tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Birthday Bang

Julie's Birthday Bang


Julie sat at the bar sipping on her beer and rethinking her options.

This was not how her 40th birthday was supposed to have been. Originally Julie and her husband were supposed to be having a combined 40th birthday party and 20th wedding anniversary party tonight. They usually celebrated both together being that they had married on the day following Julie's birthday twenty years earlier.

But plans change when your husband is a "lifer" in the military and your country is in a military conflict. Donald had been deployed overseas for the second time ten months ago. He had already served one stint but came home just prior to Julie's 39th birthday and spent two months at home before being called back.

Julie had long ago grown accustomed to not having Lance at home. The reason for their quick marriage the day following her 20th birthday was because they had just learned she was six weeks pregnant. So they married and Lance left college to join the service so Julie and the baby would receive proper medical care.

Thus, soon after their wedding night Lance was shipped off to boot camp, then to various schools. He had barely made it back to witness the birth of their son, Lance Jr. Then, on her 21'st birthday, Julie and Lance Jr. were able to move to where Lance was stationed.

Lance had only planned on staying for his original commitment. But he found the military, and his chosen field, to be of his liking and was on his way to a lifelong career. Plus, he liked the idea of being able to retire at the age of 41, which would be very soon.

Julie had to do without Lance several times over the years. Usually they were able to move with him, but there were times when he was stationed someplace where they were not able to join him. But this was the first time since they met that Lance would not be with her on her birthday/anniversary. And both of these were major milestones to Julie. She understood why Lance was not here with her. But she was angry anyway.

Julie was a very attractive woman. She worked out regularly, keeping her 42DD, 28, 38 body in firm shape. She had long, golden brown hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. She was proud that most people assumed that she was in her early to mid thirties. She was tall, standing 5'10" and turned heads everywhere she went.

Her 19-year-old son, Lance Jr., was home from his first year of college. He was a tall, like both his parents, standing six foot two inches. He was attractive, in a rugged sort of way, and very athletic.

Lance had taken his mother out to dinner with several of her friends earlier in the evening. But after celebrating her birthday he had a date. Julie could not bear the thought of being home alone on her birthday, watching the clock tick the seconds away until striking midnight, marking her 20th anniversary. So she went out to have a few drinks to celebrate on her own.

That's what brought Julie to this bar. She drank occasionally with her husband. But never much. But tonight she was a little beyond her limit and was thinking thoughts that she never would have considered otherwise.

Julie missed her husband. And she was lonely. It had been ten long months without being with Lance. She was still a very sexually active woman and going without sex was hard on her. She had her favorite vibrator at home, and used it often. But since Lance Jr. had come home she was afraid to use it. She was always afraid that he would hear the buzz and know what his mother was doing. She sometimes resorted to using her fingers, but had always preferred the aide of something else.

Julie began flirting with some of the men, easily attracting attention. She was dressed very nicely in a thin blouse that was snug against her ample bosom, and a skirt that showed enough of her muscular legs to complete the view.

Julie had years ago grown used to the fact that with 42-inch double D's most men were not going to look her in the eyes. She often felt resentful of that, but tonight she welcomed their stares.

Three men, seemingly friends, had soon moved in around her and were kind enough to pay for her drinks after learning that it was her birthday. All three were decent looking. She guessed them to be in the late twenties. She knew what each of them hand in mind and was actually entertaining the notion. After all, Julie had not gone a birthday in her entire adult life without being fucked so why should she start now. It would teach Lance a lesson for not making arrangements to take leave and come home on such an important occasion as this. Besides, she knew that he had cheated on her a couple times before when he was overseas. So how did she know that he wasn't doing so now?

Julie eyed the three men, remembering their names: Roger, the tall one with short brown hair and a mustache seemed to be the ringleader. She was the one she found the cutest. Then there was Sid, the thin blond, and Mark who had a shaved head and sported the popular goatee look.

Julie was thinking that she might just let Roger fuck her. But she knew that his two friends probably wouldn't want to be left out. She was wondering if she dared offer them both blowjobs while letting Roger do her. She had often fantasized about what it would be like to suck a man while being fucked at the same time. Perhaps she could suck two men instead.

