tagLetters & TranscriptsJoseki's Journey's: The Garden

Joseki's Journey's: The Garden

byJoseki Ko©

Tal fellow Goreans,

Well I made my first trek into GCN Gor tonight. I must say it was wonderfully different. I come from a place called the Isle of Gor. As wonderful as it was to build an electronic Gor there, the roleplaying sucked. It was mostly an excuse for cybersex. I personally haven’t been into cybersex since I graduated from my commodore 64 computer.

I found a room called the BlackHawk gardens. As I entered the room I made the post I was told to. Liz had told me that when I entered a room I needed to describe my entrance. I have a fairly good imagination so this was kind of fun. Once I entered though I was deluged by Hou’s, Tals, and greetings. Now this is something I’d never experienced before. I’m used to not being noticed as I enter a room. So I tried to answer everyone. Not really sure how well I did.

What made it worse for me is that a slave called ivory was dancing. You should never interrupt a good dance. At the time I thought she was kind of slow but I think it was the network. You just can’t write as much in a post as I’m used to. So I tried to get to a spot out of the way so the girl could finish her dance.

Now remember this was my first time ever on this network. I have no idea how they conduct themselves. So after sitting down I stayed pretty quiet. I know most of the slaves eyeballed me, but the only one to ask me if she could serve was dew. I checked her profile before I answered. White silk, perfect for me, I can’t get into trouble being served by a white. If a red serves you they often offer a different kind of refreshment. Now that’s not a bad thing but I haven’t learned the rules here yet, so I’m safer with a girl who won’t try me.

Turned out to be the best move of my visit, it became clear to me that she is pretty inexperienced in Gor itself. She would blush, hide and generally try to escape notice.

By now Ivory had finished her dance and it was really a good one. Gotta be the network that made it seem so slow. She was told to post it somewhere. ivory basked in the glow of a piece artfully done. The others lauded her. I admit I stayed silent. I mistakenly thought that if I just lurked I could learn how things were done. Ivory the little minx saw that I wasn’t saying anything and decided not to let me lurk. She started teasing me, so of course I teased her back. While I was doing this I saw dew almost physically melt into the background. I made a few more compliments to dew and really enjoyed myself. Another slave in the room seher felt that I wasn’t giving her any attention and put herself right up there. Ok I admit I loved watching her post.

By now Taima the free in the room was really starting to worry about me. She pretty much asked me what I wanted. I told her this was my first night on her Gor but she either missed it or chose to ignore it and it’s connotations. She stayed right on me. Not real sure what she was looking for but she didn’t get it. I told her I wasn’t hunting just looking. Now from my Gor if you tell someone you’re not hunting (meaning no furring) everybody ignores you because your no fun. My little speech didn’t set her at ease.

I had to laugh because instead of easing her mind I scared her. She left the room and summoned a heavy. I have admit I took that as quite a compliment. I could tell from the way he entered the room that he was being briefed on the situation. While this was going on I’d managed to get dew the shy one to dance. It wasn’t as sexual as ivories, for dew was a white, but it was a very nice dance. I found out afterwards it was only her second dance. She did extremely well for her second dance.

Liz has told me that GCN sword fights are something to watch and my main reason for going there is to learn how it’s done. I hope to experience it at some point. But Adius the summoned heavy was very nice to me and it didn’t seem the time to try a challenge. I’m barely learning to post there as it is.

I took my leave with a last comment to seher. That girl is trouble but she is fun to banter with. All in all I found my time to be quite enjoyable in the garden. I had originally intended to move from room to room as I traveled but I think that I may go back there on my next visit. They don’t seem used to visitors and that is a shame.

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