tagIncest/TabooJudy's First Time Ch. 01

Judy's First Time Ch. 01


Here I sit by the pool with this 21-year-old woman kneeling in front of me. Bent forward licking and sucking on me. Not to bad for a 50-year-old man. I feel her mouth open and take me all the way in. I feel her throat open and I slide more and more in. I have both hands on her head, not to push her down but more to guide her. She pulls up from my cock, looks me in the eyes and then back down. This time taking the last inch. I feel her lips on the base of my cock and I hear a soft moan. Her moan. A moan of joy. A moan of triumph. But more of gratification since Judy has been trying to take all of me in her mouth for the last three months. I can feel her throat muscles relax and then tighten back up. Then her head comes up slow. Her eyes look like she has been crying. But if you have ever had a woman deep throat you, you know that her eyes water. Her eyes are filled with joy. I’ll tell you all about it.

My wife passed away 5 yeas ago, but her sister has three kids. Carla and Bob have always kept in touch. They live about 52 miles south of Cleveland. The oldest one is Judy who started nursing school last year. And in talking one night on the phone they told me that she was going to go to school in Cleveland to become a nurse. I told them that as long as she will tolerate some of my rules, like no smoking in the house, no drinking or drugs and some other small things she could use one of the other bedrooms, and the other one for her studies since I had no kids. After a week of talking with Judy about my rules she said that as long as she could pay her own way she would do it.

After Judy moved in we sent up a few new rules. Rule number one; she could do as she pleased, but if she went out on a date she could not have the guy stay over night. They would have to leave by 3 am. That way she could go out have her date and have him bring her home. The house was her house. Rule number two; I would not go into her room and she would not go into my room. I told her that I had a room in the basement that I would ask that she not go in. I told her that it had things from my deceased wife that I did not want anyone to know about. Judy agreed that this was fair with her.

For the first few months things went great. Judy dated, but never the same one more than 3 times. In talking with her one day she told me that after three dates they would act like she had to date only them. And she had school to think about, not dating. So she spent most of her time at home, either in her room or in her study room. Some nights she would stay in her room all night.

Winter came and went and Judy told me that for spring break she was going to try to go south for one of the three weeks she had off. Judy was 20 years old and I told her that it was up to her. I was also thinking that I could get some hot lady to come over and I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel room. Not only was she not aloud to have anyone stay over night, but I thought it best that I did not let her know that I was dating a few young ladies. More like ladies of the night.

Three days before spring break I fell down the stairs. No bones got broken but I did fuck up my back. I had a brace on my one leg and I had to stay in bed for a week or two. Judy called her girlfriends and told them that she had to take care of her uncle. I told her to go but she told me that she would stay. She felt that it was the right thing to do.

The first day was a day from hell. I hurt all over. I could get up to use the bathroom but that was about it. Judy made dinner the first night and told me that she would bring it to my room. She walked in and looked around. This was the first time she had been in my room. I ate and she sat in the chair and we talked. I was telling her that she should have gone with her friends but she told me that they would only be drinking and looking for guys.

“So what is wrong with that? You never go out. You need to get out and have some fun”. I was watching her and she looked at me. She had a daughter look in her eyes.

“You know Uncle Bob. Most guys think they own you after you date them a few times. And I have three more years to go in school. If I dated a guy now he would want to see me all the time. And I just can’t do that. Anyway, you never go out. And I know that you do not have a lady friend. So what do you do?”

I looked up at her and without thinking I said, “I was thinking of bringing a woman over when you went with your friends. And when I need someone I just make a call and meet at the no-tell-motel”. Then I thought that I might have said something that I should not have said. I was watching Judy to see if I shocked her. She just sat and watched me eat. She took the dishes and left the room.

Later that night I woke, my legs and back hurt like hell. I got up and went to the bathroom, I had to pee so bad. As I sat there I got a bad pain in my leg. My muscles in my one leg started to cramp up. Somehow I got up and pulled my shorts up. I was moaning as I tried walk back to my room.

“Son of bitch does that hurt! Mother fucker! God...” The pain was unreal. I got to my bed and was trying to rub my leg. No matter what I did it still would not relax. My calf and thigh muscles were tight as hell. That is when I saw Judy walk in.

“Uncle Bob what is wrong? You sound like your dying.” Then she could see I was trying to rub my leg. “Lie down. You have a muscle cramp. Let me see if I can rub it out and make the muscle relax some. Lie on your stomach. That way I can get to your calf and thigh better.”

I felt her hands on my leg. And they felt great. But the pain was too much for me to think of anything else. She worked my leg like a pro. Up and down. Soon the pain was going away. The muscle was starting to relax. Or the pain pill was starting to work.

“That feels great. I wish I could date a woman that could massage like that. I would never have to pay for it again,” I said that without thinking. And now I knew that Judy knew what I was talking about. But she kept on massaging away.

