tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 09

Julie's Mistake Ch. 09


The flight home was one of anguish for the innocent, young, blonde wife. She curled her shapely legs under her body and covered herself with a blanket to try and sleep on the way home, but sleep did not come to the young lawyer. Awful memories made sleep impossible. Several times she found herself shaking her head at the thought of her sucking on Jackson’s stiff cock as he removed her blindfold and shot his hot semen into her mouth and throat. The memory of his thick, hot sperm shooting out of him into her mouth in spurts was enough to nauseate the former cheerleader. And she still felt the soreness in her rectum from Jackson’s merciless anal assault. How could she have found herself in that horrendous circumstance, she wondered?

Her suspicions initially centered on Hall. Certainly he was capable of setting her up for Gene Jackson. But the more she considered the idea the less she believed that he would do so. She thought back to how Hall had let George Meyers, the distasteful bureaucrat, fuck her in her office. She recalled the humiliation of being forced to bend over her desk as the paunchy governmental worker drilled her tight pussy from behind. Hall had simply ordered her to submit and she had.

Gene Jackson was a nobody to Hall. Why would Hall let Jackson do this to her? While not completely certain, Julie’s logical mind rejected the idea that Hall would be behind this. She came to the conclusion that Hall would not want to share her with someone that she knew he found to be somewhat worthless. Then who would do it to her? And, more importantly, how did this affect her? Was she headed for divorce? Was her legal career ruined? Could she even return to work at her law firm? The idea that Jackson had stumbled on her predicament entirely by accident did not even enter her mind.

Julie’s mind drifted to the events of the past weekend. Images flashed through her mind of her lying naked on her back on a whorehouse bed with her muscular, tanned thighs spread for men to pound her well groomed pussy with their rock hard cocks. She cringed when she remembered wrapping her arms and legs around the naked bodies of these men as they used her young, firm body for their pleasure. Why did she often find herself matching the thrusts of their penises with her tight, tanned ass bucking against them? Why did she open her mouth and kiss them back when they kissed her as they fucked her? As she rose to climax, why did she push their heads down to her nipples to suck? Why did she so often cradle the men’s heads in her shoulder after they climaxed, running her fingers through their hair as she felt them soften within her?

Julie cringed at the thought that, though these men mounted and possessed her without her consent, somehow she took an inexplicable pride in matching their thrusts and sapping their sexual strength. Taking their sexual seed into her love hole somehow invigorated the woman. This confused the innocent lawyer. What would her sorority sisters say if they knew of her activities? She knew that her husband would divorce her in a minute if he ever found out about her life. Would he even understand that she did this out of a fear of losing everything that she cared for? Was she really such a wanton whore? A wave of shame and humiliation swept through the beautiful, young blonde.


Julie called into work sick for the first few days of the work week. She had done that so infrequently in the past that no one would challenge the truthfulness of her illness. She spent the days lounging in her comfortable home, trying to sort out her problems. She knew that unless she resigned with no notice that she would have to face Gene Jackson again. Her initial shock about him had turned to anger and then turned to fright. How could she control him? She knew that he could ruin her if he chose, but she also recognized that he was facing certain risks by revealing her secret.

Much of her time off was spent by the backyard pool, tanning, as was her habit, in the nude. Although her sore body healed from the weekend’s sexual workout, Julie’s mind was fraught with anxiety. She simply didn’t know how to arrange her life so that it would not be destroyed by the two men who now had her under their thumb.

Today was her third day home from work. She had received a call from the personnel manager asking her if everything was alright. She lied and told the woman that she had simply been getting over the flu and that she had been advised to rest at home for a few days. The young blonde padded barefoot into the house from the pool wearing a short, white terrycloth robe over a pair of silk panties, her full breasts left to sway naked beneath the robe. The robe barely covered the flair of her hips and the cool air felt good on her tanned legs. Although it was only noon, she had a can of beer in her hand and had left an empty can of beer out by the pool. Julie was not a drinker, and the alcohol relaxed her, and even less than two beers had made a slight effect on the young, exquisite blonde.

Julie entered the house from the patio door and walked to the refrigerator. Opening the door, she bent and began looking for another beer in one of the lower shelves. The short robe slid up her thighs and back and revealed the nearly sheer silky panties on her bottom. Then she heard a low whistle.

