tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJournalist Visits Swingers Club

Journalist Visits Swingers Club


It's not easy being twenty-two, fresh out of university with a degree, and not being able to find a job. You feel self-assured with the graduation certificate, why wouldn't you? It's all you have been working towards for 4 years. I really thought journalism was different, but I, like my friends, had a taste of reality, and along with it, great humility.

I changed tactics and applied for any job that may get me in the door, so that one day I may be lucky and get to do some real journalism type work. I said yes to the $30K salary job offer, to be the administrative assistant for Cleo magazine's investigative journalism unit. This was the unit that researched projects and travelled to exciting places to pull together interesting stories. I reported to one of the senior journalists, Amanda Smith. Amanda knew that I was keen to become a journalist and she promised that she would utilise my skills wherever she could.

Six months passed and I was enjoying working at Cleo. The work was administrative, but at least interesting, and I worked with a dynamic team. I was still waiting for the opportunity to do some journalism when it came with a strange request. It was late December and almost everyone was away on annual leave, when Amanda called me into her office excitedly. I was wondering what she was going to announce, imagining a whole lot of scenarios.

"Susan, I have a story for you," she said. "It's a strange topic but I bet the others would grab it if they were not on leave, and we have been given only one opportunity to do this research. You are to go to this address on Thursday night at about 10pm, and spend a few hours observing."

Amanda walked towards me and handed me an address. "Oh yes. Susan, it's an exclusive swinger club. They never let journalists in. We have been trying for three years now and they are giving us only one chance and that is to go to their Halloweens Party this Thursday," Amanda continued as she walked out of the office with her keys in her hand.

"What more do I need to know about this? Do I go alone? Is it safe?" I asked in a slight panic.

I was anxious about going to this place. What if this happened? Or what if that happened? I supposed it was a great opportunity to write a story that gets a lot of readership, so I should just go along and view it as any other story I had to write about.

The day arrived. I was more anxious and nervous than I ever anticipated I would be. My friends told me that it would be fine. I was going as a professional observer and it would be interesting. My boyfriend dropped me off outside the entrance and waited for me to go inside.

I stood anxiously in front of this black door with a polished silver doorknob and I pushed the ringer. There was no sign of a club. It was in the middle of a residential area and it could have been anyone's home.

A female voice answered "Hello, can I help you?"

"Hi, I am Amanda from Cleo" I replied quickly and in a nervous monotone.

"We are expecting you, come on up the stairs to level 2. I will meet you at the top," she went on.

I waved to my boyfriend, who thought this was a funny experience. He wanted to join me but I told him this was professional business and only I was invited as the journalist from Cleo. I had told him I would a taxi home.

The door clicked open and I opened the door and went inside. I walked up the two flights and then find myself in a dimly lit reception area with a bar counter at the far end of the room. It resembled a mixture of a hotel lobby and a bar.

A lady approached me. "Happy Halloween! Welcome! I am Felicity. Please come sit with me at the bar, there are a few things we need to discuss." She sat down on a barstool. She was wearing a short black mini with high heel shoes and a black jacket. Her face was well made up and she looked no more than 30 years old.

"What would you like to drink?" she asked me.

"A martini" I answered not really thinking and only saying the first mix that came to mind.

She called a bartender and asked him to make 2 martinis.

"Ok, let's get down to business now! You are a journalist and nobody tonight needs to know that. It would destroy the ambiance," she said sternly.

"This is the main entrance. On the other side of the bar there are several rooms, each with a theme. One is a lounge room with couches, another is a spa with a hot tub, another is a BDSM room, and then there is a room with all mirrors and beanbags. Another has beds and a few smaller more private rooms. You will see later." She handed me a martini as she took a sip of hers.

"There is no forced participation, everything is by consent and people do as much as they are comfortable with."

"We are expecting about 6 couples tonight, and about 3 single women. There may be others who have not called beforehand. It is a Halloween party so everyone is coming dressed up." Felicity looked me up and down and said, "You are dressed as if you are going to work."

