tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 19

Julie's Mistake Ch. 19


Several days had passed since Julie's experience on the yacht. She had gone back to work and hid, as best she could, the pain of that night. She knew that she had to do something to get her life back. Perhaps she was ruined as a lawyer. About that, she was strangely reconciled. But, foremost in her mind was how Jackson had intentionally ruined her marriage. She quietly vowed revenge against the disgusting man.


Laura Jackson had gotten the call from her mother, Pamela, which upset her freshman year at the university in San Francisco. The nineteen year old took the news that her mother and father were separating about as well as could be expected, but it was traumatic news anyway. Mature beyond her years, she was concerned both for her mother and father.

Pamela had tried to reassure the young beauty that nothing would change for her. Laura recognized this wonderful quality of her mothers and tried to be equally reassuring to her mother that she would be fine, too.

Her conversation with her father, however, had not gone as well. Gene had told Laura that Pamela had changed since she took her job with Hall's corporation. He implied to her that the separation was largely due to Pamela's new position and that he was baffled as to why she would not be satisfied in their marriage. The young woman was not unmindful of the fact that her father had been a distant figure at their house over the years, and seemed much more concerned about himself than his wife. Laura recognized that her father was feeling sorry for himself, to a certain degree, and not really accepting any responsibility for the breakdown in the marriage, but she was careful not to raise these issues with her dad. In the end, she did feel concerned about him, too.

Gene also told his daughter that Pamela's position at Hall's corporation had placed his work with his biggest client, Hall, in jeopardy. Instead of telling Laura the truth – that is, that his poor work habits and drinking had jeopardized his job – he chose to blame Pamela and gave Laura the impression that her mother's new job with Hall was causing him all of his problems at work.

While this explanation by her father may have lessened his own guilt about why his marriage and his job were on the rocks, it gave Laura a dangerous impression. It left her with the belief that Hall held her father's future in his hands. And Laura, a younger, naïve version of her mother, felt capable of being an intermediary between Hall and her father. She resolved to try to secretly contact Hall to discuss her father as soon as she could.


Julie had followed Jackson's movements and found them to be fairly routine. Since his separation, he had moved into a place not far from work and usually spent his Saturday and Sunday mornings at a local coffee shop leering at the young professional women who frequented the place, usually dressed in work-out clothing or some other type of casual wear.

When the young blonde finally made up her mind to try to deal with Jackson, she decided to run into him at the coffee shop. She'd pretend that she had no idea he ever went there. She went to the shop dressed to kill. Although she still felt guilty and ashamed using sex appeal to get her way, Julie was leaving nothing to chance. Her blonde hair was brushed and in a pony tail behind her head, emphasizing her slender neck, and her dainty fingernails and toes were freshly polished. Her make-up, while subtle, drew out the natural beauty of her big, blue eyes, pert nose and soft, red lips.

Her beautiful skin was still nearly damp from the bubble-bath which she had finished just before she drove to where she hoped to find Jackson. As was her custom, Julie had babied her entire body with expensive moisturizer. Cupping her large, firm breasts while applying the lotion caused a tingling sensation that she wished she could have avoided between her legs. She became aware of a slight dampness within her little slit that made her consciously stop rubbing the cream over the tender nipples of her perfectly shaped breasts. And while she denied it to herself, as she looked between her large melons and trimmed the wispy blonde hair above her pussy and shaved it into a narrow California strip, she should have known that she was doing this for a purpose.

The young professional woman had chosen her clothing as carefully as everything else. The plan she had was risky, even criminal, and she was convinced that it had to go smoothly. Any miscue would ruin her and possibly expose her to criminal charges. After she got out of the bath and finished pampering her skin, she padded naked to her lingerie drawer and carefully picked out the new, very short running shorts that she stepped into and pulled up her magnificent legs. When it reached the curve of her buttocks and she smoothed the thin fabric against her pussy, the electricity of the touch made her pull her hands away.

