tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 21

Julie's Mistake Ch. 21


No one who knew Hall would have been surprised that Laura walked out of his office with her bra and panties in her purse and a large load of his hot spunk still in her vulnerable pussy. There was an obvious look of shock on her beautiful face as she walked toward the security desk. The guard smiled at the tall, shapely young woman and noticed that her nipples were still quite erect and obvious beneath her thin sweater.

As he looked her in the eyes, he knew that Hall had fucked a real beauty! Young pussy, at that!

Laura smiled weakly back at the man. Did he know she had just been fucked, she wondered? She felt humiliated and wanted to get the older man's semen out of her vagina as quickly as possible, but she didn't want to stop to do this in his office building. The volume of cum was so great and the thick liquid still so warm and dense inside her that the coed felt that she surely was in danger of having been impregnated by the powerful man.

"Hall nailed her," the guard thought to himself. Hall's reputation as a pussy hound was well known amongst the employees of his office tower. The number of beautiful, young women that he had supposedly fucked was legendary. Of course, they discussed it in hushed tones.

As Laura walked gingerly towards the exit, her eyes were wide open and her lips parted. Her big, firm titties rose and descended on her chest. The guard noticed that the fleshy orbs swayed noticeably beneath the thin material.

"Hall must have thrown her out of the office before she even had a chance to recover from the fuck!" he thought to himself. He felt his cock stiffen as he looked at the beautiful, young coed and thought about what had just happened to her.

As she walked past him he looked at the tight skirt and knew from the lay of the fabric that her buttocks were naked beneath the cloth. She walked on slightly wobbly legs.

The middle-aged man thought quickly. He wanted to get a better look at her, she was so incredible.

"Miss, you need to sign out."

Laura looked at the man. She continued walking.

"Miss," he now said emphatically, "you must sign out."

"Oh," Laura replied. "I'm sorry." She began walking towards him.

His eyes took in her entire body. The brown haired beauty walked to the desk and placed her small purse down next to the ledger. She felt the heat from the guard's eyes peering over her sweater's neckline to her naked breasts as she bent to sign out.

The guard got a view of her full tits as she bent. He rose slightly trying to see her nipples, but Laura's left hand went to her sweater to hold it as she signed.

Her eyes looked up and she saw the man staring at her tits. Then as she stood she noticed that he was looking at her purse which was slightly open. Her panties were visible from the top.

"Oh my god!" she thought. Her neck and face flushed red.

"I hope you enjoyed your time here," he said with a grin.

Laura grabbed her purse and turned to get out of the building. She was humiliated! She walked hurriedly away.

As she drove home, Laura's mind was a million miles away. The fuck she had just been thrown was nothing like she had ever experienced before in its intensity. She didn't know whether she had gotten what she wanted or not. She felt certain that he would keep his end of the bargain. But, what a bargain he had driven! She felt herself tremble at the thought! To the extent that he was willing to help her, she had been forced to accept his harsh terms of accessing her flesh! And access, he had.

"I wonder what he's going to want me to do?" she thought.

***** The shame that Pamela felt was intense when she got home from Hall's office. Why did she have to endure such humiliating sexual encounters she wondered? Yet she knew the answer.

She poked her head in Laura's room and saw her beautiful daughter in deep slumber on her bed. Pamela smiled to herself because Laura was lying atop the bed wearing only a short t-shirt and thong. As she slept on her stomach, her long tanned legs and buttocks were naked except for the silky cloth that separated her shapely buttocks.

She's gotten too used to walking around her college apartment half-nude, Pamela thought. She remembered being that way herself when she was in college. She had been a shy high school girl until her first year in college. Then she became comfortable walking around the dorm clad in only her panties. Most of the girls did it.

She smiled at the thought of her own past. Her beautiful face, perfect breasts and lean legs made her the envy of most of the girls. She remembered that she warmed to the idea of lounging nearly nude as a way of warding off competitors for the young men that she was interested in. Of course, she didn't let on that that was what she was doing.

Pamela went to a dresser drawer and pulled out a blanket. Then she covered her daughter with it and silently left the room.

