tagSci-Fi & FantasyJulia and the Orc Ch. 01

Julia and the Orc Ch. 01


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Julia had no way of knowing what was coming for her. She, as any fae maiden would be, was too busy sucking the nectar from the honeysuckle blossoms she had been picking, the delicate blooms littering her lap. It was a glorious spring day; the best, in her opinion, of the season thus far. The sky was a radiant blue, the foliage a stunning green, the flowers blossoming, and the brook merrily bubbling by to her left. Dressed in a gauzy gown of silk made of spider webs, the breeze was easily felt through the delicate material which clung to her belly, breasts and thighs, leaving her arms bare as well as her legs from the knee down.

Plucking another blossom from the brush before her, she brought the tip to her lips, which were all rosy and moist from her sucking the nectar out of the bloom. Her blue eyes rolled back in her head as she closed her eyes, humming as the sweet juices fell on her tongue and slid back into her throat. It really was a beautiful day.

Julia never heard the crunch of the flora and fauna behind her as an orc slowly crept up on the unsuspecting fae girl. He watched as her golden curls shimmered down her back, how her pink toes curled in her delight beneath the wiggling ass, which squirmed as she reached for a second blossom. Orcs were primitive beasts, good at making war and staking claim. What was theirs was theirs, and they would fight for it. What they wanted they took. Reaching down, the orc rubbed his twitching cock beneath the loin cloth that covered his more vulnerable parts. Ah, but he wanted that fae girl. Wanted to feel her supple body shudder beneath his own, feel her rosy lips stretched against the length of him, feel his palms filled with the flesh of her bottom and breasts.

Giving a grunt, he tried to control his lust, his cock standing at half mast already from his thoughts. As an orc, he stood at a mere seven feet, which could be considered small for his species. His flesh was a putrid green, rough beneath the sinew and bone of his large size. His face looked like a pugs, smashed in with his black eyes set deep in his skull. Two fangs protruded out from behind his lower lip, framing his tongue as he licked his lips. Oh, yes, he thought to himself. He would have that fae girl this day.

Too occupied her in pleasure, Julia could only give a startled sounds as hands were suddenly grasping her body, the orc having snuck up on her while she had been eating. The bloom fell from her lip, a drop of the nectar dribbling from her lower lip to slowly slide down her chin. With her hands held high above her, she tried to jump to her feet, a scream ripping from her throat as the dress was torn from her body. Turned in her captor's grasp, she stared up in the orc's black eyes, watching as his gaze moved hungrily over her body.

Julia gave a sob, her eyes closing tight, shuddering as she felt drops of drool suddenly fall to her skin, sliding down her chest and against her breasts, which were swaying with the shivering of her body. They were full, enough that they overflowed her own hands and probably that of a man as well. Her belly had the hint of a curve to it. Her rear was full and wide with her hips, her thighs sturdy from all the walking she had done. She was not some petite thing, unless you called her height of five foot four inches tiny, but in comparison to the orc, she new she couldn't win.

When the orc just tossed Julia over his shoulder, the fae girl was surprised. All through hundred some odd years she had lived, she had always been told that orcs would eat her if she gave them the chance. Of course, Julia had never met an orc, her age equating to that of an eighteen year old in human years, just starting on the prime of her life. Looking around her, Julia watched as the orc moved, not knowing the direction he was going in.

The orc, on the other hand, knew exactly where he was going, having a cave just a distance from where he had found the fae girl. As she had given little fight, he had thought to take her home and use her at his leisure. Fitting a hand against one cheek of her bottom, he gave a firm squeeze, feeling the flesh mold to his touch, smirking at the strangled sound she made from her shock. A sharp slap was added to her rear in warning to keep her silent before he hurried his way home.

Julia's eyes had started to water from the rough handling of the orc. The one cheek of her rear felt warm and tender from the mauling and her body ached from the position. She had given up trying to figure out where he was going, so when the darkness of a cave suddenly surrounded her, Julia let out a scream of fright, earning her another beat to her ass. She hushed quickly, blushing fiercely as both cheeks now tingled, making her squirm a bit. The orc noticed this and smiled, tucking that note of information away for later use.

