tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 05

Julie's Mistake Ch. 05


The young blonde only slept for a couple of hours. All the men had used her until they completely emptied their heavy balls several times each. Exhausted, but restless, Julie’s battered and cum stained body needed rest. None was forthcoming. Instead, after a fitful sleep, she pulled herself up and took a long, hot bath, trying to cleanse her body and soul of the acts that she had been forced to perform.

Julie was surprised at the soreness she felt in her legs and ass. She knew that her pussy would be sore, but she didn’t realize how much the rest of her young body would suffer. Even her jaw was sore from the number of stiff cocks she had sucked.

After she had taken a long, hot bath and padded herself dry, Julie walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She looked around for her clothing. Her heart beat faster and her mind raced.

“What did they do with my clothes?” she wondered. Julie’s heart seemed to stop when she realized that her clothing was gone. Hall must have taken her clothing while she was being fucked by all of the men last night, she thought. As she looked around the room, she realized that even the lingerie that Hall had put in the room for her was gone. A chill ran up her spine as she realized that she would have to think quickly to avoid being further humiliated. Somehow, she had to call her fiancé and her work in an effort to make everything sound okay, and yet she knew that she couldn’t call from the hotel without caller id showing the hotel number. Julie looked at the clock and realized that it was still only 7:30 in the morning. This gave her a little time to work with. She knew that she couldn’t call anyone that she knew to help her. There would simply be too many questions to answer. Instead, she decided to call room service and see if the young man who had come up last night would help her. Julie picked up the phone and requested room service. She decided against asking specifically for the young man, but hoped that he would be the person who came up. As she hung up the phone, she shook her head in dismay as she remembered collapsing to her knees in front of the young man and then licking his semi stiff cock clean of his ejaculation. The beautiful young lawyer was nearly in tears. Within minutes, there was a knock at the hotel room door. Julie tightened the bath towel around her body and looked through the peep hole. It was him! Julie hurriedly opened the door and let him in. He looked even younger and larger than he had the previous night. The beautiful blonde began to explain her situation to the young man. As she did, it became clear that he was getting an erection. “Look,” the young man said to Julie, “I don’t get off of work until 10 in the morning. I’ll be happy to take you somewhere then.” Julie looked downcast. “I can’t wait that long. Is there any way that you can leave early,” she pleaded. “I could lose my job,” he replied. “I can’t afford to lose my job.” “But I’ve got to get out of here. It’s an emergency. Please help me.” Tears filled her eyes. “Please, I’ll do anything.” Julie said this knowing full well what it might mean. When she did, she wondered if she was now using her body as a tool. “Anything?” the young man asked. “Yes, . . . anything,” Julie said. The young blonde man reached for the top of the towel that wrapped the beautiful lawyer’s tanned body. Finding it’s corner, he undid the knot and let it fall to the floor. Julie stood perfectly still as he did this, her full, firm breasts gently rising and falling with her breath. Julie watched as his hand dropped to the juncture between her shapely, tanned legs and his finger began its search for her love hole. Finding it quickly, he began to push his middle finger into her vagina. Julie spread her legs slightly to accommodate the invading digit. Instinctively, she put her hands on his wide shoulders to brace herself as he finger fucked her. It wasn’t long before her pussy began to bathe his finger in its juices. Her big blue eyes were now half shut with sexual desire and the young man palmed one of her tits with his other hand, rubbing the nipple to a rubbery stiffness. The young man couldn’t believe the return of his good fortune. Usually the only girls he fucked were half drunk high school chicks who just laid there under him as he banged away between their spread legs. The woman he was about to fuck now was a real woman, beautiful, tanned, and hot. "Take my cock out," he told Julie. She opened her eyes and began to fumble with his pants and zipper. This was the first time that she had looked down and seen his hand between her parted thighs. Her rosy lips were slightly parted and her breathing was slightly labored. She noticed that her hips thrust and retreated in a nearly imperceptible way as he entered and pulled his finger away from her pussy. Her fingers pulled his underwear down past the large, erect tool that was straining against the cloth. His pants now lay around his ankles. Julie only had to tug on the cock a couple of times before the young man withdrew his finger and turned her towards the bed. "Climb up on the bed," he said. Julie climbed on the bed and turned and lay on her back. She spread her muscular thighs and opened her arms to beacon the young man to her sexual secrets. He quickly shed his uniform coat and as if being led by his stiff dong advanced toward the young lawyer.

