Julia's Rose


When Richard and Julia moved cities it was a joint decision. Richard's job was the driving force – move and you get promoted now, stay put and you may get promoted in a couple of years.

"It's a no brainer," was Julia's immediate, supportive response.

So they moved away from family and friends and the city that had been home to both of them throughout their childhoods and to which they'd both returned after University. Julia, a nurse, was able to find immediate employment herself in the local hospital near their new home, they found a more than comfortable new house in a very up-market area, way in excess of anything they would have been able to afford back home and all looked good.

They soon settled into their new routine, made some new friends among their neighbours and appeared to be very happy. Six months in, however, Richard sensed that all was not quite as well as it seemed.

"What's up?" he asked over dinner one evening.

"What do you mean? Nothing's 'up', as you put it," replied Julia.

"Yes," he insisted, "something is. I can tell that there's something niggling at you. Won't you share it with me? We've never had secrets."

After a little more coaxing, and over the rest of the wine bottle, Julia told him that while she was 100% behind there move and that she was thoroughly enjoying their lifestyle and everything that went with it, there was one thing missing. She missed going out from time to time with her girlfriends.

"That's easily fixed," said Richard. "Take a weekend. Go back and have a really good time for a couple of days and enjoy yourself."

Julia was delighted at the suggestion and agreed that she would do just that, but she added that what she really, really missed was being able to pick the phone up to any one of her friends at the end of a tough day at work and just go out there and then for an impromptu night out.

"Just a drink and a chat," she added, "nothing more. But I don't really know people round here well enough yet, and I just miss being able to do that. No big deal, but since you asked, that's 'what's up'. OK"

Richard nodded his understanding and they dropped the subject for the next few hours. They had another bottle of wine and chatted some more about holiday plans and Richard's latest work project.

With the second bottle nearly finished and the effect of the wine beginning to play its part, Richard slowly unbuttoned Julia's blouse as they chatted. Soon his hand was inside her top cupping her breast through her bra.

Julia, in turn, was stroking his growing erection through his trousers before unzipping them and reaching her hand inside.

Richard was not the world's most endowed man, but when his cock began to grow it was more than satisfactory. She slid away from his arm and knelt in front of him. Easing his trousers and underpants down from his manhood she stroked it with both hands before leaning her face towards.

Looking up into his eyes as she did so, she shaped her lips into an exaggerated kiss and placed them on the tip of his cock. In one motion, she slid the knob end into her mouth and began to suck, slowly but firmly at first, then more quickly, all the time massaging the base of his cock and his balls with her hands.

She took his erect 6 inches into her mouth easily and Richard felt the spunk building up in his balls.

No one gave head quite like his wife. He had been faithful since they married, but her recalled his mother's best friend giving him the thrill of his adolescent years when she stayed over at his parent's house one Christmas and decided to give him a very personal seasonal gift. Dressed as "Mrs Santa Claus", she had waited till the house was asleep before going into his bedroom, waking him with a kiss and giving him his very first blow job. He had cum so much that night that he thought his surprise lover was going to choke on it, though she swallowed it all with vigour. Now, he knew he was going to shoot just as large a load down his pretty wife's throat any second.

Julia sensed it too, her sucking became more urgent, her massaging of his ball sac more coaxing until suddenly he tensed up and release a stream of hot, salty spunk into her mouth, filling her almost more quickly than she could take it.

She was used to him now though and managed to swallow it all without even the faintest dribble from her mouth. Her job done, she looked up him, smiled wickedly and lay back on the floor opening her legs. She pulled up her skirt as she did so to reveal that she was wearing no panties.

He gazed lovingly at her cunt, sitting sweetly beneath the short, blonde pubic hair trimmed just for him into a heart-shape. Next to it sat a tiny tattoo of a pink flower which made her smile every morning as she dressed with the memory of the day she had it done.

Like Richard, Julia had been utterly faithful in marriage, but on her 18th birthday she was on holiday with her girlfriends when they all drunkenly decided to get a tattoo. She was the only one that did, and having completely shaved her bush at that time, determined that she would have a special picture to sit near her pusssy.