"Yes, that's why I did what I did," she whispered to herself. A scene from this afternoon's rendezvous with the big Texan flashed through her mind. As shameful as it made her feel, she felt a real sense of satisfaction that she was able to provide for Laura. She wasn't dependent on Gene's partnership ratio anymore. She never wanted to tell Laura that her father had refused to pay for her college and that she was doing so entirely from her salary with Hall. No matter what she had to do, Laura was worth it!

She went to her bedroom, closed the door and began to undress. She was tired and sore.

When she was down to her bra and panties, she padded barefoot to the tub and began to draw a hot bath for herself. She needed to relax after what she had been through. The large Jacuzzi tub looked very enticing as it filled. Pamela poured in some bubble bath and watched the immediate effect. Taking an elastic cloth from the edge of the tub, she knotted her hair above her head and wrapped it with the scrunchy to keep it dry during her bath. Her tanned, sculpted body was magnificent. The mirrors surrounding the bath gave her a view of herself from all angles.

Her hands went to the front of her bra and unhooked the clasp. Both cups parted and her very large titties fell free. She then stepped out of her panties, letting them drop to the floor. Pointing a foot, she dipped her toe into the hot water and slowly stepped into the bath. She covered her breasts with her hands as she descended into the water.

She closed her big, brown eyes and let her mind drift as she soaked in the hot water. Her mind reluctantly went back to the afternoon hours she had spent with the big Texan.

Dale's behavior during the ride to his five-star hotel was boorish. Pamela was a sophisticated woman who despised such conduct. The Texan was too dull to realize this or too certain of his power to care.

Between his staring unabashedly at her legs and cleavage and his remarks about everything being "bigger" in Texas, Pamela wanted to scream at his insolence and lack of civility. Instead, she ignored it. She knew that she was coming across as an ice lady, but she couldn't force herself to act interested in this dullard.

When they walked in his room, he turned to Pamela.

"Get undressed and get in bed," he said. "I need some of what you got."

He turned to the bathroom and without closing the door began to urinate loudly into the toilet.

When he came out of the bathroom, he found Pamela sitting at the edge of the bed, fully clothed. His face revealed his annoyance.

"I thought I told you to get naked," he said rudely.

Pamela responded coolly.

"Not so fast. Not until you sign this contract, Dale."

"That's Mr. Williams to you," he said. "Hall won't like hearing that his women are rude to me."

Pamela decided not to concede nor challenge this point.

"Nonetheless, it needs to be signed," she replied. She noticed his eyes drifting to the expanse of thigh revealed by her short skirt.

She saw the hesitancy in the Texan's face. She knew that Hall had overpriced the contract believing that he could hoodwink the younger man. The Texan's father was trying to groom his son for the role of CEO and realized that he probably not up to the task. Nonetheless, the father's hope still existed.

Dale's dull countenance seemed to waver between his knowledge that his father would be upset at the poor terms of the contract that he had negotiated and his physical desire to fuck this beautiful woman.

Pamela knew that he was on the brink of signing. For the first time, she smiled softly at the huge, young man. Her hands went to her thick hair and pulled out the clip which pinned it behind her head. It fell around her gorgeous face.

"We're wasting time..." she said in a near whisper. She looked him squarely in the eyes giving him her best "fuck me" look.

The lascivious man could not resist the temptation.

"Where do I sign?" he asked.

Pamela stood and began to pull the papers from her portfolio.

Dale sat his huge form at the desk next to the bed.

As she began to point him to the signature lines, one of his large hands began to roam under her skirt. It reached the swell of her firm buttocks and stroked her soft flesh from outside her underwear. When he finished signing the first page, he paused and tugged hard on Pamela's panties, getting them about half way down her soft thighs before his hand went to her pussy.

Pamela spread her long legs and let him have access to her ass cheeks and pussy. She was ashamed to be getting wet because of his touch, but she wasn't about to lose control of herself.

She turned the page and indicated that the man should sign the next page as well. His right arm was around the back of her naked thighs and his hand was up her disheveled skirt, playing with her ass. But he used his left hand to sign where she indicated.

When she turned to the next page, Pamela picked up the hotel phone and dialed the limo driver's phone number. By the time it rang, her jacket and blouse lay on the hotel room floor and her skirt was around her waist revealing the black thigh-high silk stockings that encased her long legs.

