tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 01

Julie's Mistake Ch. 01


Julie brushed back the straight blonde hair that framed her beautiful face and continued composing the brief on her computer. Julie was a fourth year associate at Halstrom and Gray, one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. She had gotten the job by hard work and high intellect. As an associate the hours were so long and the demands of the job so high that the only thing she looked forward to was her seventh year when she would be up for partner. Then all of her efforts would hopefully pay off and she would have a lifetime security in the firm. Her blue eyes focused on the monitor when her concentration was broken by the familiar voice of her secretary.

"Julie, Mr Halstrom wants to see you in his office."

Julie looked at the secretary. "Do you know why?" she quizzed.

"No, he just told me to find you as soon as possible and ask you to see him," she replied.

"Well, thanks, Melissa, I'll head right over there. Would you close the door to my office please?" Julie got up from her chair and headed to the mirror in the corner. She looked at herself and then opened the purse she kept in the corner and pulled out her lipstick. Despite her professionalism, Julie was very conscious of keeping up her appearance. Her full lips opened as she applied the lipstick to them. Then she smoothed her suit skirt and adjusted the silk blouse that covered her full breasts. At twenty-eight, her body was still as taut as it had been when she was a cheerleader at the university.

Julie slipped on the high heels that she never wore while in her office and began the trek to Mr. Halstom's office. She wondered why he would want to talk to her. That was certainly unusual.

As she walked, she was aware that the male associates of the firm constantly tried to get a glimpse of her. Despite the large engagement ring on her finger, she was not off limits to gazes, and she felt their stares on her perfectly round cheerleader's bottom as she walked. She only wished that she was taller than five feet five inches. To compensate, she wore fairly high heels.

Julie knocked lightly on Halstrom's door and entered when she heard him tell her to come in.

He asked her to sit and immediately got down to business. There's a problem in the Hall case.

This got Julie's attention. Steve Hall was the sole owner of a billion dollar media corporation. Not only was his corporation one of the firms largest clients, but he was the source of many lucrative referrals to the firm. But what really worried Julie was that she had been working the Hall account for nearly a year, trying to renew federal licenses for Hall's television and radio stations. Her worst fears were realized next.

"Julie, I got word today that our submissions are being closely scrutinized by the feds. One of the managers there called me and told me that because of several omissions the renewals may be denied."

This stunned the beautiful blonde. She had worked extremely hard on the requests for renewals and couldn't believe that anything pertinent had been omitted. She could see, however, that Halstrom's demeanor was grave enough to indicate that there had been mistakes made.

Halstrom tried to make the young associate feel a little better. "Look, Julie, I know how hard you've worked on this. The firm has always been very, very impressed with your work. But sometimes mistakes come home to roost."

Julie knew where this was headed. "Mr. Halstrom, if someone has to lose their job because of this, it should be me. It was my responsibility to get it right and obviously I didn't."

Julie said this bravely, but inside she was terrified. This would ruin her career at Halstrom and Gray and perhaps ruin her chances at any future employment. Her whole future would be compromised.

Then Halstrom dropped the big bomb on her.

"Julie, it could get worse. The feds are looking at these omissions as being material omissions. That means that there could be indictments handed down. With you and Hall being the signatories, you could both be indicted for conspiracy."

Julie's heart began pounding. Indicted, she thought. That would mean ruin for her in every way. Publicity, humiliation, prison. All of these things lurched through her mind. How could omissions be classified as fraud, she wondered. "Mr. Halstrom, you know I would never intentionally commit a crime," she cried. "What should I do?"

"I know you well enough to know that you are as straight an arrow as they come," he replied. "But it's the feds that we have to worry about. The feds, of course, and Hall. Hall will be livid."

Halstrom continued talking. "Julie, I want you to go back to your office and not tell a soul about this problem. It is very important that we try to contain this potentially damning information. If Halstrom and Gray get indicted as a law firm, this would be the end of us. Don't breath a word to anyone, understood?"

Julie nodded.

"Go back to your office and wait for my call. I'm going to contact Hall and try and explain the situation as well as I can. I'll let you know what I need you to do."

Julie got up and went to her office. Her mind was racing. Everything that she had worked for could be gone. She wondered whether her fiancé would even agree to keep the engagement. She realized that that would be a minor problem if she faced federal prison. Once she got to her office, she sat in her chair and gazed out the window. She realized that her whole body was shaking.

After about an agonizingly long hour, Halstrom buzzed her. "Julie, Hall happens to be at a conference here in town. He's staying in Suite 2300 at the Amsterdam Hotel. He has asked that you take the submission to his suite and meet with him immediately. I'll try to join you later, okay?"

