Julie Ch. 16


In the morning Julie awoke slowly, feeling Greg's comforting presence beside her before she was consciously aware of where she was. She nestled against his warmth, blissfully shielded for the moment from any undesired realities.

When Julie was finally fully awake and aware of her surroundings, the night before came flooding back to her. And now that magic didn't have to end when the clock struck twelve. It was morning no one had turned into a pumpkin. She could stay. Greg could stay.

It sent a ridiculous surge of happiness through her. No matter what Julie's brain or sensibilities told her, she wanted to believe in this. She wanted it to be real. And at this stage of the game, the fact that they were both lying in bed the following morning with no pressing commitments was almost as good as proof.

Greg was sleeping on his back, one hand under the pillow behind his head, the other folded across his abdomen. Under the covers, Julie could see the outline of his massive cock, straining in its morning glory. The sight of it would have aroused her anyway. But this morning, feeling overly amorous as Julie was, it created an insatiable craving in her.

She started to creep out of bed to get a warm washcloth to clean him off with. But she stopped herself. That was the sort of thing she would do with Gary. This was Greg, the man who brought out the slut in her. He took his cock out of her pussy all the time and expected Julie to suck her own juices from it, even as she was swallowing his cum.

Julie was his slut, wasn't she? And he should expect that she would clean his cock with her mouth. The dirtiness, the kinkiness of taking him in her mouth, cleaning the dried cum from him as she woke him with a blow job... Her heart started beating faster with anticipation.

She pushed back the sheet and wrapped her hand around his tree-trunk like appendage. She stroked it slowly as she lowered her lips to it. Even as he first entered her mouth, Julie heard his breathing change and she knew he was no longer asleep. A moment later, as her lips bobbed lovingly up and down on him, she heard him sigh deeply and felt his upper body stretching. Then his hand was on the back of her head, fingers running through her hair as she sucked his cock as deeply and as passionately as she knew how.

Julie half expect him to use his hand to push her down on his shaft, gag her with it as he had done before. She actually found herself tingling at the thought. She wasn't exactly disappointed when he didn't though. As hot as it was to have him treat her like a slut, this morning felt a little different.

Even though Julie had started this with the notion of being Greg's willing slut, that wasn't the vibe that surrounded them, was it? No, this was more like they were on their honeymoon, or something like that. She wasn't Greg's slut this morning. She was his lover. And as his lover, she was eager to give him everything she had as his slut, her body, her mouth, her pussy... whatever he wanted. But as his lover, she was giving him something from inside of her as well. Something far more significant than any physical part of herself.

Julie was doing what she was doing for him not because it made her feel hot and slutty. Well, it did, but that wasn't the only reason. There was a deeper craving she was satisfying by spreading her saliva up and down his morning erection. Maybe she was conveying the same desire to please him that she always had, but her motivation was different today.

Would Greg be able to tell? Was there anything different about what she was doing, the way she was doing it that would tip him off? Was there an extra surge of passion in her efforts this morning? She moaned around his cock as she realized just how much different this morning truly felt to her.

Yes, this was still hot, erotic cocksucking. She was still dripping wet at the idea she was waking him up by sucking his rock-hard morning erection. But the idea she wasn't doing it so much for the slut factor, but for... well, she couldn't let herself call it love. Not yet.

Even if that's what it felt like.

Wasn't that what this was about? Showing him how she felt about him? Maybe to Greg this was no different than the dozens of other blow jobs Julie had given him. But she knew this one was different. Today she wasn't going to be a cum-swallowing slut. Today she was a woman showing her devotion to her lover, accepting him in her mouth, coaxing his seed from him and savoring the feel of it sliding deep into her being.

Lost in the euphoria of those thoughts, Julie closed her eyes and bobbed lustily on Greg's cock. So intent was she on pleasing him that he startled her when he pulled her up, away from his member. Why was he stopping her?

He drew her up to him and kissed her passionately. Julie melted. Oh, a kiss so passionate, so deep... how could it not mean what she wanted it to mean? Their lips danced, their tongues intertwined.

