tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJoyce's Jeff Goes Further

Joyce's Jeff Goes Further


This story is a follow-on to "Joyce is Surprised" It can stand alone so you don't have to have read the other first. A very different story because for some silly reason Jeff wouldn't leave my mind. So enjoy! . . . Brookell. As usual comments, constructive criticisms and votes freely accepted!


Jeff followed Miriam out to her car after . . . after . . . everything!

"I'll follow you home, so don't lose me. I'll have to tell your wife."

Jeff went to his Honda in a quandary. His wife, Joyce, caught him, actually caught him with Miriam and Temple and reacted in a strange, yet thrilling way. It was strange because he expected her to fly off the handle and just lose it. The thrilling part was while she was angry, honestly angry, she took complete control of the situation and it was actually exciting. His head was still in a whirl, but he caught Miriam pulling in behind him into his driveway. His nondescript Honda and her cherry-red Miata convertible made a startling contrast. When she got out and stood there, his breath left him one more time. Miriam was . . . magnificent.

She was a tall, blond, slender at the waist, very full chest, tight strong hips, and long legs. Her tight top and short skirt accentuated her body to perfection. He saw a curtain go up next door and knew his nosy neighbor, Lynn, was looking and soon the gossip would start. He hoped she could appreciate the view, but knew Lynn wouldn't understand the half of it! He smiled slightly, and then caught himself as he realized he really had enjoyed this afternoon with the extremely sexy Temple and the unbelievable Miriam! He didn't know where things were going, but he did enjoy it. His own cock stirred at the memories . . . sucking Miriam's hidden cock, fucking Temple, watching his wife get eaten till she came, the small amount of well deserved abuse from her was a surprise, but not half or even a tenth of what he would have expected her to do. His head was starting to hurt remembering it all.

Miriam stopped when he paused. "Neighbor?"


"I caught the glance. Worried about the neighbors?"

"Just one, she's really nosy. She'll probably be peeking in the windows later when Joyce doesn't come home."

"We'll have to do something about that, Jeffie."

"So what happens now, Miriam?"

"Whatever your sweet wife wants, Jeff, you heard her and when someone that angry and that fucking sexy is calling the shots, even I don't argue."

"She didn't order you around."

"In a way she did. She took control of Judy, who started this little ball rolling. She gave you to me for a pet, and she had Temple lick her delightful looking snatch. Damn I was a little annoyed, that red hair and that dramatic flare, I wanted her. Your wife is one amazing woman!"

Miriam saw the curtains flutter again and decided to set the hook for a little fun. If Jeffie was right, his neighbor wouldn't be able to resist. She stepped in close and as Jeff's hands came up to stop her rush, she took his wrists and guided his hands to her breasts, and then she kissed him. It wasn't a great kiss, but from his neighbor's window, there was no mistaking it for some relative's peck! Jeff was getting kissed deeply, and his hand was visible on her tit from there. She saw the curtain open wider and through her half-closed eyes saw a sharp faced dirty blond peering out intently. She smiled in the kiss and knew the little bitch wasn't going to be able to stay away.

Inside Jeff gave her a tour of the downstairs. Miriam liked the house, the decor, and even the cleanliness of the place. She could easily see Joyce's influence in all rooms. Jeff didn't seem to be much of a presence at all.

"OK, Jeffie, get naked. You have a lot to do and not very much time to do it in."

He stripped in the dining room, conscious of the open windows looking into the backyard. When he was done, Miriam was also naked. Her large cock, still soft, was quite visible. If she hadn't had that, no one would believe she wasn't all girl; and a beautiful girl at that! Not in her looks, carriage, voice . . . nothing gave her away!

"What's going to happen now, my pet, is practice. You have a long way to go as a cock sucker! But lucky for you I love to practice. We'll work on things like your stamina later. No pet of mine is going to blow his wad after 60 seconds, even inside Temple's sweet ass.

Temple was the other girl who had trapped Jeff into the situation. She was a sweet-bodied younger girl with pure black hair. The memory stirred his cock. Unlike Miriam, Temple was all girl and one very sexy one!

"Don't worry Jeffie, you'll see her again, but for now, get on over here."

He hesitated and then she stepped over to him quickly and faster than he had seen her but her presence made him feel small. She pullback on his hair and told him to open his mouth.

He did, knowing what was going to happen as she spit into his mouth and waited for him to swallow it.

"That's better. Don't you forget again. Your role now is to learn! The next time Joyce sees you with a cock in your mouth you are damn well going to know more of what to do with it!" He blanched slightly at her tone, but couldn't argue her point. His wife had already seen him sucking on Miriam.