Julie was disgusted with herself, but the finger fucking had it’s desired affect on her body. She tried to tell herself that she was simply trying to hurry the inevitable, but she knew that the fire in her vagina was more than that. She looked at the young man’s flat abdomen as he began to lay between her legs and saw the wispy line of hair from his navel that thickened into a dark patch of pubic hair from which his long, wide cock projected stiffly.

Julie took the knob of his cock in her fingers and guided it to her love hole. She rubbed it’s fleshy tip against the lips of her pussy and felt him push it into the well lubricated tunnel. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned aloud as he pushed his stiff penis into her. Despite having a t-shirt on and having his pants around his ankles, the young man began to pound into the beautiful blonde with a fierce rhythm that let her know he would not last long. The hotel worker reached and put Julies legs around his waist, letting her feet dangle on the back of his thighs, then put his hands beneath Julie and dug his fingers deep into her muscular behind. Julie noticed that he was staring down between their bodies, watching his stiff tool going in and out of her neatly trimmed pussy. Julie reached for him and pulled his face close to her, opening her mouth to take his tongue into her mouth. She sucked expertly on his tongue and squeezed her vaginal walls against his cock.

Julie’s ears were filled with the sound of the grunting of the young man and the strange creaking of the bed as it was being used for the umpteenth time to cushion the perfect body of the young lawyer from the raging stallions who used her body to satisfy their lusts.

After only a few seconds of loud slapping of flesh, Julie saw his face contort and felt him begin to shoot his spunk into her. She could barely conceal her disappointment that he had not been able to bring her to orgasm, but she realized that she was merely a receptacle for his lust when he quickly withdrew his deflating tool from her pussy and stood up to get dressed.

“Come on,” he said, “I need to hurry.”

The young man handed her his hotel uniform coat to put on. Julie got up quickly off the bed. She realized that she was fairly irritated at the young man, but found that she was ashamed to admit to herself why she was. Despite her shame, she wondered whether he realized the quality of woman he had just fucked. Apparently he did not, and she found that very aggravating.

But Julie put on the uniform coat and realized that it barely covered the cheeks of her ass. Her long tanned legs looked strangely incongruous against the color of the coat. As she adjusted the coat to try and cover her buttocks, she felt a bit of the boy’s spunk begin to dribble out of her pussy and onto her thigh. Her neatly manicured hand went down to the juncture between her legs and wiped it off of her naked thigh.

“I’m parked in the hotel garage. We can use the service elevator. Hopefully no one will see us,” he said.

Julie ran barefoot through the hallway to the service elevator, her heart beating fast. The young man followed her, eyeing her athletic legs as she ran in her girlish way, each stride resulting in the perfect line splitting her buttocks coming into view.

After what seemed to be an endless run, the two hopped into the young man’s pickup truck and Julie lay on the bench seat out of view as he drove her to her condominium. She didn’t resist as his hand moved to her shoulder and began to search for the opening to the jacket. When he found it, his fingers rubbed her full breasts. Julie clenched her legs and buttocks tightly together as if that would keep her nipples from becoming erect. It didn’t and she felt the humiliation of her exposed cunt beginning to moisten again. When the young man moved Julie’s hand to his crotch, she knew what was expected and began to rub his semi-erect penis through his uniform trousers.

The truck drove for several minutes with Julie prone on the seat. Finally they pulled to the curb. Julie knew that they had not driven far enough to get to her condominium and so she peeked up over the dash.

“Where are we,” she inquired.

“Just a sec...” was the young man’s reply. He began punching the keypad on his cell phone.

“Hey. Come on down,” he said. “Yeah. Come on down. I mean it. Come on down.”

