Julie Ch. 09


Over the weeks that followed, Julie had little direct contact with Greg. At first they exchanged a few personal emails. But they quickly fizzled, perhaps because they couldn't act on them. She had some contact with him on work related issues, but most of those were either brief or conference calls. And in any case, Greg was always careful to distance himself from Julie in professional matters.

The demands of her new job kept her busy and her mind occupied most of the time. But now and then there would be a lull and she would find herself day dreaming about being in a hotel room somewhere with Greg. She knew that she would do it again. All she needed was a word from Greg and she was there.

But that word was slow in coming. Despite the contact that their jobs required, there was too many miles in between them to arrange anything. That was primarily Julie's issue, of course. She was the one who had to find a way to get away from home. It wasn't like she could just get in her car and drive to him. And, at least in those first few weeks, there were no business related reasons for either to travel.

In that time, Julie spent a lot of time comparing Greg and Gary, both sexually and as people. Gary was as thoughtful a man as she could ever hope for. He was sweet, caring and seemed all too willing to put Julie's wants and needs ahead of his own. While there was something very heartwarming about those qualities, there was something wishy-washy about them too.

Julie had never realized before how Gary's mild demeanor limited her relationship with him. She loved him, of course. But when he was trying to be romantic, Julie might think it was sweet. But it never really swept her off her feet. When he flirted with her, said and did things that were his cues that he want to have sex, she got turned on. But it was nothing like what she felt when Greg looked at her.

That was another thing. Gary would never in a million years tell her to suck his cock, say it like it was a command. And he probably would never even dream of forcing her to gag on his cock. Nothing in Gary's personality was sexually aggressive like that.

The result was a good relationship with polite, considerate love making. And Julie didn't want to think she took that lightly. It mattered to her, didn't it?

It just didn't light a fire between her legs the way Greg did. And for all of the brash cockiness Greg exhibited, he could be surprisingly tender as well. But his tenderness was somehow different than Gary's. With Greg, Julie felt like it was her reward for satisfying him. He was letting her know she had pleased him.

In comparison, Gary's soft, gentle ways seemed like weakness. He wasn't bold enough to tell her what he wanted—or expected—her to do. And therefore, his tenderness was less of a reward than something that Julie could take for granted. And something that she would take for granted, well... how excited could she expect that to get her?

The way Greg said things to her, Julie felt compelled, almost powerless to resist. And that in itself was exciting. He could tell her to strip for him, or get on her knees for him or to surrender her ass to him. And he could say it in a way that made Julie want to comply.

She found herself longing to kneel before him, pleasure him again. Craving the feeling of being stretched as his big cock slid into her pussy. Wanting him to take her again. Be had by him again. It didn't matter if she was no more than a notch on his bedpost. What she got from him was unparalleled. And she had to have more.

She loved the way he made her feel dirty and slutty and yet very erotic and sexy at the same time. Julie hadn't realized just how all of those pieces could fit together simultaneously. Dirty and slutty were supposed to be bad things for a girl to be, weren't they? Especially with men like Greg. Players. Womanizers.

But it was somehow okay to be a slut for Greg. To want to do anything for him, give him anything he wanted. He could fuck her, make her cum all over his cock and then tell her to suck it clean and Julie wouldn't hesitate, would she? No, she was his slut. And, strangely enough, it was a good thing.

It was nothing that was real or permanent. Greg could never give her that. For the moment at least though, she had the best of both worlds. A loving, devoted husband at home and a wild, well-hung lover on the side. She wasn't foolish or naïve enough to think the situation could last, of course. Sooner or later Greg would have to go. She just wasn't ready yet. And in all honesty, she wasn't sure just when that day might come.

It was a month and a half after her last night with Greg when Julie found out that someone from her company had to fly out for a meeting at his company. She quickly explained to her boss why she was the most logical person to send. It didn't take her long to convince him. She only hoped that ulterior motive wasn't written all over her face. A half hour later, she was sitting at her desk sending an email to Greg's personal account.