"Sure, Mr. Halstrom," Julie replied. "I'll get right over there."

There was a pause on the line.

"Julie, you know how critical this meeting is to our firm, don't you?" There was another pause. "And to you personally, as well."

Julie told Halstrom that she knew that.

The shaken young woman gathered her files and immediately left the office for the Amsterdam Hotel.


Even after an hour and a half of going over the submission with Hall, Julie could find no indication of an omission. To her consternation, this seemed only to further irritate Hall. Finally, his anger spilled over.

"God dammit! Are you telling me that you don't even know what omissions there were? How the fuck did I ever trust Halstrom and Gray with this work? Can you answer that for me," he shouted.

Tears filled Julie's eyes. Hall had always been intimidating. At six feet four inched and a paunchy two hundred fifty pounds, his beefy hands knotted into fists looked to be weapons that could destroy Julie with a single blow. Even now, in his early sixties, he remained a menacing figure for the former cheerleader. Hall looked down at the young professional. She was gorgeous he thought to himself. Big titties and a flat stomach. How do these young women do it, he wondered. And as she bent over the table covered with paperwork, he got a good view of the tight ass and shapely legs on the girl. He felt his cock stiffen with anticipation. He was going to give her ass a good screwing, and soon.

"I've already talked to my criminal defense lawyer, you know. He told me that if I relied on your work, that I'm in the clear. Now, your ass is in a crack, but not mine. The only thing he told me I'd have to worry about is the condition of my businesses. Well, I told him, that's my whole life!"

"Please," she said.

"Please, what," was his sarcastic reply. "Do you think for a minute that I'll just let the feds ruin my businesses? Do you think that I'll just toss them some fucking shrimp of a lawyer, like you, and let them be satisfied? Fuck no! If my business suffers, I have your whole god dammed law firm shut down. Do you understand me?"

"I'll do anything," she said. "Anything I can do to help."

Hall seemed unmoved. "I'm going to get on the phone to my criminal defense attorney now. By the time that I'm through talking to him, you better be naked and sucking my cock. That's how you can help. I mean that, god dammit."

Julie was stunned. But Hall went to the phone and began dialing. In her foggy mind, she heard his side of the conversation with the attorney. "Yeah, she may have to take the brunt of the fall, but her firm will lose it's ass too if we take that tack."

"You think there's a way to keep all of this out of the papers?"

"You think her fate and the firm's is in my hands? Well, I'll need to decide if I should keep her ass out of the fire. Yeah, she's right here."

Hall looked at Julie sternly. She knew that both she and the firm would share the same fate. He sat there on the hotel chair with his legs wide spread.

The beautiful blonde took a deep breath and then took the first fateful step. Her hands went to the top button of her blouse and began to unbutton the silk top. Her polished fingers fumbled with the buttons, but soon enough the blouse was open and descending her shoulders. Then the tanned blonde worked the hook on her suit skirt and it too dropped in a puddle at her feet. Julie was standing before Hall but he still looked nonplused. Her big breasts filled the silky cups of her bra to the brim.

The sexy blonde wore garters and hose instead of pantyhose which she considered too confining. Hall stared at the full, muscular thighs on the ex-cheerleader. The naked flesh between the tops of her thigh high stockings and her silky thong made her look even more naked. He could tell she was mortified by what she was doing, and he knew that she was a very conservative young woman.

Hall put his hand over the phone's speaker. "Get out of the panties and bra, but leave the garters on." Then he returned to his conversation. "No, Jim, hell, I wasn't talking to you."

Julie unhooked her bra and her large, firm tits spilled out. Next she worked the clips to her garter belt and pulled her thong down her tight legs. She caught Hall staring at the closely cropped pubic hair on her pussy. Her fiancé insisted that she keep her pussy closely cropped in a "California strip," but now she wished that she had left it natural. It made her ashamed to reveal to a stranger that she groomed her pussy.

He stood and gestured at his fly. Julie knelt before the huge man and pulled at the fly. When it was open, she worked his semi-erect cock out of the cloth. As it hung before her, Julie's lush lips opened and took the tip in her mouth. She hadn't sucked a cock other than her fiancé's since she had gotten drunk at a party and gone down on a law school professor in law school and her sense of shame was overwhelming. Yet she felt as if she had no choice. The tool belonging to the man nearly old enough to be her grandfather began to stiffen as she covered it with saliva.

