tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 04

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 04


Our sex life had improved significantly in the next few weeks, not that it was bad earlier. Given that we were enjoying our married sex life much better now, I was not sure if it would be good idea to pursue the swapping (or rather the mistress) idea.

Mayuri was settling in nicely with her new job. Her new job was quite demanding and she being a hard worker took it in her stride. Moreover, my consulting job kept me away for 4 days, keeping her fully occupied with her new job. Our move to Emeryville happened middle of June and we started liking the place. Rohini and Shrini kept away from us for some time, primarily to give Mayuri more time to contemplate the affair. They even planned a separate trip for the July 4th weekend.

Rohini and I were constantly in touch and discussed the 'mistress' idea mainly. Although, my mind didn't quite agree with the idea, my heart was sold on it. I even started fantasizing of Shrini having sex with Mayuri while we had sex. Every time we talked, Rohini urged me to bring up the topic of swap, to ensure that the topic remained on top of Mayuri's head.

Rohini's strategy was working, as one day Mayuri confessed that she found the idea very appealing but was not comfortable in taking the next step. Although, this was not new to me, it was the first time Mayuri confessed this to me. I never pressurized her but let her know, in no uncertain terms, that I was not averse to the idea. I urged her to pursue it, if she desired, without worrying bout seeking my consent.

However, the progress was very slow and I was not sure if Mayuri would bite the bullet. It had been more than three months since the theatre incident and nothing had happened after that. Shrini and Rohini visited us a handful of times but every time it was a friendly get-together. I, however, managed to savor a few intimate moments with Rohini. It was mostly at their place, while Shrini and Mayuri were out enjoying their morning trail ride.

Mayuri and Shrini loved riding and decided to rejuvenate their hobby for riding. Rohini and I tagged along on couple of occasions. I tried my hands at riding but very soon realized that riding was not for me. Rohini was pregnant and hence she couldn't ride so I usually stayed back behind with her. It was partly Rohini's idea that I didn't tag along and give them some privacy. So, soon they realized that decided to go by themselves on those mornings. I still remember how I managed to taste Rohini for the first time in their bed.

That morning Shrini & Mayuri left very early, around 5:30 and were not supposed to return until about 9:00am or so.

I woke up at 6:30, freshened and headed towards the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Rohini was already up and making tea for us. Already in her fifth month pregnancy, her tummy was showing quite some. I gently hugged her from behind and planted a kiss on her neck.

"Good morning," she said leaning into me and turning her face towards me.

I learned forward and kissed her lips, returning her gesture, and wished her, "Good morning!" My hands sneaked inside her top and gently kneaded her tummy. Her skin felt so smooth and even -- her tummy too had grown quite big despite her lean build. She, however, didn't put on weight in any undesirable areas. Her ass, though, had increased in size and widened a bit. I wondered if Shrini was screwing her ass, now that she was growing too big to indulge in vaginal sex. She let me fondle her as she carried on with her chores. Although, she realized that I wanted to do more than just knead her tummy. Having finished her chores, she turned around to face me and said, "Do you think anything would happen today?" she asked.

"Not unless, you desire so," I said -- my lips inching closer to hers. Her eyes closed and her lips parted to accommodate my invading tongue. It was a leisurely, yet passionate kiss that lasted for a few minutes. My hands roamed over her body initially and then my left hand rested on her right breast while I squeezed her fleshy butt with my right hand. Rohini didn't hesitate either in gripping my manhood under my pajamas. It was erect and ready to go, despite my last night (long) session with Mayuri. Her kiss became forceful as she got hold of my erect dick underneath my pajamas. She had it wrapped in her fingers and still the head was peaking out. I am not so small after all, I thought to myself.

She broke the kiss and wiped her lips on my shirt. I had slobbered all over her mouth in the heat of the moment, most of which she had already gulped down.

"I am not talking about us," she said. Understanding that she was talking about something between Mayuri and Shrini I responded, "I don't hope much."

