tagGroup SexJulie's Been Naughty: Julie's Story

Julie's Been Naughty: Julie's Story


"Julie," Todd called, "Hey, Julie wait up!"

Julie was halfway across the campus green. She stopped and waited for him to catch up. Given how stiff and sore she felt, stopping for a moment was a small pleasure. Todd's small role in making her feel like this made him a lousy excuse, but she stopped and waited. None of it had really been his fault, after all. The young man dashed across the green and stopped, panting, in front of her.

"Hey," he said, suddenly looking a little sheepish, "Uh, I... uh, found these... umm, behind the couch. I thought you might want them back."

Todd pulled a small wad of black fabric from his pocket and pressed it into Julie's hands: her panties.

"Uh," Todd continued, his face flushing red, "that was a wild party, huh?"

"Yeah," Julie agreed. She remembered Todd's face from last night, flushed and panting then too. She remembered hands, mouths and other parts all over her, inside her. She also remembered getting home and the painful crack of a belt against her backside.


Julie would have liked to think it had started out innocently enough, but it hadn't. It had started with a fight.

One of her college friends had told her about a party. It sounded like a blast, with music, dancing, drinking and lots of crazy fun. Julie had really wanted to go, but when she told her husband Glen, he had just shrugged. She'd passed it off as Glen being distracted. He got that way sometimes. On the night of the party, when she said they should get ready, Glen had looked at her blankly. He'd forgotten the party entirely. He'd said he was tired, after a long day at work. He'd said it sounded loud and dull, and couldn't they just stay home that night. Julie had been pissed. She wanted to go and she was going. Glen had shrugged, told her to have a good time and not be out to late. That only pissed her off more.

Upstairs, Julie searched through her drawers for an outfit to wear. Her eyes settled on something shiny and black. It was a little top, barely more than a bra. The top was so thin that you could basically see right through it. A set of long, thick strings hung like a fringe from the top edge, serving to conceal her nipples, assuming the strings hung right and she didn't move. Julie had brought it from an adult novelty store as a costume to wear for some sexy picture-taking. She pulled it out now, determined to wear it to the party. Searching around, she found a black mini-skirt, barely long enough to cover her ass, that matched well enough. She finished the outfit off with a skimpy black thong. Throwing a long coat over the whole outfit, she stormed out the door with only a passing "'bye" to Glen.


A lot of dancing and even more drinking later, Julie found herself on a couch in a small side room away from the main party with a guy named Kevin. Kevin was a grad student, and she felt he had great abs. She couldn't see them to make sure because his tongue was in her mouth and his head blocked her view. Still, she could tell because his shirt was open and her hands were all over his chest. Kevin had a hand on the back of her neck, holding her head while they kissed. His other hand was moving up her thigh, while his other hands caressed her breasts.

Wait a minute, Julie thought. She did a quick count in her alcohol-fogged mind and still came up with two more hands than Kevin ought reasonably to have had. Breaking off the lip-bruising kiss, Julie looked down. Sure enough, there were her two hands caressing Kevin's tight chest. One of his hands had definitely slid up her thigh and was now squeezing her ass. His other hand was trying to pull her back into the kiss. Two different hands where reaching around her chest. One was squeezing her breast while the other fumbled with the front clasp of her top.

Julie turned to look over her shoulder, in the process causing Kevin to bury his face in her neck. She sighed as he started to lick and suck on her sensitive neck. Opening her eyes again, she saw that the second pair of hands belonged to Gary, another grad student with thick, powerful arms and some nice tattoos. A coed with bright pink hair, whose name Julie hadn't caught, was clearly trying to get Gary's attention by nibbling on his neck and caressing his arms. Julie sighed again in pleasure, though a little nagging voice in the back of her mind regretted that Glen wasn't with her. Damn it, she thought, he would have loved this.

Gary still couldn't get the clasp to work. With a laugh, Julie let go of Kevin's chest long enough to undo the clasp herself. Her full breasts remained momentarily trapped in her top, pressed as they were against Kevin. Gary reached over and pulled the little black top aside. Julie gasped as his big, rough fingers brushed against her sensitive nipples. Kevin, realizing what had happened, trailed his mouth down Julie's neck and collar bone. Finally, he started enthusiastically licking and sucking on her breasts.

