Julie Ch. 01


Oh God! Had Gary just complimented her? She had hardly even heard what he said. It had sounded sort of sweet and sincere. But Julie's attention had been drawn yet again to the stranger sitting at the bar. Poor Gary.

Julie smiled and nodded to him, unsure how to respond, as she wasn't sure exactly what he had said. Would he realize?

"That's one of the things I really love about you," he said, apparently not aware of her momentary lapse of attention. She smiled again and reached across the table to touch his hand. He was such a sweet guy and Julie knew she was lucky to have him. But somehow that didn't keep her eyes from wandering back to the dark haired stranger sitting with his date at the bar.

Gary was smiling at her, his soft brown eyes swimming behind his glasses. He laid his other hand on top of hers and squeezed slightly. Dinner tonight had been his idea. He had chosen this restaurant, even though it was a little more expensive than places they would ordinarily go. It wasn't a special occasion, just their usual Friday night dinner out. Taking her to a particularly nice place well... it was just Gary being Gary. Julie gave his hand a squeeze in return, smiling back at him and trying to keep her eyes from straying to the stranger at the bar.

But try as she might, her gaze kept returning to him, like a moth to a light. He was tall, maybe six-one or six-two. He had thick dark hair and blue-gray eyes. His body was muscular, athletic, but not overly big with broad shoulders and a tapered waist. There was an easiness, a confidence, to his body language. His blue chambray shirt and jeans at once flattered him and left her wondering what he'd look like without them. And his smile made Julie want to smile herself every time he flashed it.

His date was a curvy brunette, very similar in build to Julie. She was dressed in a low cut top and short skirt. She was smiling and laughing at his every word. She was also giving him that look. The look that said she was his tonight. Did Julie actually feel envious of that girl?

Julie tried concentrate on her conversation with Gary. It was Friday night and he wanted to talk about the weekend. There were things to do around the house, a friend stopping by for lunch and so on. The same conversation married couples everywhere were having over dinner. The same sort of conversation that Julie and Gary usually had and she usually enjoyed and participated in. Why was she so distracted tonight? Because of a guy she had never seen before, who had a cute little bar fly hanging all over him?

A few times during dinner, Julie had looked over at the handsome stranger, only to find him looking back at her, his eyes boring into hers. She quickly averted her eyes, hoping that Gary wouldn't notice the color rising in her cheeks. The second or third time he caught her, their eyes locked for what was definitely too long. Just by a couple heartbeats really, but long enough to be more than random eye contact. How was Gary not noticing?

But Gary was oblivious. He was talking to her about some mundane thing or another... she could hardly pay attention. Especially when the girl with the guy at the bar was hanging on him and laughing and smiling. Did Julie just see her hand run along the inside of his thigh? Was that little hussy going to go home with him? Was that trampy little outfit of hers going to wind up crumpled on his bedroom floor? Was she going to be calling out his name when he brought her to climax?

Julie blinked. She had to get her mind off of this guy and his date. What the hell did she care if he fucked her right there at the bar, right? So why was Julie still looking over there? Why was she annoyed at the way the girl surreptitiously ran her hands along his legs? Did her hands actually just brush across his crotch?

"I'll be right back," Julie said to Gary. "I have to use the ladies room." She didn't really, but she had to walk away for a second, collect her thoughts and get back to having dinner with her husband. Not gawking at some guy picking up a girl at the bar.

She was coming out of the ladies room headed back to her table when the stranger from the bar rounded the corner right in front of her. In her surprise, she almost walked into him. She gave a polite smile, excused herself and went to step around him. He moved in front of her.

"Weren't you the one at the table?" he asked, "That was looking at me? Do I know you?" Julie looked up at him. He was tall. She had realized that when she had seen him across the restaurant, of course. But it was far more evident as he stood in front of her now, towering above her petite frame.

"Uh, no," Julie replied with a polite smile. "I don't think so." She moved to go around him and again he moved to block her.

"What's your hurry?" he asked, giving her a dazzling smile. Julie was instantly irritated. She held up her hand to show him her wedding band.

"Sorry," she said, her face conveying that she was anything but. "You're too late. If you'll excuse me." She tried again to get around him.

"Don't worry," he laughed. "That guy will wait there forever for you. And you know it." He gave her a meaningful look. "You, on the other hand, seem more interested in looking around at what else might be out there."