"I'll be in town the week after next. Fly in Tuesday night, out Wednesday afternoon."

After she sent it, she wondered if she shouldn't have been a little more forward, a little more suggestive. But it turned out there was no reason to worry. An hour later, Greg wrote back.

"Get two room keys."

Julie smiled. She almost knew he was going to say that. She already knew what she would say in response.

"Just knock. You know I'll open up wide for you."

Julie had been referring to spreading her legs for him, but as she sent it, she realized he might obviously take it as a reference to opening her mouth for him. She smiled and shrugged to herself. It wasn't like she wouldn't do that too.

That in turn got her thinking about the way his cock had gagged her, how she couldn't accept all of him. She wanted to be able to. She didn't want to feel she was inferior to any other lover he had had. But she honestly didn't know what to do about it.

She had done a couple quick online searches on deep throating and had found a few surprisingly well-written help guides. But the idea of getting a vegetable or a vibrator and using it to tame her gag reflex... Julie didn't know if she was ready to go to that extent.

And the disappointment seemed to be more something that Julie herself felt, not anything Greg had indicated. In fact, Greg had pretty much said just the opposite. That he got turned on watching her gag.

So maybe she should just let it go? A part of her still felt like it was a chink in her armor. A small one and perhaps an insignificant one. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she should do more for him if she could.

Before some other woman did. Not that it was a jealousy thing, but Julie didn't want to miss a chance to be with him because another woman was better at pleasing him. Greg wasn't hers and she would never own him. But she wanted to be damn sure that she gave him the best she could so he would keep coming back for more.

Julie and Greg traded a few more emails, making plans to meet at a bar not far from the hotel where she would stay. She would check in and get changed, then meet Greg at the bar. That was pretty much the extent of their planning, but Julie took for granted that it would be a drink or two at the bar and then back to her hotel room. And then, well... the sky was the limit.

Julie had a more difficult time getting through those two weeks than she had the month before. It was probably just because she had something definite to look forward to, she knew. Now that she had a fixed date, she couldn't wait for it to arrive.

Where she had only let thoughts of Greg slip in at quiet moments before, now she found herself thinking about him in the middle of busy days. It was a terrible distraction to be in the middle of a phone conversation and have the image of Greg's erect cock suddenly take center stage in her mind. The callers words would be lost as she found herself visualizing, fantasizing about, what she would do with that magnificent erection.

That was the scariest thing so far: the notion that Greg had gotten inside Julie's head to the point where he could interfere with her ability to do her job. Nothing, no one had ever had that kind of power over her. Even as she had admitted to herself how much Greg could control her in the bedroom, Julie had never suspected it could be an effect that might spread to her professional life.

The idea that it was thoughts of sucking his cock that Julie found so distracting was simply the crowning irony. It was a strange duality she was living. By day a competent business woman, accustomed to making decisions, delegating work, being in charge. But in the bedroom—with Greg, at least—she was subservient, needing to do as he told her, eager to please.

These two aspects of her being were completely compartmentalized, totally separate one from the other. But could she keep it that way? Especially considering the closeness of Greg to her work?

When the day finally came, Julie could barely contain herself. She had to remind herself not to smile, laugh or seem too happy to be leaving as she said goodbye to Gary that morning. She went to work for a few hours before heading to the airport and it was an unusually unproductive time for her. She looked at the same spreadsheet for twenty minutes without seeing it at all.

All that she could think about was meeting Greg. Going back to her hotel room with him. Fucking and sucking and rolling around the bed naked with him all night long. Nothing else could displace those thoughts as she counted down the time until her flight.

When she finally got in the air, her flight was already fifteen minutes late. That didn't worry her much as she hadn't checked any bags and she had a little extra time in the schedule before their appointed meeting time. But then there was a delay when they landed and a long line at the rental car desk.

Fidgeting and impatient, Julie glanced at her watch as she stood waiting in the rental car queue. She was going to be late at this point, but how could she let Greg know? She didn't want to call his personal cell phone from her personal cell phone. She had never shared that number with him and wasn't about to now. Even if he was one hundred percent discrete and never called it, his number would still show up on her bill. Same with using her company cell phone.