"But you do wish, don't you?" she said tightening her grip on my manhood. I responded to her by leaning into her for another kiss. We moved to their bedroom after this. I helped her with the top and unhooked her bra in no time. This was the first time I saw her naked breasts. Her bust size had definitely increased but was still considerably lower than Mayuri's bust size. I worked on each one of them for some time until her nipples were very erect and distended. Her nipples were much larger in comparison to her breast size -- one could easily slide a couple of small rings on her nipples. I wondered, if Shrini would transform Mayuri's breast in a similar way.

She shed rest of her clothes and spread herself inviting me to eat her. Her dark lips were swollen and seemed much bigger now. I leaned between her legs and kissed her tummy just around the navel. Unlike Mayuri, Rohini had a wheatish complexion -- a slightly darker shade of fair complexion. Mayuri was extremely fair and had pinkish lips that drove me crazy every time we made love. The contrast definitely excited me.

I licked and sucked her for almost half an hour, until my jaw ached. After she was completely spent, I lay near her legs cleaning up the mess of liquids we had created. The bed sheet was soaking wet right below her ass.

"Don't worry," she said, "I will change the bed sheet after we are done."

"You are the best pussy licker," she exhaled catching her breath.

"Really?" saying that I moved up and lied next to her. Her eyes had a glazed look as she continued starring at the ceiling.

"Although, you are only the second person I am having sex with," she said, "I can say this confidently."

"What about Shrini?" I enquired.

"He is not good at it," she replied calmly.

"He doesn't need to!"

"He can make a woman orgasm by just penetrating her," she clarified.

"That is why you need to practice more of pussy licking," she said holding my erect penis in her hand.

"That way Mayuri can have best of both the worlds!"

I turned towards her and kissed corners of her lips as she explained my future role to me. I never took her talk very seriously; I felt she was only trying to ensure that I don't intervene in Shrini's and Mayuri's affairs. She turned towards me and let me kiss her while she jacked my penis.

I motioned to move on top of her during the kiss, although her tummy didn't allow me to completely lie down on her. Realizing that I had moved to penetrate her, she broke the kiss and said, "You realize that you haven't earned that privilege yet."

"Come on Rohini," I urged her, "don't be so mean!"

"When will I earn that privilege," I complained.

"As soon as Mayuri lets Shrini mount her," she replied, her language full of sexual innuendo.

"Why don't you fellate me then," I pleaded.

"I can't," she responded, "till Mayuri becomes Shrini's mistress."

"But then Mayuri did fellate him," I reasoned.

"That because Mayuri is willing to become his mistress!"

Her hand continued to gently jack me while we were exchanging words.

"You should be very happy that I let you kiss my lips," she said coyly. I understood that she meant both of her lips. It was amazing how much I enjoyed kissing her lips -- both of them. Her breath and taste of her pussy excited me tremendously. In fact, the first time I went down on her, I thought I might just ejaculate without even touching my penis.

I was gradually pumping as she held my manhood in her hands very close to her vagina.

"I can't wait to feel this inside me," she said as I continued my thrusts. I hoped I could get a feel for her tight pussy before she delivers a baby. Shrini might have already dilated her pussy and birth of baby would perhaps make it impossible for her to feel me after her delivery.

"But you are not doing anything to make this possible," she complained.

"What?" I asked puzzled by her complaint. My thrusting slowed down in response to it as well.

"What is your weekly frequency with Mayuri?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said thinking for a second and then responded, "may be 6 or 7 times a week."

"You spend only 3 nights with her and yet so much sex?" she asked.

"We do it twice a day," I responded slowly see-sawing my penis through her fist.

"And how long does each session last?" she asked.

"Hmm... around 45 minutes to an hour," I said.


"You can't maintain this frequency and hope that Mayuri succumbs to Shrini's advances," she reprimanded. I understood her point now.

"What do you recommend?" I asked encouraging her, perhaps just to please her. In my mind it was clear that if Mayuri liked Shrini then she would have sex with him sooner or later. My having more sex with her didn't really matter. I knew that her sex drive was much stronger, so she could easily accommodate two studs, if required.

