tagInterracial LoveJulia's Encounter Ch. 02

Julia's Encounter Ch. 02


Yes the time was definitely at hand. The moment of truth.

Julia was laid out on the couch, her head lifted on the one, high armrest, her legs spread open, feet holding on the side edges. She laid there looking down along her body at me, her own hands massaging her breasts, cupping and squeezing the delicate delicious mounds, her fingers rolling and pulling at her hard nipples. I sat sideways on the couch, positioned at her crotch, and stared back at her. My hands caressed her inner thighs, slipping teasingly close to her wet, glistening pussy with its swollen labia and hard little clit.

As all of this was happening I knew that the time had arrived to see if my plan would work. If it had a shot at success, or if I was going to be shot to hell.

I slid my hands down to the inner junction where her thighs connected with her body. I planting three fingers of each hand securely on her legs and ran my thumbs and forefingers along the very outer edges to her sex. Using my nails I lightly scratched at the flesh surrounding her pussy. Beside, below and above that glistening beauty of wet arousal.

Julia keeps her pussy trimmed nicely, (Yea, even after fifteen years of marriage and "granny panties". Amazing? I think so.) I smiled down at the sight of her fine hairs glistening with the dew that had seeped from her sex, coating them.

"You do like sucking cock, don't you Baby?" I whispered again. "You like having a hard cock in your mouth, rolling your tongue over it and sucking on it."

"Yeeeessssssss, Tommy," she whimpered, her hips rotating in a continued attempt to make me actually touch her pussy.

"How would you like to have another cock to suck on right now?" I asked.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh," she mewed, her hips rolling under my touch.

"Think about it, Julia. Another, hard, throbbing cock to wrap your beautiful lips around and suck deep into your mouth. You'd like that wouldn't you Baby?" I urged. "You'd like to suck another cock right now."

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssssssss," she panted, her head rolling back and her eyes closing.

This followed a little game that we occasionally played, something I had started a few years prior as a way of stirring the fires of passion in the bedroom. Julia always played along, sometimes even sucking on a dildo. But tonight she wasn't getting any toy.

I jerked my head ever so slightly. In my peripheral vision I saw movement. A second later Paul was standing just a few feet away from Julia with his own hard cock pointing straight out from his body.

I dipped my thumbs down and stroked the sensitive flesh between Julia's pussy and asshole, then caressed my fingers along the side edges of her swollen pussy lips.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh," she whimpered, humping her hips at me once more, her head still lying back on the armrest.

"Yea, you'd like to have another cock to suck, huh Baby? Another hard cock to fuck with your mouth. Another load of hot cum to swallow. You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd like to have another cock to suck."

"Oooohhhhhh yeeeessssss, Tommy. Ooohhh yeeessssssssss."

"What'd you do with another hard cock right now Baby?" I asked. "What'd you do if you had another stiff cock here? Right now?"

"I- I'd suck on it," she whispered heavily. "I'd wrap my lips around it and suck it into my mouth. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh."

"You would, wouldn't you Baby? You'd wrap those beautiful lips around it and suck it deep into your mouth. You'd fuck it with your mouth until it shot its load of cum for you to swallow."

"Yeeeesssssss, Tommy. Yeesssssss."

"Open your eyes, Baby. See what's waiting for you."

If this plan was going to work, if it had any hope of succeeding, now was the time. Julia was hot and excited, her body grinding on the couch and at my hands as she desperately tried to get me to touch her aching pussy. Her body was on fire and her mind was still weakened by the combination of things. If it would work . . . If . . . We were about to find out . . . We all would soon find out.

I kept my hands planted on her inner thighs, my index fingers and thumbs gently massaging the flesh near her pussy. Mere centimeters . . . a breath away from her swollen lips. Her hips gyrated on the couch, rising and shifting as her body tried to get me to actually touch her pussy rather than just remaining teasingly close.

Julia raised her head slightly, her eyes opening. At first she looked at me questioningly but then in her peripheral vision Paul drew her attention away and she turned her head. At first you could see that she was confused, that she wasn't even sure of what she was seeing, the dim light and her dimmed mind causing her a second of confusion. But then she focused and her sight filled with the vision of Paul's hard, black cock standing erect before her, its head already shimmering ever so slightly with leaked juices. Reflexively Julia's tongue slipped out to lick her lips as she stared at this sight.

