Journal of an Agent Ch. 30


I treaded quietly down towards where she was. I spotted her black shoes standing on the polished linoleum of the tile floor where the carpet stopped and the stall began.

"Is there anyone else in here?" I asked as I pushed the door open. Rose was standing naked by the toilet, her dress and top, not to mention her panties and bra slung over neatly on the metal bars of the stall. All she wore was her pair of black heels, which I realized were the "fuck me" style stiletto pumps, and a smile. Her nipples were small and pink on her ample breasts, a delicate touch of color to her otherwise pale and porcelain skin. Her cunt hair was trimmed in a small "V" shape that pointed directly between her thighs to her waiting box beneath.

"No, but even if there was I wouldn't care. Now show me what Alyssa was talking about Dean!" Rose said as she lunged at me, her warm body pressing against me as she leaned her mouth up and kissed me deeply. I wasted no time in removing my clothes while we kissed, laying them against the bar on top of hers as well. Both of us now naked, Rose broke the kiss as she squatted down beneath me and took my cock in her hand.

She jerked on it a few times, looking up at me with that devilish grin of hers. The sight of seeing her play with my prick, her dark red lipstick coated lips just a mere inch from my cock was almost enough to make me blow my load right there. And as her mouth devoured my cock hungrily, I had to lean back against the stall door with a thud to contain myself.

Rose was, without a doubt, the blow job queen of Hollywood. The things that she did to my prick with her tongue, the gentle brushing of the head with the back of her teeth, the way she sucked like only a well trained whore would, was so exquisite that it defined words. I gasped and shuddered as she went wild on my cock, bobbing her head up and down, her dark hair swinging wildly around her face and over her naked shoulders. Rose smiled up at me, her tongue snaking out of her mouth to lick the corners of her lips seductively. She gave my cock one final suck and then stood up.

Without saying a word, she lifted her leg like a dancer and placed it on the bar of the stall. For such a small woman, I was amazed at her flexibility. Her pussy gleamed with wetness as I aimed my cock for her waiting hole, and Rose grunted in pleasure as the tip of my cock worked it's way into her body. Rose grasped tightly to my broad shoulders, steadying herself as I eased more of myself deep inside of her. As I entered her fully, my balls resting at the base of her cunt, I felt her ample sized breasts pressed tightly against me, the smell of her body and the perfume she used flooding my nose as I inhaled with every breath. Rose held onto me firmly and I started to work myself in and out of her, not even bothering to do it slowly. Her knuckles were white as she held onto the walls for support, her legs rocking back and forth as I hunched into her, my prick plunging deep into her depths with every thrust, her body shuddering underneath me as she panted with her cheek pressed against my chest.

The position was a bit awkward but it did allow me a fair amount of leverage to flex my knees and bend Rose back slightly, her body arching with our thrusts. Rose's hips began to move in a circular motion with my pistoning in and out of her, rising up each time to meet me.

"Oh God Dean, fuck me harder!" Rose panted. I eagerly fulfilled her request, sawing myself in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Rose's cuntal lips were a rich red color beneath me, a striking contrast to the paleness of the rest of her body. Her hair had become matted against her forehead, two long strands pulled over her ears as she looked up at me, her eyes closed tightly and her mouth in a blissful "O" shape. I withdrew my cock for a moment, teasing along the outside of her clit to get her more aroused, the hard vein of my shaft rubbing against her womanhood before I plunged back into her.

We were moving like a blur now, our bodies one union of flesh and desire as the animal lust inside both of us took over and we didn't make love - we merely fucked. Two people, scratching a burning sexual need for one another, to feel the other's body as intimately as possible. Rose's head bobbed around on her shoulders, her hair swaying limply as she came on my cock, the only indication of her impending orgasm the heightened gasping and groaning pace she picked up. Rose was like an animal as we stood there, as deep inside one another as much as we could, racing towards an impending conclusion. Before I came though, there was something else I wanted to try.

Yanking my dick from out of Rose's pussy, I dropped her leg to the floor and spun her around hard, causing her to plant her palms on the far back wall. I gave her ass a playful slap - something inside told me that Rose liked her sex to be raw and a little rough - and then I placed my cockhead at the entrance to her ass. I was already well lubricated with her juices and as I plunged into her, I wasn't really surprised to find her ass an open and waiting hole, stretched who knows how many times before by other guys who were just too tempted to not fuck her in the ass.