Light suddenly flooded around Julia as the orc stepped into the chamber of the cave he claimed as his own. Dropping her to a pile of hay that was his bed, he pushed a bolder before the opening to the cave then looked back to his captive. Julia was looking around herself in a bewildered fashion. He watched with interest as her coral pink nipples pushed up from the globes of her breasts, hardened from the cool air, before dropping his gaze down to the space between her thighs, noticing only a single stripped of closely cropped blonde curls, the rest of the space appearing nude.

Unaware of the looks she was receiving, she noticed only a fire in a pit within the center of the floor, rocks set around it to keep the fire from spreading or someone falling in. There was a hole far above her in the top of the chamber, a tiny patch of sky visible as the smoke filtered out of the room. Otherwise, the place seemed bare except for a few weapons that Julia would never manage to lift, made specifically for an orc's strength.

The orc gave the fae girl time to look over the space, letting his lust once more begin to build as he thought of all the things he wanted to do to her. He watched as her gaze finally came back to him, the fear in her eyes betraying the small sniff of disdain she gave him before looking away. He smirked, enjoying the idea of breaking her down, making her beg. He would get what he wanted.

Coming to her, he ignored the trembled that went through her body, catching her before she could jump up to run. Pushing her down into the hay, he sniffed her hair and rubbed her face against her cheek and down her breasts before pushing against her stomach. He used a hand and the width of his shoulders to pry open her legs, ignoring her screams and demands that he stop. Keeping he opened to him, he pressed his nose against her nude crotch, sniffing and rubbing the tip of his nose between the two lips. He rubbed it against her clit a few times, enjoying the hitch her breathing, the sight of the blush staining her cheeks heavily from the humiliating position.

With a growl he went to work, his head bent to the task. Licking over her, her plunged his tongue between the folds of her pussy, dabbing the tip of his tongue against her opening then sliding up to rub the flat of his tongue against her clit, letting his slobber wet her sufficiently that he could quickly begin lapping at her. Julia moaned with despair at this, her body trembling and bucking from the stroke of his tongue, feeling it slide over her quickly, like the lap of a dog over a new treat. She could feel her juices collecting, especially as he centered on her clit, feeling his rubbery lips pursed around it as he sucked on her clit just as she had sucked on the blossom of the honeysuckle.

Julia felt so ashamed as she continued to respond to the orc's advances, her hips bucking and pushing up as his tongue began to push its way in and out of her pussy, fucking her with his tongue until she tried to grab hold of his greasy black hair and rock herself against him, but he kept hold so such couldn't be done. Moans began to slip from Julia's mouth as she arched into the orc's touch, feeling the hand keeping her thigh spread wide from the other slide down to cup a cheek of her ass once more, giving a squeeze. She blushed as a moan came from her for that as well, finding she enjoy the pressure of his fingers digging into her flesh.

She never expected to feel his fingers pull the flesh taunt, exposing her pink little rosebud to his gaze, and his tongue. The first stroke of his tongue made her jump but she was given no chance to absorb the shock as the orc just continued to lick at the tightly closed opening. Squirming, she began moaning and sobbing, pleading that he stop. She could feel the pressure of his tongue slowly working its way into her ass and, as much as she tried to push out, he wouldn't stop.

As his tongue finally lodged itself fully inside her, Julia breathed hard a moment, her body shaking from the pleasure and shock of it all. She didn't fight as her hands were dragged down a bit, the thumb of the hand holding her wrists feathering over her clit a bit. Julia groaned, her hips pushing up into the finger even as the orc's tongue began to squirm inside of her ass, causing her to breathe hard and thrash a bit. It felt strange and much to her surprise good. As his tongue began to work its way in and out of her ass, Julia cried, feeling guilty for the pleasure of it as she pushed herself back down on the wiggling muscle. She felt his spit cooling all along her flesh, her pussy and ass saturated with it, and even that felt good to her.

Never realizing when her hands were freed, Julia groaned as she felt the tongue slide out with a slurping pop and a finger pushed in place. That felt even more wonderful than his tongue as his thumb worked in and out of the tight hole. He pushed a finger from his other hand into her pussy, that thumb beating lightly against her clit so that her hips jumped and her muscles jerked. She could barely take the pleasure of it and squealed, her body arching high off the hay.

