Joy For All


"Daddy I love you so much!" she announced to her grinning father. "Do you like watching me get fucked like this?"

"Oh it's so fucking beautiful sweetheart," her handsome father replied.

She suddenly felt her mother's lips on the side of her neck. Karen was kissing her neck with her beautiful full lips. Just as she turned her head towards her mother, her dad started kissing her shoulder. Anna was fucking her frantically now. The men standing around the massage table were all stroking their cocks fast. The smell of spit-coated cock had filled the air. Anna abruptly pulled out of Joy's pussy and her husband swiftly took her place. Joy was excited to finally have a real cock inside her pussy. She was burning with excitement. A much older man was fucking the crap out of her while around fifty people were watching her and her parents were kissing her neck and shoulder.

"Fuck me Mr. Schmidt," Joy begged the older man. "Fuck me harder with your big cock."

"Yes pretty little girl," Schmidt replied. "You are so fucking pretty."

Joy's sexy little body looked so hot glistening with massage oil. The older man was having the time of his life fucking her until his wife ordered him to pull out of her hot pussy. As the older man reluctantly retreated his cock, his wife put a white latex glove on her right hand. She then poured some lubricant from a bottle on her gloved hand.

"Joy, honey, I 'm going to fist your sweet little pussy now," Anna explained. "Don't be afraid and just try to relax your pussy."

"But Mrs. Schmidt," Joy said with apparent fear in her voice "I don't think you can fit your hand inside me!"

"Don't worry honey," Anna said with a smile. "It's always so much more fun for me when I fist a young tight pussy. I have done it many times before, so don't you worry honey."

Joy looked at her mother for reassurance. Karen found her daughter's fear to be extremely sexy. She ran her hand up and down her daughter's stomach. Phil also started stroking Joy's body with his hand until it finally rested on her boob. He started pinching his daughter nipple.

"Oh fuck yeah Daddy," Joy said, "pinch my nipple. Pull on it!"

Anna started to push her fingers inside the hot teenager's pussy. She had managed to push the tip of all her five fingers inside the seemingly little cunt. Karen started playing with her daughter's erect clit. That caused the girl to relax her pussy even more and Anna took advantage of this distraction and pushed the rest of her hand up inside Joy's tight pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Joy exclaimed. "I can't fucking believe it. Look Mommy, Daddy. This is so fucking cool. Her entire hand is inside my God damn pussy!"

"Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum!" one of the men who was masturbating watching the scene announced.

"Don't waste it," Anna shouted. "Get your ass over here and cum all over the girl."

The man ran to the massage table and just as he reached the table he shot four full loads of cum all over Joy, Karen and even Phil. Joy was almost going insane with lust. She never expected group sex to be so exciting. She knew that her life would never be the same again after this experience. She was close to having an intense orgasm, but she wanted to hold back. Not yet. This was way too soon.

"Mrs. Schmidt, can you stop please?" Joy asked the older woman. "I don't want to cum yet! Can you fuck my boyfriend now?"

"Ok honey," Anna said lovingly. "Where's your cute boyfriend? Has he been fucked before?"

"No he hasn't," Joy replied truthfully. "Will you let my dad be the first to fuck him? I'm afraid Mr. Schmidt's cock is a little bit too large for his virgin asshole."

A few minutes later Jake had taken Joy's place on the massage table. His sexy body was glistening with massage oil. Anna and Karen were holding his ankles and keeping his legs wide apart as Phil positioned himself in between the boy's legs. Joy was holding his father's cock and guiding it into her boyfriend's tight asshole. Kurt had fingered and lubricated Jake's asshole so Phil was ready to go. Joy pushed the tip of her father's cock past Jake's anus opening. The boy grunted in pain as Phil pushed his cock deeper inside of him.

"Relax your asshole Jake," Joy suggested. "Let Daddy fuck you. You're gonna love it, so don't be a baby now. Take it like a real man. You look so fucking sexy with my Daddy's cock up your fucking asshole baby!"

With his hot girlfriend's encouragement Jake was able to endure the first painful minutes of Phil's anal intrusion. By the time Phil started fucking him with short strokes the pain had turned into pure animal pleasure. His cock had never bee harder than now and he enjoyed every single thrust that Phil delivered to his tight asshole. Joy watched her father's every move and stroke intently as if she wanted to record this scene in her mind.

"Fuck him harder Daddy!" she urged her father. "Fuck my fucking boyfriend harder! FASTER, HARDER DADDY!"

Joy started spanking her father's muscular butt cheeks to encourage him to pound her boyfriend's asshole harder. It worked. Phil was fucking the handsome boy with an impossible strength. His face was flushing and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. He leaned forward and kissed the young boy's mouth. He felt a powerful orgasm taking over his entire body. He finally grunted loudly as he emptied his swollen balls deep inside his daughter's boyfriend's tight asshole. He shot at least five loads of hot cum before he finally collapsed on top of the boy. His mouth was still glued to the boy's mouth when he saw that Joy was trying to kiss them. The horny girl kissed her father deeply on his mouth before she did the same to her boyfriend.

