

"Can you do that?" Jon asked.

"Of course, I'm in charge of the front of house. Plus with all of the great customer reviews Ted is sure to agree with me." McKayla squeezed his arm a bit.

They found their way to Erin's house and headed in together. Jon was pleased to see that Mikey was indeed among the people gathered. He told McKayla he would talk to her later, and went to join Mikey. As he approached, Mikey again had a big knowing grin on his face.

"She's definitely taken a liking to you, lucky bastard." Mikey laughed.

"We work well together. She's a really sweet girl." Jon said casually.

"Yeah, and fucking drop dead gorgeous!" Mikey emphasized.

Some of the other cooks had gathered around Jon in admiration, and he got to know them all better. It was almost comical the way they were all gathered in a circle around Jon, they were constantly breaking into roaring laughter at one of Jon's clever comments, and all found him charming and likeable.

McKayla and the other girls from the front of the restaurant had noticed this as well. Jon seemed to be the centre of attention, and the other cooks were hanging on his every word. They all looked on at Jon in admiration.

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