Julie Ch. 06


So there it was. Exactly as Julie had suspected. He wanted to see Julie the business woman on her knees. Show her that she was a slut no matter what she was wearing or who she was at the office. That was a line that she was fearful of crossing, even as she realized she was going to.

Greg gave her nipple another hard tug, then stepped back, pointing to the floor in front of him.

"Well, come on," he said, impatience creeping into his voice. Julie looked up into his eyes for a long, tense moment. She really already knew what she was going to do. And she saw in his eyes that he knew it too. All this posturing was pointless. If anything, it probably only enhanced his victory. It said to him that this was something she valued. Did not take lightly. And yet she was still going to give in.

Wordlessly, his eyes boring into hers, he pointed again. She lowered her eyes and sank to her knees. There was a wetness in her pussy that was even more intense than before, in spite of her misgivings. Or maybe because of them.

As she watched his hands undo his pants, Julie couldn't help thinking about everything that had happened earlier in the day. The meeting, the conference room, the people she ad been surrounded by all day long. This was the Julie they had all seen. These were the clothes she had been wearing. How many of those people would have suspected that she would be on her knees in these very clothes, waiting for Greg to put his cock in her mouth? Would they be surprised if they knew how eager she was? If they knew how wet she got at the thought of giving him head?

Or worse... would they assume she had gotten the job by sucking his dick? A shiver of fear ran through her at the thought. All her credibility, all her accomplishments would be forever tarnished by that suspicion if anyone ever found out. Her reputation would become that of a slut who fucked and sucked to get where she was.

It was so ironic. She had already gotten where she was before any of this. Not that anyone would ever believe it. But that was the truth.

Greg fished his sizeable member out of his fly and Julie felt her heart start to race. This was, after all, the cock that had taken a competent, professional business woman, a devoted wife and turned her into a cocksucking slut. This was the cock for which she was risking everything.

It was an amazing hunk of flesh. Its size, texture, color, its proportions, its smell and taste... everything about it screamed that it was the essence of a real man. Everything about it instilled an urge in Julie to satisfy it. It was definitely a cock that made her want to get down on her knees and pleasure it the best way she knew how.

With her hands palms down on her thighs, Julie leaned forward and licked the tip of Greg's cock. With her tongue she lifted his almost fully erect member into her mouth and sucked the end of it. She slid her lips a little farther down, so she could feel him harden the rest of the way in her mouth. The stiffening of his shaft in her mouth elicited a fresh surge of wetness.

God, she loved it! It was so hot, feeling him attain that rigidity with her lips wrapped around him. With her hands still in her lap, she looked up into his eyes and bobbed slowly up and down on his thick pole.

Julie had to look away. She felt embarrassed that she was enjoying it so much. Was it because this was it? This was all they were going to do tonight? It was a first, she realized. All her other encounters with Greg may have included sucking his cock, but this was the first time it was exclusively a blow job.

Like the woman in the parking lot. And like her, Julie was discovering she could be quite satisfied with it.

She looked back up at him, still feeling a little embarrassed. Greg's eyes were waiting for hers, had never wavered. She kept the eye contact as she pushed her lips as far down him as she could. She held herself there for a long moment, all the while, their eyes locked on each others'. That moment conveyed a message that Julie couldn't have put into words. She wanted him to see how much she enjoyed it. Loved having as much of him in her mouth as she could take. It was a look he surely would understand. How many women had been on their knees before him with that look in their eyes?

"Yeah," Greg breathed in a low, velvety voice. "Suck it, Julie. Suck my cock." She gave a little whimper as the dampness between her legs increased with his words. She closed her eyes and bobbed sensually on him, yearning to hear his sighs and groans.

One of her hands left her lap, slipped into his pants and wrapped around the base of his shaft. She held him firmly as she started sucking him faster, more aggressively. She knew she had to increase the intensity to make him cum, but she wanted to do it gradually. She was in no hurry to finish him. She wanted it to last so she could enjoy every lick, suck and bob as much as she possible.

"What do you think Tony would say?" Greg asked her, startling her almost to the point of stopping. "What would he think if he knew you were sucking my cock right now?" Julie opened her eyes and looked up at him as she continued to suck him. "What about the rest of them?"

Greg's allusion to Tony and the rest of the people in her meeting was strangely erotic. Like having her keep her work clothes on, it was another reminder that, whatever she was professionally, right now she was his slut.

She was a woman who commanded respect in the conference room. She was a woman with responsibilities. She was a woman that could handle pressure.

She was a woman on her knees with her client's cock in her mouth.

What would all of those people think of her if they saw her like this? It wasn't like she was doing it to further her career, even though they might think so. She was doing it because it made her wet. It turned her on. She just wanted to.

Greg telling her to keep on these clothes, his talking about her co-workers, was all part of one premise. He was taking Julie at her most successful, most powerful, most accomplished and juxtaposing that with her on her knees. Demonstrating that, whatever else she had achieved, she would still succumb to his dominance.