She leaned against the dining table as he knelt down. The open curtains forgotten as Miriam made sure they were in a nice side view and kept an eye out for her prey! In the mean time she offered Jeff some simple pointers and slowly he got a little better. Miriam always thought it was always a task of motivation more than action. Once a straight man was properly motivated he would suck cock just fine, but the key was motivation. Getting busted by Joyce was some of the motivation, especially the look on his face when she took command. There was no other word for it, she came through that door on fire and damn she looked good! Out of the corner of her eye, she saw skinny blond looking in the window, "Damn that didn't take long", she thought! Miriam smiled to herself when she saw the blond's eyes widen when what she was looking at dawned on her. Rather than move away, the stupid bitch actually leaned in closer, giving Miriam a better look at her. All in all she wasn't impressed. She was skinny, had a slightly unkempt look about her, and her lips were pursed like she had just sucked on a lemon. But there was no way she was going to let her off the hook or she might make trouble for Jeffie and the amazing Joyce, so here goes!

"Jeffie, I'm going to tell you something and you aren't going to move until I am done, OK?"

She felt him grunt on her hard cock.

"Your nosy neighbor is getting an eyeful and she's just standing there in shock."

Jeff tried to say something.

"Do not turn your fucking head Jeffie. If we lose her, I will be very upset at you. That skanky little bitch is mine. Now here is what you are going to do, and if you look toward your backyard, I will kick your ass. We are going to stop, you are going to pull my cock out and kiss the tip, then get your ass up here on the table. Look down at your cock and start playing with yourself, I have to go reel in a bitch. When you hear a ruckus and see me, open the back door so our guest can come in."

Miriam exited from the garage, came around the corner and saw the neighbor looking in the back window still. She seemed hooked on watching little Jeffie play with himself that she never heard her coming up behind her.

"And just what the fuck do you think you are doing?"

The woman shrieked and spun around and tripped over her feet, falling hard on her skinny ass.

"I was just, I was just . . ."

"You were spying in the window, you stupid voyeur. Don't you know that's illegal?"

"Illegal, you freak . . ."

OK, scaring her was one thing, but anyone who called her a freak was one of the buttons that when pushed really ticked Miriam off.

She squawked as Miriam grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. She tried fight back, but that was futile against the powerful and visibly angry Miriam. Jeff opened the back door, as instructed. The woman found herself between to naked 'men'.

"Well you little peeper, shall we call the police?"

The woman stood there, looking nervously defiant. "You wouldn't dare or everyone will know you're some kind of freak and Jeff is a pervert."

Miriam stood there her arms crossed under her breasts, her foot tapping slowly, while she steadily looked into the peeper's eyes. Jeff seemed an after thought to either one.

"Since were in Joyce's house and her husband, suitably dressed, will be reporting you, this whole neighborhood will know you for what you are."

"Listen, freak, when Joyce finds out . . ."

"Tell her, Jeffie."

"Joyce knows."

"I don't believe you."

"You know, bitch, I was going to just scare you off, but you are pissing me off." She reached up and took the peepers long dirty-blond hair in her hand and tugged down to her knees. "But now I'm just gonna fuck you."

"The blond, with tears in her eyes, "You wouldn't do that., it's rape."

"No rape, you're going to ask me to fuck you."

"You are insane!"

Miriam smiled a smile that Jeff hoped that smile would never be turned in his direction.

"Peeper, when I tell him, Jeffie is going call Joyce who will come over here and then he'll call the cops. You will be arrested for peeking in Joyce's windows and spying on her. Nothing you say will matter because I won't be here. Now what I wanted is for you to just fucking disappear, but you called me a freak and that really pisses me off. So the choice is embarrassment and arrest, or spreading your skinny thighs willingly. I figure if I fuck you, you sure won't say a fucking word to anyone. Jeff is going to suck my cock with you kneeling right next to him and me holding your hair. When I'm hard again, you get to chose arrest or getting fucked."

She paused and let it all sink in.

"Jeffie has a stake in this too. I don't give a shit if the world knows about him, but it might reflect poorly on Joyce. So I figure he'll help me."

She pointed at her cock and Jeff didn't hesitate. Miriam didn't care really what happened to Jeff, but the blond bitch really annoyed her.

Jeff knelt next to the peeper. It was a turn on that Miriam didn't even know her name. She could be pretty with a little work, but in a skinny sort of way. "Kinda nothing really special about her.", Miriam considered to herself. "The good thing was she was in for a surprise!"