He had her there, Julie admitted. She had been staring. But now that she was actually talking to him, his arrogance was quickly wearing thin.

"What about her?" Julie said, nodding toward the bar where his date was waiting. Julie didn't really care. She just wanted to deflect the conversation away from herself. He shrugged off her question.

"Yeah, I'm booked for tonight," he replied. "But maybe I can help you out another night." He held out a business card. She looked at it in disbelief.

Help her out? Julie felt an angry heat rising in her face.

"Look," she retorted, "I'm not looking for any so-called 'help' and if I was, it wouldn't be coming from an asshole like you!" Before he could step in front of her again, she bolted around him and walked briskly back to her table.

For the rest of the meal, she fumed about the audacity of the guy. She did manage to keep her eyes off of him, but she still wasn't really able to concentrate on the conversation with Gary.

Only when the stranger and his date were leaving did Julie look up. And damn if the guy wasn't looking right at her again. He was smirking at Julie, even as he held his date's jacket for her.

"Are you okay?" Gary asked. Julie snapped her gaze back to her husband.

"Yeah, I just..." she had no idea what to say.

"You look a little... weird or something." The concern in Gary's voice was sincere. "Do you want to go?" She shook her head. She at least wanted to wait until that guy was out of the parking lot.

"No, I'm fine. Let's finish and go though, okay?" Gary quickly assented.

Ten minutes later they were walking across the lamp lit parking lot toward their cars. They had met here after work and Julie was parked a little closer than Gary. He walked her to her car and kissed her.

"See you at home," he said and headed off toward his own car.

As Julie opened her car door, she noticed that the stranger from the bar was sitting alone in a car facing hers a few cars farther up the row. What was he still doing here? And where was the girl he had been with?

Then, in the pale glow of the parking lot lights, Julie realized that he was not alone. The girl from the bar was in the passenger's seat beside him. Sort of. She wasn't all that visible though, on account of the fact that she was leaning over with her head in his lap.

He was sitting there looking down at her head in his lap, one of his hands on the back of her neck. She was bobbing up and down quite energetically. Julie stood transfixed, at once disgusted and fascinated. It wasn't the first time she had ever seen an overzealous couple in a bar parking lot, of course. But it was the first time she had ever found herself transfixed, watching.

Then he looked up and saw Julie. She was looking right into his eyes. She felt a rising panic, but she didn't look away. Then he winked at her. Winked! That would have been enough for Julie to tear herself away from this spectacle, but just as she was about to get into her car, she saw his head go back and his mouth open as if moaning. A moment later, his date's head slowed down, then stopped.

Oh my God, Julie thought. I just watched him cum in her mouth! Then his head came back up and he looked over at her again. That damn smirk was on his face, like he had known Julie would still be there watching.

She dove into her car and pulled away quickly. She had a swirl of thoughts and emotions tangled up inside her as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. The stranger's arrogance and smirk definitely were irritating, almost infuriating. But why did she care?

And why had she been unable to look away when she saw him in the car with his date? She had watched him get a blow job--cum, even. And he knew she had seen it all. Why the hell had she stood there like that? She was mad at herself, but she couldn't stop replaying his moment of orgasm over and over in her head.

It might not have been the first time she had walked past a car with a couple getting it on, but it was the first time she had ever watched. And it was certainly the first time she had ever seen the man actually cumming in his date's mouth.

Why was she so annoyed by this guy? So he had hit on her. Big deal. He was just a player. Tomorrow night he'd probably be sitting in his car getting a blow job from some other little chickie who thought he was God's gift. Why did it rankle her so? Was there something about him? Something that Julie was sexually responding to? And she didn't want to? Was that it?

Julie replayed that scene over and over in her head on the way home. As she thought about it, she realized that he had looked at her, winked and almost immediately after that, he had cum. Then he looked over to make sure she had seen him cum. And of course, like a dope, she had still been standing there, slack-jawed watching it all.

The whole thing evoked such a strange mix of emotions. She was mad at herself for watching him and even more angry that she had let him see her watching. And angrier still that, even after he had seen her, she kept watching.