Maybe that was paranoid or overly cautious on her part. But Julie knew that the surest way to get caught was to do something careless like that.

She settled for calling him at work from her work cell phone. It was too late to expect him to be there, but perhaps when she didn't show up on time, he would have the presence of mind to check his voice mail. Hardly a given, but it was the only safe thing to do.

And Julie had no illusions about what she was doing. It was wrong and would have serious consequences if it was discovered. So if she wanted to keep doing it—and she couldn't think of a way to stop—she had to be as careful as possible. She had her cake and was eating it too. Something like that could not be taken for granted. She was a smart girl and she had to remember that or she might make some classic misstep that would lead to her undoing.

Julie arrived at the restaurant more than half an hour late and worried that Greg had simply given up and gone home. But he was there.

In the nearly empty bar section of the restaurant, Greg was sitting and chatting with the woman working behind the bar. Immediately, Julie's mind snapped back to the big-titted blonde that he had been flirting with the first night Julie went up to his room. Was this a similar situation?

As Julie walked up, Greg excused himself from his conversation with the barmaid. As Julie said hello and took the seat beside Greg, the woman smiled politely and took Julie's drink order. As she ordered her customary rum and coke, Julie cast a quick appraising eye over the barmaid.

She was a little older, maybe late thirties to early forties. She wasn't as well-built as the blonde at the hotel bar, but she was doing pretty good. She was a bleach blonde with a little too much make up and clothes that were just a little too tight. But there was an air of sexiness in her movements, like she knew that the men at the bar were all watching her and wanting her.

There was some eye contact between her and Greg that Julie, had she been romantically involved, might have gotten jealous over. Was there something between them? Was Greg, shameless flirt that he was, talking her up while waiting for Julie? Maybe indicating that, if his date didn't show up, he was willing to offer her his services? Hadn't he made a similarly blunt, if not outright obnoxious, statement to Julie the night she first met him? Maybe the barmaid was a little more receptive to Greg's type of offer.

Julie had to reign in her thoughts as she turned to Greg and apologized for being late.

"I got your voice mail," Greg said easily. If he was at all put out over having to wait, it didn't show. "And I'm sure," he added with his smirk on, "you'll find some way to make it up to me, won't you?" Julie felt a little bit of heat in her cheeks. It was a rather direct way to say it, but yes, she most certainly would. She nodded, a smile spreading on her face.

"Yeah, I'm sure I can think of a thing or two," she replied. It was pretty early in the conversation to already be thinking about sex, but Greg's words and the intensity of his gaze had Julie feeling the warmth between her legs.

"Any of them involve you on your knees?" he asked. He was careful to keep his voice low, but to Julie it seemed like he had spoken into a megaphone. She quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard him. The bar had only a few patrons and none showed the slightest sign of having heard Greg. She breathed a soft sigh of relief.

"Jesus, Greg," she said at last, suddenly impatient to get her drink.

"Well?" he persisted, his blue gray eyes not letting hers go. The heat between her legs and the twittering in her belly ramped up several notches.

"Yes," she replied, her smile returning on its own. Their eyes stayed on each other long enough for the wetness in her pussy to build still higher. The barmaid returned with her drink, breaking the sexual tension of the moment.

"So, uh, was she plan B?" Julie asked Greg, nodding toward the barmaid who was walking back toward the other end of the bar. She said it in jest, just to buy herself a moment to regroup.

"The problem with barmaids," Greg replied, "is that they typically get done a lot later than I like to stay up. But I might have made an exception for Crystal," he added with a mocking wink. Julie blinked in surprise, not sure if he was joking or not.

"Crystal?" she asked dubiously. Greg nodded, smirking.

"She's got a soft spot for well-hung studs," he explained, clearly enjoying the fact that Julie didn't know if he was serious. "And she's the uncomplicated type that I like." Julie remembered Greg using that particular phrase once before. He had used it in reference to a married woman. One that had only been interested in giving him a blow job. Was that what he was saying about the barmaid? Was her name even Crystal, Julie wondered?