Gary pulled Julie around, so she sat sideways between the two guys. He lowered his mouth onto her left breast, leaving Kevin to continue to suck and nip at her right. Kevin's hand, which had been groping her ass, had been dislodged by the move and slid across her hip. It came to rest between her thighs, and Kevin was quick to take advantage of the new position. His groping fingers pulled her little thong aside and started to probe the folds of her pussy.

"Hey now," Julie objected weakly, "Ohhh, not so fast. Ouch! and not so hard," she added as Gary bit down on her sensitive nipple.

Her protests did nothing to cool things off. If anything, Kevin started sucking harder and occasionally biting her right breast while Gary continued to nip and suck on the left. Kevin's fingers still probed the outer edges of her pussy, which wasn't quite wet enough for him to push them easily inside.

Julie was startled by the sudden sound of a zipper. She looked down to see that Pink-haired-coed was now on her knees in front of Gary. She had opened his jeans and was pulling out his stiff rod. This, at last, succeeded in pulling Gary's attention, and his mouth, away from Julie's breast. He lifted his hips far enough to allow Pink pull his jeans and boxers down around his ankles. Her head lowered between his legs and Pink started to drag her tongue along the length of his shaft. In a quick skillful move, she engulfed the head of his dick with her mouth. Gary groaned. Julie gasped at the sight of Pink blowing Gary's thick dick, and at the persistent attentions of Kevin's mouth and fingers. Gary leaned back with another loud groan as Pink's head started to bob vigorously in his lap.

"God," he moaned, "now all I need is someone to sit on my face."

"Ok," Julie laughed to his surprise.

Julie stood up, pushing Kevin off her, and quickly pulled her thong off. She tossed it casually away. Gary lay down on the couch, with Pink still sucking his hard shaft. Julie straddled his face and lowered her pussy over his mouth, twitching her little black mini-skirt up as she settled over him.

As Gary's tongue started to probe her folds, Julie moaned and thought how much Glen must love watching this. Suddenly, she remembered that Glen wasn't here. He wasn't seeing this. For a moment, she almost got up, thinking that maybe she shouldn't be doing it then. Then she felt a rush of anger. Glen could have been here. It was his own fault for not coming in the first place. Beside, they had always said they had a non-traditional relationship. He wouldn't object. Julie relaxed and settled back, almost grinding her pussy into Gary's face. He groaned, though whether at her actions or because Pink was now swallowing most of his shaft, Julie didn't know.

Kevin, having been forced off the couch by the sudden arrangement of this oral threesome, unzipped his own pants and pulled out his dick. He was staring at Julie's naked breasts, red and slick from the attentions recently paid them. Kevin started to stroke his long shaft. Julie, with a smile, leaned over and wrapped her hand around it.

"Oh God, yeah," Kevin moaned as Julie's hand started to pump his dick.

Julie was gasping and moaning herself. Gary was very talented with his tongue and the feel of him moaning against her pussy made things even better. Kevin's long hard shaft in her hand served to turn her on even more. A feeling of intense pleasure was rising steadily though her body. Her breath was coming in fast gasps now.

Kevin pushed his hips toward her, forcing his dick closer. Julie, with the part of her mind not focused on Gary's tongue, realized what he wanted. Shrugging inwardly, she leaned over and rolled her tongue over the tip of Kevin's dick, tasting his salty pre-cum.

Gary's tongue was working at a fevered pace now and Julie could feel him arching and tensing beneath her. She realized he was about to cum and the knowledge somehow tipped her over the edge. With a loud cry she released Kevin's dick. Her whole body tensed as her came, grinding her pussy against Gary's face. A moment later, Gary grunted and arched his back, moaning into Julie's pussy as his hips pumped into Pink's face.

Julie leaned back, off Gary's face. He sighed and lay still, his head between her thighs. Julie looked down to see Pink lifting her face off Gary's shaft. A string of white sticky cum ran down from her lips, along her chin.

"Gary," the pink haired coed said huskily.

"Yeah," he said, looking down at her.

