tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 03

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 03


Chapter 3

As we entered the Cineplex, Rohini whispered to me, "Keep a very low profile, bend down and just follow me."

"We would be sitting couple of rows behind them."

"Don't sit upright; scoop down instead so that the row in front of us would block us comfortably."

The movie had already started and as expected, she quickly found out where both of them were sitting. They were sitting on the left hand of the theatre, almost 10 rows from the screen. As per plan we were supposed to be sitting on the left hand side farthest from the screen i.e. behind Mayuri and Shrini but closer to the behind wall.

The theatre was fairly deserted as per Shrini's expectations. I could note that there were hardly 25-30 people in the theater and no one was particularly close to them. They were kind of midway on the left hand side. We quickly sat couple of rows behind them, diagonally opposite to them towards the left hand aisle.

Mayuri was to his right and from our angle we could get a glimpse of her face if she turned towards him. As we settled down, we saw that both of them were sitting comfortably in their chair and didn't seem to have started their romp yet.

Within a few minutes of our arrival, I noted that Shrini motioned towards her and got his arm around her. Mayuri didn't object to it but neither did she lean into him. His hand was more on the back of Mayuri's chair and less on her. He continued his casual talk as he alternated his gaze between the screen and her beautiful face. She continued to watch the movie and didn't take any effort to make any eye contact with him.

Nothing much happened for several minutes and I was getting concerned if anything would happen at all. I turned towards Rohini and she came pretty close to me, presuming that I was trying to kiss her. She parted her lips and we kissed, not very passionate but a casual open mouthed kiss. Between the kiss, I whispered to her, "Is anything going to happen?"

She assured me, "Very soon Shrini should break her resolve."

Then there was a lesbian kiss on the screen between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair. I was quite certain that Mayuri had never witnessed a French kiss between women. Shrini rightfully seized the opportunity to close into her as his hand circled her and brought her closer. Surprisingly Mayuri didn't resist this time. From our position, we could not clearly see the faces but general movements and for the rest I had to use my imagination. I felt Rohini's hand squeezing my hand as this happened. What surprised me further is that although Mayuri was a bit uncomfortable, she was turning towards him while talking, which meant her lips were very close to his.

Rohini leaned into me and said, "See in the next few moments he is going to suck nectar from her lips."

The conversation on the screen was over and Sarah and Selma had locked their lips in a sensuous kiss.

I asked, "Would she part her lips?"

"Oh yes," she whispered in my ear, "she would swap saliva with him in the very first kiss."

As predicted, within a few moments they were kissing. Again, I wished I could see them more clearly but it was clear that it was a long kiss rather than a short peck. So, I guessed she must have parted her lips.

Things started getting heated up as the kiss progressed. I could see Mayuri squirm in her seat as Shrini leaned into her, perhaps squeezing her breasts under the saree. She actually moved forward almost bending downwards; perhaps she was too shy to let Shrini handle her breasts. Shrini too was on top of her trying to cajole her to let him play with her breasts. After a little persuasion, she leaned back, took a quick look behind. We were expecting this and hence had kept ourselves low in the seats all the time.

Ensuring that nobody was near them, she turned towards him and offered him another kiss. I was getting a bit jittery and couldn't stand the distance from where we were watching. I urged Rohini, "Let's move forward, we can't see anything from here."

Reluctantly she tagged along me as we crawled to the next row. Now there were two rows between us and them. As we sat in the seat we note that Shrini was kissing her checks as his left hand groped her breasts, I imagined. I wondered if her brassiere was still on and asked Rohini. She looked a bit more carefully and said, "Yes she still has it on but it won't remain on for long."

"Are you enjoying the show," she whispered cupping my crotch. We noticed that he was talking to her all along as he did this. But then suddenly she pulled away from him. Didn't quite understand the reason but Rohini helped me, "See now he is requesting her to unhook her bra and let him play with her bare breasts."