"Well, don't let me interfere," Julie said with a shrug. She wasn't quite indifferent. She definitely intended to take Greg back to her hotel room tonight and wasn't about to let blondie over there cheat her out of it. But it was intriguing nonetheless. Could Greg really get a woman to be with him, suck his cock, so easily?

It didn't seem entirely believable to Julie. But then, she never would have believed that she would find herself in a position where she would compete for the privilege of sucking Greg's cock either. He clearly had that effect on her. Why wouldn't that apply to other women as well?

"Don't worry," Greg said with a chuckle. "She'll be here five nights a week for the rest of her life. You're only in town tonight." He raised his drink in salute. Julie picked up her drink and clinked it against his. "And besides," Greg added, eyes roving over Julie's body, "you're a lot hotter."

There was still a part of her that felt like being judged solely on her looks should chafe. There was a lot more to her than a pretty face, great tits and a tight ass, right? But she had already thought the same thing herself. She tossed her head, throwing her hair back over her shoulder.

"Think so?" she asked, feigning coyness. He nodded and the both smiled and sipped their drinks.

Julie looked at her glass, then at Greg, then cast her eyes around the bar. She had no idea what to talk about. The only things she and Greg had in common were work and sex. Clearly, neither of them was here to discuss work. And Julie didn't really want to talk about sex. Some flirting was okay, but this was already a sure thing for both of them. They could just go back to her room already and get down to business. That would alleviate the need to conjure up some conversation.

But the barmaid got Julie wondering just how successful Greg was with women. Certainly, he had the looks and the aggressiveness to bed women. But was he as good at it as he led Julie to believe? Was the barmaid here really someone he could or had hooked up with? What about the barmaid at the hotel that first night?

Julie couldn't help her curiosity, so she asked him point blank.

"So you've been with Crystal before?"

Greg looked at Julie, seemingly unsurprised by the question. His facial reaction betrayed nothing either way. After a long moment's thought, Greg gave Julie a brief nod. The corners of his lips curled in a slight smile.

"Really?" Julie wasn't exactly incredulous, but his answer wasn't particularly definitive either.

"Yes," he said in a low voice, the smile becoming one of bemusement.

"Out in the parking lot?" she prodded, arching an eyebrow. Greg didn't miss the reference to Julie seeing him get a blow job in a parked car.

"As a matter of fact," he answered with a rather conceited smile.

"She sucked your cock in your car?" This time a measure of disbelief crept into Julie's tone. "So tell me," Julie tossed her head in the barmaid's general direction. "Does she swallow?"

"Jesus, Julie!" Greg whispered back. "She's only on the other side of the bar!" Julie looked in the direction of the barmaid. Greg was right: she wasn't far enough away to be talking about her like this. Julie changed tactics.

"What about the one I saw you with?"

"Anne Marie?" Greg asked, an eyebrow shooting up in surprise. "What about her?"

"Was she another one who, ah... just interested in... you know, going down on you?" Why did Julie feel self-conscious about asking that question? Was it because she was surprised and maybe even a little embarrassed by her own desire to kneel for Greg? Please him?

"Why are you so interested in her?" Greg asked, looking Julie over speculatively. Julie shrugged.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just curious about, you know, the women that, uh..." she let her voice trail off. She wasn't sure how to finish that sentence without seeming jealous or possessive. And that really wasn't why she was asking.

Julie was just generally curious about the other women Greg had been with. Where they like her? Or were they some stereotypical bad girls and sluts?

Greg raised an eyebrow and waited. Julie tried again.

"All she wanted to do was... you know, go down on you?"

"Yeah," Greg answered with a shrug. "Some women are really into it. And what can I say? They're especially into it when there's a big cock involved." He looked at her in mock accusation.

The barmaid came over to offer them fresh drinks and the conversation lapsed until after they were served. Julie took a big swig of her second drink. She was already starting to feel it.

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