tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJulie's First Flash

Julie's First Flash


Julie took a seat at a nearby table as John went to get drinks for them both, she looked around the pub which was still fairly quiet, a crowd of guys sitting nearby had perked up as she walked in, although she hadn't looked at them she, like any woman knew she had their attention. although their attitude had changed when John followed her in she was aware that they were still studying her but in a less obvious fashion.

Well, she thought, watching John deliberately taking his time at the bar, wasn't that the idea , to go out and attract the attention of some guys and treating them to a bit more than they expected. It had always been a fantasy to flash a little but it was only a week earlier that she had confessed it to John. His reaction had delighted and excited her.

"Great " he said " Lets do it, Id love other guys to see just how lucky I am"

That night in bed for the first time she fantasized , oh John was a major character in the fantasy but just as important were the crowd of guys in her minds eyes watching as she sucked him hard and then parted her thighs for him to return the favor before plunging his stiff prick deep inside her. She could see her imaginary guys each pulling his cock as they studied her body passing comments about her firm ripe tits and her wet pussy .

She wondered if John realized just how deep her fantasy was.

So now this was the night they had set for her to lose her flashing virginity and John was returning with the drinks. He took the seat facing her with his back to the group of guys.

She leant forward " Don't look now but if you are sure its OK with you I think I'm going to give the guys behind you a little treat"

"You know its OK with me but keep letting me know how they are reacting" he turned to look casually at the door as though they were expecting friends to arrive any minute, as he did his gaze flitted over the 4 smartly dressed guys in their late 20's .

"Oh I will...but its definitely OK for me to show just what I want isn't it " she sought his final reassurance

"If you are happy you can get on the table and do a strip , mind we may not be welcome back ...although... " he took in the tarnished decor and the low level of customers for a Friday night " Perhaps you would be welcome back"

"I wont do that" she promised " Not tonight anyway"

She took a sip of her drink and as she did so she crossed her legs knowing full well that the tight skirt had ridden up displaying the tops of her hold up stocking she had bought that day at Fenwicks. Adjusting her seat a little she brought into view the firm flesh above them. If anyone was to comment she could easily claim it was an accident.

The lads conversation subsided as one nudged the others and nodded in her direction... SUCCESS but what now.

Appearing to talk casually to John she was really reporting to him what she had done and the reaction it had gained. As she spoke she toyed with the necklace she wore, with her right hand, her small finger plucked the top button of her blouse which lay an inch or two above the centre of her black wonder bra. she felt the button work lose. Moving her hand to hold the left collar of her blouse her finger went to work on the next button.

As she toyed with the second button she told John what she was doing "Get your diary out and put it on the table near you" ,the button pinged free.

Laying his diary open on the table John made a show of looking at an item in there , all the while talking to Julie.

She leant across the table standing a little pretending to read a note in the diary, aware that her blouse was now open to below her bra showing clearly her left breast cradled in the half cup. She knew that 4 pairs of eyes were now firmly hooked. This was good but it could be better, her confidence was now as strong as she ever remembered it.

Still leaning forward she turned her head and for the first time looking directly at her watchers she winked and then carried on her conversation as though nothing had happened, sinking back into her seat and slowly re-crossing her legs she told John what her next plan was.

A few minute s later she reached and picked up her bag aware that disappointment was now etched on four faces which relaxed as they realized that John was making no move to leave.

Julie chose a route to the ladies taking her past the guys table, as she drew level she stumbled and her handbag went flying . At once she got on one knee to gather her possessions together, one of the guys jumped up and helped recover her keys and purse. Looking up at him she smiled a thank you . His eyes missed the smile being torn as they were between her cleavage and the sight of her thong pulled taut between her thighs as the hem of her skirt was pointed towards him .

Putting everything back she continued towards the toilet knowing that although the encounter had lasted no more than a second or two the recounting of it to his friends would take at least as long as the time she was away from the table.

Safe in the cubicle she took her blouse off, her bra went into her handbag as did the thong. Replacing her blouse she carefully retied the buttons which had been tied when she entered the ladies, leaving the cubicle she studied her reflection in the mirror, standing straight, the edges of her blouse lay together and she was the image of respectability. Bend a little , even by only a tiny degree and it hung open exposing not only the orb of a breast but clearly showing the hard puckered nipple.