Even as Julie was getting everything she could possibly imagine, a part of her worried at this change. What if Greg's feelings for her changed the way they were together in bed? Gary, Julie realized, would have pulled her up from his cock without cumming. Because he wouldn't want to do anything Julie might find objectionable.

What if Greg started showing that same kind of deference? Would the intensity, the sluttiness of their sex fall victim? Was that the price she would have to pay to be his lover instead of his slut? Would it still be as good? Or maybe it would be even better?

Greg dispelled those thoughts as he rolled Julie on to her back and settled himself between her legs. He positioned himself and entered her very deliberately as he continued to kiss her passionately. When he was all the way in, he broke their kiss and lifted his head so he could look into Julie's eyes. Eyes locked on each others' Greg slowly pulled his cock out almost all the way before pushing it back in at a nearly unbearably slow pace.

Julie's body involuntarily arched, her heels and shoulder blades digging into the bed, thrusting her hips up to meet his. The contact of their eyes was affecting her in an almost physical way, rivaling the sensation of him penetrating so deeply into her pussy.

As Greg slowly pushed and pulled his considerable length in and out of Julie, her eyes opened wide, letting his gaze penetrate her as deeply as his cock. She hoped Greg could feel the connection the way Julie did. Looking into his eyes, it was impossible for her to believe it wasn't affecting him the same way.

Her eyes grew wide as he stretched her both physically and emotionally. She could lose herself, she realized, in a paradise like this.

Their bodies gyrated and ground against each other, still oh-so-slowly, deliberately. Alternately, they locked eyes then exchanged kisses. The fire and intensity of both was turning Julie's insides into a river of magma. She could feel her molten insides shifting and sloshing with every deep thrust of Greg's rod.

There really was sooo much more to this... the eye contact was never so intense, the kisses never so deep and wet. Everything about their coupling this morning was telling Julie that the fantasy was becoming reality. All those nights of falling asleep with Greg, waking up with him... hadn't she wanted that to be her real life? And now... wasn't that where this was going? Wasn't Greg, with his lips, his eyes, his thrusts and moans, wasn't he telling her the thing that she was so desperate to hear?

Eventually, Greg's thrusts grew faster and Julie answered, her hips and her moans keeping in perfect rhythm with him. When he came inside her, when she felt him splatter against her cervix, she screamed out as her own orgasm overtook her. It plunged her into a momentarily sightless flash of heat that radiated throughout her, dissipating in her farthest extremities. She spasmed and shook, her head rolling back in the bed as her fingers clenched around the backs of Greg's arms.

Quickly, before the last aftershock faded, Julie snapped her head up to look into Greg's eyes again. She needed to see him, needed the electricity of their shared gaze while his cock was softening inside her. While her body was still delighting in the incredible pleasure it had given her. While the magic, the fantasy, of their union was still intact.

After sharing a moment of post-coital eye contact with her, Greg collapsed on top of Julie, kissing her lips with his warm, open mouth. The fire that transferred between their mouths, lips and tongues even as his cock was still in her... it had to mean this was real, didn't it?

The two of them lay curled together in bed another hour, kissing and caressing each other. Eliciting sighs and moans from each other. Behaving like lovers.

By the time Julie and Greg rose and went in to shower together, she was almost convinced of the sincerity of his feelings. She still resisted at some level. Perhaps there was still too much of the realist or cynic in her to completely throw herself upon her belief. But she wanted to believe and he was giving her every reason to.

She was also convinced that there was nothing she wouldn't do for him. If Greg told her to leave Gary for him, Julie would. If he told her to pick up and move in with him, she would. Whatever practical, sensible reservations she might have, there was no overcoming the desire she had for him. To be with him.

As Greg and Julie stood together, arms around each other in a steaming hot shower, she realized that there was nothing she wouldn't do to show her feelings for him. Maybe she couldn't bring herself to use the word 'love' yet, but she had fucked him as a lover, sucked him as a lover. And would give him any and every part of her he desired as his lover.

As they stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, Julie found herself irresistibly drawn to Greg's cock. It was hanging between his legs, looking massive though only partially aroused. Almost before she knew she was going to, Julie sank to her knees before Greg, grabbing his hips with her hands.