We both were filling in the gaps with our imagination. And we were most of the time guessing it correctly. Mayuri glanced around in a similar fashion again and then she grabbed her pallu and got it around her right shoulder. This was a clear indication that she was trying to hide her brassiere, more importantly so that she can unhook her brassier underneath the garb of covered pallu. She sunk in her seat as Shrini eagerly waited for her to unhook the brassiere. It seemed on her request he was not staring at her but instead turned his face towards the screen pretending to watch the movie. Within a minute she had unhooked her blouse and pulled up her brassiere providing uninhibited access to Shrini.

While she was unhooking her blouse, Rohini pulled me and said, "Watch!"

"Shrini won't make a move until she invites him to play with her breasts."

"It is a technique he uses to ensure that he remains the dominant partner in the relationship," she elaborated.

True to her words, Shrini didn't even flinch a bit. It seemed he was lost in the movie and after a minute or two after Mayuri had unhooked her blouse did she nudge him, again we were using our imagination, as he turned towards her. I guessed, she didn't say a word but glanced downwards hinting towards her breasts. This much invitation was good enough for Shrini to make the next move.

They were sunk in her seats and her face was turned towards him as Shrini was toying with her breasts under the pallu. I was certain that she must have been moaning as he may be trying to twirl her nipples between his fingers. Mayuri's nipples were very tiny and despite my ardent effort they didn't grow that much, although her overall bust size increased significantly in past two years. I wondered if Shrini would be able to even grasp them and said so to Rohini. She responded by saying, "It is very common for young girls to have very tiny aureoles and nipples."

She added further, "She is almost a virgin," hinting at my small pecker compared to Shrini's, her hands cupping my erect penis again.

"Don't worry," she assured, "Shrini would transfer this young, almost virgin girl into a perfect woman for you," her grip tightened further putting me at the verge of next orgasm.

They were freely deep kissing as the action was getting more intense and within the next 5 minutes Shrini kneeled down in front of her. And we saw Mayuri willingly raised the pallu enough to accommodate for Shrini's head and then she started breast feeding him. It was amazing to see my wife of a little over 2 years acting sluttish in a public place. Mayuri continued to moan (my imagination) as Shrini tasted her breasts. I imagined him taking her tiny nipples into his mouth and nibbling on them. This continued for a while and then it ended suddenly. Rohini helped me understand what must have transpired. She said, "I guess he must have been trying to undo her Saree."

"Really?" I responded excitedly.

"She won't let him though."

"It is too risky and cumbersome to do so in such a public place."

"You mean to suggest she would have done it had this not been a public place?" I asked puzzled by her assumption. It was still a bit difficult for me to understand that she would let him have uninhibited sex with her in their very first meeting.


"Do you doubt?" she asked teasing me.

"Look now," she continued, "She would instead masturbate him."

"Watch carefully," she said.

"Shrini would let her take the lead."

"He won't even urge her for it but she would not only masturbate him but also fellate him."

My eyes were fixed on them as she whispered into my ear, "She will not be able to resist the temptation."

Shrini had returned to his seats and still had his arm around her. Mayuri now was almost in his arms and slightly twisted, almost sitting sideways facing him. I wondered if the encouragement that Rohini provided this morning to Mayuri is the reason behind her behavior. There didn't seem to be any suggestion from Shrini but she seemed to be toying with his erection. We were into the last segment of the movie and only had 15-20 minutes left and I whispered to Rohini, "It may not happen after all."

"We have just 15-20 minutes before the move ends," I reasoned.

"Oh that is enough," she answered, "not enough for him to cum in her mouth, though." It reminded me of an occasion when I had inadvertently cum in her mouth and she fled to the bathroom and thoroughly rinsed her mouth. I was not certain if Mayuri could handle the bitter taste of cum.

"Besides, this is the time where Mayuri has to prove that she can be the ideal mistress for Shrini," she continued.

"A good mistress doesn't let her marital vows interfere with her duty to pleasure her master."

"She needs to prove that she is willing to pleasure him even in a semipublic place such as this."

"Only then can she evolve into an ideal mistress for Shrini," she added. While she was tutoring me on the duties of a mistress, I noticed that Mayuri's head was gradually descending into his lap. We had about 10 minutes left and I wondered if she would go till the end. I couldn't contain my excitement and desperately wanted to get a glimpse of her head bobbing on his penis. Despite, Rohini insisting not to, I crawled towards the left aisle and moved forward until I was almost in their row. I slowly peeped into the aisle, slightly above the seat arm rest and could clearly see them. Again, the finer details weren't all the clear but the general outline was evident.