Hall undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He stared at the straight part in the hair on the top of the beautiful blonde's head as she tried to make amends to him. His conversation slowed as he watched the innocent blonde's head bob up and down on his stiff meat. His hand reached down to her firm breasts and he rolled her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. It sprang immediately to life. She may have a hot streak in her that she's unaware of, he thought.

He continued talking on the phone.

"Julie Walker, yeah you know her. She's the hot piece of ass at Halstrom and Gray. ... Yeah, that's her, the cheerleader. Oh, she's here right now. ... She's sucking my cock. ... You think I'm joking. ... I'm about to fuck her silly."

Julie felt her neck and ears redden and burn with shame, but she continued to give Hall head. Despite the fact that he was talking about her like this, she believed that she could deny any involvement of a sexual nature, and that she would be believed. She worked her mouth up and down the rock hard shaft and back to the bulbous head.

Hall abruptly put the phone down on the desk and grabbed the hair of the woman suckling his meat. From his heavy breathing, Julie knew that he was on the verge of shooting his spunk.

"Fuck, you are so good, baby, suck me," Hall said.

Julie cupped his heavy, hairy balls with one hand and stroked his tool with the other, preparing for the man to unload his wad into her mouth. Instantly, he stiffened and the thick semen shot to the back of her throat. Hall let out an animalistic cry, but didn't loosen his tight grip on her hair. Though reluctant to do so, Julie swallowed the thick, hot liquid as it entered her lips, intent on satisfying Hall's demands. Hall kept thrusting his cock into the young woman's mouth until it became slightly less hard. Julie was afraid to let him out of her mouth for fear of upsetting him, but he finally pulled out, leaving a string of cum that fell from her chin to her breast to her thigh.

"Clean me up, baby." Julie complied.

Hall picked up the phone and began talking again. He grabbed Julie under her arm and pulled her to a standing position. As he did so, he turned her away from him and pulled her to him. Her backside was positioned next to his deflated cock and she could feel the cool wetness of his cum on the soft skin of her butt. His big hand pulled on her nipples and breasts. Then he whispered in her ear, "Go lay on the bed, I'm going to fuck you."

Hall watched as the naked young lawyer walked away from him to the bed. Her ass cheeks were perfectly round and muscular. He had seen her kind in the gym. Perfect bodies. She combined hers with a perfect face. But they never wanted to give up their ass. He'd soon give this ass a workout. As Julie began to pull back the covers on the bed, Hall spoke.

"Julie, lay on top of the bed, I want to see you."

He watched as her downcast eyes told him that she was going to do whatever he said. Her big breasts lay proudly on her chest as she did as she was told. His cock began to show signs of life again at the thought.


Hall lay atop of Julie, his massive body completely covering the petite blonde woman beneath him as he pistoned his big stiff tool in and out of Julie's defenseless love hole. He had been working her for nearly half an hour and Julie's body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Her well formed thighs were splayed beneath him and her ankles wrapped the backs of his calves as he rode her. He held both ass cheeks in his hands as he pulled his blood engorged dick nearly entirely out of her pussy before he slammed it in with an audible slapping sound against her pubis. Julie's arms were around Hall's torso and could not reach all the way around his back. Instead, her hands held on to his back as her body absorbed the heavy shocks of each of his thrusts. Julie watched in a mirror on the wall next to the bed the incongruous sight of the older man's lily white body pounding into her tanned young butt.

Yet despite her fear and humiliation, Julie's trembling thighs offered no resistence to the wanton assault by Hall's cock. In fact, the fucking had gone on so long that Julie's sheath was bathed in moisture and squeezed Hall's thrusting sword as tightly as if it belonged to her beloved fiance.

Each time Hall pumped his tool into Julie, she moaned audibly.




At last the man's body stiffened and he cried out as he began to empty his spunk filled sac into the young woman below him. Julie's body finally gave in as well, and her orgasm induced cries also rent the air.

The man then lay on top of her for several seconds before he rolled his big body off of hers. Julie was completely mortified at what she had just done. As soon as she could, she scampered off of the bed, gathered her clothes and hurried to the bathroom to dress. Hall watched the young lawyer's tanned naked body hurry to the bathroom.

After Julie dressed, she came out of the bathroom. Hall was still naked on the bed, his cock glistening with her juices. He was using the remote control on the television.

"Watch this," he said.

Julie turned to the television and saw her reach orgasm while he fucked her on the screen. He had videotaped them!

"Julie," he said, "I own Halstrom and Gray from this day forward, and I own you too. Write your home phone number down on this pad. You need to jump when I say jump, comprende?"

Julie quickly wrote her number down for him and nodded that she understood. With that she nearly ran out of the hotel room.

Hall smiled.

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