"Oh God!" the hot girl exclaimed. "I love both of you so fucking much!"

When Phil and Jake finally got off the massage table, Joy told her mother to take Jake's place. She wanted to watch her boyfriend fuck her sexy mother. She knew that her dad wanted the same thing. She took hold of her boyfriend's hard cock and guided it into her mother's hot pussy. Besides watching her father's cock enter Jake's puckered asshole, this was the most erotic scene she had ever witnessed. Her mother's hairy pussy lips widened and sucked on her boyfriend's gorgeous cock. Joy put her hand on her mother's lower stomach and pushed down, remembering how good it had felt when her mother did this to her. Karen smiled lovingly at Jake when he finally started pounding her pussy. Joy leaned forward and took one of her mother's nipples in between her cute lips. She sucked hungrily and noisily at her mother's erect nipple.

"Joy, suck on Mommy's clit baby" Karen encouraged her hot daughter. "Do it now honey. I need your pretty mouth on my fucking clit!"

Joy did not need to be asked twice. She almost dove into her mother's pussy and took her swollen clit in between her teeth. She sucked forcefully on her mother's clit as her boyfriend's cock pounded her pussy only an inch away from her face. She watched from extreme close range as her mother's pussy started to contract violently. She was cumming hard. Jake came as well and Joy sucked her mother's wet pussy clean after he pulled out of her.

Joy and her mother needed to take a break. They went to their terrace. Karen lit a well-deserved cigarette and leaned against the steel bar sticking her sexy butt up as she gazed into the huge back yard. Joy imitated her mother with a lollypop in her mouth.

"Mom you look so fucking sexy with smoke coming out of your nose," said Joy.

"Thanks honey," Karen replied. "Do you want one?"

"Can I have one?" Joy said excitedly. "Really? You don't mind if I smoke in front of you?"

"Oh you're so funny honey," Karen laughed. "I just watched you get fucked and we played with each other's pussies. Do you think I'd mind if you smoked?"

Karen lit a cigarette for her daughter and handed it to her. Joy sucked on her lollypop and took drags of her cigarette alternately. Karen smiled lovingly at her lovely daughter. Then she went behind her and without saying a word started fingering her wet pussy from behind. She finger fucked her daughter fast and hard. Joy started moaning and breathing heavily. Joy came hard in less than a minute. Karen turned her around and embraced her passionately. They kissed each other for a couple of minutes before they headed back inside the house.

"Look Joy," Karen announced. "The guys are gangbanging your boyfriend!"

Joy's jaw dropped when she saw Jake suspended on a Sex Swing with at least ten men around him, each waiting for their turn to fuck the boy's asshole. Her father was standing right next to Jake and fucking his handsome mouth. A handsome black man was pounding Jake's asshole. His cock was huge and Joy could not believe that Jake could take such a big cock up his fairly inexperienced asshole. The guy was pounding Jake frantically. Joy and her mother stood and watched as man after man shot their loads all over the boy's body and face. Joy walked over to Jake and stroked his hair lovingly, then she leaned over and kissed his cum-covered face. A film of gooey white jizz hung between their sexy mouths when they broke off their kiss. Suddenly Joy decided that she wanted to get gangbanged on a Sex Swing as well.

A few minutes later Karen helped her daughter get strapped to a Sex Swing. She was the first one who fucked her daughter. She used the same strap-on dildo that Anna had earlier used on Joy. It did not take long for almost everyone in the group to form a line. They all waited patiently for their turns to fuck the beautiful young girl. Karen stood beside her daughter and encouraged the men to cum faster if they took too long. She also wiped the cum off her daughter's face and eyes. Joy appreciated her mother's non-stop support and presence through out the entire experience. Women fingered and licked her pussy. Men fucked her and came all over her sexy little body. Her entire face and body was soon drenched in hot and gooey cum,

"Oh God! Daddy!" Joy shouted happily when she saw that her father had waited in line to fuck her. "You didn't need to wait in line Daddy. Mom would have let you through."

"I wanted to wait honey," Phil replied as his wife took his cock and guided it into their daughter's pussy. "It was more exciting this way. Oh shit. I'm inside you sweetie!"

"God yes Daddy," Joy shouted. "Fuck me. FUCK ME HARD! Mommy, please tell my fucking beautiful father to fuck me hard. PLEASE MOMMY!"

"Fuck her hard Phil!" Karen encouraged. "Fuck her hot little pussy as hard as you can. Look at your fucking pretty slut of a daughter. LOOK AT HER! Her face and body are drenched in cum. She's our sexy little slut. FUCK HER. HARDER YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!"

Phil fucked his sweet sexy daughter as hard as humanly possible, maybe even harder. He did not want to shoot his load yet. He did not want this moment to end.

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