Mayuri had actually kneeled in front of him between his legs and was sucking on his prick as if there was no tomorrow. Although, it was very dark for me to see the finer details, I could guess that she was frantically sucking it as her head bobbed up and down rapidly. I was guessing that she was determined to make him cum before the movie ended.

I didn't return from that position until almost the movie was about to finish. Rohini came behind me and whispered in my ear, "We need to get back to our section."

"The movie may end anytime."

"Don't worry I will get the gory details from Mayuri tomorrow." And that was then we returned to our section, where we were actually supposed to be. I wondered if the other couples noticed us – but it was too dark to make out even if they saw us moving back.

When we got out of the theatre, Mayuri and Shrini had already left. The plan was to meet at our home to avoid any embarrassing looks just in case any of our buttons were off. I wondered if she would complete the blow job in the car. All of us reached home almost at the same time, so it was certain that they didn't really continue their romp in the car.

We joked about how good our night was and everybody chimed that they enjoyed the evening with their partners. The women looked a little bit flushed but they were upbeat and didn't hide their satisfied looks. All of us adhered to "Don't ask don't tell" policy, perhaps the best until people are able to control their jealousies.

We didn't spend much time in further discussions and hit the bed immediately. Pratik and Vinil had plans to leave the next day morning but Shrini was working at San Francisco office on Tuesday so he planned to leave on Tuesday evening. Shrini and Rohini were staying at our place next day.

As we hit the bed, I wondered if Rohini and Shrini really planned to conduct secret ballot tomorrow morning. Were they interested in involving other couples? After all, it was clear that Mayuri was interested in bedding Shrini as well. And Mayuri was the main driver behind this episode.

Not surprisingly, Shrini brought up the topic at the breakfast table next morning. Pratik, Vinil, Sneha, and Dolly were all dressed up to leave immediately after the breakfast. It was already 10:00am and even Shrini had plans to visit a friend of his for most of the day returning only for dinner. All of us agreed for an anonymous vote on the topic. It was more of a survey. The survey was very trivial, it had three questions:

•Did you enjoy yesterday's evening with your partner? •Would you be interested in taking this to the next step? •If not, would you be interested in a repeat of such event (a soft form of partner swap, it clarified)?

Not surprisingly the answer to the first question was a resounding yes from each one of us. The answer to the next one was a "NO" from 6 participants. And the answer to third again was a "NO" from 6 participants.

I came to know a little later that only Shrini and I had voted "YES" for the last two questions. Even Mayuri and Rohini had answered "NO." I was quite puzzled by the reaction, since Rohini had assured that the plan would be a success. Immediately after the breakfast we saw Pratik, Vinil, Sneha, and Dolly off. Shrini said he had some office work and that he had to meet a colleague that day to discuss a system that was supposed to go live the following weekend.

Shrini left almost immediately after the other folks left and Mayuri got busy tiding up the house. Rohini took me downstairs to have a word with me. We entered our gym and occupied the vacant sofas. Despite being a Saturday morning it was almost deserted.

"Mayuri is suffering from guilty conscience," she started, "She didn't vote for it."

"So, who was the other one," I asked.


"What about you?" I asked, "Why didn't you?"

"What's the point?"

"Besides, I have a better plan," she said.


"Well, we don't need to involve other couples in it."

"Anyway, they don't seem to be interested."

"That way, we could have more time for each other," she added.

I could only nod my approval.

"It would require some persuasion before Mayuri accepts her rightful role!"

"Becoming his mistress," she clarified.

"But if she is not interested then I guess we don't have to fret over it," I managed to say, implying that it would be in our interests, anyway. It started since both of us didn't want our marriages to be ruined due to sexual passions of our spouses. Although, I said this, I was a little bit disappointed underneath.

"That is the point."

"She eventually would succumb to him!"

"But we need to guard against her having a guilty conscience."

"As that would mean that she would be torn apart between her lust for Shrini and her love for you."