Her breathing unsteady, her mouth hanging partly open, Julie looked in awe at the magnificent organ that was Greg's cock. There was a hitch in her breath and a quickening of her heart as she gazed upon it, mere inches from her face. What could she do for Greg, what could she do with his massive member to show her devotion? What could she do that she hadn't done already?

How could she say or demonstrate how pleasing it was to her to kneel before him this way? To have his cock hang so invitingly within the reach of her hands and mouth? She had sucked him. She had made him cum in her mouth. She had swallowed. Again and again.

And she would do it again and again. And continue to, as often as Greg wanted. At his word, she would gladly, gratefully kneel.

But was that enough? How many other women would willingly take Julie's place right now? How many other women, upon seeing this Adonis standing exposed before them, would be unable to resist doing exactly as Julie had done? How many would drop willingly to their knees, eager to suck and please him? Julie suspected that might be a long list. And Greg was the type of man that would always be looking to make the list longer still.

Naked on her knees before him, looking up into his eyes, Julie slipped her tongue under the head of Greg's cock and lifted it into her mouth. The way she felt him stiffen, grow, become erect in her mouth... wasn't that more than just a physical reaction? Her eyes, the vulnerable, openness of her gaze, it meant something to Greg, didn't it?

Maybe it did. But if it was a look he was used to seeing from women, why would Julie's supplication be any more meaningful?

Julie held him in her mouth, not moving, just looking up at him. How could she say to him, show him that she was a woman who did not humbly get on her knees for a man? Tell him that she was a woman who did not suck men's cocks? Explain that she was a woman who did not swallow cum?

Until she met him.

And for him there were no limits, no boundaries. What she would not deign to do for any other man, she would beg to do for him. What could say that eloquently enough?

Julie took him from her warm, wet mouth and planted a sensual kiss on the end of his rod. She held him in her hand and brushed him against her cheek. His erection left a trail of her saliva as she traced her eye and eyebrows with it. She rubbed him along her other cheek, then lovingly kissed his length down to the spongy hair at his base. She nestled her nose in those warm, moist hairs and inhaled the masculine aroma of them.

Hadn't Julie once scoffed at the idea of a woman worshipping a man's cock? Hadn't she believed that it was just something a woman did to cater to a man's ego? But how many times had she held Greg's member so reverently? How desperately had she tried to convey her desire to please him by kissing and caressing his cock? Made love to it with her mouth? Knelt before it like it was some holy artifact that commanded her obsequiousness?

Julie sat back on her heels and put her hands in her lap. She looked up at Greg with a slightly sheepish grin.

"Lover," she said softly, leaning forward and placing a single gentle kiss on the end of his now straining erection. She sat back and looked up into his eyes. "I'll do anything you want."

Julie only hoped that her tone, her expression conveyed her meaning to its fullest intent. Sure, she would gladly kneel here and suck him off now. But that was only the very tip of the message she was sending. She didn't know what limits her offer might have. She wasn't sure if she had any. She only wanted to do whatever pleased Greg.

"Do you remember the blue skirt you were wearing the first time we met?" Greg asked. "When you gave that presentation?" Greg's question caught her completely off-guard. It had been her navy blue, knee length skirt, hadn't it? Sure, Julie remembered what she had worn for that disastrous presentation. It was an outfit she wore in a very calculating fashion, both for the presentation and at dinner that night. But why was Greg asking her about it?

"Uh, yeah," she answered, not trying to hide her confusion. Wasn't she kneeling here with his cock in her face?

"The next time I see you," Greg explained, "I want you to be wearing it." His hand stroked her cheek. "Want to know why?" he asked, leering at her. She nodded. "Because you looked so hot in it, that day in the conference room. That night at Cavanaugh's. That whole day I was thinking about seeing you on your knees in that skirt." Julie felt a warm surge shoot through her, causing her to shudder.

Sure, she knew Greg had been eyeing her up that whole day, flirting with her, at times more aggressively than others. And it wasn't any surprise that he had been thinking of her in those terms either. He had all but come out and said so. And hadn't they had a pretty intense kiss or two in the parking lot after dinner?