I replied quickly. "Well! Yes, I wore this navy skirt and jacket to work today."

"Well, you are going to stand out like a sore thumb. Come around with me to the back and I will give you something more appropriate to wear for a Halloween party".

I followed behind Felicity as she stepped on a stool and looked around in the cupboard at the back of what appeared to be the admin office.

"Here this should fit you, it's stretchy, and it's more in the theme of Halloween than your work clothes. It's also the only thing I have to give you, so put it on." Felicity handed me a black spandex dress.

"Put your clothes in this bag and I will return it to you when you want to leave. It will be safe with me, so leave your purse and handbag in it too!" Felicity continued talking in an assertive tone, while dropping a plastic white bag by my feet and then walking away to answer the doorbell.

I stayed in this half-lit office and I took off my navy jacket and then unbuttoned my blouse and laid them on the desk. I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I then peeled off my skin coloured pantyhose and for a moment I could not believe I was standing in a strange office in a swingers club in only my white Lacey 32A bra and a pair of black sheer thong panties. It felt surreal. I lifted up the stretchy black dress. I stepped my feet into it and I pulled the material up over my hips and then slid the straps over my shoulders. The material was stretchy and it stretched tight around my hips and butt. It was quite short probably ending just at the bottom of my butt. Before I could turn around to look in the mirror to see how short and how tight the dress was, Felicity was back to collect me.

"Great that fits you like a glove; it's only a pity you insist on wearing that bra underneath. It looks a sight," she said, looking at me in a way that made me feel even more self conscious.

"Don't you have anything else I can wear? I feel uncomfortable in this," I replied to Felicity.

"Well we don't provide clothes; we are not a clothes shop, unless of course you want to borrow my swimsuit from my gym bag?" Felicity asked me.

"Actually, I will take you up on that" I answered.

She opened up a black bag and pulled out a light blue bikini bottom which had string tie on sides and a stringy triangular top.

Felicity just stood there, waiting for me to try it on. I would have preferred if she just left me in some privacy. I had to just do it as she was standing there watching over me. I pulled the very tight spandex dress off me, and slipped out of my undies and into the bikini. It fitted me well, except the rather big top, so my small pert breasts were drowning in it.

Amanda escorted me back into the club and switched off the lights behind us. She led the way and guided me into a darkish room with mirrors on all the walls and ceiling. There were mattresses along the front wall. My eyes adjusted and although I was the only one standing there was a couple already on the mattress.

"This will give you a taste of what happens here," Amanda said as she left me standing there and took off to answer the bell.

I focused in on a woman leaning forward with her naked butt facing me. She was well tanned with a g-string-tan. She was leaning forward and giving a guy a blowjob. I could not see exactly what was happening, but it felt surreal to be watching this. I stood there transfixed almost scared to move from my position, my eyes glued on this blonde head bobbing up and down.

I was the only person there, watching and it made me feel uncomfortable. I looked around and saw the dimly lit side lamps reflecting on the mirrors. I noticed 3 big steps behind me which stretched across the room like a stadium and I sat on the front step facing the, I suppose you can call it stage or mattress, whatever...

There was music playing in the background but I still heard the sucking noise as this woman went up and down on this guy with her lips engorged around his penis. I don't think they noticed me. I felt like a sore thumb watching this couple and I started feeling really uncomfortable.

The woman and man switched positions and he was now on his knees and the woman lay down on her back. I think they noticed me as they turned around but in the light it was difficult to see if they did. I did notice that they were probably only a few years older than I was, maybe in their mid thirties. They also had quite well shaped and toned bodies. I had a better view now.