"Ooooo!" Rose moaned. "That's just want I wanted!"

Rose's hand left the wall and dropped down to her pussy, which she began to rub and fondle wildly as I slid deeper inside of her bowels. Her ass was a totally different experience than her cunt had been, one that was comfortingly tight but also loose enough to give me plenty of room to angle myself differently inside of her, penetrating her deeply up and down.

Her legs bucking a little underneath me, Rose bent over at the waist and moved her hands to the toilet seat, thus thrusting her ass up towards me. I used this extra angling to push further into her, my prick as far in as it could go as I screwed Rose at this angle. Any sort of intelligible comments Rose might have had were long gone, now replaced by animal grunts of pleasure and approval at my invasion into her ass.

I grabbed Rose by the waist with one hand while I used the other to reach under her and fondle one of her swaying tits, feelings the fleshy skin rubbing against my fingers. Her nipples were rock hard and as I squeezed them between two fingers, I felt Rose's body shake again as she came, a little bit of her pussy juice leaking out of her leg, her ass cheeks squeezing firmly against me.

My orgasm imminent, I removed myself from Rose's ass. She wasted no time in spinning around and opening her mouth dutifully as I stroked my cock a few times and began to shoot my load. I probably shot four or five times, one stream landing directly in her mouth while the others dripped down onto her cheeks and the nape of her neck, coating her heaving tits with my man juice. Rose sucked off the last remaining droplets of cum and then cleaned herself off with some toilet paper. I watched her re-dress, slipping on her thong panties and stepping into her dress with her shoes still on, the fabric of the dress nudging itself up against her hips tightly. When we both had dressed, we exited from the stall.

Rose gave herself a quick look over in the mirror, reached into her purse and reapplied some makeup where my cum had washed it off and straightened my tie for me. Both composed and looking as if nothing had happened, Rose unlocked the bathroom door.

As she opened it, I was startled to see three elderly women standing around talking, obviously in urgent need of getting into the restroom now that it was unlocked. Rose exited first and gave them a cute little sneer at their obvious anger over being locked out, but when I emerged from the bathroom they put two and two together and scowled at me fiercely. All I could do was grin and shrug my shoulders sheepishly as I walked past them, their mouths agape as they struggled to try and say something.

I heard one of them moving behind us and for a second thought that she was going to confront us and make a big scene in the restaurant. But she instead went over to the nearest waiter and, her mouth by his ear, told him something that was no doubt about us. The waiter nodded solemnly and looked up at us as we continued to walk briskly through the restaurant. Rose's hips swayed seductively in front of me, her pert ass swishing back and forth as she walked. The waiter now began to give a slight chase after us, so I nudged Rose on the ass to hurry her along. As we reached the exit of the restaurant, a gaggle of waiters were now chattering off by the kitchen area, looking and pointing at us. I still had that same shit eating grin on my face, and almost burst into laughter as I spotted our waiter staring at me, his mouth open. Rose saw him too and winked at him, causing him to step back slightly as if he had been hit or something. I gave him a slight wave and we exited out into the hot heat of the afternoon.

Rose's car was parked off to the side of the restaurant and I walked her over to it. It was a convertible, something sporty, although I couldn't quite place the make. What I could place however, was that it's color bore a very similar resemblance in shade to the dark color of her pussy lips. I grinned at this as Rose hopped over the door in her skirt and started the engine. She slipped on her sunglasses and looked up at me.

"Well, I can say with all honesty that Alyssa was not lying when she said you were one great fuck," Rose said, that same predatorial streak still throbbing inside of her.

"Thank you. You weren't so bad yourself you know," I replied, my hand on her door.

"That was fun, we should do this again some other time. Although, I don't think we will be allowed back here again, do you?" Rose said with a laugh.

"No, but don't worry...there are plenty of restaurants in Los Angeles," I replied. Rose smiled up at me and then backed out her car. I watched her go as she pulled into traffic and then headed over to my car.