Jeff sucked hard, and almost seemed to be showing off. He licked, sucked deeper than he had earlier, he sucked her balls and once she was fully erect, he coated her whole cock with a layer of his saliva and made it almost glow.

Miriam knew more about the blond peeper than she realized. As her cock got bigger, so did the peeper's eyes. Eight inches was above average for most guys, but Miriam knew with her shaved and flat belly it looked even longer. It was on the thick side, so it was possible she had never seen such a nice cock, let alone been fucked by one. For the last few minutes, while Jeff was showing off, she started twitching and shifting, sure signs of an itch Miriam loved to scratch.

As Jeff finally let go of her cock, not without some reluctance, and Miriam turned slightly and her cock slapped the blond on the cheek. Miriam doubted she realized how close she was leaning. Such uptight people are so fucking easy once you get past the bluster.

"So have you made your choice?"

When the blond looked down, Miriam knew her answer even if she still hated to admit it.

"I'm only doing this because you have left me no choice."

"Blondie, you can talk yourself into whatever you like, but don't bullshit me." She tugged on her hair, pressing the blonde's face to her crotch. "We both know why you are going to let me fuck you. You spied, then you insulted me, and then you tried to threaten us with exposure. You are pathetic. Now, ask me to fuck you."

Jeff stayed on the floor, not sure what to do or say. He was scared Lynn would tell everyone, but also was thrilled at how Miriam was handling her. He was more than on his way to being infatuated without realizing it. He wasn't surprised when he heard Lynn ask Miriam to fuck her, he knew the it was a foregone conclusion when Miriam said it.

"Would you . . . have sex with me?"

"Fuck no!"

For a moment Lynn thought she would be reprieved, but the next words forced her to understand what was going on.

"I am not going to 'have sex with you'. I'm not going to 'make love' with your skanky ass either. I am going to ram my nice big and hard cock up into your cunt and fuck you! Now, stupid, ask me to fuck you."

"Would you fuck me?"

"My name is Miriam."

"Miriam, would you fuck me?"

"Ask me nice."

"Miriam would you please fuck me?"

"I can't, you are still dressed." Miriam pulled her to her feet harshly, causing her to yell."

"Jeffie, strip the skank."

For the first time a man other than her husband took off her clothes. He was almost gentle, but her nervousness became more apparent. Without any regard, Miriam pulled her into the living room and pushed her belly down over a large ottoman. Without any foreplay, she pushed open Lynn's legs and pushed her cock deep into her doggie style.

"You're mighty wet for someone who is reluctant to fuck!"

Those were the last words Miriam said as she started fucking the hapless Lynn. She used long strokes, pulling almost completely out and going back n as deep as possible, hitting her cervix with most strokes. Lynn grunted in pain for a short while, but soon the unrelenting, slow, deep strokes really did reach places her husband had never touched. Her pussy responded with a copious amount of lubrication both women would appreciate tomorrow.

After 20 minutes, Jeff knelt there amazed, Miriam was like a machine. There was no respite; no change in tempo, Miriam fucked Lynn into three small orgasms. Then Lynn started begging her to stop. Miriam responded by picking up the tempo.

Lynn came again, wetly and loudly. The sweat was literally streaming off her, staining the white leather ottoman darker. Miriam was also covered in sweat, a thin sheen that made her fit body glow.

When Lynn came again and flopped down across the ottoman nearly unconscious, Miriam started moving even faster!

Lynn was reduced to meager begging for her to stop between nearly constant orgasms. Her body had long ago given out; only a massive orgasm caused any physical movement at all. When she truly was senseless, Miriam came. She filled Lynn as deep as she possibly could! When she finally pulled her cock, now soft, from her, some leaked onto the leather, but the rest stayed in her.

Jeff was speechless at the performance, but when she stepped away, Jeff jumped up, or at least tried to, his knees were nearly locked. Miriam leaned against him for a moment and put her game face back on. "Jeff, I see you are a bit turned on, why don't you fuck her face?"

The blond looked up, some life back in her face, but Jeff didn't care. She wasn't one of his favorite people and watching Miriam was just plain incredible! Now he got a little of his own back as he stuck his dick in her mouth and felt her close her lips.

"Little skank, you bite him and I will fuck your ass next. If you think I tore up your little pussy, just wait till I rip you a new asshole. Now suck your nice neighbor off and then you can go the fuck home."

It didn't take long, Jeff came in her mouth and when she tried to spit it out Miriam swung hard and delivered a stinging slap to Lynn's ass, leaving a deep red hand print.