"Aaaahhhhhh," she whispered hesitantly.

"You see it, Julia?" I whispered up at her, my thumb nails lightly scratching the flesh below her pussy. "You see that hard cock? It's just waiting for you, Baby. It's just waiting for you to suck on it."

"To- Tommy?" She stuttered meekly.

Her eyes dropped down to give me a quick glance before returning to Paul's stiff cock. In that flash I saw a mixture of uncertainty and lust. Her brain was functioning but not as fast as it would or could have been and that was to our advantage. The mixture of alcohol, the pill and her body's heightened state of arousal made her thinking and rational fuzzy.

"It's okay, Baby," I assured her. "It's okay."

I dropped my fingers down so that they brushed the upper edge of her pussy, over the hood beneath which her clit throbbed. Her hips jerked at the touch, bucking towards my fingers. I held my other fingers planted firmly on the very edges of her thighs so that I could remain in control of where and how I touched her.

"Look at his cock, Baby," I whispered. "All hard and rigid. It's just waiting for you, Baby. It's just waiting for you to wrap your beautiful lips around it."

Her hands squeezed harder on her tits as she continued to stare at the stiff cock pointing at her. She grabbed at her nipples and pulled them. Her humping hips grew disjointed and jerky in their actions beneath my fingers.

"You want me to touch your pussy, don't you, Baby? You want me to rub your swollen clit?"

"Yeeeeeessssssssssss," she sighed, her body arching slightly off the couch as my fingers played near her hood.

"Then go ahead, Baby," I whispered. "Go ahead. Reach out and touch Paul's cock. Touch his hard cock . . . his hard, black cock."

Julia's hands froze for just a second, the cupped mounds of flesh beautifully displayed for all eyes. Then they quickly restarted their mauling actions.

"N -- No," she whispered carefully. "It- It's wr-wrong."

Her eyes once more jumped down to look at me. Then, as her gaze returned to Paul's hard member her tongue licked her lips, revealing her true, inner desires. I noticed a growing wetness and building heat around my hands and looked down to see her juices flowing heavier from her pussy, leaking out to wetten the area more. Her labia were growing more red and swollen.

"It's alright, Baby," I assured her. "It's okay. You want me to touch your pussy, don't you."

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she whimpered, her hips bucking around beneath my fingers. "It's wrong Tommy. It's wrong."

"But won't it feel good, Baby?" I asked mischievously. "Won't it feel good to wrap your fingers around that hard cock of his?"

"Ooooohhhhhhhh yeeesssssss," she sighed, her eyes shooting back down to me for a brief second and her hips rising in the air.

"Then touch it, Baby," I told her. "Reach out and wrap your fingers around that hard black cock in front of you."

Once more her hands stalled in their massaging of her tits. Then her palms rolled up to flatten her nipples under them as she squeezed harder. Her tongue licked her lips once more and her bottom lip quivered feverishly.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh God, Tommy," she whimpered. "It's wr- wrong."

"Go ahead, Baby," I urged. "You want to touch his cock. And I want you to."

She was staring intently at Paul's cock, her tongue flickering out again and again to moisten her lips. From behind her quivering lip came soft, hungry mewing sounds, whimpers of uncertain passion. She pulled at her nipples, tweaking them before smashing her hands down on top of her heaving breasts once more.

I held my breath, waiting to see if she would do it, if I had managed to break past her wall.

A moment later one of her hands gingerly lifted from her breast and slowly reached out. Like in the slow motion of a movie her hand passed through the air toward that rigid member, slowly reaching its destination.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh, this is wrong," she sighed heavily as her hand hung in the air briefly. "Ooohhhhh God, it's wrong."

Her hand finally reached its destination. Her nails gently scratched at the flesh pole, sliding down its length, then back up. Her eyes remained glued to it, watching her fingers run up and down it a few times. Her hand then slid back along the shaft where it slid away to caress the region around its base and over Paul's hip. Then it rolled back to the rigid member and her fingers lightly scratched their way up it before sliding back toward the base. After a few more times of this she slid her fingers up and over his cock, wrapping them around the circumference, near the base, and gripping it.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she sighed.