I realised that I was staring at this guy's scrotum and ball's. His legs were parted slightly and they were right in view as he leaned down to lick her nipples. She had tiny breasts with hard nipples and he was licking them slowly. I find myself in a trance again as I stared at his balls and butt. He was totally shaved. I had only heard of guys having a "Brazilian" but never seen it before. They were so big and round and full like ripe apples. He had a sexy round butt. He must have been waxed. I always had a weakness for a man's butt and would check that out on a guy, but balls were never something I took notice of. The thought of my boyfriend's hairy balls flashed through my mind. He loved it when I caressed them during foreplay but I never thought of them as separate from the penis. They all sort of blended in together under a lot of pubic hair. These balls seemed different. They stood out and had a bold presence.

Something inside me just clicked, and I felt an urge to touch this strange guy's smooth big balls. I could not understand where this deep-seated animalistic urge was coming from, but I felt my body respond with tingles. Was I getting horny? I couldn't be. I tried to think of something else.

What was I going to do tomorrow? My best friend Susan was coming over and we were going shopping together. I was fascinated and had to turn back and watch what was happening. This distraction was not working. He was now eating her pussy as her hands were reaching between his legs and her hands clasped around his balls. Her index finger reached over his balls and she pushed it into his anus. She was massaging his balls while pushing her forefinger right into his anus. He was moaning and gyrating his butt into her finger. I had never done that before. The anus was a no-no. You don't go there. No!

Suddenly I heard her scream loudly. He was still licking her pussy; she lifted her legs around his butt and was stretching her toes out. I think she was having an orgasm. Hearing these sounds made it all so real. It was like I was on the set of a porn movie. How was I going to describe all this in the article?

I suddenly looked around and noticed another couple making themselves comfortable and taking a place on the mattress in front of me. A single girl was standing near me watching. She walked in with the couple. The couple was still dressed in Halloween costume. She was in a short leather skirt and a halter-top made out of chains, with her breasts exposed. He was in a black gown with a mask on. This place was crazy.

I looked towards the entrance door and thought a strong drink would be good for me so I stood up and went along to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. There was a couple and 2 girls ordering. They were also very scantily dressed, in revealing clothes you could probably only buy on the Internet. I never dreamed of anyone dressing like this in public. I got my drink and afraid to make conversation with any of these people in case they got the wrong idea. I quickly took my drink and went back into the dark long room where I was before.

The alcohol was working. I felt more relaxed with things. The couple I was looking at earlier was still at it, but they were now having sex. The girl was facing him and on top of him. She had her hands on his chest as she bobbed up and down on him. They were both groaning and moaning with each thrust. Hearing these sounds of pleasure from strangers yet so close to me got my hormones in a spin. I started to feel a bit hornier. I was really feeling the world spinning around me from the alcohol, so I got up and walked into the next room where I found an outside balcony. I stood there alone breathing in the fresh air and wondering how much longer I would have to wait until this evening would be over. As I leaned over the railing, two girls came out on to the balcony and stood beside me. They were talking to each other. The one girl had long blond hair and was wearing a body hugging short, short white dress, which barely covered her ass. The other girl standing right next to her had brown hair and she wore black bootleg lacy panties and was topless. They were talking to each other as the brown haired girl had her hand holding the blonde's butt. I watched as her hand pulled the dress up and continued to stroke her ass.

The butt was well shaped, small and tight. They were obviously a couple as the blond responded by putting her arms around the other girl's back. This was so surreal for me to see. I had only read about this sort of stuff in magazines. The hand on the butt now pulled the dress up and was holding a naked cheek. The material was pulled up higher and I noticed that the blond had no panties on. The hand was clutching the girl's butt cheeks, with her dress now riding up on her waist. The hand moved down to the bottom of the cheeks and she put a finger between the girl's butt and was rubbing up and down. I looked on horrified and saw that the girl was thrusting her finger in and out of what must have been the blonde's pussy. I noticed that the blond had tiny short red hairs around her pussy. She must have waxed it there a few weeks back. I could see the two lips stick out between her butt and I could see the finger rubbing up and down the blond girl's clitoris. I then heard a sigh and a moan of pleasure.

I was in a bit of a drunken state of shock. I just stood there and watched hoping they would not notice me staring at them. Suddenly, without warning, the girls looked back and noticed me standing alone a few feet away from them.