She jumped and fell to the floor.

"Swallow it and then lick up what you let on the hassock." Her hand poised for another shot, but all fight was gone from Lynn as she complied.

Lynn sat there still nearly out of it, her blond hair stringy like she hadn't washed it in days. Miriam tossed her clothes at her. "Take your clothes and get out. Get the fuck out! Get dressed in the backyard, skank."

Miriam watched her until she stumbled out the back door.

As she left, Miriam waved for Jeff to close the curtains

"You knew she was there."

"I know her type. When I kissed you out front she was freaking out all over herself. But she fucked herself up sneaking into your backyard." Miriam sat naked on the leather sofa.

"Get me a drink, something cool, but no alcohol yet. Damn I love doing that, but it wears my ass out!"

Jeff got her a drink and sat next to her, being naked wasn't a concern. "What exactly did you do?"

"Weren't you watching?"

"I never saw anything like that!"

"And you won't until you get to do it yourself."

"Miriam, I'll never be able to do that."

"You will Jeffie, you will. It's like good cock sucking, a matter of practice, some self-control, and a compliant victim helps. She was trying so hard not to like it, she just laid there. If she really got involved, I wouldn't have been able to hold back like that, but she was so fucking scared and turned on, the dumb bitch."

Miriam leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

"You might never have my equipment package, Jeffie, but you will learn to use what you have a hell of a lot better than you do now. You could have had Temple begging for it, but you let yourself go much to quickly. You'll love listening to her beg for it. That'll stiffen your pencil. But as for a cock, size does impact what you can do, but knowing what to do and how to take your fucking time helps a lot. Your dick is perfect to fuck assholes, not to large. I know damn well you liked Temple's ass. Who knows you might even get into Joyce's ass if she loosens up the way I think she will, but not for a long while. If we do this right, one of these days she's going to ask you to fuck her, but I wouldn't count of that for some time. Do you cook?"

The non-sequiter caught him off guard and it took a moment to understand everything. He said "Yes, somewhat."

"OK, get your ass into the kitchen fix dinner for two, something no too heavy, maybe omelets if you have the fixings. Make sure you enjoy it because you are on a diet after this. You need to be in better shape to play with the big boys and girls."

Later that night, as he lay next to Miriam in his bedroom the whole day came crashing in and lo and behold - he got hard. He was still dazed and confused, but two mental images wouldn't leave him. The first is beautiful little Temple laying across an ottoman, just like Lynn had been. Her long black hair matted from her sweat, her eyes completely unfocused as she gasped for breath. The knowledge that he might someday be the reason for her to look like that didn't seem real, but he decided he wanted it!. The other mental image was Joyce. Her red hair flared out across a pillow, Judy on one side, Temple on the other and Joyce was asking him to fuck her! No, she was begging him to fuck her! That one seemed harder to see, but it was even more thrilling.

Miriam felt him stir and had a pretty good idea why. She rolled against his back and felt her cock press against his ass. When she let her arm go over him she felt his hard little cock. She smiled and felt her own respond slightly. She knew things would be working OK when she felt him push back against her. She fell asleep thinking of Jeff and a world of cock and ass he was going to learn to play in. She knew she hadn't lied about pussy, but she also knew it was going to be a while before anyone let him near a cunt again! But someday he was going to see his wife again and Miriam damn sure wanted to be proud of her pet!

After spending the entire weekend with Jeffie, she had him call in a vacation day and then gave him a list of things to do while she ran a few errands. She smiled as she saw the curtains shift as she left. Lynn was still peeking through the windows, but she doubted she would sneak into any more backyards or looking in windows. She paused just before putting her car in gear and thought about warning Jeff, but her instructions to him were clear. He was to exercise, take care of the house, and not do any masturbation. She jokingly said if Lynn came peeking by he could get another blow job. As she thought about it she realized that might be more of a possibility than she had thought when she said it. What she did to Lynn was pretty brutal, but the way the little blond skinny bitch came, it was like she had never really orgasmed before. On that note, she could easily see her coming back for more. But she is going to have to train up a little as well. She smiled a very serious grin as she thought about a couple of well trained pets. Jeffie, a consummate cock sucker and ass fucker, and Lynn, a pussy eating fiend and willing to take on all comers, male and female alike. Oh she liked that idea! She felt her own hidden 'agenda' start to rise and steeled herself to lower it down. "That's the only problem getting excited in this skirt, I get busted every time." She remembered the trucker who paced her for 20 miles until she flipped her cock our and pointed to him. The look on his face was priceless as she hit the gas and left him well behind..

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