That tattoist was in his late 40's and didn't turn a hair when she dropped her knickers in front of him so that he could do his work. As he did so, his thumb and occasionally a stray fore-finger would brush the hood of her clit, so that by the time he was finished, she was soaking wet with a swollen clit and gagging for it. The tattooist hadn't spoken throughout the process, but as he finished, he looked up at her before leaning in to blow on the tattoo. His breath also drifted across her cunt and she involuntarily grabbed his hair and pulled his face against her. In a second his tongue was inside her and she came so quickly and urgently that his hand suddenly slapped across her mouth to stop her screaming. Before she knew what was happening, his trousers were round his ankles, she was bent over his desk and his huge throbbing cock was buried deep inside her. It was the wildest fuck she had ever and probably would ever know and she loved every pulsating minute of it. Every morning now, she smiled with the memory of it and her pussy tingled gently as she did so.

Now, as she lay in front of her husband, she was wet and ready again, though she knew this would be more gently and caring.

Richard kissed and sucked her nipples as he lay across her, he nudged his cock against her wet cunt and had soon slipped it inside. This was the bit Julia found the most difficult when fucking Richard, though curiously also the most satisfying. If she'd wanked or sucked him off first, he would be almost flaccid and down to no more than 4 and a half inches when he entered her, which just felt wrong, but a few flexes of the muscles in her cunt wall started him up again and there was nothing quite like the feeling of him growing hard and long inside her.

One thing Richard didn't suffer from was premature ejaculation, so he rode her with long gentle but firm lengths of his cock until he felt her getting more and more aroused. She was so wet now, it was easy to push in and out with natural maximum lubrication to help him. He manouvered his cock so that it rubbed against her clit, all the while sucking and teasing on her nipples. That always took her there and she felt her tummy tightening, her legs beginning to tremble and suddenly she was cumming pulsing round his cock, drowning it in her cum. That was his signal. His thrusts became more urgent his balls started to swell again and he came too, emptying himself fully into her.

She loved the sensation of him filling her with hot, creamy spunk and she wrapped her legs tightly round his buttocks as if to pull even more of him into her.

When they were done, they lay side by side on the floor and both dozed for a few minutes.

Julia came to first, and made a pronouncement that would affect their lives forever.

"Of course," she said, "you could always be my girlfriend."

"Huh?" Richard was still half-dozing.

"You could come out with me as my girlfriend," she continued. "I mean you are perfectly built for it. 5'10", not an ounce of fat on you, superb legs and your cock would tuck away easily."

Richard looked and saw that thoughtful look on her face that meant she was serious.

"Stay there", she ordered before he had chance to speak.

She almost ran to the bathroom and returned with lady shaving gel and her lady razor. In minutes his legs were shaved and his pubic hair almost completely gone, just a thin strip left running centrally down to his cock. Julia reached for handbag, and the next thing Richard knew his face was being made up.

Julia sat back to admire her handywork. She gasped and put her hand to her mouth.

"Oh my God!" she said. "You look fabulous."

She offered him her make up mirror and he was truly astounded at the pretty face that looked back at him.

"Now wait a minute," he began, suddenly realising the implications of what she had done.

She interrupted him and would not let him speak for several minutes, arguing that if he loved her as she knew he did he would go along with her just to see how he would look and feel as the finished article, dressed and wigged. They would go for coffee together and it he really didn't like it they wouldn't do it ever again.

So it was that three days later, after Julia had spent a significant sum shopping for all the required items that she sat in a city centre coffee house chatting to her new friend 'Rose', the two of them drawing admiring glances from almost every man in the place.

"Now tell me that dooesn't feel good," she giggled to Rose as they drew a low wolf whistle from the building site across the street as they walked arm in arm back to the car.

Rose didn't answer, concentrating on getting into the car in her short, tight skirt with stockings and heels, in a ladylike way. Her skirt inevitably rode up along her thigh and a construction worker yelled in no uncertain terms what he would like to do with her and would she please come back and see him again soon.

They sat in the car, looked at each other and both burst out laughing.

"There", said Julia, "That was OK, wasn't it? Or did you hate every minute of it."

"Well," said Rose thoughtfully, "I am getting used to it."

"So," said Julia excitedly, "we could go out for drink or something tonight and just have a nice girly chat?"

"Yeah – OK", said Rose, "but you'll have to work with me on my voice. I don't want to be found out."

"Deal!" exclaimed Julia, and a whole new chapter to their relationship took off.

A month later came Rose's big test, when she and Julia were at a club, met a couple of guys and afterwards found themselves in a heavy kissing session on the way back to the car park. It was clear that it would be a major test on their relationship if the two men did what they their growing cocks declared they were clearly intent on doing, and how would Rose deal with that?

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