It should have been a bitter pill for her to swallow, but it wasn't. That this arrogant man could compel her most independent self to submit to him was rather erotic. Julie found it filled some hitherto unknown need within her. Something that existed on a very primitive, almost animal level. And it was that need she was feeding now as she pleasured Greg's cock with her mouth.

"Think they'd be surprised to see you on your knees, so willing?" Greg continued. This time Julie had to stop and let out a moan, her body shaking slightly at his words. "Would they be surprised how much you like it?" She had to pull him out of her mouth and moan again. "I bet even you're surprised, aren't you?"

In response, Julie started sucking him faster, more energetically. She no longer wanted to savor the slow build up. She only wanted to finish him. Satisfy him. Show him he was right. That her job and its trappings didn't change the fact that she wanted to please him. Oh God! How could he be having this effect on her! How had he made this such a thrill for her? Her hair fell in her face as she bobbed faster still on Greg's meaty member.

The idea of other people from her office or his knowing about this... visualizing this... imagining Julie with a man's cock in her mouth... God! It was making her sooo hot! And being on her knees like this, the submissiveness of it, so out of character for her... The idea of them knowing how aroused it made her, to submit like this. And to do it while wearing the very clothes that they all saw her in...

The heat and wetness between her legs grew and intensified. Again, she felt close to having an orgasm without ever touching herself. She sucked faster, her neck bending to propel her lips down his shaft over and over, spittle pooling on her hand, dripping off of it.

Julie could feel him swelling, stiffening and she knew he was close. She kept up her pace, ferociously working him to the point of orgasm. When she felt him reach that unmistakable point where he was just about to erupt, she thought she would cum herself. But then his thick, gooey offering splashed onto her tongue to the back of her throat in such quantities that she had to focus on not choking.

The distraction caused her own orgasm to slip away, but she wasn't regretful. She continued to suck him and swallow down all that he had deposited in her mouth. It made her feel obedient to swallow it. And that's what made this whole scenario work so well for her, wasn't it? That there was something about him that compelled her to be sexually obedient?

As she was sucking him and cleaning him with her mouth, Greg abruptly pulled his cock out of her mouth and wiped it on her cheek. There was little if anything that had escaped her mouth. It was more of a symbolic gesture. He looked at her to gauge her reaction. Julie didn't object and that seemed to be the correct response.

"I gotta run," he said, looking at his watch and zipping up. "Maybe I'll see you after."

And then he left. Without even helping Julie up. She was still climbing to her feet as he was opening the door. Before she could think of a reply, he was gone.

She stood in her hotel room feeling a little empty and confused. Not that she expected much, but at least a hand up? A hug or a kiss goodbye? She had just swallowed his cum! He could have been just a bit more gracious!

Julie looked at herself in the mirror. Other than her hair being tousled, she looked pretty much the same as she had a couple hours earlier in the conference room at Greg's company. If she went down to the bar, she would be just another business traveler unwinding after a tough day.

Not a slut trying to wash the taste of cum out of her mouth.

It was strange. Julie had been quite okay with the situation right up to the point where Greg left. His exit was so abrupt that it magnified how he saw her. True, it was because he took her for granted that this situation worked for her. But still.... It was just a little too harsh, leaving her on the floor that way.

Perhaps her desire to pleasure him needed a better acknowledgement that she had done so to be satisfied. She knew when she knelt before him that it would be all about his pleasure. And that was fine with her. But to run out without letting her know how good she had made him feel, well... it left her feeling cheated. Not to mention used.

Julie realized that it was already somewhat strange that she was so invested in providing him this pleasure. She had never been so wrapped up in satisfying a man's needs that she would totally neglect her own. But tonight it would have been okay. If he had only been more outwardly grateful for what she had done for him. If he had just said, "Thanks, that was great," or something equally pathetic, she might not be standing in her room feeling confused. And used.

Was that the real cause of her distress? That she felt very, very used? He had purposely had her kneel in the clothes she wore to work, had deliberately mentioned her co-workers, had done everything he could to emphasize that she was, at her most significant, still just a cocksucking slut to him. No matter how important she was, she was still going to get on her knees and suck his cock if he told her to.

And he could walk out without so much as a thank you when he was done.

That upset her. No doubt. But she wasn't totally sure why. A man should, naturally, show a little more gratitude for a blow job. That was a no-brainer. But it was everything leading up to that as well. It was like a calculated assault on her self-confidence, her sense of self-worth. He was trying to make her feel like a slut after he left, instead of while he was with her.

And the difference was surprisingly significant.

It reminded her of when she first saw his email address, "sltfkr1000". It wasn't that she would argue with it, but seeing it on her monitor was different. It made it something she had to acknowledge. And she had, of course. But only on one level. Only in a hotel room. Tonight was still in a hotel room, but Greg brought as much of her professional life into it as he could. Then left without helping her up. Left the business woman on her knees... it was a very clear message.