The inside was hot and I stuck to the leather seats as I got inside. I debated for a moment going back to the office and doing some work, but my two encounters thus far in the day had left my clothes pretty sweaty, not to mention the rest of my body, and I decided it would probably be better to just go home and shower, maybe swim some in the pool, and see how I felt afterwards.

Heading onto the freeway, traffic was slow because a car had broken down about half a mile ahead of us. As I slowly crawled through traffic, gaining a few inches every 10 minutes or so, the car ahead (which had died in the middle lane) began to look familiar. I could see it's driver, a young blond girl, talking loudly on a cell phone as she waved her arms around in the air. She was obviously upset, but something about her seemed familiar to me as I drew closer and closer, the rubberneckers ahead of me finally speeding up when they got the chance.

When I was just about five car lengths away or so, I finally put a connection to the car and to the face: it was Kirsten Dunst, whom I had a fling with just a few weeks back, and her little Miata had obviously bit the dust from the way the steam was coming out of it. Kirsten had the hood popped and was leaning over looking in amongst the billowing steam, talking to someone on her phone. As I neared her, I rolled down the passenger window and called out to her.

"Kirsten!" I said. She looked up, puzzled at first but her face shifting to a look of joy as she spotted me.

"Dean! Thank God you drove by! My car died right in the middle of the freeway and I'm talking to these lazy fucks at the towing company and they said that they can't get here for another 2 hours!" Kirsten said. She was sweating, her face red with what looked like a little bit of motor oil and grease. She wore a pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt that covered the ampleness of her breasts. The shirt too looked sooty and dirty and I could tell from the look of anxiety on Kirsten's face that she was not happy.

"Hang on just a sec, let me pull over!" I said to her. She nodded and watched me as I accelerated slightly past her, pulling my car into a small spot in front of car, careful to not become another road hazard on the freeway. I stopped the car and got out, walking over to her. I really didn't know too much about cars myself, but I made it appear like I knew exactly what I was doing as I gazed in. I fiddled a knob here, touched a switch there and said "Hmm..." to myself a lot. Although I felt I was doing a good and convincing job, Kirsten wasn't buying it.

"You have no idea what you are doing either do you?" she said with a smile.

"No, I don't. But I looked pretty convincing, didn't I?" I said with a grin.

"That you did. Thanks for pulling over and stopping to help me, but I don't think there is much we can do till the towing company gets here," Kirsten said in an exasperated manner. She leaned against the side of the car with her arms folded as cars buzzed past us.

"Well, maybe. But let me try something real quick," I said to her, heading back to my car. Kirsten's eyes were hopeful as I punched in the office number on the phone.

After a few rings, I was surprised to hear Ashley, the young receptionist, answer.

"Shooting Stars, this is Ashley, how may I direct your call?" she said.

"Ashley, hey it's Dean. Boy, you sound very mature on the phone like that. Listen, I need a big favor," I said to her.

"Sure Dean, anything. What's up?"

"I'm here in the middle of the freeway with Kirsten Dunst, and her car broke down. She called a towing company and they said it would be two hours before she gets here. Now, Kirsten is top talent and neither she nor I have the time to sit here and wait. Soooo...I was wondering if you could call that towing company you worked for, what's it called?"

"Hollywood & Vine Towing?" Ashley replied.

"Yes, them. Could you call them and maybe see if they can send a driver out here for us quicker than two hours, maybe as a personal favor to you? Tell them I'll pay whatever it takes to make it happen," I said. The signal was a bit weak here on the freeway and all the cars made things a little noisy, but I think she got what I said clearly.

"Ok Dean, as soon as I hang up with you I will call them and see what I can do. Should I call you back on your cell phone?" Ashley asked.

"Yes, please. Thanks Ashley, you are a lot of help," I said, hanging up.

"I have my receptionist working on getting a tow out here as soon as possible. She used to work for a company and hopefully can pull some strings," I told Kirsten.

"I gathered that much by what you said," she replied in a smart-alecky manner. Kirsten was always very sharp on things like banter and that's what I liked about her: she resembled to me a lot of the great early 20s Hollywood actresses who had great looks and a salacious wit.

"Let's wait in my car for her to call back, ok" I said to Kirsten. "No need to give these rubberneckers something else to look at,"

We climbed in and I turned on the air as we sat quietly inside the car. I remembered the conversation with Damon earlier in the morning and thought more about it as I sat. For some reason, the question kept plaguing me. I asked Kirsten what she thought.