The blonde turned her head towards me and said, "we are so sorry, we didn't realise you were here. They moved to the side and they turned to face me. I could not help myself stare at the one girl's tits. They were huge for a girl with such a petite figure.

"Come over and chat," the blonde called over to me.

I shyly walked up to them.

"You look like this is your first time here. Is it?"

"Yes, how did you guess" I replied.

"You just have that look. Also your bikini top looks ridiculously big for you. Take it off," the one girl continued in a firm voice.

I didn't respond. I was numb from the alcohol.

The girls were now standing facing me and the blonde moved up towards me and undid the knot holding my bikini top around my neck. As it fell free from my breasts the one girl grabbed onto it and pulled it away from my reach.

"You look much better like this," the blonde said to me as both girls stared at my breasts.

It was not like it was my first time topless. I tan this way on the beach, but it felt strange in a nightclub setting at night.

I did not feel comfortable and instinctively folded my arms in front of my breasts.

"Come and sit down with us and tell us how your new experience has been?" the girl in the white dress asked me, as the two girls walked over to these huge beanbags at the end of the balcony.

They sat down on one beanbag and I sat on the beanbag next to them. The blonde stood up again and pulled off her white dress and sat down alongside me on my beanbag. She was totally nude. The other girl then pulled her panties off and looked over at me.

"The rule here is that no clothes are allowed on the beanbags" the blonde said to me smiling.

There was no way I was going to take off my bikini bottom.

I replied to her, "So should I get up then, as I am not taking anything more off?"

The blonde responded, "Look if you don't want to play the game why are you here?"

I decided to be honest with them.

"I am a journalist and I am writing a story on what actually goes on at swingers clubs," I told them.

"Really!" the blonde replied.

"Yes this is the truth" I answered.

"Well then you will need to see a little bit more," the brunette muttered as she climbed up onto the thighs of the blonde.

I was lying back on the beanbag only centimeters away from the girls as they kissed and fondled each others breasts. The blonde was lying back on the beanbag as the brunette slowly sucked her nipples into an erection. I was amazed and transfixed at the same time. The brunette slowly moved down the beanbag and lay down between the blonde's legs. She parted the blonde's thighs with her hands and she then went down with her mouth and was licking away at the blonde's clit. Utterances and moans of pleasure started to come out of her mouth. I felt myself starting to get aroused at this. My felt my nipples harden, so I squeezed my arms into them as if to hide my response.

The two girls were now engrossed with each other. The sounds had grown louder. The brunette had turned around and the blonde was now sucking her pussy from underneath as the brunette continued to flicker her tongue around the blonde's clit. I had a close on view of the brunette's pussy being licked and sucked. I watched as my urge to touch grew and grew. I felt my own pussy start warming up and yearn for a finger to slowly caress away at my swollen clit until it was pleasured.

I tried to distract myself. I looked at my watch. It was midnight, and I had told my boyfriend that I would be home at 1am. I started thinking about having steamy sex when I got home all aroused and excited. I imagined my boyfriend sucking my clit and playing with my pussy until it was dripping juices.

The brunette got up and turned around looking at me.

"Look what you are missing," she said to me as she glanced starry eyed at me.

She raised herself up of off the beanbag and came close to me as if she was going to whisper something in my ear.

"I want to fuck you," she said, and with that she pulled the knot out of my string yanked it so hard it came right off me. In a sweeping stroke she threw it over the balcony. My pussy was naked to the air of the night. She looked down at it.

"You have a nice little stripe there" she mumbled and as I closed my legs tightly together, she, with a strong opposite force, pushed my knees outwards and she quickly came down on my pussy with her mouth. I had never felt a sensation like this before. I felt her lips softly bite around my vulva and then I felt my inner juices start to well. She glided her tongue with purpose up and down my pussy. With each warm breath against my sensitive skin I felt a mixture of fear, anxiety and immense pleasure. Wave after wave of throbbing like lightning strikes started to pulse through my core.

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