What is happening to me, she wondered? She wanted to attribute her feelings to nervousness, but she knew this wasn't true. She had become so oversexed, she thought to herself. Then, she simply tried to put everything out of her mind. Calm down, she thought. Calm down! She paused, straightened her back and breathed deeply. She looked at her tanned body in the mirror. Her large breasts swayed sensuously, the proud, pink nipples stiff and rubbery in the cool air. Then she pulled out a very sexy, lacy bra and bent at the waist slightly so that she could pour her firm titties into the large bra cups.

When she walked out the door of her home, she wore a short pair of running shorts. Her large melons were covered by a thin, silky sleeveless workout top which she purposefully tucked into her shorts to emphasize her full tits and flat tummy. Her smooth, tanned legs were for all intents and purposes completely naked. Her muscular thighs and soft skin would turn the most disciplined man's head for a second look. Her running shorts were tight enough to provocatively showcase the flair of her shapely buttocks and short enough to just barely cover the curve of her ass cheeks as they met her wonderful thighs. She knew that a slight move of her legs, while seated, might reveal an acre of the soft, creamy flesh of her inner thighs while a shift in a chair or an un-crossing of her legs might even expose a hint of her beautiful, pink pussy within the filmy running shorts. In short, she exuded a ripe, sensuous sexuality that would be impossible for a man to ignore.

Feeling a bit like a vixen, Julie knew that she would be trying to now set Jackson up. She hated herself for being in this position, but she wanted him to be putty in her hands and this was the most likely way. Certainly if he thought she was just there by coincidence, he would love her in these clothes. He already knew that she was a workout fanatic. Whether she had to beg, borrow or steal, she was willing to do about anything to get her way. The young blonde told herself that she would not spread her beautiful legs for the beastly man under any other circumstances, and that she only wanted to use her body as enticement, but her situation was desperate. As she told herself this, though, she reflected on how Jackson had brought her to a shameful climax each time he had penetrated her pussy with his thick cock. Her moistening vagina caused the young blonde to blush at her thoughts.

Julie knew that most men were capable of having sex with a woman almost anywhere. Hadn't she been shamelessly fucked on her own wedding day? But running into the man at a coffee shop near the running trail's that Julie traditionally used, in the early morning, she felt, might be the best time and place to make the whole encounter appear coincidental. The young beauty didn't want Jackson to have a clue. She resolved to be as tough as necessary over the next few days so that her plan make work.

As she drove to the coffee shop, she found herself scolding herself at this realization for having let herself get into the predicament which she now found herself. Still, this was the only way that she saw herself being able to gain back control over her life. As she approached the location, though, she resolved to use all of her feminine guiles to achieve her goals.

Julie kept repeating her vow to resist any sexual activity over and over as she pulled into the parking lot. Her fingers had a hard time pulling the car keys from the ignition, they were shaking so much. She was so nervous. How could she even contemplate this crime? The young woman meant every word that she thought about resisting sexual advances, but clearly was extremely naïve. Her shapely, tanned legs trembled slightly as she walked towards the shop's door and her knees felt weak.

The cool air of the business immediately made Julie shiver. Her mind raced with fear. She had never thought she would even consider something like this. Maybe he wouldn't be here today, she thought. The young blonde turned to walk out of the shop, relieved that Jackson had not followed his routine.

As she turned, she saw Jackson wave to her from a table in a corner. Had he not waved, Julie probably would have turned and left. She was already getting cold feet about the whole thing. Julie tried to gather her courage.

Jackson watched as the young beauty approached him and smiled. She made her bright eyes twinkle as if all that had ever happened between them was forgotten. Jackson's face revealed his surprise at this reception from the young beauty, and he took in the whole picture of the scantily-clad, fresh-faced blonde before him.

Maybe with her separation from that faggot husband of hers, he thought rudely to himself, she now understands that I can help her advance in the firm. She probably misses a cocksman like me. He thought back to fucking the Nordic beauty at her own home. The only thing he wished he had done, in hindsight, was fuck her on her marital bed.

No one who knew Jackson would have been surprised that he immediately thought what he did. He lived in his own little world.