The orc watched her for a time, calming his movements only when he thought she could orgasm. He didn't want that. Not yet. After a time he began to lick at her breasts, kissing the flesh before nibbling and sucking on her nipples, making them red and hard from the flow of blood before blowing softly on them. The pleasure Julia had been feeling was slowly growing to the acute point of pain and she began to whimper as she thrashed against him. "Please! No! Stop... I can't take any more." Her words were gasped as she looked to the orc, seeing the understanding in his eyes even as he growled and smiled.

Pulling his fingers from her, he licked them clean and sat back, wrapping a hand around his rock hard cock and slowly begin to stroke himself. Julia watched, her body buffeted by pleasure and begging for release. There was a flush to her skin and she stared at him with glassy eyes. It took her moment to realize he had done as she asked but it wasn't getting any better. Moving to her hands and knees, Julia crawled to the orc, rubbing her breasts against his arm, trying to entice him back to her. She began kissing against his shoulder, one of her hands gripping at his thigh tightly. "Please. Please. Please..." Julia didn't know what it was she was begging for but she needed it badly.

As if indifferent to the effect she had on him, the orc just widened his legs and sat her down straddling one of his thighs. The rough hair that coated his flesh there pushed into Julia's swollen and tender flesh, her juices immediately beginning to coat his skin. As if idle, he took hold of her nipples and gave soft pinches, slowly twisting them and rubbing them until she moaned and arched her back. Only then did he begin to tug, forcing Julia to lean forward from his touch, making her put pressure down on her clit.

Keeping her in that position, the orc reached down and began to squeeze and knead her ass with one hand, listening as Julia moaned, her body relaxing despite the odd position she was held in. She never expected to be suddenly jerked up his thigh, making her scream out as sensation burst through her clit. The orc stilled as Julia shuddered, his hand slowly forcing their way between Julia's thighs from behind, a finger sliding into her and slowly moving in and out.

Shivering from the attention, Julia leaned back on his hand, rocking a bit until she felt his thumb slowly push its way into her ass. His fingers stilled then. Unsure what to do, Julia looked at him, watching as he just left her there and began to stroke himself once more. Keening from her suppressed pleasure, Julia dropped her sweat covered forehead to his shoulder, whispering in a dejected manner. "Please..." The plead got a firm push in with his fingers, making Julia push forward, feeling the grinding on her clit.

The sensation was unbelievable and she just held still for a time then slowly began to move herself against his thigh and fingers. Grinding down on his thigh even as she pushed herself back and forth on his fingers, Julia whimpered and groaned, her hands moving to hold his thigh. The orc didn't accept this and moved her hands to his cock, staring at her as she gave him a startled look, but she didn't fight it. Instead, she began stroking him as she worked herself against him, purring in her throat as he moved his now free hand to tweak and tease her nipples.

Julia loved this but soon the frustration built high again and she whimpered with despair when just that alone wouldn't help her. She felt as if she would die from the feeling. Removing his fingers and her hands, he lifted her up even before she could say anything, and without further ado, slowly began to force the thick shaft of his cock into her soaked, clenching pussy. She had never felt so filled before, not all of his member able to fit inside of her.

Trembling, Julia watched as the orc laid back, resting on her hands and knees above him, her hips tilted down to keep him in. She didn't understand what was going on until he began to slap her ass. Julia cried out, her hips rocking forward then back down, the orc's length sliding in and out of her in the movement. Julia quickly got a hang of the motion even as her spanking continued her moans and sighs filling the room until she gave a sudden squeal, cumming around the shaft inside of her, her hips jerking against him.

The orc didn't give her time to settle down but just moved his hands to her hips, lifting her up and down, tilting her hips so that her clit was stroked down against his hairy groin, teasing it until she whimpered and came around him again, the orc grunting as he felt her muscles clamp and squeeze around him, milking his shaft until he gave a roar and pumped his seed into her.

Julia had never felt such a feeling before as she felt the hot, sticky flow coat her tender inner walls. She was pulled from him when he finished laid down, the orc breathing heavy as he forced her to keep her legs open and watched as his cum slowly began to work out of her body. Smiling at that, he reached down and coated a fingertip with his cum before teasing it against her clit. Julia screamed out and arched into his hand as she came quickly for a third time.

Satisfied for now, the orc laid down and turned his back towards her to rest, leaving Julia a mess as she too fell asleep, her body spread out to the cool air, too sensitive to close her legs comfortably.

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