Taking a deep breath she swung the door open and strode back into the bar retracing her steps. Pausing at her gallant rescuer she leant forward and kissed him on the forehead treating 2 of his friend s to a view of both breasts and nipples while the other contented himself with the taut curves of her arse in the tight skirt . "Thank you once again" she said

Flustered he mumbled something as she stood and continued back to John. the conversation at the other table was now frantic with each talking to the other describing what they had seen.

She sat down quivering with excitement as she reported to John that two of them had now had a clear view of her naked breasts. "And I want to show even more" she was saying "but its difficult in here " As she spoke a shadow fell across the table.

It was one of the guys who had just seen her nipples "Er excuse me , er we haven't seen you here before we were wondering if you'd both like to join us ."

"Yes delighted "said John , knowing that Julie would be thrown a bit by this approach "We'll just bring our drinks over"

The guy returned to his pals who were watching expectantly "Perhaps this is the answer to your dilemma " grinned John

They went over and the guys were very pleasant not making any reference to the display they had been treated to even when Julie began to relax and bent forward to hear what Pete across the table from her was saying. John sat back observing as his wife began to relax with the lads and begin to warm towards them. He suspected that Pete was talking in a low voice on purpose and this was confirmed when Dave too began talking more quietly than he had earlier.

Somehow the talk had got around to equality for women "Of course we haven't got equality " Julie was insisting "I'm not bothered about the political side of it but just think its a hot summers afternoon and you're in the park relaxing, what's the first thing you do?...you take your shirt off don't you?

The guys all nodded," Women cant do that or someone will report us for indecency , at the very least we have to endure the glares and tut tuts from the old grannies...but why? I can wear a low top which shows all of the curve of my breasts and no one is worried as long as the colour is the same pink as my arms " as she spoke she carefully held open her blouse to show the area she was referring to " BUT if I reveal THIS " At this point she held open her blouse to reveal her right nipple and as if on cue a lady sat nearby immediately tutted "there that's what happens ...but why what part of the chest have men and women got in common"

She sat back triumphant turning to give John a quick wink. The lads were speechless, they had thought that she hadn't been aware of what she was showing but in one clever move she had turned the tables on them

"Lets face it you've been watching my breasts every time I move from when we first arrived here haven't you?" the lads went silent. "Its OK I wanted you to, you must have noticed I took my bra off when I went to the ladies?"

"Well Yes I suppose so " said Peter "But it didn't occur to us that you WANTED us to watch"

"Men! " laughed Julie picking up her bag and heading to the ladies " Talk to them will you John ...oh by the way guys the bra wasn't the only thing I took off for you!"


When she returned John said "Julie I’ve explained things to the lads , they tell me that there is a nature reserve a couple of miles from here that may be suitable for our game "

"Lets go then" said Julie picking up her drink

The guys car was parked a little further down the car park than John and Julie's as the lads walked towards it Julie tore her blouse off and stood about 20 yards behind them.

"just a minute" she called

They turned

"See you there " she giggled running back to the car

At the car park They parked about 10 yards away and John explained "I told them to stay in their car till we've had a chance to relax then Ill put the light on and they can come and look in I’ve told them no touching"

"Spoilsport " she laughed pulling him to her to kiss him

His hands fell to the catch on her skirt and she reached for the light switch

Aware that they were all crowded against her window she leant forward to start sucking John hard , as she did John opened his window an inch or two to prevent condensation.

Satisfied that he was stiff Julie leant back against the door her one leg resting on the steering wheel the other on the back of Andy's seat affording the guys their first view of her neatly shaven pussy

As John lowered his face to lick her pussy she managed to open her own window wide and felt the rush of cold air hardening her nipples even more.

Reaching out she caught a hand , she didn't care whose and placed it on her left tit another hand went for her right while a finger inserted itself into her mouth simulating a cock in its movements. Some touching was OK she had decided.

She screamed in pleasure at the sheer eroticism of the moment

"John FUCK ME NOW "she squealed allowing him to move into her seat while she climbed astride him .

From her new viewpoint she could see the four stiff cocks "And I made them stiff " she thought bouncing even harder on John and reaching to scratch his balls to speed up his climax

As he subsided she looked at the group " Oh haven't you come yet? Ill try to help but no touching now mind"

They nodded enthusiastically as she opened her door wide and sat sideways on facing them . She opened her legs as wide as they would go and placed an index finger on each of her outer lips "you can touch but I don't mind how closely you look"

Somehow all four faces managed to position themselves within 12 inches of her fingers as she manipulated herself to a noisy climax within seconds she was rewarded with cum spurting from all directions.

As they drove home she said to John "Darling... where are we going tomorrow?"

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