He held out his pudgy hand, palm up, and Julie placed her little hand in his as she sat. She noticed that his skinny arm extended from his fat body and that his huge torso was covered with a flowery print shirt that appeared out of place on a man of his size. Still, Julie noticed a change in his demeanor towards her and his ignorant smile reflected his arrogant, chauvinistic attitude towards her. Her memory of him flashed back to both times she had been taken by him.

His dark eyes looked her up and down. Her beautiful face and body must have looked like a sexual oasis to the man. She recognized the lust in his eyes, but also saw that he made little attempt to conceal it. He's such as ass, she thought. Still she sat down. Her soft, tanned legs looked spectacular as she crossed them away from the table.

"I almost didn't recognize you dressed casually," she lied. "I didn't know you came here." She noticed his lips curl up in a half smile.

"Well, a lot has happened," he replied. "If I'm going to be a single guy again, I probably ought to hang out where I might find a beauty or two. A man with my appetites can only go without eating for so long," he said, though the allusion was clearly sexual.

Julie's stomach turned, but she forced a smile. "I've been single, too, for a little while," she said. She let her deep blue eyes twinkle and mouth open in a sensuous, almost throaty, laugh. Her anger swelled at the man who was responsible for her misery, but she hid the emotion.

They spoke for about the next fifteen minutes about little things that really didn't matter. He asked her about work and other inane things. Julie found herself irritated with the talk and his smugness that grew throughout, but she knew that she couldn't let on about her irritation or he might guess that her running into him was not a coincidence. That was the last thing she wanted him to think about. So, while she didn't falsely play to his vanity, which might arouse his suspicions, neither did she do anything but smile warmly as he played to his own.

She took a deep breath and decided to force the issue a bit. If she was going to take a bitter pill, she was always one to do it sooner rather than later.

"Well," she said, "I better get my bagel and juice and get on my way. I need to get to the gym." She uncrossed her wonderful legs and let her knees fall a couple of inches apart. She glanced at Jackson's face. His expression was such that she felt no need to look away – he was clearly transfixed with the sight of her naked flesh.

His eyes had fallen to the lush juncture of her smooth, tanned thighs. Julie let her legs spread even a little more as she spoke, disguising the fact that she was purposefully giving him a view of her most private area. She knew that he was aching to see the soft folds of her little pussy peeking out from within the very short, silky shorts.

Jackson snapped out of his reverie. "Hey, would you like to see my condominium? It's got a great view of the bay."

"I don't know. I've got so much to do today," she said coyly.

"Oh, come on. Don't be a spoilsport."

"Well, okay, why not? Let me get my bagel and juice!" the stunning blonde said. Inside, she had a mixture of fear and excitement. He was so easy to play, she thought, but she dreaded what she might have to do. Her heart raced within her chest.

Jackson felt his crotch tighten when Julie got up and turned to walk. It seemed like ages since he had fucked her and looking at her tight, round ass cheeks made him determined to get his thick dick into her this very day. "If I have to hold her down and fuck her silly, I'll do it, damn it! Look at the way she's swingin' that tight ass in front of me; she needs her daddie's cock," he thought to himself. He used his hands to push his heavy frame up from the chair and began to waddle behind the petite blonde, his penis now a little partial stiffy in his pants.

Jackson reached the counter and stood closely behind her. A deep breath drew in the soft fragrance from her freshly shampooed hair and a wispy perfume. He stared at her lovely neck and shoulders and her pretty blonde hair. His manhood grew to full erection and twitched from within his clothing. He could almost feel his stiff cock fucking her sopping, wet cunt. His eyes fell to her rounded buttocks which were encased in the silky running shorts. He imagined his turgid cock plunging in and out of her pussy from behind her, doggie style. "She's like all of the women her age," he thought to himself, "haughty, arrogant bitches who need to be brought down a notch or two by a hard cock. Well, I've fucked her into submission before. Maybe she needs a hard bangin' today." His cock throbbed at the thought.