Dale pulled at the panties until they were pooled at her ankles. She stepped out of the silky item while he stroked her pussy from between her ass cheeks. Her legs felt a bit unsteady on the very high heels that were strapped to her feet. She stuttered over the phone.

Her pussy moistened as he felt her up.

She knew she needed to hurry him.

She pointed where Dale was to sign on the third page.

As embarrassed as she was to let the driver know that she was in a hotel room as opposed to the restaurant, she told the driver the room number and asked him to come up to the room. She was not going to take the chance that Dale would grab and destroy the paperwork after he had had sex with her.

The Texan unsnapped her bra and pushed it roughly off of her shoulders. It fell to the floor.

Pamela was ashamed, but her nipples were perfectly erect on the large, firm orbs.

"Looks like you don't mind this one bit," the dull man said. She was now nude but for the stockings and heels.

Dale stood and began awkwardly trying to kiss Pamela while removing his own clothing.

The signing was complete for no more than ten seconds when there was a knock at the door.

Pamela pulled away from Dale, who was finishing stripping down nude while trying to fondle the woman, and stuffed the paperwork into the leather portfolio.

As shameful as it was, Pamela had to get the executed documents out of the room. She opened the door and peeked out from behind it. She saw the surprised look on the limo driver's face. He was not a naïve man, but he had not expected to find this gorgeous, sophisticated woman calling him mid-fuck either.

When she opened it slightly wider to pass the portfolio out of the room, revealing her nude arm and shoulder, Dale arrived behind her, completely nude, pawing at her naked breasts. This was not visible to the driver, but he could see the fleshy, naked chest of the Texan and saw his hands go to Pamela's tits.

Pamela's eyes widened in shock and shame.

"Ohhhh!" she cried involuntarily. "Take this."

The driver took the case and Pamela quickly shut the door, but not before the driver heard the Texan.

"Come here, baby. I want to fuck me some of that high-class pussy." The last thing the driver heard was a high pitched laugh coming from the man.

The driver chuckled to himself. "I hope that Hall pays that poor woman enough for what she's about to go through!" he thought to himself. "That idiot is going to fuck her silly."

Pamela felt herself being pulled to the bed and flung down on it, big breasts jiggling erotically and long legs splayed open wide. She looked at the huge Texas as he dropped himself on her and saw his mammoth cock jutting menacingly from his torso.

Dale pounced on the bed, his huge body quaking the mattress. His head went to the juncture of her tanned legs and his wide mouth was on her pussy as she tried unsuccessfully to close them. As she struggled to figure out what was going on, Dale adjusted his arms around her upper thighs, pinning his head between the soft flesh of her strong legs.

She tried to wiggle her buttocks away from the man but he was too strong for her and her struggling merely seemed to turn the man on.

"No!" she said assertively. Her mind was a blur.

"Oh, I like a little fight in a filly," he said stupidly. His words were slightly muffled because he was kissing and licking her inner thighs.

Pamela gripped the bed sheets and her upper body thrashed as she struggled with the man. She didn't want to make any noise which might alarm hotel guests, but she didn't want to just be taken in any way that the man wanted. She looked at the big head between her legs and was taken by how incongruous it appeared there. His hair was very closely cropped and her hands had no effect on him when she put them on his head.

The big Texan's mouth went to Pamela's slit and covered it sensuously. As he held her legs spread, she felt the flick of his thick tongue into her pussy. He lapped the love slit with his saliva covered tongue and Pamela squirmed in response.

"Oh my god!" she thought. "I can't lose control!" Her high heels dug into the sheets.

The Texan pushed his long tongue into Pamela's pussy. When it retreated, it expertly flicked at her clit. Her hands went to his fleshy shoulders and her nails dug into his flesh. It had no effect.

Dale kissed her inner thighs and worked a finger deep into her pussy.

Pamela could not deny it, he worked her pussy expertly! Dale felt some of the tension disappear from the gorgeous woman's thighs. Feeling that he controlled her, Dale let his hands roam from her thighs to her large tits. His fingers began to tug harshly at the rubbery tips of her breasts. If they could be brought to any further erection, they certainly were.

He feasted on her pussy, lapping vigorously and deeply within her love hole. The taste of her honey pot was exquisite!