"Firstly, reduce the frequency to 3 or 4 per week," she said.

"Secondly, make a few sessions quickies."

Although, I was no match to Shrini (as per Rohini's explanation) in the sex department, I wasn't very bad either. I had a decent sized dick that had kept Mayuri content and happy until that episode with Shrini. We also had pretty good sex regularly that lasted for some time. Even when I penetrated her, I never came within a few strokes, except on couple of occasions. Whatever she recommended was very hard for me to practice.

I needed sex and I, perhaps, had a secret desire to watch Mayuri making out with a stud like Shrini. But both these needs were not mutually exclusive.

I bent down to kiss Rohini again, just to divert her attention from the topic. While doing so, my dick made contact with her pussy. Rohini was getting excited again with all this talk as her pelvis inched upwards to match each of my thrust. Her hand was still holding my erect penis very tightly but she the tip of my penis touch her pussy every now and then.

Our kisses were becoming more and more passionate now and I quickly seized the opportunity and tried to put more pressure on her hands. Now with each thrust my penis would touch her pussy lips and entered her pussy a little. I was hoping Rohini didn't create fuss over this and soon let me penetrate her. To my great surprise, she moved her other hand to my prick; I thought to guard against any unwarranted penetration. But she spread her lips and guided my dick into her. With one mighty stroke I was completely inside her, I did so without even thinking about her pregnant condition. She grunted as I completely sunk my penis in her vagina.

Her pussy was definitely a little bit more dilated than that of Mayuri's. But I was certain she could feel me. Our mouths still glued exchanging massive amount of saliva as I started slobbering again. I had this unusual habit that sometimes annoyed Mayuri. But Rohini gulped as much as she could and continued kissing me back. Her warm pussy was heavenly and I experienced the thrill that I had while having sex with Mayuri for the first time.

Within 3 minutes, I quickened the pace and came inside her. I lifted myself up a little and supported myself on my hands, my prick still embedded in her.

"You owe me," she said, "looking down at my pecker."

"Just let me know when and how to repay," I said between my labored breath.

"You promise?" she asked.


"Okay, then I can do one more favor," she said as she asked me to get up and lie down on my back. As I lay down on my back, she got up and kneeled between my legs and inspected my messy prick. It was still inflated and coated with my slimy cum.

"You are not that bad after all," she said hinting at my ability to fuck. She picked up my still inflated cock between her fingers and bent down to kiss it. I was stunned by her reaction as my prick was still messy and couldn't imagine even Mayuri doing that.

Her lips parted and she engulfed my spent cock in her mouth, sucking out the slimy semen in no time. She then continued giving a blowjob to me; her hands playing with balls all the time. My penis started responding to her expert tongue play. If that were not enough, she did something strange, that aroused me further. One of her fingers strayed to my anus and she started gently probing my anus. The finger was gently circling the puckered hold, probing a bit harder every now and then. Somehow, my body enjoyed that touch of hers. I never knew that I could get excited by such an act. I didn't object to it and instead let her take liberties.

She urged me to move my legs a little bit, which I did. That gave her much better access to my genitals and anus that she was had been massaging all along. My penis was fully erect now due to her expert work. She suddenly stopped and squeezed my dick with her left hand that was busy playing with my anus and then moved her hand to my anus again transferring the wetness to that area. I understood that she would probably insert a finger inside. I winced in (pleasurable) pain as her middle finger entered my anus.

She kept it completely embedded inside for a few moments before she decided to start the see-sawing motion. I was in a very excited stated and any other time would have perhaps ejaculated. This time, however, I was able to prolong this state due to my recent ejaculation.

After about 15 minutes of non stop sucking and fucking (with her finger), she came up to me and kissed me.

"That was amazing!" I said.

"I can't imagine Mayuri doing it for me," I added.

"Well, I am not sure if she will do it for you,"

"But she will certainly do it for Shrini," she said.