Julie looked at the young man and her eyes began to moisten. She knew she was being betrayed again. “Please,” she begged. “I’ve done everything you’ve asked. I need to get home. Please.”

The driver looked at her and nodded. “Yeah, what we talked about last night,” he said in an effort to be cryptic. It fooled no one. He folded shut the cell phone. “It’ll just be a minute.”

Immediately, the passenger door of the truck opened and someone got in. Julie sat up for a split second and then shifted her weight to the driver’s side and lowered her upper body in the direction of the passenger. This left her naked ass pushed up against the driver’s side while her head rested in the lap of the passenger.

“Fuck...” the passenger said when he saw the nearly naked blonde. “You weren’t shittin’ me.”

“I told you, man,” the driver responded. His hand tugged on the uniform coat, opening it slightly and revealing a set of full, lush breasts. The young man felt his cock stiffen as he looked down at the young blonde. Julie lay on her side with her buttocks in the direction of the driver. Her heart shaped ass faced him, revealing the thin slit of her pussy between the firm globes.

“Please,” Julie begged again. “Please, you promised.”

“Listen,” the driver said, “you said you’d do ‘anything,’ remember? Do you want a ride home or not?”

Julie hesitated.

“Well, do you or not? I can let you off right here,” he threatened.

“Nooo. No. No more.”

Julie said all of this while she was prone. The young driver began to knead the flesh of her legs and the passenger’s hand dropped to her titties. Julie was facing away from the passenger, but could see that his legs were somewhat thick and covered with the blackest of hair. He was wearing gym shorts and sandals, but she had not seen his face. Her thick blonde hair covered most of his crotch area and she braced herself against him by putting her slender hand on his leg.

“Nice and comfortable there, isn’t it,” the passenger asked. He adjusted himself slightly in the seat and Julie could feel the stiffness from beneath his shorts.

Julie felt a tap on her thigh from the driver. “Hey,” he said, “give him a knobber.”

A wave of furious disgust and dismay swept through the beautiful young lawyer. Did they think she was a common slut? But what could she do? If they dropped her off she’d be ruined.

She felt the passenger shuffle in the seat a bit more and knew that he was pulling his shorts down his thighs. Julie knew she had no choice.

The driver patted her ass. “Come on baby. Do it.”

Julie turned her head and saw a long cock standing straight out from a pair of hairy, big balls. Obediently, she parted her lips and took the fleshy tip of the stiff meat into her mouth. She was disgusted with herself but kept thinking that if she could just get through this that things would get better.

The passenger pulled back her hair to get a look at her innocent face. He watched as her head bobbed up and down a few times before she released the cock from her mouth. Then her tongue flicked out and licked at its rubbery head. One of her hands held the shaft while the other worked on his balls. Abruptly, she stopped licking and her head dove down the length of his tool. His throbbing cock was now at it’s full size, and the passenger rested his left hand on her baby soft ass.

The vehicle rolled on as Julie gave head to this stranger. The taste and smell of the young man’s penis was purely male, and Julie found her situation strangely erotic. It didn’t surprise her then when the finger that she felt searching for her love passage found it and was immediately awash with her pussy’s juices. She wasn’t sure who’s finger it was that was now within her, but she assumed it was the driver’s.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she tried to keep her mind on the young stallion’s tool that she had in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down several more times on the still flesh, she thought that he may be close to climaxing when the truck slowed to a stop. The finger withdrew from her pussy and she felt it’s sticky wetness on her curvy hip as a hand tapped her.

“We’re here,” the driver said.

Julie looked up from the passenger’s lap and saw her condominium. Inexplicably, she turned to the stiff cock and took it’s full length into her mouth. She withdrew far enough to feel the tip of the shaft in her mouth and then plunged down again. Then she released it completely from her lips and patted it with her hand as she smiled at the surprised young passenger.

The driver’s door opened and she jumped out of the car to run to her front door. As she fumbled with the keys to open it, she felt a now familiar moistness between her legs and heard both truck doors slam. In the back of her mind, the horny young woman knew she was going to have to fuck both men within a few minutes. She was correct.

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