Pamela was nearly on fire, now.

He came up for air from his tonguing and crawled up between her legs. Pamela saw his dull eyes looking lustily at hers, but what struck her was the disgusting wetness of his mouth and chin. Her pussy juices were intermingled with his saliva.

Before she could move, his face covered hers and she felt the man's thick tongue in her mouth. She had never tasted her own cunt before but she now got a full dose!

Her legs were splayed widely beneath the man and his hands were pawing harshly at her nipples and breasts.

His sexual aggression was relentless!

The statuesque brunette was dwarfed by the huge man. Her hands went to his pasty chest to try and ward him off but it was to no avail. He was simply too big, too heavy and strong to keep him from doing what he wanted.

He pivoted over her and shifted his large body nimbly on the bed. Pamela knew what he was doing but was powerless to stop him. As his head neared the juncture of her beautiful thighs again, she was presented with his mammoth cock at her mouth. She had never been in a 69 position before.

The Texan's face delved deeply at Pamela's quaking vagina and his tongue began to work her over.

This could not make the sophisticated woman overcome her disgust at the Texan's fat belly that now lay on her body and the bloated, pasty thighs that surrounded her face. But she was stunned at the size and width of his manhood. His penis was oversized and rock-hard!

She pushed gently at his hips so that he would draw them away from her face. He went slightly up on his knees which relieved the pressure of his body on hers. Wanting to keep him happy to not be lying completely atop her, Pamela's hands went to his giant cock and guided the head to her mouth.

Opening wide, she took the fleshy head of the cock between her lips and began to suckle on the rubbery tip. The reaction was immediate.

Dale's face came up from Pamela's pussy.

"Oh, my god!" he said. "Suck my cock! Suck my cock!"

He pumped his hips down towards Pamela's mouth.

"That's awesome! You're sucking like a ten dollar whore!"

The beautiful woman gagged at the statement and the stiff invasion. Her wide-open eyes saw the bloated sac containing his two giant testicles at her forehead.

She opened her throat to be able to accommodate him further. He felt her bobbing her head upwards on his stiff penis.

As if prodded by this cock suck, Dale growled.

"Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh," was the only sound from his throat and he dove down into her pussy once again, ravishing it with his tongue.


Dale watched as his long, thick cock disappeared between the legs of this beautiful woman. Her lush buttocks made a perfect presentation, sticking up sensuously in the air for his cock. The backs of her thighs were silky smooth. He stroked the soft flesh of her ass and thighs as he fucked her.

He was on his knees behind her pounding her without mercy. They had been fucking now, non-stop, for over forty-five minutes and when his hands left the soft flare of her hips and rubbed her perfect back, he could feel the light sheen of perspiration covering the woman's splendid body.

He grinned. She was feeling this, okay! He would make her pay for being such a snooty bitch to him! He had lost count of how many orgasms the beautiful woman had had, but she had certainly cum hard and vocally!

"Thwack! Thwack!" His beefy hand spanked loudly on her ass.

"Come on, move that ass!" he growled.

"Uhhhh," she moaned. "Uhhhh!"

Pamela tried to comply with his demands, but the fact was that she was taking his big cock as well as she could.

"Thwack!!!" The last was the hardest of all.

"UHHHH!" Pamela moaned pitifully. With the last slap, she arched her back further, giving the mean Texan better access to her cunt. She then began to shake her buttocks and try to squeeze his turgid rod with her pussy. Despite her best efforts and several climaxes herself, she had not been able to bring the big Texas to crisis.

She felt his big hand grab her hip again and hold her steady as he rhythmically pumped his huge manhood into her quaking pussy from behind her.

He looked back and saw her stocking encased calves rise from the bed with each spank. This amused the man.

"Thwack, thwack!"

The black high-heeled shoes came off of the bed several inches.

"Uhhh," she moaned again. "Uhhh." The moan was a low, guttural sound from the beautiful woman's lungs.

The blood rushed to her buttock and caused a pinkish glow to her ass cheek.

Pamela was on her knees and elbows. Her large melons hung from her chest and the nipples dragged on the soft sheets of the bed when she lowered herself down a bit. There had not been a moment's break in the fucking and her high heels had stayed on her feet.

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