I moved to fuck her again and urged her to move on all her fours. She co-operated and let me mount her from behind. I pumped her pussy for over 10 minutes and still was not close to climaxing. Rohini was getting tired in that position and she urged to switch back to missionary style.

"How much more time?" she asked me. Mayuri rarely asked such a question but there were occasions when she asked this. It usually meant that the woman was satisfied and it was okay to cum any time. On a good day, I could enjoy 15-20 minutes of penetration without ejaculating. But then I used delay tactics by stopping my humping and concentrating on working Mayuri's tits and perhaps even going down on her once in a while.

"Don't know," I said.

"Would you mind if Mayuri swallowed Shrini's load and not yours?" Rohini asked titillating my senses -- perhaps encouraging me to climax sooner.

"Mayuri doesn't like swallowing," I responded between my thrusts.

"With Shrini, she will," emphasized Rohini.

"Would you mind if Mayuri rimmed Shrini's asshole?" Rohini asked further.

"You mean perform analingus on him?" I clarified.


"I can never imagine her doing that," I replied.

"She will start doing this for Shrini," she said.

"A good mistress knows how to pleasure her master," she continued.

"She would never do that," I reiterated.

"Well, why don't you have a bet with me then," she lured me.

"You can win a sexual favor from me, if you win," she said.

"Otherwise, I win a sexual favor from you!"

"What kind of favor?"

"Oh don't worry," she assured, "It is just a perverted sexual favor."

"Done," I said knowing very confidently that Mayuri would never indulge in such perverted acts. We never even spoke of such activities and hence believed Mayuri would never participate in such acts.

"Are you about to cum?" she asked me.

"Sort of?"

"How long?"

"May be a few more strokes," I responded.

"Well, I want you to cum in my mouth," she said. Surprised by her request, I pulled out and moved towards her face. It was a cumbersome position, so she asked me to stand next to the bed facing her, while she turned on her side and took my throbbing prick in her mouth.

Her head was supported by her hand as I slowly see-sawed through her mouth. Her other hand started fingering my asshole again. I wondered if Shrini and Rohini had fetish for anal sex.

In a few more strokes I flooded her mouth with my cum. Or so, I imagined. With hardly any time recuperate; all I could manage was a few drops. She diligently sucked in the ejaculation and cleaned my dick completely.

Exhausted by our session, we both lied down on our bed in each other's arms. I was not sure if the comments she was making about Shrini enjoying her women to swallow and perform analingus were true and I decided to broach the topic now that there wasn't any sexual energy left in us.

She responded, "Yes it is true."

"Shrini loves it."

"If Mayuri cannot do this for Shrini, then she cannot be his true Mistress," she clarified.

"I don't think Mayuri enjoys these things," I said.

"She will learn to," Rohini reasoned.

"Once she is pleasured by his dick."

"She will do anything for him," explained Rohini.

"Is he that good?" I asked curiously.

"He is much better than even you," Rohini said emphasizing that my performance wasn't bad.

"Shrini could hump a woman in all positions for 35-40 minutes without showing any sign of cumming," she elaborated.

"Moreover, his prick size gives immense pleasure to many women."

"I am quite certain that Mayuri would not only accommodate but also crave for his cock."

"I am sure it would excite you if she reserved some special privileges to Shrini only," Rohini said while smiling at me.

"Wouldn't it?"

"Yes it would."

"A little," I honestly admitted.

"Don't let it upset you, though."

"Women instinctively let their preferred lovers take a few unwarranted privileges," she elaborated.

"It is there way of letting their preferred lovers know that they are the preferred ones."

"Are Shrini and Mayuri comfortable with each others company," I asked changing the topic.

"More than comfortable," she said and added further, "There talk is full of sexual innuendos," clarifying what she meant.

"Are they talking about sex?" I eagerly asked.

"Well, Shrini is just testing the waters and Mayuri is responding favorably," said Rohini.

"It is only a matter of time before Shrini mounts Mayuri."

"She needs a *just* reason," she said.

to be continued...

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