Josie: An Father/Daughter Story


"Mmmmm...daddy, it feels so good," Josie said finally breaking off her french kissing "can you push your cock in me deeper? Please daddy, please?"

"I'll try pumpkin" Robert replied, drawing back then returning his cock into the taut slickness of Josie's pussy. He wanted to pund her, make her yelp with ecstacy but this wasn't going to be a 2 minute quickie. He wanted his daughter to experience all he could give her. "Uhhhh! There baby...daddy's fucking you deeper now huh?"

"Oh yes. Yes daddy. I love it, love you, love this!" To emphasis her happiness when she said the last word Josie pushed down and against her father, making him writhe in pleasure. "I want you to fuck me long and slow, hard and deep daddy. I love you and I want you to fuck me. Fuck me daddy...FUCK ME!"

"Fucking you honey. FUCKING YOU! Fucking my own daughter...ahhhhhh!"

"Goddam, I love this, wanted you for so long, need your dick dad. Do me, do me like you've wanted for so long. I know you have daddy. Fuck your little Josie!"

Robert's daughter ran her fingernails down her father's back whilst she had her cunt pumped with ever increasing depth and vigour by her father's dick. Her moans and cries grew in tempo and passion whilst Robert as well grunted with uncontrolled pleasure. "Ugh, ugh...ahhhhh...yeah. Fuck daddy sweetie. Fuck your old man. Fuck me like your mom did."

With growing lust and energy the father and daughter fucked each other on Josie's bed. The sheets and pillows were strewn around by the two squirming bodies, and the room reverberated to their dirty chat. Robert hadn't felt such carnal delight for years, and of course Josie's once virgin cunt was now being pumped again and again in a way she never knew possible. After about 3 or 4 minutes the two lovers had finally tossed aside all nervousness and worry about the taboo they were breaking. They were fucking like rabbits on heat, and it was amazing.

"Wrap your legs round daddy," ordered Robert "I want to feel you cling to me as I fuck your cunt."

Josie panted as she agreed. "Ahhhh, yeah daddy. Fill me up. Fuck your little girl. Screw me like I'm your wife, your lover, your whore." Blushing a little when she said the last word Josie was taken aback by the increased vigour of her dad's thrusts. She wondered to herself whether she wasn't just her father's lover and daughter. Did he think of her a whore? The thought both thrilled and shamed her, and almost immediately she began to squeeze her father's prick with her cunt. "Yeah, I'm daddy's whore aren't I? I'm daddy's fuck toy!"

"Oh fuck, yeah! You're my little fuck slut baby, daddy's teasing horny slutty daughter. Gonna show you what happens to slutty girls like you when they make daddy all randy and need to fuck your tight teen cunt!" Robert let forth a gush of lewd chat as he punched into his daughter's cunt again and again with his prick. The glans repeatedly smacked into the slick clitoral hood when he drew it out then pushed it back into Josie's pussy. Then the shaft grew fatter, harder, thicker with every push into her snatch.


Josie wailed and simpered, her legs thrashing round her father's back as she felt the throbbing cock piston into her cunt. It was as if every restraint, every barrier, every hang up that had been delaying her development into a sexual being were being destroyed on the same bed she once slept in snuggled up to her teddy bears. The man who was responsible for liberating her was the same man who had brought her up to be a good girl, had given her all the love a child could ever hope for. Now Josie needed something more fulfilling and definitely more adult. She needed to have her daddy make her experience the once in a lifetime passionate climax that she craved like a man in a desert thirsts for water.

"You need your daddy huh babygirl?" Robert quizzed his daughter through the sounds of their furious fucking.

"Yes I do dad...oh God I do. I need you to fuck me, use me, just screw my cunt dad. Do it."

Robert's cock was now at its deepest, hardest and most erect and with each passionate stab he thought he could feel his daughter's cervix. The way his sweet child had been transformed by lust and careful pleasuring into a writhing, crying woman demanding his dick was like a pure shot of adrenalin, making the incestuous lover ache with desire. His mouth locked on Josie's left nipple, sucking with a fervour that was only controlled by Robert's need to also give some attention to the thrusting of his cock up into Josie's cunt. The sloppy tight grip that kept the older man and his offspring welded together, cock in cunt was growing more intense, more heated.

Through partly hooded eyes Josie looked up into her father's face, a few beads of sweat forming on his wrinkled forehead as he kept up the frantic fucking. Between her moans and soul-wrenched groans she whispered to her father something that he was not expecting; a request that made him lust and love his 19 year old beyond belief.

"Daddy, can you make me pregnant? Please?"

Robert's eyebrows arched as he looked down at the flushed face of his daughter, fucking her whilst looking for her thoughts behind this latest request. "You want me to cum in you and breed you honey?"

Josie squirmed and sighed, feeling her father push himself into her with a couple of deliberate and deep thrusts. "Oh yes please. I want a baby daddy, yours. You want to make a sister or brother for me with me? See my tummy swell with a baby you plant inside me?" The brunette pushed her hips upwards, trying to rut her dad into her further so that her womb was actually penetrated by her dad's cock if that was at all possible. "Knock me up dad...please. Fuck a baby in MEEE!!"