Once he was looking at her, Pink scooped up the cum on her chin with her finger and popped it in her mouth. Julie grimaced inwardly as the coed made a show of swallowing the last of Gary's semen.

"I'd like another beer," Pink said when she had finished.

"OK," Gary said dumbly. He pulled up his pants as he followed her out into the main party.

"That was so hot," Kevin said, his hand slowly pumping his dick.

"Yeah," Julie said somewhat unconvincingly as she considered Pink's cum swallowing act.

Kevin turned to Julie, still rubbing his dick. Julie looked at him. He was hot, with his tight abs and firm body, but she was thinking about Glen again. He would have loved this show. Damn him, she thought, why had he insisted on staying home.

Kevin took a step closer, rubbing his dick and pointing it at her face. I started this, Julie thought, I had better finish it. She leaned forward and started to lick his dick again. Kevin groaned. Julie licked the length of his shaft, pausing to briefly engulf the head, before licking her way down again. Kevin started to pump his hips, trying to push himself into her mouth. Julie pulled back a little. She had never gotten the whole deep throat thing and really couldn't control her gag reflex like some women. She tried licking Kevin's shaft more but he kept trying to shove his dick into her mouth.

Finally, Kevin gave up. Taking her by the shoulders, he pushed Julie face down on the couch and climbed up behind her. He flipped her little mini-skirt out of the way. Julie lifted her hips, half rising to her knees. Kevin started to rub his shaft against her, sliding it against her pussy and between her ass cheeks.

"You have a great ass," he groaned.

Julie reached back and took hold of his dick. She guided it into her pussy. I will finish what I started, Julie thought, but I will not let him in my ass. They both groaned as Kevin's shaft sunk deep into her pussy. It was longer and thinner than Glen's, Julie thought, suddenly wondering what Glen would think of this. Kevin started to thrust into her, hard. Julie gasped.

"Yeah," Kevin groaned, "you like this, don't you?"

"Yes," Julie moaned. She had to admit, she loved the feel of a hard dick thrusting inside her.

"Yeah," Kevin crowed, "you love it."

Suddenly, Kevin's hand came down hard on Julie's ass. She cried out in surprise at the stinging pain.

"You're a naughty girl, Julie," Kevin groaned, smacking her other cheek even harder, "a very," smack "very" smack "very" smack "naughty girl!"

With each smack of his hand Kevin drove insider her, punishingly deep. His long shaft felt like it was bruising her inside. Her ass was burning. Julie moaned and cried out in mingled pleasure and pain. Kevin continued to pound into her, spanking her ass with each thrust. Suddenly, he yelled out and thrust as deep as he could, unloading a torrent of cum into her pussy. He held her hips as he pumped his semen deep inside her, only letting go when he finally started to go limp.

"What will your husband say," he smirked as he pulled out of her.

"He will love it." Julie replied into the couch cushions, secretly hoping it was true.

Kevin pulled his pants up and started to look a little embarrassed.

"Umm, can I get you anything?" he said quietly.

"No," Julie said, silently thanking modern science for the Pill as Kevin's cum started to ooze from her battered pussy. "I'm good. I think I'll just clean up and head out."

"Uh, ok," Kevin said, "I'll catch you later."

Not like this you won't, Julie thought as she pulled herself to her feet. Now, she thought, where are my panties?


She couldn't find them. Julie felt a little self conscious leaving the side room with nothing but the feeling of warm air against her wet, naked pussy. She was already a little sore from Kevin's battering and didn't relish the thought of how she would feel tomorrow. The self conscious feeling was not helped by the round of applause she got from the party goers near the door as she came out. She had been fairly loud, she thought. Embarrassing as it was, she felt a little aroused again by the audience. Maybe next time, she thought, I'll be louder for them.

Julie headed through the crowd of party goers and wondered how she was going to get home. She had walked here but really didn't feel up to walking back. The effort of digging her coat out of the tangled pile near the door seemed too much to bear, but walking home in only her little black outfit, and without panties, didn't seem like a good idea.

"Hi, Julie." It was Todd, a rather nice young student from one of her classes. Julie remembered suddenly that he lived here. "Having fun?" he asked. The question was entirely innocent, which just made her blush all the more.