Of course, Julie would have never believed at the time that an arrogant ass like Greg would ever bed her, let alone reduce her to this. She had been quite high and mighty in those days, hadn't she? And now?

Now she was going to put on that very same skirt, but this time it would be all for him. And not to tease him or manipulate him. But because he wanted her to. He wanted to take her back to that moment, dress her in the clothes of that moment, when she was still so sure that he would never, ever cum in her mouth. Then he would tell her to kneel, and she would kneel. Then he would tell her to suck his cock, and, wearing the clothes of that long ago time, when she believed such things were far beneath her, Julie would lovingly suck his cock. And, unlike the Julie of those former days, she would welcome his eruption in her mouth. She would swallow it for him without hesitation.

It was just one more symbol of her capitulation. But it wasn't an unwelcome one. Julie had meant it when she had offered him anything. And if this was what Greg wanted, Julie would rush back to Ashlee's right now and put that skirt on. She could be back here and on her knees again in less than an hour if she hurried.

Taking his cock into her mouth and running her tongue around the head like she was french kissing it, Julie looked up to him. She let him slip slowly from her lips.

"Lover," she purred. "You want to see me in that skirt?" She kissed his cock and ran her tongue along the vein to his base and back. "You want me to kneel in front of you wearing that skirt?" She leaned down and gently licked his balls. "You want me to suck your cock wearing it?" She bobbed a few times, slow and deep on his big member.

"Yeah," Greg smirked, "you're going to suck my cock." He rubbed the back of his hand on her cheek. "On your knees, wearing that skirt." He took his big rod by the base and slapped it against her lips and chin. "The only question," he rubbed the tip along her lips, "is where."

At first Julie didn't know what he meant. Was he saying that he didn't know when they were going to see each other again? Where they would be when they did? Maybe. But Julie thought there was something more calculating in his tone. She didn't understand it, but it gave her chills, both of fear and arousal.

Greg reached down and drew Julie to her feet. Once again, Julie's mind made an immediate comparison to Gary. Why had Greg stopped her? Was he treating her differently because he had feelings for her?

Greg kissed her and led her from the bathroom. Julie, assuming that he was taking her back to the bedroom, was surprised when he guided her to the living room. Not that they hadn't fucked all over the apartment, but he stopped right in the middle of the room, which was unusual.

There was a large picture window less than eight feet from them and neither of them was wearing a stitch of clothing. Julie knew it was daylight outside and dark inside, so it was unlikely anyone could see in. And it was Sunday morning in a place that catered to business travelers, so there probably weren't going to be many people going by anyway.

But still, standing naked in front of the window like that, face to face with Greg, his long, thick cock pointing at her midriff... There was no doubt that there was a thrill Julie was getting from this. Then Greg spoke, and the thrill quadrupled.

"Get on your knees, Julie."

Oh, God! Did he really want her to give him head right here? In front of the window? She hesitated. Not because she wasn't going to, or didn't want to. There was just a natural caution in her that couldn't be switched off.

"Now!" Greg said, raising his voice. Julie's knees folded almost instantly and a second later, her lips were sliding up and down his cock. Julie's pussy was dripping. And to think that a moment ago, she had been worried about him treating her too deferentially.

Now she was naked and sucking his cock in front of the living room window. And even if it wasn't likely that anyone could see in, she really didn't know. The possibility that someone might see her, eagerly sucking Greg's cock... the thought sent a huge surge of wetness through her pussy.

Greg didn't cum quickly. Julie sucked him powerfully, energetically for more than ten minutes. A few times she saw a car go slowly past the window. Was the driver looking in? Seeing her? Seeing what a cocksucking slut Greg had turned her into?

Each time a car passed, Julie almost doubled over with the intensity of her arousal. Her nipples were hard enough to hurt. She couldn't believe it. She was loving the feel of him in her mouth, no doubt. That was no surprise, obviously. But that she was loving it in front of the window this way, potentially exposing herself to a passer-by...

In a way it was even more erotic and exciting than the nights she had sucked Greg off in his car in the parking lot at the restaurant. Yes, they could have been seen then too. But her head was down below the dash board, her clothes were on, it was dark... Not nearly as exposed as she was this way.

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