The young woman screamed and wheeled around.

There was Gene Jackson!

“Sweetie, you don’t look sick to me,” he said with a laugh.

Julie’s anger rose beyond control. “What are you doing in my house?”

Jackson looked surprised at her fury, but remained seated at the kitchen table. “Baby, you shouldn’t talk to one of your lovers like that!”

“Get out of my house,” Julie yelled at him. Her little fists were clenched tightly in anger. “Get out!”

“Not till I get a few answers from you,” he replied.

Julie stood before him with her chest heaving. She knew that she must look ridiculous standing there nearly naked in front of one of the partners in her firm, but she was still livid. The robe had become slightly undone when she wheeled around, but the sexy blonde didn’t even realize it.

“What do you want to know?” she asked him. Her irritation was palpable.

“How many times you climaxed while I fucked you, is one thing I’d like to know,” he said.

Julie’s face reddened. “You’re an ass, I didn’t climax at all,” she spat back. “Now, just get out,” she demanded, “I just want to be left alone.”

“Damn, Jackson, so you weren’t shittin’ me.”

Julie turned towards the voice which came from the other room. As she turned, a second man who she vaguely recognized stepped into the doorway and walked into the kitchen.

Jackson looked at the man. “Hell, I wasn’t lying. She must have cum three times when I fucked her.”

Julie now knew that she had confessed to something that she should have never mentioned. Her slightly alcohol hazed brain began to swirl and her tanned legs felt rubbery and weak.

Jackson continued. “Julie, you remember Roger. He’s the point man for Phoenix Corporation. A bit of a prick,” he said with a laugh. “Threatened to fire me as his outside counsel. I had to convince him to keep me on.”

Julie looked at Jackson with uncomprehending eyes. So he was compromising her for his own good at the firm. She realized how pathetic Jackson really was. But that still didn’t mean that she hadn’t made a damning admission in talking to Jackson before she realized the presence of the other man. She really had been set up well.

Julie looked at Jackson with contempt on her beautiful face. “How did you convince him to keep you on?” she asked sarcastically.

“Hell, Julie, I know you’re not stupid. What do you think I did? I told him he could have a great piece of ass from our office.”

Julie swallowed hard and felt her heart beating out of control. She clutched at the robe with one hand, holding it closed as best she could.

“There’s no way,” she said, shaking her head. “Get out, now, or I’ll call the police.”

Julie then raised her voice a bit more. “I said, get out right now, or I’ll call the cops!”

This threat clearly intimidated the other man. “Come on, Gene, let’s get out of here.” He looked at the beautiful young woman. “I don’t want any trouble, Julie.”

“Then, get out,” she said, looking at him.

Jackson was now caught off guard. But he bluffed. “Hall isn’t going to like this Julie. I think he’ll ruin you.”

Immediately he saw the effect of his words on Julie. Julie’s big, blue eyes dropped from a full faced defiant stare to gaze at the floor. Her shoulders drooped slightly and she appeared strangely reconciled to an idea that just moments before she was aghast at.

So, she thought, Hall was behind this after all.

As she stood there in shock, Jackson seized the moment. He stood and walked slowly towards the young lawyer. He reached up and opened the front of her robe. He gently pushed it over her tanned shoulders as she stood holding the front of it closed at her waist. It fell softly from her shoulders onto her arms at the waist, revealing her large, full melons. Despite their size, the tits stood high on her chest, her large nipples capping the womanly flesh. Jackson’s meaty fingers went to her nipples and began to tug on them.

Julie did nothing to stop the overweight man, even though her mind screamed for her to resist. Enough was enough she thought. No more! But deep inside the young woman was fearful of what would happen to her if she resisted. Consequently, as she watched the man take her private flesh into his hands and knead it, she did nothing.

Jackson rolled the large aureoles until they contracted to a rubbery stiffness with an eraser tip end on each.

Roger looked on in amazement. He felt his large tool grow beneath his suit pants and he stared at Julie, who was naked from the waist up, as Jackson tugged on her titties. He was still nervous from Julie’s threat to call the police, but the man was beginning to sense that all of the fight was out of this beautiful blonde. If that was the case, then he surely wasn’t going to stand around while Jackson got his rocks off with her. After all, Jackson was the incompetent son of a bitch that Roger had intended to fire this morning. He sure as hell wasn’t going to stand around now.