"Hypothetically speaking Kirsten, if you weren't an actress what do you think you would do?" I said to her.

"Hmm...well, I've always liked science and things like that. But I think I might just be a businesswoman of some sort, someone who makes important decisions and keeps the wheels of a company turning, that sort of thing. I have never really thought about it to tell you the truth, since I've acted for as long as I can remember," Kirsten said.

"Would you ever leave Hollywood?" I asked.

"Oh no. Now that I'm finally getting big, this is like a dream come true. Say what you want about the scandals and backstabbing and shady deals that go on in this town, but this is the land of fantasy, of dreams. And once you are a part of that, be it as an actress or as an agent, I couldn't imagine even thinking about leaving it all behind," Kirsten replied. Her deep eyes locked onto mine and held them for a second. They burned with a deep fire of solidity in her feelings, un-swaying at all in her goals.

"So you wouldn't have any desire to just walk away, settle down with some girl, have a few kids and just live out your days as a nobody?" I said to her, locking her gaze.

"What are you implying Dean? Are you asking me to marry you?" Kirsten said, a little taken aback.

"No no no!" I said with a laugh. "I just mean do you like this lifestyle so much that even true love or the man of your dreams, which I'm not saying by any stretch is me, couldn't pull you away?"

"Well, you should never say never. But acting is who I am and without it, I would be an empty person. Hasn't the Hollywood world taken over you too, do you actually think you could leave it and go back home again?" Kirsten asked, turning the tables a little bit.

I opened my mouth to reply, but was stumped. "I don't know," I finally stammered. "I always thought I would do this forever but as you said, never say never,"

There was a silence between us for a second and I thought that Kirsten was going to say something in reply, but suddenly the phone rang, startling us both.

"Hey Ashley, what do you got for me?" I said.

"Ok, I called Bill on his mobile phone and you happen to be right in luck. Kirsten, I mean Ms. Dunst's stalled car has backed traffic up for 10 miles and he is in the middle of it. I told him where you were and he said he was about 5 miles away from there on the freeway and could probably get to you in about 20 minutes or so. That is, if you still need a tow?" Ashley said.

"That's great Ashley. Thank you so much for your help. And just for that, I'm giving you a three dollar an hour raise!" I said to her kindly. I was greeted in response by a shrill, excited scream.

"Dean THANK YOU! Wow! You are the greatest guy ever! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" she said in my ear, in that high pitched voice only teenage girls have.

"You're welcome. Now, breath in and then do something else for me: head on home for the day. Your raise starts tomorrow, but since I let Damon go early, you can get out of their too. Just remember to set the alarm, ok?" I replied.

"Ok! Thank you Dean, you are the best boss in the world," she said. I hung up the phone and looked at Kirsten who was smirking at me.

"I'm apparently the best boss in the world," I said with a grin.

"And you think you wouldn't miss that?" Kirsten said with a laugh. "When is the truck going to get here?"

"Well, it seems Ms. Dunst that the delay by your car has blocked traffic for 10 miles behind us and the tow man won't be able to get here for another 20 minutes or so," I replied to her in a smart ass tone. Kirsten hugged me.

"You are the best boss AND the best agent in the world," she said, kissing me on the cheek. There was an awkward pause as she still held her arms against my neck.

"You know, we haven't seen each other since that stuff happened with your brother," she said in a sultry kind of voice. "And I have to say that I have missed you and your...well, you know," she said, sliding her hand down to the front of my pants. Reluctantly, I pushed it away.

"Easy there kiddo. Let's let the tow man come first then we can get reacquainted, ok?" I said to her, holding her small hand in my own, much larger hand.

"Ok," she said with a sigh. She turned her attention to my stereo and flipped through the stations. Finding a pop station, she lip synched along to a Britney Spears song while I laughed and joked with her. The time passed quickly and as I glanced up in my rear view mirror, I spotted two blinking yellow, flashing lights heading our way.

The tow truck managed to squeeze in ahead of me and the driver, a short stocky and balding man, stepped out. I got out of the car to introduce myself while Kirsten lingered behind.

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