"Uh, yeah," she said. "Say, do you know anyone who could give me a ride home?"

"I could," Todd offered, trying valiantly to look at her face rather than her breasts.

"That would be great," Julie smiled.

The short ride home was quiet. Julie was lost in thought, considering the events of the night and what she was going to tell Glen. Things had gotten out of hand, that was for sure. Julie decided it was a good thing Glen would be asleep when she got home. She would have time to get a shower and come up with a way to explain things in the morning.

Julie realized suddenly that the car had stopped in front of her house. Todd was just looking at her. Julie smiled, blushing again. She wondered why, after being eaten out by one guy and fucked by another tonight, she should feel a little shy around this young man.

"You look really nice tonight, Julie," Todd said.

"Thanks, and thanks for the ride home," She leaned over, intending to give Todd a little peck on the cheek. Somehow, she found herself in the middle of a wet, enthusiastic kiss. Startled, she kissed back.

Todd broke off, looking shocked at himself.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I guess I had too much to drink."

"So have I," Julie answered.

I must be out of it, she thought, if I let you drive me home after you've had too much to drink. Todd was nice, sweet and a little hopeless. He was definitely into her but he was embarrassed to have even kissed her. Kevin had been into her too, she though wryly, painfully deep into her. That had hurt, not just because her body ached as a result but because of the way Kevin had treated her. Julie didn't expect romance out of a quick bang at a party, but he had been rude and a little mean. Todd, she thought, wouldn't have treated her like that. Looking at the young man, she felt he deserved something for his kindness.

She leaned over and kissed him again.

"What about your husband," Kevin asked huskily when his mouth was free to talk again.

"Don't worry about it," Julie whispered, "He'll understand."

She'd managed to open his shirt, and her kisses traced a path down his chest. She flicked her tongue against his nipples and he gasped. She smiled, still kissing his chest while her fingers worked the snap and zipper on his jeans, freeing his already swollen shaft.

"Julie," Todd gasped as she wrapped her warm fingers around him.

"Shh," she said, "just enjoy it."

She lowered her head and rolled her tongue over the head of his dick. She wondered at the different feel of it as compared to Kevin's or Glen's. With one hand, she pumped his shaft slowly. Her other hand undid the front clasp of her top. Her full breasts, a little bruised from before, tumbled free into the cool air of the car.

Leaning forward, Julie pressed Todd's dick between her breasts. It was hard, given their relative positions in the car, but she managed. Todd didn't seem to mind. Squeezing her breasts together, she slid her chest up and down along his shaft. Todd groaned. He looked down at her, watching the purple head of his dick thrusting between her bruised white breasts.

Julie smiled up at him. Her breasts were sticky and slick from her saliva and Todd's pre-cum. His hot, hard shaft slid easy between them. She moaned, enjoying the feeling and enjoying even more the look on his face. Todd was flushed and panting, his eyes glazed. His hips started to pump, trusting his dick between her soft mounds. He let out a long, low groan, arching against her and shuddering. Long ropes of sticky white cum pumped from his shaft onto Julie's breasts.

When he had finished, Julie leaned back.

"Thank you," Todd moaned.

"You're welcome," Julie smiled. "Uh, do you have any tissues or something?" she added, looking down at the sticky mess on her chest.

"No," Todd said weakly, "sorry."

"It's ok," Julie said, refastening the clasp of her top, squeezing her breasts together and smearing them more with his cum, "I'll clean up when I get inside."

With a smile, Julie hopped out of the car and made her way to the door. She opened it as quietly as she could.

"Where the hell have you been," her husband Glen growled.


Julie left Todd standing on the campus green. He looked a little confused, but then it had been a confusing situation. Walking gingerly, she made her way over to where Glen was waiting under a tree.

"Who's that?" Glen asked with false casualness.

"Todd," Julie answered warily.

"Todd, huh." Glen seemed to be considering something. He leaned over and kissed her, "Looks like a nice fellow. Maybe we should have him over sometime."

Julie's eyes widened, then she yelped as Glen gave her a firm swat on her tender ass.

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