Roger walked over to Jackson and Julie. He was much taller than the overweight Jackson, but about the same age. He wore an expensive blue suit and Italian shoes. As he watched Jackson clumsily grope the beauty, he spoke.

“Gene, move out of the way,” he said with some authority.

Jackson looked at Roger in a sheepish way, but released Julie’s tits and watched them bounce firmly upon release. Jackson stepped back a few paces and leered lustfully at the young woman. Roger took his spot and his hands replaced Jackson’s at Julie’s large breasts. As Julie looked at the large hands on her tits, she suddenly realized just how big this man was.

His voice then addressed her. “Julie, drop the robe.”

Despite her better judgment, Julie felt the robe slip from her fingertips and brush her hips and outer thighs as it fell to the floor.

“Now the panties,” he said. The innocent blonde felt her hands go to the waistband of her panties and slowly stretch them away from her hips.

Was she really going to go through with this, she wondered? Was she going to fuck another man?

But her actions answered the question. She bent and pushed the panties off of her quivering thighs and accidentally brushed his large erections beneath his pants as she straightened.

“I’m sorry,” she said nervously, after brushing his turgid cock.

Roger bent down to kiss the young woman on her full lips. He forced her mouth open and swirled his tongue into her mouth. He felt her tongue retreat, but she did not resist his invasion.

All the while, the large man was undressing. First his shoes were removed, then his suit coat, tie, and shirt. Soon he was down to his pants, t-shirt and socks. As Julie fought to keep her tongue from contact with his, she placed her hands on his arms and for the first time realized how thickly muscled he was. She pulled away momentarily and saw the thick muscles of his arms and chest which bulged beneath the white t-shirt.

He could break me in two, she thought.

“Get my pants down, baby,” he said, and as Julie fumbled with his belt and pants clasp he pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on the kitchen tile. His chiseled chest was covered perfectly with dark hair which tapered at his narrow waist. When his pants fell to the floor, Julie was further amazed by the thickness of his thighs and calves. Even the boxer shorts seemed to be painted on this huge man.

Roger couldn’t wait any longer and pulled his boxer shorts down off of his body. Julie looked in shock at the size of the man’s tool. Its size and girth were unlike anything she had ever seen and the man’s testicles hung loosely from beneath his cock in a large, fleshy sac. Julie felt a shudder go through her body as she saw the size of his rod.

“Suck it,” she heard him say.

Roger saw her blue eyes widen but Julie dropped to her knees on the cold tile floor and took the massive rod in her hands. The cock was huge, thickly veined and rock hard. When her manicured fingers touched the large member, she felt it throb. As she held the hot staff in her left hand, her right hand braced herself against his large thigh. Everything about the man dwarfed the young blonde. Her mind went back to some of the offensive linemen that had run out to the football field with her when she was a cheerleader in college. She had always wondered how the college girls who seemed so anxious to accommodate these men sexually did so.

The sheer size of the stiff flesh intimidated Julie. As she looked at the massive cock, she heard his voice again.

“Dammit,” Roger said, “I said, ‘suck it.’”

With great trepidation, Julie opened her mouth. She pointed the object away from her mouth and licked the side of it rather than take the thick head into her mouth.

Julie didn’t want to anger the huge man, but tried to decide how to best take the large dong. She bathed the sides of the man’s tool in her saliva and let her fingers reach to the heavy sac which contained the bloated balls of the man, apparently filled with his hot jizm. The frightened young bride wanted to show the man that she was going to do as he wished, but she was trying to determine how it should be done. She cradled the two swollen testicles in her hand and lifted the heavy sac.

The beautiful blonde was now becoming aroused and opened her mouth to accept the swollen cock. She was surprised at how little of its length she could take and looked up from her kneeling position into the eyes of the man to see if he understood her dilemma.

Roger looked into the big, blue eyes of the tanned blonde who knelt before him on the hard kitchen floor. His big hands moved from her tanned shoulders to her long blonde hair. He inhaled deeply and was aroused by the smell of the tanning oil coming from the beauty before him. His sexual desire was further heightened by the thought that ran through his mind as he watched the young woman move her head back and forth on his stiff cock.