Julie could almost feel the heat from Jackson's eyes as she stood there. She couldn't help but think back to the day at the Manhattan madam's apartment when she had walked ahead of several men, wearing only a thong, bra and high-heels, with the full, shameful knowledge that she would be engaging in sexual intercourse with them at the end of the walk. These men, who had paid to have her disrobe and spread her sexy legs for their perverted pleasure. And, pleasure them she had, orally, vaginally and eventually for Jackson, anally. "He's hoping," she thought, "but he should be careful about what he wishes."


Jackson was perspiring lightly as he showed Julie his place. He had gained weight even since the last time Julie had seen him naked, she realized.

"God, he's disgusting," she thought to herself as she smiled innocently at each of his observations and points.

They talked and she knew that judging from his mindless blather, he thought that she would be very attracted to his obvious wealth. He was even boorish enough to start talking about one young woman he had bedded in the condo since his move. Julie felt her heart go out to the young woman even though she had no idea who she was or why she would fuck a man like Gene Jackson.

Julie knew that she was taking a huge risk by doing what she was considering doing. The only thing that she held onto, however, was that things could not possibly get any worse for her and she needed to get on with her life, even if it was changed forever. She couldn't just go out with a whimper, though.

Julie noticed that Jackson's demeanor changed when he began talking about her work situation. She almost laughed at him thinking that she even cared about it, but she played along. Sure, he could help her keep her job. Her situation was so precarious that she probably would lose her job without a partner's help. As if on cue, she told him how much she needed her job. It was all she had left, she lied.

"Look," Jackson said to the innocent blonde woman, "I could get myself into a lot of hot water if the firm found out I was running interference for you at the office."

"I know that..." Julie let her voice trail pathetically and her eyes look away from his in submission. "But I need my job so much."

"Then you'll have to do what I say." The man was quickly trying to assert his dominance over the woman.

"I... I... don't know what you mean," she said.

"I think you do!" The words almost shot out of his mean mouth.

"I can't... do anything like... like that!" Her voice trembled and she began to feel a loss of nerve. No matter what her plan had been earlier, she was getting very cold feet.

"The hell you can't! You can and you will, you little whore! Don't forget that I found you in a fuckin' New York whorehouse. How would the firm like that bit of news? How would your little divorce proceedings go? You think there'd be any chance of getting back with your hubby? What about your parents? Huh?"

The horrible tone of his voice truly shocked Julie. He had found her there, hadn't he? And, she did work as a prostitute that day. That revelation to the world would effectively end her existence. Her mind reeled in shame.

Jackson could read her face like an open book. He knew he had struck a raw nerve.

"Let's get things straight, once and for all. You will do as I say, understood?"

Julie stared blankly at the man. Her knees and shapely thighs trembled slightly.

"Do you understand?" He shouted this last question out.

Julie nodded very tentatively. Jackson could see that the young woman was clearly distraught.

The tension was very thick in the air. The next few minutes would determine where this led.

"Take your shoes and socks off." He decided to proceed incrementally.

Julie just stood there for a moment. Her large melons rose and fell perceptibly on her chest. Her hands twisted nervously at her belly. She felt like a student being chastised by a teacher. She was ashamed of her plan, shamed by her life, humiliated by Jackson's demands, and yet her legs wouldn't allow her to run from her fears. She swallowed deeply and wondered why her life had taken such a cruel turn.

Then she slowly knelt and began to unlace a shoe. She removed it and then the other.

Jackson felt very powerful now. And, curiously, instead of being relieved, he felt anger welling up within him. When Julie finished removing her running shoes and ankle socks, she began to rise.

"Don't get up, Julie," she heard Jackson say. "Stay on your knees."

The fat lawyer walked up to the kneeling blonde. He looked down at her frightened, innocent face. Julie instinctively put her hands up when his body was within inches of her.

Inside, Jackson stifled a laugh. "Hell, I'm not going to slap you, you fucking slut! Don't tell me that the johns you fucked roughed you up. Did they?"

"Please, don't ...," Julie's voice faded. Why must he humiliate her?

"How much money did you make off of each john?" he asked.

"I don't ... know..."

"I asked a question! Answer me!" he demanded. "How much money did you make off of each john?"

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