"I don't know princess. People will talk, will ask questions." Robert drew back a little, although his own unspoken need to plant his built up cum into his daughter was warping his sense of right, of social responsibility. "Do you know it's that time of the month?"

"Ohhhhh, fuck daddy...yes. I had my period two weeks ago so,'s about now. There's an egg in my womb ready for you. Honest." Josie locked her legs round her father and kept drawing his prick into her gooey pussy.

"You're not on the pill then? Oh God...I don't know sweetheart."

"I'm not daddy. I want you baby. Please, fertilize me. Fertilize your daughter, your little Josie's pussy, make my tummy big with our baby. Ohhh, god! God yes! Daddy! DADDY!"

All of a sudden the 19 year old's eyes closed tight and her whole body shook. Her father stayed plugged inside her shuddering vagina as his daughter's orgasm finally struck.

"OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS! DADDDYYYYY! I'M CUMMING!" Josie's eyes fluttered and rolled back as the tension in her cunt turned to stomach-churning bliss. The climax her very own father was giving her was the most enthralling if immoral pleasure Josie had ever experienced.

"That's it sweetie, that's my girl," Robert groaned as he encouraged her to let the spasms overtake her body' "cum for daddy. Cum for daddy so he can cum too. And maybe plant his seed for that baby."

"Ohhh yes please daddy," Josie sighed in the thrall of her orgasm. "I'll be your wife now, your breeding slut. Knock me up dad. C'mon Robert, fuck that baby in me." Robert pushed his dick as hard as he could into his beautiful daughter. "You want me barefoot and pregnant, your own daughter huh! Make me a mummy!" She babbled lustily trying to get her father to spill his spunk where she wanted it most.

"Uhhhh, oh Josie. Yes. Daddy's going to make you pregnant, give you a baby." His balls twitched and contracted. This was it; the most intense, most immoral and most erotic moment of his entire life. He was going to squirt a thick load of his incestuous semen inside his daughter's unprotected cunt.

"Cream me daddy. Fill me, spunk up in my cunt PLEASE!" Josie wailed and begged as she sensed that her father was ready to explode. She wanted him to jet his spunk as far inside her willing body as she could get it. "Cum daddy...NOW!"

Then it was Robert's turn as his entire being went into a paroxysm of sexual delight. His scrotum tightened and then he felt the pulse of his cum speed up through his loins, through his dick to splash wetly, hotly inside his daughter. Like a high pressure hose his cock spewed forth millions of microscopic sperm in thick salty globs of semen. With his lower half entirely rigid Robert let his balls empty their potent wet spurts of cum against the cervix of his daughter. Josie felt the flick of her dad's inseminating fluids deep inside her body, and this set off her second orgasm. She whimpered and moaned, saying over and over again "Make me pregnant daddy, give me your baby."

"Ohhhh FUCK! Knocking you up Josie! BREEDING MY DAUGHTER!!! HELL YES!" Robert moaned out his climactic, triumphant words as the hot wet spurt of his ejaculate hit his daughter's cervix and vaginal walls. Millions of spermatozoa were blown into his 19 year old daughter's cunt, and it was mad hope for both her and for him that just one would find an egg inside Josie's womb. Locked together Robert and Josie, father and daughter tried to create a new life in arguably the most sordid but also most erotic ways possible.

"I can feel your cum daddy," Josie purred, "it's kinda warm and itching inside me. I love it though."

"Me too sweetheart." Robert kissed his daughter on her lips, enjoying the musky heady taste and scent of her in her post-orgasm bliss. "Just think of all those microscopic wriggling sperm cells from your daddy trying to make a baby in you darling." Robert's cock twitched, his crazy lewd comment stirring his lust again just a smidgin. His cock was semi-flaccid but still wedged up inside his daughter's soaked pussy, plugging all the copious globs of semen inside Josie. "And if you don't 'catch' this time princess we might have to do it again...and again...and again."

"Oh yes," Josie sighed "that'd be so cool. "I'd love to have my tummy get bigger with our baby growing inside dad, and have my breasts swell with milk." Robert's daughter felt her father's cock twitch again when she uttered her last kinky hope. "Are you getting hard again dad?"

"Maybe." Robert grinned wickedly back at Josie, and at the same time pushed his loins forward working his phallus up into a renewed erection.

"Daddy, fuck me again. Do me doggy, let me sit on your cock...just screw the hell out of me and breed me please. I need it. I want a baby, your baby." Josie rocked back, and even as the full sensation in her cunt grew more heated and exciting she contemplated what it might look like, her father's seed mingling with her ovum and creating new life in her 19 year old womb. Inflaming both their passions the incestuous father and daughter coupled for more feverish minutes until Robert exploded a second time in Josie's pussy.

And as Josie looked back at her dad's sweating flushed face (having crawled onto her hands and knees before Robert's second orgasm and her third that night) she knew that she was bred for daddy, bred by daddy.


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