I ran my thumbs up from beneath her pussy and gently stroked them across the inner part of her labia. Julia's hips bucked and her hand pulled on Paul's cock.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she whimpered.

Her hand gently tugged on his cock, pulling at its base, stroking it with a deliberate slowness. Her eyes were riveted on the sight of her small, white fingers wrapped around Paul's stiff, black cock.

My own eyes were glued on her face and her expression of hungry desire. Her tongue flickered again and again across her lips. From her hanging bottom lip short gasps of air were being sucked in and blown out.

"That's it, Baby," I whispered. "Feel his cock. Feel his hard cock in your hand. Doesn't it feel good? Don't you like having your fingers wrapped around Paul's stiff cock?"

I ran my thumbs up along her slit again, gently caressing her swollen pussy lips, and allowed them to gently bump against her clit. As I did this her eyes closed for just a split second before reopening, their line of sight still held by the cock she was stroking.

Soft whimpers and even softer murmurs rose from her throat.

Paul reached down and planted one of his hands on her free tit, flattening her nipple under his palm and squeezing. Julia's eyes quickly dropped to stare at this sight.

"Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she panted as she stared at the dark hand covering her milky white mound.

Paul massaged her breast, squeezing and plying the soft flesh beneath his hand.

I ran my finger up and over to her clit, rubbing at the swollen little button.

Julia's back arched, lifting her tit into Paul's hand and rolling her hips under my own touch, humping her now very wet sex at my fingers.

"Oohhh, look at that, Baby," I said. "Look at that hard cock you're holding. That hard, black cock. See the precum glistening on its head?"

Julia's eyes rose back up from staring at Paul's hand to her own fingers wrapped around his rigid member, her hand tugging at it with more earnest as the moments passed.

"Oooohhhhhhh yeeesssssssssss," she whimpered, her tongue rolling over her lips once more.

"You wanna wrap your lips around that cock, don't you?" I asked. "You wanna suck his cock, don't you Baby?"

"Ooohhhhhhh," her hips rolled enthusiastically as my finger played with her clit. "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooodddddddd Tommy. Thi-This is wrong. This is wrong."

Keeping my finger on her clit I rolled my other hand and slid my thumb in between her swollen pussy lips, pressing at her entrance. Her juices coated my digit thickly as it easily slid into her. I realized that her hole was already opening itself without having been coaxed by any penetration, that it was gaping open out of shear desire and lust. I ran my thumb along the inner edges of her hole, rubbing and caressing the sensitive nerve endings there.

Julia's hips gyrated and rose up from my touch. Her hand tugged harder at Paul's cock. Looking up I saw her eyes bounce between the cock she was holding and our friend's dark hand covering and massaging her milky breast.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she whimpered indecisively. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh God, Tommy. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Up till then Paul had been standing quietly above her, his hand massaging her breast, his cock being steadily stroked. Leaving the choice of who would be the first up to him and John I had instructed them both on how I imagined it should be handled, and Paul had listened very well.

With my finger still rubbing her clit and my thumb continuing to caress her very opening I caught his attention with a nod of my head and indicated that he should step forward. He wasted no time in doing just that, shifting his feet so that he brought himself and his stiff cock close to Julia and her mouth. With his free hand he reached out and brushed some of her hair away from her face, filling his fingers with it and holding it at the back of her head.

His cock was now only inches from Julia's lips. His actions made her stare at the member she held, her eyes no longer able to drop and look at the hand covering her tit.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh," she sighed.

"You want it, don't you Baby?" I coaxed. "You want to feel his cock sliding across your lips, filling your mouth? You want to run your tongue over that black cock and taste his flesh?"

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, Tommy," she whimpered. "What are we doing? Wha- It- It's wrong, Tommy. It- its so..."

"Suck it, white woman," Paul ordered.

He applied pressure to the back of Julia's head, pulling her forward, toward his cock. I saw a flash of concern and fear flash in her eyes as she allowed herself to be drawn forward, her lips coming centimeters away from the tip of the cock she held. Then, as her lips barely brushed that tip. the fear disappeared completely, replaced by hungry, burning lust.

"Yea, suck his cock, Baby," I smiled.