“Roll over and I’ll look at the front. Let’s see if the muscles are tight in the front. I think that is the problem. They are too tight and need to relax. Did you take your muscle relaxing pills?”

I turned over and was on my back. “Yes, I took one and a pain pill. I think they are working. The pain is going away and my leg doesn’t hurt that much,” I replied as Judy was starting to massage my upper leg and the pain was going away.

Judy kept on massaging my leg. Soon I had my eyes closed and I was in a state of becalm. More like a half sleep. I could feel her hands and hear her voice but I felt like I was in a dream.

“Yes, that does feel good. Your hands make the pain feel like it is a mile away. You are going to make a man very happy one day. Yes, that’s it.”

It felt like I was floating above the bed. And then I felt her hand go higher. I felt her reach into my shorts and I felt her touch me.

“Don’t move. This will help you sleep. I know what you need and I’m going to take care of it.” With that my shorts came down and I felt my niece take hold of my cock. I was still in that half sleep and still felt like it was a dream. Judy’s hand started to move up and down. I felt her fingers on my balls and then I felt something hot. I opened my eyes and looked down. She had her mouth on my cock with just the head inside her mouth. She was jacking me off and sucking the head of my cock. The look of it was great. I had never thought this would happen. Judy was trying to take more into her mouth but she didn’t know how. It was like it was her first time. But she was doing a great job with her hand, so she must have done that a few times.

“Judy, If you keep that up I’m going to -” That is all I got out. Judy had pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Uncle Bob, just lie back and enjoy. I have been thinking of doing this for years. Not to you, but I think it is time I learn. Tell me what to do”. She then went back to using her mouth. Her hand was going up and down and she could give great hand. She was kissing the head of my cock and I felt my balls tighten up. I knew I was going to cum. Her mouth was on the tip. Judy was giving me the best hand job I have had in years. She knew how to that. But as for her giving head. No. She would need a few more lessons. Her teeth rubbed the side of my cock. I enjoy pain but this was not what I was looking for.

“Open and take it into your mouth, Judy. NOW!” I felt her mouth open and it went in. Only about one or two inches, but she had it in. Then I let go. “Fuck... Now... I’m going to let go. Let it shoot into your mouth. Close it some. That’s it”. I felt her close her lips. Her hand never stopped moving. Up and down. Then I started to shoot. I felt her pull back on the first one. The next one went on her lips and some on her chin. What had come out into her mouth the first time started to drip out. Then Judy took me back in her mouth. She was sucking now. And at the same time jacking me off. It felt like I was going to die. I must have shot 5 or 6 times. Each one she took in her mouth.

During this time she never stopped moving her hand. This girl could give a hand job. I was down for the count. Done. All shot out. I was breathing hard and I had my hand on her head. I removed my hand and Judy pulled up. I was looking down at her as she pulled up. I could see cum dripping from her mouth and I could see it on her lips. She didn’t know what to do. It was in her mouth and some running out the side. That is one thing I love to see. Cum on a lady’s face.

“Judy. You can let it drip out onto me. Or you can swallow it. That is up to you.”

It sounded funny when she said, “What do you think I should do with it”?

I could just make out what she said. And looking at her with my cum all over her mouth, lips and chin I said, “Kiss me. Give it back to me. That is what I like. Come up here and kiss your new lover. Let me suck your mouth clean”.

With that Judy kissed me. I opened my mouth and took what she had left. I felt her tongue push into my mouth and I tasted myself. I sucked and she pushed it out. I licked her lips and then her teeth. I felt her hand still holding my cock. Judy pulled back and looked at me. I was still in that dream state. Her chin still had some cum on it and I tried to lick it off. I opened my mouth so she could see what I had in it and then I swallowed. The look on her face. She bent down and kissed me.

“That was my first time. It does taste funny. But what you just did. None of my friends have ever told me that guys do that. Do all guys do that?”

“No. I’m very kinky. I enjoy kissing a lady after she has sucked me and I have cum in her mouth. I also will lick her after I have made love to her and clean her out. I hope that I didn’t gross you out.”

“No. I sort of liked it. Since it was my first time it made me feel better. Did I do it right?”

The look on her face. The soft look made me think of the first time I sucked pussy. I knew I did it all wrong but I needed her to tell me that I did a good job, so I said, “Judy, my dear, you did great. Not too many women would let a guy shoot in her mouth. And I love that look. The look on your face when I came in your mouth. And that look as it drips from your lips. Just lie next to me. Let me hold you.”

Judy got in bed with me. She still had her clothes on. I was thinking of undressing her, but I closed my eyes as I held her.

“Thank you Uncle Bob for helping me. Can I do it...?”

That is the last thing I remember of that night. I fell asleep with Judy kissing me.

This is the first one of the stories that I’m going to tell you about with Judy. She has come a long way from that first blow job. Now she can take all of me, and I’m about 7 inches long.

Let me know what you think....

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