"She should feel that it is okay to have such a dual existence," Rohini clarified. She understood the situation pretty well. Considering the turn of events in the theatre, it was clear that Mayuri would have voted for it, if not only for her devotion to the sanctity of our marriage. She must have realized that her uncontrolled lust towards him could have seriously jeopardized our marriage.

"This is where you come in," she explained, "to help Shrini."

"You need to subtly convey that you are okay with this," she continued.

"Mayuri and Shrini need to know that you desire them to mate on every possible opportunity." Her choice of words conveyed very clearly that the relationship was to be founded on sex. I was getting excited by the conversation.

"In fact, it should be clear to them, through your subtle actions that you are making way for their mating sessions," she elaborated further.

"How?" I asked.

"Consistently surrender your weekend privileges with Mayuri, to ensure that they get more time together."

"Sooner or later Mayuri would get the message."

"Besides you always have me to satisfy yourself," she clarified.

"It is hard to do something like that," I complained, "without being obvious."

"A trick is never a trick when you practice it everyday!"

"Make it a habit to go to bed early always; even if it means going to bed without her."

"Make love to her after she comes to the bed."

"Or the next day morning," she added.

"Let her decide when to hit your bed."

"That is if at all she wants to sleep with you for the night," she added teasing me.

"All this would take time," I complained.

"Yes, it took us a year to reach this stage."

"I am certain that by the year end she would be Shrini's mistress."

"I don't know her state of mind," I complained, "without that I can't really approach this topic."

"My instinct tells me that she would never agree to such an open swap of wives," Rohini explained.

"Even when only four of us are involved."

"She would be too embarrassed to do such a thing." "I am planning to talk to her in the afternoon."

"You can eavesdrop on our conversation," she added.

We went back upstairs after this. Mayuri and I didn't really spend much time talking with each other, particularly we didn't discuss about last night events. After lunch, I retired to our study room saying that I needed a nap. I had let Rohini know that she should talk with Mayuri in our master bedroom on our bed, so that through the wall I can hear what they are talking about. The walls were pretty thin and if you glued your ear to the wall, you could clearly hear what went in the other bedroom. Our single bed was on the other side of the wall, where I was pretending to be asleep.

Half an hour after I hit the bed, I heard both Mayuri and Rohini move into the master bedroom. They locked the door behind them; the door to my room was locked as well.

"Now tell me," I heard Rohini say, "How did it go yesterday?"

"Oh it was good," Mayuri responded coldly.

"Just good?" Rohini probed her.

"I am feeling a bit guilty now," Mayuri responded, "things went out of hand."

"So, you capitalized on the opportunity after all," Rohini said.

"Yes, I did."

"Good for you!"

"I don't think the swapping idea is good," said Mayuri as Rohini had predicted.

"I guessed."

"You must have voted against it."

"You didn't enjoy it?" Rohini asked more to understand the reason behind it.

"I enjoyed it."

"But it just doesn't seem proper."

"I feel as if I am cheating on Sameer."

"Why do you think so?" asked Rohini, "I can assure you that he had his own share of fun." Looking back at the events, I realized that it was Rohini who had all the pleasure; I was left hard and dry. She compensated me by letting me use the time to watch Mayuri and Shrini in action, though.


"Did he?"

"He made a move on you?" Mayuri asked excitedly.

"Your husband is so shy," she said, "I had to provide him lot of encouragement before he could enjoy himself."

"Yes, Sameer is a sweet guy."

"He can't take advantage of anyone," said Mayuri knowing me very well for more than 7 years now.

"You would notice that even I hadn't answered yes," said Rohini.

"With such a large group, it is too risky," she added.

"Oh," said Mayuri surprised with her admission.

"It would be cozy if it were just the four of us," said Rohini.

"I could be more comfortable with that," replied Mayuri, "but I can't muster courage to openly indulge in it."

"I know," said Rohini agreeing with her, "it is hard for us, considering our strict, moral upbringing."

"Are you tempted to, though?" asked Rohini.

"Of course," said Mayuri.

"Did you find out if Shrini would be good enough for you?" Rohini asked directing the conversation to sexual aspects of last evening.

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