Julie shared her thoughts freely much to the delightful agreement of her three new friends who offered the use of any of their apartments.

Julie wanted to let these men use her. She needed to feel a cock, but as time went by she began realizing that it would be wrong.

Julie switched from beer to coffee, much to the dismay of the three men, about an hour before closing time. Then, when it was time to leave she told the men that she was very sorry for leading them on, but that she would not be able to go through with the plan.

The men were visibly upset. It seemed that Julie had aroused them to the point that they did not want to let her back down. She became somewhat concerned standing by her car in the parking lot with the three of them trying to talk her into changing her mind. Then Sid dared to cup her left breast in his hand and that was when she began to panic.

Seeing this, Roger called his friends off. "It looks like we've been the victims of a teaser, guys. But let's not let this go to the point of her calling the cops. Let's go."

Julie breathed a sigh of relief as the three men sulked away. She really was sorry for leading them on, but once the alcohol began to wear off she knew that she could not go through with it.

She got in her car and started driving home. She could feel her pussy tingling as she drove. The thought of coming so close to having sex with three strange men had turned her on. She rubbed her crotch for relief, feeling her panties getting moist, as she grew hornier by the minute. Julie rushed home, hoping that Lance was still out on his date so that she could grab her vibrator and relieve herself.

Julie cussed when she pulled into the driveway and saw Lance's car parked on the street. Only the porch light and hall light were on, meaning that he was probably in bed. That meant that Julie would have to use her fingers alone if she were going to satisfy herslf.

Then she got an idea. Julie parked in the driveway, quietly approached the door and let herself inside. The crept softly to her bedroom. She opened the bottom drawer and reached in, under her socks, until she found her vibrator. Satisfied that Lance was asleep in his room she slipped her panties off and sneaked back outside, turning the porch light off as she exited.

Julie got back in her car, looked around to make sure that no one was about, then pulled up her skirt, turned on her vibrator, and began working it up and down along her slit.

In her haste to get home Julie had failed to see the car following her. Roger, Sid and Mark were all riding in Mark's car at a safe distance. They had talked boldly but really intended nothing more than finding out where she lived and shouting something out at her as they drove past.

Mark parked on the street within view of Julie's house. Roger had been writing a note and was planning on putting it on her door. But before finishing they were surprised to see her come back outside after the porch light went off. They watched as she got inside the car and waited for it to start up and leave. But soon realized that she wasn't going anywhere.

"What the hell is she doing?" Mark asked.

Sid pointed to some bushes next to here driveway, on the passenger side of the car. "I'll bet we can sneak around the side of those bushes without her seeing us and find out."

"Let's do it," Mark said, starting the car and driving quickly past Julie's house to park down the street on the other side of the bushes. Then the three of them climbed out of the car and walked quietly back towards Julie's house keeping the bushes between them and her car. They were glad that no lights were on in any of the houses they past.

They scanned the area once more before ducking and rushing behind the bushes. Once there they could not believe what they were seeing.

Julie's car was dark inside, but there was just enough moonlight to allow them to know what she was doing. The three men watched, with throbbing erections, as she used her vibrator, all the while whispering the newfound intentions to each other.

Julie was so caught up in her actions that she barely hesitated when the car had driven past. Now she was seconds away from climax. She worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy a few times then pulled it back up to her clit, rubbing it against her swollen button, barely able to contain her moans of pleasure as she brought herself to orgasm.

Once completed, Julie powered off the vibrator, took a few moments for her breathing to relax, then opened the door to go inside.

When Julie stepped past the front of her car Roger sprang into action.

Julie dropped the vibrator and would have screamed had it not been for the powerful hand that covered her mouth.

"That was quite a show you gave us, Julie. Now let's go inside and finish it."

Roger and Mark held Julie tightly, leading her to the front door. They found it unlocked, as Julie had left it since she was planning on coming right back inside. Then pushed her into the door, through the hall and into the living room.

"Please leave me alone. My son is home." She pleaded.