Julie took off her blazer and laid it over the back of a chair. Then she lay down in the bed and undid her slacks. She slipped her hand into her panties, feeling the warm, moist pubic hair. She thought about how Greg told her to suck his cock as her fingers sampled the moisture of her pussy lips, swirling it around with a gentle motion. He had made a point of it to show her that, whatever she was in the office, she was still a slut who sucked his cock when he told her to.

God, was that really true? Had she become a slut for such a cocky, arrogant man? Her fingers swirled under her panties, caressing her swollen clit. The thought of him putting that big cock of his in her face, knowing she would gladly suck it, was so hot. She touched her clit and the starbursts exploded. Her hips bucked as she came, the thought of sucking Greg's cock at the heart of her climax. It wasn't a huge, overwhelming orgasm like she had had with Greg the night before. But she continued to finger herself, stretching it out, coaxing herself to a wonderfully satisfying feeling.

As Julie lay on the bed, her hand still in her pants, she thought about Greg and what he was to her. And what she was to him. She held no illusions about her place with him. He was a womanizer, plain and simple. Julie was one of many. Just another conquest.

But what was he to her? He was clearly a man who had the ability to unlock something in her. Something heretofore unknown, but, once released, powerful, compelling. Greg knew how to bring out this uninhibited, sexually ravenous side of her. Julie might not have realized it was there before, but now that she did, could it ever be fully contained again?

Julie looked around the hotel room. She had had more sex with Greg in this room in the last twenty-four hours than she had had with her husband in the last four weeks. She had done things for Greg that she wouldn't do at home. She had cum in ways that had never happened, and probably never would happen, in her marital bed.

Tomorrow she would wake up and head to the airport, this hotel room and her actions in it would be just a memory. What would happen the next time though? It was likely that she would travel here again. It was likely that Greg would fly out to visit her company. What then?

Julie didn't doubt that, given the opportunity, she would do this again. Even in the wake of his abrupt departure tonight, she knew she wouldn't hesitate. What did that make her? A cheating wife? Without a doubt. The fact that she'd do it again said quite clearly that she didn't feel remorse. At least not enough remorse.

But it was more than that. Julie was in an unenviable position. She needed something that only Greg could provide. Greg, on the other hand, seemed to have no lack of sources for his pleasure. She was a mere notch on his bedpost. He was the center of her sexual universe. It was a scary thought, a man like Greg having such a ridiculous advantage over her.

And he clearly enjoyed using that advantage. Hadn't he just used it? Wouldn't he continue to use it? What if he was in town and asked her to meet him at a bar after work? What if he took her out to his car afterward? What if Julie was the one swallowing his cum while he winked at another woman who was standing in the parking lot watching?

The idea that she might give in to Greg no matter what was scary. But then she thought, what if he just never showed any interest in her again? What if, having had his fun, he moved on and didn't look back? Would Julie ever know those dizzying heights of ecstasy again? The idea that those feelings and experiences would never be anything more than memories was scary too. She just assumed that it would happen again because she wanted to experience it again.

But a lot of that depended on Greg. Not that Julie got the sense that he would just refuse to sleep with her again. But to assume that she would be his first choice, well... that was another matter. Not that she wasn't confident of her abilities in bed. But a guy like Greg, given the choice, probably preferred claiming new territory over revisiting past conquests.

It wasn't much of a feeling of jealousy at the thought of other women sleeping with him. But there was a certain amount of selfishness. If they had him, she wouldn't.

Julie continued to ponder the situation as she got up and changed out of her work clothes into sweats. If Greg was coming back tonight, it wouldn't be until after the game and by then, she would already be in bed. She could go to bed wearing nothing, like the night before. For now though, it was all about getting comfortable and getting packed.

After she got everything packed for an early departure in the morning, Julie sat at her laptop and tried to finish some work. But her head wasn't in it. She was still thinking about later, when Greg would be back. If Greg was coming back.

She assumed he would be, of course. Why wouldn't he? He had the key to her room. And he knew if he came back, Julie would fuck him and suck him any way he wanted.

She was already fantasizing about being on her elbows and knees as his big cock hammered into her from behind. Over and over and over again. Oh God, how she longed to spread her legs wide for him, watch him smirk as he took her. She longed to feel the way he made her feel last night: hot and slutty and incredibly sexy.

With those thoughts in her head, Julie had no chance of getting any work done. She thought about masturbating again, but decided to wait for the real thing. She watched television for a while, but couldn't get interested in anything. She just wanted Greg to get there and fuck her senseless again.

She found the channel with the game on it and watched the last few minutes of it. As it ended, she looked at the clock. If they had stayed until the end of the game, it could be an hour or so before they got back to the hotel.

Julie watched the local news and watched the clock. She couldn't focus on the TV. She was too restless with anticipation. She took off her clothes and got under the covers. There was a warm tingle in her belly. She gave one of her breasts a squeeze. God, she hoped Greg would show up soon. Oh, it was so frustrating to have to wait.

And wait.

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