A few minutes ago, he thought, this gal was working on her tan, relaxing in her home and here I come. In a few more minutes, I’m going to be fucking the shit out of her, he thought. I’m going to pound this bitch until she begs me to stop, the arrogant man thought to himself. He looked at the kneeling woman and could see her heart shaped ass resting on the heels of her feet as she took his tool into her mouth. It was a very nice sight.

Julie, unaware of the man’s mean intentions, continued her best efforts to satisfy him with her mouth. As she looked into the cold glint of his eyes, she could sense that he was not pleased with her cock sucking.

She felt his large hands and fingers go to the back of her head and into her thick blonde mane. She tried to dive deeper onto his cock but she could not accommodate any more of him in her mouth. She whimpered a bit as he held her down on his cock, hoping that he would realize that she could go no further. Her tongue swirled sensuously on his swollen tool as she looked up at him from below. She could taste the pre-cum on the tip of his cock. Julie hoped she could pleasure him this way. “Mmmm,” she mewled softly.

Instead, the large man forced her head down onto his massive rod, causing the former cheerleader to gag.

“Arrgghh,” the blonde gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat and went even further into her throat. “Arrrrgh,” she gasped as she coughed and gagged onto the man’s cock. Instantly, her eyes watered and saliva and snot shot from her nose and mouth. Julie was certain that she was going to throw up when the man released his pressure and pulled her head from his wet penis.

Julie was hacking and coughing as she felt herself being quickly lifted by the man from the floor like a rag doll. Her big breasts heaved and swayed as he placed her naked ass cheeks on the cold edge of the marble topped kitchen table. Julie’s muscular legs dangled limply as she tried to regain her breath. She felt the large man step between her legs and she felt the thick tip of his mammoth cock head press against the lips of her love hole. Through her watery blue eyes, Julie saw the thick tool pressing just at the junction of her silky tanned thighs below the trimmed blonde hair of her pussy.

The man scooped his hands beneath her naked buttocks and lifted them slightly from the table. Julie screamed as she felt him begin to hammer his cock into her pussy. Even though she was wet, it was still too large for the young woman. Julie had never been so filled with stiff man flesh.

“Owww,” she cried aloud. “Noooo, pleeeese!”

Roger held the beautiful blonde’s full ass in his hands and continued to force his stiff organ into her unaccepting pussy. Several unrelenting strokes later, he had hammered his sword into her wet sheath to the hilt.

Julie looked down between them to see the man buried into her uncomfortably stretched pussy. His thick black pubic hair was now all that was visible against her tanned inner thighs and pussy. She marveled that her legs were nearly spread into the splits as he pounded her mercilessly. The pain was still there, but now Julie was intent on trying to lessen the pain by shifting positions.

She pushed her upper body further into a sitting position on the table, but Roger’s hands were still beneath her firm buttocks. She was unprepared for what he did next.

The huge man reached behind her back with one hand and lifted Julie off the table. She clutched at his shoulders and muscular arms as she felt herself being lifted. She was still impaled on his huge cock and her legs dangled for a moment, further stretching her pained pussy, before she wrapped them around his hips and upper thighs for support and to ease the discomfort.

Julie couldn’t believe that the man didn’t miss a stroke as he held her tightly. She couldn’t respond to his fucking with anything other than involuntary grunts and moans as his large tool struck the very back of Julie’s soaked love hole.

Through the mental fog the young blonde was now beginning to regain her bearings and she felt the man walking a few steps with her still stuck on his cock. She felt as if she was some sort of an animal being used for a fuck toy. She moaned involuntarily with each thrust of the man’s penis into her pussy.

Very quickly Julie felt her nude back placed up against the wall of her kitchen. Roger held her thighs against his naked hips as he pinned her up with his powerful chest and shoulders to get some fucking leverage. Julie’s round buttocks flattened against the wall and her big, fleshy tits flattened against Roger’s chest as he pounded her pussy mercilessly. Julie had never been fucked so hard, but as she regained her bearings she realized that she needed to try and make the powerful animal that was using her climax as soon as she could. That would be the only way to bring relief.

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