"Shit, go find the kid." Roger ordered the other two.

"Lance, call the cops!" Julie shouted.

Sid and Mark rushed upstairs to where the bedrooms were. They came around the corner just as Lance, still rubbing his eyes from being awakened by his mother's voice, stepped out into the hall wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

"What…" was all the 19 year old could get out before the two men tackled him.

Lance was strong and athletic. But the others had the advantage of surprise and were able to pin him quickly. Mark held him tightly while Sid ran into the boy's room and returned with Lance's belt to tie his arms behind his back.

Roger sat atop Julie on the floor, pinning her arms beneath his legs. He looked up with satisfaction as his friends brought the boy down.

Seeing his mother on the floor caused Lance to become more aggressive. But there was little he could do as the two men had him under control.

"You better find some rope for him." Roger suggested.

Sid ran off into the other rooms and soon returned with some rope and cable ties. Soon they had Lance tied to a chair in the living room.

"Please don't hurt us." Julie begged.

"Hurt you?" Roger said, "All we want is to finish what you started earlier."

Roger began pulling on Julie's blouse. With her son secured the other two joined in. Julie wrestled against the men but was unable to prevent them from disrobing her of her blouse and skirt. Without her panties on she was left wearing only her bra.

"Shit, her pussy is still wet." Sid said sinking his finger into her fur covered snatch.

Roger pulled out a knife and cut her bra open from the front. Her 42 DD breast spilled out to be displayed to her attackers.

"Jesus, those are nice." Roger said. "I've always wanted to fuck a pair of titties like these."

"Please don't do this, not in front of my son." Julie pleaded.

Roger couldn't wait. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants, then straddled Julie's stomach and leaned forward, placing his hard cock between her giant orbs. He grabbed a tit with each hand and pressed them together then began fucking her boobs.

"Leave her alone, motherfuckers!" Lance screamed.

Sid jumped up, grabbing the remnants of Julie's bra as he did so. He shoved the cup of one side into Lance's mouth then used the straps to wrap around him, gagging the boy.

Julie was humiliated at being tittiefucked and manhandled like this in front of her son. Worse, she had brought it on herself by tempting these men earlier. She knew that her actions didn't excuse their raping her. But had she not lead them on in the bar this wouldn't be happening. She wished that she had gone ahead with her original plan and avoided this.

Roger pumped Julie's melons, squeezing them and using his thumbs to rub her hard nipples. Roger had been with a couple women with large breast, but they had been implants and were still not as big as Julie's. Her natural boobs felt much better as he played with them.

Julie watched as the man above her fucked her tits. She could see the purple head of his cock pop in and out of view as he continued. She felt disgusted when he would stop and spit between her tits to moisten her cleavage. By the way his pace quickened she knew that he was approaching his orgasm.

Roger pushed Julie's tits together more tightly. His release was imminent and he fucked harder and faster. "Oh yes, here goes."

Julie heard his words and involuntarily looked down between her tits just as his cock erupted. The first blast of cum was a trickle, but was immediately followed by two long thick streams that launched up into her face before she could turn her head. She felt the rest spitting out onto her neck and chest as Roger drained his balls between her tits.

"You guys have got to fuck those titties." Roger said climbing off of her.

"That's as good a place to start as any." Mark said, taking Roger's place between her tits.

Sid got on her knees over her head. "I'll get her tits later, I want to fuck her mouth right now."

"Fuck you." Julie said, trying to ignore Mark's cock plowing between her breast.

"Oh that'll come later." Sid laughed, slapping her in the face with his cock. "Now open up."

When Julie didn't respond he pinched her nose until she opened her mouth to breathe then shoved his cock down her throat.

Sid began fucking her face, driving his cock as deep into her throat as possible with each thrust.

Julie had to keep her head tilted just right to enable Sid to fuck her mouth without making her gag. She knew that this would increase his pleasure, but it was either that or risk choking. She felt his cock slamming her throat as Mark's continued fucking her tits.

Sid must have been hornier, or else Julie's throat was more satisfying, because he found himself ready to cum before Mark.