Her lips quivered for just a split second then they parted as she slid them onto the head of his cock, Paul pushed forward slightly while she slid toward him on her own. I watched as her beautiful lips separated and slowly slid down along his shaft, gradually engulfing the hard, black meat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as it filled her mouth.

The action of her tongue sliding over the pole could be seen in her hollowed out cheek. She drove herself forward, swallowing the entire length of his cock into her mouth and throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned again.

"Oohhh Yea, Baby," I sighed watching this. "Suck his cock. Suck his cock, Baby."

I felt her hips humping higher upon the couch, felt her pussy swallowing more of my thumb as I rolled it around and around the edges of her opening. The hand she'd had on her one tit all this time dropped suddenly and grabbed at my own hand, pushing it at her pussy. Glancing down to see this my eyes took in the sight of her entire body. I saw her muscles quivering and tensing, saw her abdomen rocking with her humping hips. I spun my hand around under her grasp and easily stuffed two fingers all the way inside of her pussy.

As these digits disappeared into her sex she jerked her head back until only the head of Paul's cock remained within her mouth. Her other hand once more grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed at it as her cheeks hollowed even more from the suction she was creating.

"Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm," she whimpered as her hips jumped at my fingers.

With the help, or the hassle, of her guiding hand I began to pump the fingers in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her while she sucked on Paul's rigid black cock.

"Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm," she whimpered louder, her hips jerking madly now.

"Yea, that's it white woman," Paul groaned, obviously enjoying the sight of her writhing body as she sucked on him. "Yea, suck my cock, bitch."

Suddenly her entire body stiffened, her back arched off the couch and she crammed her pussy down onto my fingers. The grip she held on Paul's cock tightened and she jerked feverishly at it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she nearly cried out, forcing herself to keep her lips wrapped around the head she was sucking on.

I sat spellbound by the sight of this whole scenario. Julia, my beautiful, and formerly uptight wife, writhing before me in ecstatic climax, her body tensed and arched while sucking hungrily on a black cock. I saw her white lips wrapped around that stiff member, saw her tongue roll within her mouth as she lapped at the fleshy pole. Paul's hand still gripped the back of her head and held her steady while his hips made very small rocking motions, pumping less than half an inch of his cock back and forth along her lips. His other hand covered her one breast, cupping and squeezing the soft mound. At her crotch my own hand was pressed against her dripping wet pussy, two of my fingers buried inside of her while her hips made small jerking movements.

It was amazing.

For several moments the three of us remained like this as Julia's orgasm rolled through her body then began to subside. As it did her muscles relaxed and she drifted back down onto the couch. Paul allowed her a brief moment to catch her breath then pushed his hips forward, sliding several more inches of his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Julia moaned as he did this, pushing herself forward to accept even more of him.

With vigor she began to pump her mouth back and forth along his cock, rocking her face at him and steadily fucking him in this manner.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmmm," she moaned and whimpered as she did this.

Shifting on the couch I pulled my fingers from within her sex and dropped into a kneeling position. Holding her inner thighs with the cups of my hands I held them open, although they were already spread wide, her feet locked back onto the edges of the couch and her knees bent back. Looking at her pussy I saw a thick wetness coating the entire region, her juices shimmering in the dim light, a thick carpeting of dew on her finely trimmed hairs. The aroma rising from her was intoxicating, the smell of her spent orgasm and still burning desire mixing into a delicious fragrance.

I lightly kissed her inner thigh and licked at her flesh, slowly working my way across her pelvic area toward her sex. Her hips rolled and gyrated, her ass rose off the couch and slid her pussy toward my mouth. Watching through the tops of my eyes I saw her slide her lips down the entire length of Paul's cock once more, engulfing it in her throat and moaning happily with the feel of it. Her eyes were completely closed and a thin sheen of sweat could be seen everywhere on her body.

Paul stood mesmerized, his hand squeezing at her tit with growing strength. He stared down at Julia as she penetrated herself with his cock, sucking on it deeply.

After a moment or two she pulled back again, sliding her lips back along the shaft she held it in her mouth and rewrapped the base of it with her fingers. Still sucking deeply on it she once more pumped her face back and forth, sliding her lips across it and fucking him with her mouth. Paul's hips were really starting to rock with her now, his grip in her hair tightening with his growing desire.

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