But that was only part of it. There was something more to it. Why the hell had she watched in the first place? Any other time she would have averted her eyes and moved along quickly. What had compelled her to watch? There was something to it, she knew, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

It wasn't really a voyeuristic thrill or anything like that. No, it was something more subtle. Maybe because he had actually been hitting on Julie just a half hour earlier? Had arrogantly assured her that he could help her? Of course he could afford to be arrogant with Julie... there had been a girl sitting at the bar waiting to suck his cock!

And he talked to Julie like she should be grateful to be next in line! Why would such abrasive cockiness make her interested in seeing him get sucked off?

And was there a tingle that she felt when he winked? Was it like he was telling her it could have been her in the car with him? His eyes could have gone anywhere, but they stopped on her. Why would that make her feel flattered instead of repulsed? Why would she want a guy like that looking at her when he cums? Whatever her brain knew about what she should feel, her body had its own ideas. There had definitely been some sort of physical sensation she had experienced. Not exactly a thrill, but her body had responded.

When she got home, she tried to push the clutter aside and get back to the important things in her life. Gary met her in the garage and kissed her. Then they walked up to the inside door holding hands. It felt good and right and she was glad to have his love.

That night in bed though, as Gary nestled between her raised knees and penetrated her, there was heat, but nothing wild or passionate. Gary, always the considerate lover, did his best to make her cum, but Julie simply wasn't feeling the magic in their movements that night.

It wasn't until she started thinking about her encounter with the cocky, good-looking stranger that she started to feel the possibility. As she thought about his interaction with his date at the bar, the way the girl kept hanging on him, looking at him, basically throwing herself at him, a wave of heat radiated out from her now dripping pussy.

Then she thought about the two of them in the car together, the way her head bobbed, so anxious to please him. And the way he looked over at Julie, like he had every reason to expect that she should want to taste his cock too.

And what had happened after Julie left? Sure, the girl had obviously sucked him off, but a stud like him would be ready to go by the time they got back to his place. He would probably spend the whole night and half of Saturday morning fucking her in every position imaginable. How many times would he make her cum?

Then Julie's back arched and she let out a cry, her own orgasm radiating out in a luscious warm wave, the ecstasy of the momentary connection between pussy and brain flooding her.

Gary came too, her cry sending him over the edge. He lay on top of her and kissed her gently for a while before telling her he loved her and rolling off. She kissed him back and hugged him close for a long moment before letting him go. Poor dear Gary. How could she be thinking of another man at a moment like that?

Confused and apprehensive, Julie tossed and turned for a long time before falling asleep. Feelings of guilt were intertwined with the erotic images that had brought her to orgasm. And poor Gary, snoring softly beside her, had no idea that it wasn't his cock that had made her cum.

Julie was happy to be back at work that Monday, with all of the hustle and bustle to distract her. She had spent way too much time over the weekend remembering the stranger at the bar. And, more specifically, he and his date in the car afterward.

Once she had her head full of daily work issues, the images from that night were quickly pushed to the background. Even after work Monday, her thoughts were on work, dinner and other minutia and the stranger was all but forgotten.

The rest of the week was just a normal, busy week for her. It wasn't until Friday night that she thought about the stranger again. That night, as she and Gary were having their usual Friday night out dinner, Julie found herself thinking about dinner the previous week. And how it had ended.

It wasn't nearly so distracting this time, but it was still there. Julie still found herself looking around the restaurant, almost as if she expected to see him there again.

As dinner progressed, Julie once again found herself struggling to keep her attention on Gary. At one point she actually found herself wondering what it would have been like to be the girl in the car, sucking the handsome stranger's cock.

Had the girl made the first move? Unzipped his fly and pulled him out? Or had he pulled it out, waved it around and told her to suck it? Julie wondered what that would feel like, having a man tell her to suck his cock.

It was an unusual thought for her to have. She was not a particularly avid fellatrice. Her husband, thoughtful man that he was, knew that she didn't like the taste of semen, so he never asked her to do it. And even when she did go down on him, he quite often didn't let himself cum in her mouth.

What would it be like to have an arrogant, good looking man tell her to suck his cock? She knew how she should react: with a scoff, angry and indignant. But there was something else, wasn't there? There was something compelling about a man ordering a woman to take him into her mouth. Exciting, perhaps?

She forced the thought out of her head. Why was she even thinking about that guy? With luck, she'd never see him again.

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