"Oh shit!" Sid cried out as he began filling Julie's mouth and throat with his seed.

Julie braced herself as Sid began to cum. His warm salty fluid spilled into her mouth. She began gulping it down as quickly as possible knowing that she had no other choice. She hated that she was assisting his pleasure but wanted to do whatever necessary to finish this.

Sid pulled his cock from her mouth and forced her head up. "See if you can hit the target." He said to Mark.

Mark was pumping furiously now. Julie closed her eyes just as his jizm began to flow. She felt it splash her face several times before lessening to coat her chest and throat. Finally he finished and she prayed that they would leave.

Julie lay still as Mark stood up. She had cum dripping off her face and on her chest. But she refused to let them men know that she was aware of it, not wanting to give them the satisfaction.

"I want that mouth now." Roger said.

"No, please." She said as Mark and Sid grabbed her and forced her over to the chair where Roger was sitting. She saw that his cock was fully erect once more.

"Suck my dick like you promised us earlier." He said.

Julie blushed with shame seeing Lance's eyes grow wide at the comment.

Julie was defeated; she knelt before Roger and began sucking his cock. She worked his rod with her mouth, trying her best to get him off as quickly as possible. But after having orgasmed already it was not going to be as quick as she wished.

Roger watched Julie's head bobbing up and down on his pole with growing excitement. Her pretty face sucking his cock looked almost as good as it felt.

"Make me cum in your mouth." He told her as his orgasm neared.

Roger clenched his muscles and began humping her face as she continued to suck, then unleashed his cum into her mouth.

Julie felt the man climaxing and began swallowing his cum, taking every drop as she milked his cock.

"My turn." Mark said, urging Roger to let her move on to him.

Roger did not bother to sit, instead he pulled Julie around so that he stood, leaning against the wall as Julie was forced to kneel and suck his cock.

"Damn, boy. Your mom sure knows how to suck cock!" Mark said.

Julie blushed, realizing that Lance was being forced to watch her satisfy these men with her mouth.

She continued sucking him, using her right hand to stroke his cock as she sucked it and her left to massage his balls. Julie did her best to bring him to climax as quickly as possible.

Mark guided her head with his hands as she sucked him. It took several minutes but soon he was fucking her face and blowing his load into her mouth with almost as much intensity as he had unleashed between her tits.

Julie could not believe the volume of cum that was pouring out of Mark's cock. She gagged on the first volley that pelted the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed but his cock continued cumming longer than she would have believed possible.

Finally drained, Mark allowed her to pull her head away from his crotch.

Sid tossed her the vibrator that he had picked up outside. "Your turn, let's see a repeat of the show you gave us in the car."

Julie grabbed the vibrator after it landed on her chest next to her right breast. "Please, don't make me do this." She begged.

"You got us off, now we want to watch you get off." Roger said, "Unless you want us to use our cocks to get you off?"

Julie was humiliated enough. But she would rather be forced to masturbate than have them all fuck her. She turned the vibrator on and began working it along her clit.

"Fuck yourself with it!" Mark insisted.

Julie plunged the vibrator inside her pussy. She pumped it in and out several times then pulled it back out and rubbed it along her swollen clit. She could tell at once that her body was welcoming the stimulation. It had not been long since she had last climaxed with this very toy. Now, despite being forced to satisfy these men with her mouth and breast, her body had become aroused against its will. She knew that it would not take long for her to orgasm in front of them.

She considered faking it, but did not have time to ponder the matter long as her climax arrived sooner than she had anticipated. Julie's body rolled from side to side as she made herself orgasm in front of these men and her son.

"Shit, it looks like the boy is turned on." Sid proclaimed.

Julie turned to look at Lance, sitting bound in the chair. Sometime during this his dick had become aroused and popped through the opening in his loose fitting boxer shorts and was now fully exposed. Julie saw that he was more endowed than any of the other three men. She knew that Lance was not excited by her rape. But being a 19 year old boy there was just no way that his body was not going to become naturally aroused at the sight of what was happening to her. She blushed out of embarrassment for him.

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